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This story is fictional, though obviously inspired by reality. Many thanks to the editor for their good and important comments and feedback. Please note that the story is in English, but some of the dialogue is French.


I ran into Rachel in the Gare du Nord, literally walked into her. She was buzzing along at her normal speed.

“Alex!” she said and flicked the hair from her eyes.

“Comment tu vas?” I was genuinely happy to see her, “Tu es en train de courir quelques part?”

“Non, je rentre au boulot. Mais qu’est-que tu fais ici, j’ai pensé que tu as déménagé a Londres.”

“Oui, c’est vrai,” I answered, gesturing to the big departures board, “J’étais à Paris pour quelques meetings. J’aurai mon train dans moins de deux heurs.”

“On prend un café donc.” She linked my arm in hers and led me out.

We sat in the fancy brasserie across the Gare, talking about old times. She was such a huge crush some years ago; it was a bit odd sitting with her like that. She was still as sexy as ever. Her elfin features and short cut black hair still made her look like a Disney fairy, but experienced taught me she was more of a mischievous spirit.

“Ça te plait, Londres?” she asked and lit a cigarette.

“Pas sur …” I answered, “C’est assez dur comme ville. Et Paris me manque …”

She gave me a compassionate look and placed her hand on my wrist. I smiled back. I looked outside, the window pane reflected her to me.

“Et comment va Laurent?”

She blew smoke thoughtfully and said, “Oh il va bien, mais on n’est plus ensemble; on s’est séparé il y a quelques mois.”

“Merde, désolé,” I struggled not to grin.

She looked at me with clear mockery. Fuck, she was so hot.

We sat quietly for a few moments grinning at each other like two old crooks finding themselves sharing the same prison cell.

“Tu as assez du temps?” she asked almost inaudibly.
I nodded. No hesitation.

“Un hôtel?” she suggested.

I looked at the station’s impressive façade and the many hotels along the boulevard. Great for businessmen or American tourists, but not really suited for a quickie.
I scowled, “Je ne pense pas qu’on trouvera ici des hôtels pour un heur.”

“Tu veux essayer …?” I nodded to the stairs leading to the toilets.

She didn’t seem enthusiastic, made a nasty face.

This was serious stuff; I was getting really worried that this amazing opportunity might just slip away. I scanned the street struggling to find a magic solution. Then it hit me.
I leaned forward and asked in a low voice.

“Est-que tu as jamais allé dans un de ces sex-shops?”

She looked at me puzzled and intrigued. Her eyes slide across until she saw the shining lights of sex -shops, all red and blue: “XXX”, “video cabines”, “1 Euro”, “Zapping”.

“Non …” she answered, looking back at me with amusement, “pourquoi?”

“Hmmm …” I said coyly, “ils ont des petites pièces, des cabines, tu sais, avec une télévision and canapé, pour regarder des films …”

She smiled at me, “Tu es allé souvent?”

I shrugged, “Plusieurs fois, pas souvent.”

“Allons-y.” She stood up and crushed her cigarette in the astray.

We lingered outside the sex-shop for some minutes doubting ourselves, but then gathered up our courage and stepped in. We brushed through the curtains that were shielding the inside from the world and found ourselves in a rather big and well lit space. Rows of DVDs and sex toys were racked on the walls and display tables, buxom naked girls stared down on us from porn films posters and akyurt escort a Chinese man behind the counter gave us a nonchalant look. There were no other customers.

We walked around the display like kids in a sweetshop. The DVD all looked pretty similar, a naked girl or more posing on the front, and snaps of hardcore porn at the back with immensely stupid blurb. The gay porn was exactly the same, except no girls. Films were strangely organised according to genre, language or country of production. “Genre” is somewhat of an exaggeration, as the films could just as well be said to be organised according to main body parts: anal, big breasts … or age: matures, housewives, teens …
In the darker corners, the more extreme and perverse sections of the shop hid. This was the niche sections of bondage, bestiality and scat … We both skimmed these quickly and turned away in disapproval, comforted in our moral strength and purity.

Slowly, after Rachel finished inspecting the various dildos and strap-ons, and I the cool porno-comics, we drifted towards the back of the shop, where a sly arrow pointed to “Zapping – 2 Euro 5 Min”.

We found ourselves in a long corridor with numbered doors on each side. On top of each door a red small light, like a studio. Most of the cabins must have been empty, as only a couple of the lights were lit. We walked to the very end, facing number 15.

I looked at Rachel, she seemed worried, preoccupied but excited. I opened the door and we both went in.

The cabin was very small and dark; it was less than two metres wide and maybe three metres long. On one end there was a low, well worn-out sofa and facing it, a very large TV screen on which stood a second, smaller screen. A large, strange remote control was set in arm of the sofa. The room smelled of cleaning materials.

I took out four 2 euro coins and fed them to the slot. Immediately, the two screens sprang to life and loud moans filled the room. A blonde, eastern European looking, girl appeared on the screen and was giving two very large cocks a hand job simultaneously while another girl was going down on her. The smaller screen split into four smaller images showing different films.

“Wow,” said Rachel.

I lowered the volume on the control panel and looked at her taking in the hard porn. She seemed transfixed.

“Tu peux choisir les chaines normalement,” I said, pointing to the remote, “mais tu peux
aussi choisir sur ceux dans le petit écran,” I added and clicked on the A button. The image on the main screen changed to show a black girl, with huge tits, riding a man cowgirl style.
Rachel stared at the screen for a few moments, and then changed the channel to show a cock ramming inside a pussy on extreme close-in, and then again to show group of hairy men taking turns fucking a twink strapped to a table.

“Ils s’ont même le porno gay,” she said dreamingly.

“Huh-uh,” I scanned the image, “et pire …” I said as I started necking her.

We slid down to sit on the sofa as my mouth was covering her neck with kisses and sucks. Rachel’s hands started caressing my back and her crotch. Soon, my hands grabbed her perky tits and I massaged them through the shirt. I knew she was watching the porn intently and occasionally switching channels.

We were both clearly getting excited very quickly. After some minutes, she decided to pull out my cock and to start jerking me. I responded by slipping a hand under her shirt and pinching a nipple. My other hand went down and started rubbing her jeans; her soft murmur was almost inaudible in the cacophony ayaş escort of moans that filled the cabin.

“Ahh oui …” she whispered in my ear as I started undoing her trousers and slipped a finger between her pants and the moist hair surrounding her cunt.

I turned my head to look at the screen. It showed a teenager girl taken by two older men in the woods. One of them was fucking her from behind and the other in her mouth, they were moaning in German. Rachel was licking my neck and I pushed my finger further down, feeling the wetness of her upper lips. We kissed.

We went on with this heavy petting until she grabbed my cock and told me to stand. My penis was now fully erect, but not yet completely hard. Rachel looked at me straight in my eyes and started licking the tip of the head. A shudder went through me.

“Tu aime ça, huh?” she said, “Ça fait un moment que tu rêve de ça …”

“Oui,” I said. This was a dream come true, though in a strange way.

She started sucking and licking me passionately and I switched my gaze from looking at her head bobