24 Hours Ch. 02

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Continuing the story of my recent holiday in the Caribbean. In Part 1 I met Lesilia (Les) in a library and I offered her the use of my spare ticket in exchange for her no-strings company. After testing our sexual compatibility, she agreed to accompany me.

Part 2 – The Beach

The day after my 28th birthday I arrived at Les’s apartment with my luggage, and at long last I saw her dressed once again as her real sexy self, tight black jeans and an even tighter pink t-shirt, her nipples invitingly obvious. We hugged and snogged at the top of the stairs and if the taxi hadn’t been waiting outside honking with impatience, I think we would have fucked there and then on the landing floor. Composing ourselves I helped her down the stairs with her gear and off we set for Gatwick Airport, excited, a little nervous and horny as hell. Neither of us had resorted to any sort of sexual activity in the last four weeks. With a twitch or two on the way, Little Tommy was counting down the hours to when he would be inserted inside the warm body sat next to me.

The Virgin Atlantic flight was only half full so we had a four-seater all to ourselves and were able to spread ourselves out. As we taxied out to the runway Les handed me an envelope wishing me happy birthday for yesterday, and kissing me on the cheek. I looked annoyed, assuming she was trying to pay me for the fare or some other part of the holiday, all of course having been previously paid for by my ex Lisa.

“Go on, open it,” she urged. “This is my birthday present to you to enjoy as much as possible on our holiday. I know it’s something you really want.”

Puzzled, I slipped open the envelope. Inside and folded was an official slip of paper. It was headed:

Same Day Doctor Wimpole Street London W1.

“Whatever’s this?”

“Just read it darling, if it gives you pleasure it will me too!”

My eyes glanced down over the printed information.

Miss L Baron

Flat 00, 00 Huntingdon Drive

Kingston KT3 2NN

Results for Full Sexual Health Screen

HIV All tests negative

STD All tests negative

Signed J Watson BMA 12.07.06

For a minute, all right two seconds, I didn’t comprehend. Then it dawned on me. Les had had a VD test done and come up trumps.

As I turned and grinned, she discreetly patted my groin.

“Happy Birthday lover, now we can really have some fun.”

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply. The thought of unprotected sex for the first time in years turned me on immensely.

“Thank you Les, this is the best birthday present ever.”

“And I believe from what you have told me you must be in the clear too.”

As the huge aircraft clambered its way into the sky, I whispered in her ear, “You cannot believe how much I want you.”

“Oh yes I think I can,” she grinned, discreetly squeezing my cock, “I’m halfway up the wall myself with waiting. The last time a man came in me, and I mean properly inside me, was when I conceived Mary. And you know how long ago that was.”

Seeing my concerned look, she laughed, “Don’t worry, no more babies for me, I’m on the pill.”

Time would prove that forecast incorrect.

I smiled, partly out of relief, I had no plans for offspring either. I steered away from the subject.

“These last four weeks, did you ever touch yourself?”

“Oh God yes, lots of times, but somehow I always stopped myself. What about you?”

“I got hard every time I thought of us on that sofa, and I guess that was most of the time, but I managed to make it go away by remembering you in your work gear!”

She laughed and punched me lightly, and we settled down for the long journey.

Our flight was to Barbados where we would switch to an island hopper for the last short leg to our destination. In between endless attention from the airline staff we chatted mainly about our childhood and our various relationships along the way to adulthood. I discreetly touched upon the more intimate details of her escort work, but she tried to avoid the subject.

“Tom, I am not ashamed of what I did, but it’s really something I want to forget about. It’s my past now and I’m moving on. But I will tell you this, for a while I did quite enjoy my work, particularly as I was extremely choosy. I was getting paid phenomenal amounts of money to get down and dirty with some very nice sexy people. Once I spent the night with someone very very famous, and…” she held up her hand, “… I will go to my grave with that secret, so please don’t ask, okay?”

“With your looks you could afford to be choosy.”

“Thank you. It was the desperate girls with drug problems that would shag virtually anyone for money, that or a greedy pimp forcing them to work for their keep.”

“You didn’t have one then, a pimp I mean?”

“No way, I worked privately from home. A few newspaper ads to start with, but later it was mainly referrals. And it wasn’t in the flat you saw either, I had a smaller one then, in Putney, much canlı bahis more discreet, with its own entrance. I learnt a few things along the way though,” she smirked suggestively.

Little Tom twitched at the thought of being on the receiving end of her sexual education.

“I can’t wait to find out!”

After the plastic lunch Les preoccupied herself with the huge array of movies on tap and I settled down to a new Grisham novel.

“I know the ending of that one,” she laughed mischievously, peering over my shoulder.

I reached for the nearest nipple and squeezed it non-too gently. “Just you dare,” I challenged, peering at her monitor. “And I just happen to know the ending of that film, okay?”

“Ouch you bastard, how would you like your tit squeezed?’

“Very much,” I laughed, “If I had one!”

A little later, somewhere out there in mid-Atlantic she turned away from her screen following a romantic episode, and planted a kiss on my neck followed by a surreptitious fondling in the depths of my groin.

“I am so bloody horny Tom, I want you so much.”

I looked around for any obviously interested voyeurs, saw none, and slid my hand inside the waist of her jeans. The zip was partially open for comfort, so my fingers found her moist lips with ease.

“And I want you too Les, especially this bit.”

With half-closed eyes she searched my eyes.

“Just one thing I want to make clear. I am coming with you for the holiday and the sex. Nothing more, nothing less.”

I nodded gleefully as she continued, “Like you said Tom, no strings. I don’t need a full-on relationship, I’m not ready to settle down just yet.”

“If sex is all that’s needed to keep you happy, I think I can oblige!” I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and put them to my mouth, tasting her delicate nectar.

Eight endless hours after leaving the UK we started our descent into Bridgetown and Les made one final trip to the toilet sporting the bag of secrets that all women deem to carry, the contents always jealously guarded. We held hands the way people do as the plane descended over the sea, the land worryingly appearing only at the very moment the wheels made contact with the ground.

I gazed into Les’s relieved eyes. “I was once told by a Jamaican pilot that take-off is a natural thing for a plane to do, but every landing is a controlled crash.”

“Thank you Tom for saving that bit of information!”

We descended from the plane into the blast furnace that is the Caribbean in July, but pleasantly fanned by the ever-present trade winds. Grantley Adams airport was being reconstructed ready for the Cricket World Cup and we were escorted through a winding maze of canvas-covered scaffolding with security guards at every turning, until we finally reached the transfer lounge, and of course the bar.

“Welcome to the Caribbean Les. Beer, Rum Punch, or Rum and Coke?”

My first Mount Gay Black Label in two years never touched the sides, the second had to be savoured slowly as we had an hour’s wait for our connection. Caribbean Star are not noted for their punctuality and in the event it was five rums later that we took off for the short hop to St.Vincent. The sun had gone down when we scooted onto the little runway and a prearranged car took us to the ferry, which would transport us across the 200-yard gap to Young Island and our hotel.

We were the only passengers on the boat and, totally alone we hugged and kissed hungrily in the dark, the desire for each other now intense. She squeezed my aching crotch with her fingers.

“Soon darling, very soon.”

I smiled back at her, “Keep doing that darling and it will be too soon!”

We registered at a large thatched building set amongst coconut palms and adjacent to a large pool, and were soon being shown to our chalet. The bamboo construction was almost totally hidden by a huge bougainvillea tree and consisted of a large central room with double king-sized bed, shuttered windows on two sides, a little kitchenette and a very modern bathroom. It was idyllic, and perfect for secluded uninterrupted sex. A bottle of champagne perched invitingly in a silver bucket of ice.

As soon as we were alone we started to strip urgently, our tongues proverbially hanging out and I was naked and sporting my eagerness in next to no time.

Just as I was certain it was about to be the quickest fuck in history, imagine my surprise when Les stripped down, not to reveal some sexy underwear, but instead a pink bikini, and not too modest one at that. In an instant I realised she must have changed on the plane. Her reasons were soon revealed.

“I want a swim first Tom, that sea looked so inviting.” She slid from my grasp and headed for the door, but not before planting a soft kiss on the head of my erect cock. “Coming?”

I lewdly stroked my engorged member and looked at her earnestly. “I was hoping too!”

“And bring some towels,” she called over her shoulder, leaving me bewildered and frustrated. bahis siteleri “Last one in the sea’s a ninny.”

By the time I had found my trunks and coaxed my erection into them she was already out of sight. The path to the beach passed close to the busy restaurant, so for obvious reasons I clutched my towel in front of me and headed in search of her. Throwing the towels over a hammock I spotted her head bobbing some distance out, and dived into the warm water, swimming rapidly after her. I tried grabbing her but she kept dodging my advances and we fooled around like this for a little while before returning to shallow water.

“This is heaven Tom. Just look at all those stars.”

There was also a moon ready somewhere to complete the picture, but was temporarily hidden behind a heavy cloud. I agreed with her that the setting was very romantic, but at this very moment my mind was focused elsewhere.

I took her hands in mine, pulling us close together, my erection prodding her underwater.

“Bugger the stars, it’s you I want.”

We stood together, the warm sea up to our chests, and started kissing hungrily, our wet bodies glued together. Her hand slid inside my trunks and caressed my hard cock, in return I pulled her tiny thong aside searching for the moist lips of her pussy. She groaned against my mouth as my finger slithered inside her, and then surprised me when she blatantly asked me to fuck her cunt.

I kissed her ear and murmured, “Thought you didn’t like that word?”

“Sex is different, so shut up and fuck me!”

Needing no further invitation I took my erection in hand and started to rub the head against her lips, searching for entry.

“No, not here, over there.” She nodded toward the beach. Sensing my uncertainty she grabbing my hand and pulled me ashore.

“What’s wrong with our room?” I asked, seriously worried that we might be seen. This wasn’t exactly a nudist beach in Greece, where anything goes. Been there, got the postcard.

“We are all wet and I want it now, right now, here on this beach, I have been waiting so long to shag somewhere like this. Come on babe, don’t tell me you’re shy?”

We adjusted our swimsuits as I looked around for any sign of company and, collecting the towels, headed for the hammock furthest from any signs of human activity.

Les spread out the towels, removed her bikini bottom, climbed aboard and laid grinning in the semi darkness. Hung between stout stakes the hammocks were constructed from rope and canvas and, with the aid of timber spreaders at each end, were clearly designed for two, although I doubt for the dubious purpose we had in mind.

“Come on Tom, fuck me, fuck me hard with that lovely thick cock. I want you so much, and I want to feel your hot cum in me.”

Those words coming from her were such a turn on that I almost came on the spot. She spread her legs exposing her engorged sex and fingered her lips provocatively while I squatted down between her legs, my cock standing proudly, ready for action. The hammock swayed gently as we got into position.

“Is this what they mean by swinging Tom? She laughed.

Ignoring her, I moved my head down to her glistening pussy with the intention of tasting her for the very first time but she put out her hand to stop me, the other pulling my cock toward her instead.

“Tom, just fuck me, I am so ready for it, I really don’t need that right now.”

I didn’t need asking twice and, lifting her legs over my shoulders, she fell back on the towel and I entered her in one long sweet stroke. She gasped as I thrusted firmly into her sex. I am not hugely endowed but I have been told that my dick is a little fatter than usual and I put that to good use as I opened her up. She gasped as I pushed all the way in and started to fuck her with long steady strokes. After all the waiting I knew I wouldn’t last long but she surprised me by coming first and that was all that was needed to trigger the start of my own violent orgasm.

We kissed hungrily, my tongue working in time with my cock as I plunged faster and faster in and out of her body, fucking her mercilessly, and she groaned out load when I released my cream deep inside her. The feeling of my hot sperm flooding her womb instead of the confinement of a rubber tube was exhilarating for both of us.

For a moment we just lay there sweating and kissing gently, my cock hard and wet inside her, both of us trembling with relief. As we swayed gently in our novel bed I thought with some amusement that never before had I had sex with a girl twice and not yet sampled the taste of her pussy. In both cases our lustful needs had demanded otherwise.

We laid still, the beating of our pounding hearts slowing. Then came the moment that would change both our lives forever.

Above the hiss of the waves breaking softly on the sand, and our own heavy breathing, we heard a soft voice close nearby. We pulled one of the towels over our naked bodies and lay absolutely still, and listened. bahis şirketleri

“Do you think someone’s heard us Tom?”

Before I could reply, I heard what could only be a female giggle, followed by a long “shush.” As if on cue the moon chose to appear from behind the clouds and there now fully visible was another couple lying together in the very next hammock.

And they were fucking. Just like we had been. The only difference was that the girl was on top of her lover.

We must have walked right past them in the dark, intent only on our own randy purpose. I whispered that perhaps we should leave them to it and started to get up, but Les pulled me back.

“Hush. Let’s watch, they must know we are here.”

That was quickly confirmed when the girl suddenly looked toward us and smiled.

“They’re getting off on us watching them Tom.”

I rolled over on the towel and moved behind Les, one hand on her breast, the other exploring our combined juices as they flowed from her pussy. Instantly latching on to my voyeuristic move she reached behind to fondle my sticky cock.

“Do you think they saw us doing it?” she whispered over her shoulder.

“There was no moon then, but they must have heard us. Perhaps we turned them on.”

The girl still smiled at us as she continued quite openly to ride her man while I openly fingered Les, her legs overhanging the hammock and parted just enough to display her engorged pussy. The other guy, whose face was hidden from view, soon reached his climax and she collapsed down on to his body.

The girl then obviously said something to her man because he quickly lifted his head and upon seeing us exposed just a few feet away, pushed his girl off his body, leapt out of the hammock and quickly zipped up his pants. With one more quick glance at Les’s naked form, he rushed off toward the hotel grounds. His lover, left stranded, had no choice but to straighten her dress, albeit a little less frantically, and follow.

As she passed our hammock she grinned with a quick “Hi.” Les had by now covered her crotch with a corner of the towel, my erect cock still in her other hand.

“Wow,” I gasped, “That was something else.”

“Yeah, and this is also something else.”

Les pressed my fingers more firmly against her pussy and quickly orgasmed against my hand. We laid together quietly under the towel revelling in that wonderful post coital feeling, both of us aware that it was our first orgasm in four weeks.

When we were certain all was clear we put our swim gear back on and decided on another quick dip to wash the sex from our bodies, I told her that I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.

As we playfully splashed each other in the water, Les asked me curiously, “Have you never seen anyone make love before?”

“Only my ex girl-friend Lisa with another girl, but not a male and female together. Have you?”

“Oddly enough, considering my history, not as an adult. But I did several times when my elder sister brought her boyfriend home. I used to peep through the crack of the door.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“I was 18 and horny, what do you think!”

“Were you a virgin then?”

“No way, but I still enjoyed watching her, until she caught me that is.”

“What happened?”

“I forgot there was a mirror by the door.”

“What did she do?”

“She told my Mum that I was a filthy perv bitch. I suppose she had good cause since I was masturbating when she caught me!”

“Wish I had been there, I love to watch too.”

“Anyway I got my own back.”


“I shagged her boyfriend one afternoon when she was at college! And I did things to him I know she never did!”

I laughed, holding her close in the water, kissing her in between sentences. “I think I can guess what!”

By now I was stiff again and ready for a repeat performance but we gathered the towels and headed back to our chalet, passing the restaurant on the way. I wondered what the diners would have thought if they had known that two couples had been copulating gaily in the open only a few yards away from them as they tucked into their lobster chowder!

Back in the room we showered together to remove the salt and, as we soaped each other, I asked her, “Do you realise we have made love twice now and still not had oral sex?”

Les was gently soaping my balls, my cock semi erect.

“Tom, one thing you should know, I never need turning on, I am permanently horny, so you can shag me anytime without foreplay. I bet you don’t know that I was horny as hell that day you came into the library. Probably why I agreed to meet you after work.”

“What sparked that off? Reading dirty library books?”

“Ha ha, not that time. Being alone I do like to read pornographic stuff, especially erotic stories. But this time it was seeing a pair of kids snogging in the corner. I should have stopped them, but wanted to see how far they would go.”


“They got as far as groping under clothes, then spotted me and ran! Poor kid was all stickedy-outey!”

I laughed and stroked my own cock lewdly at her. “Since you are always horny then, perhaps you would like to take a look at this?”

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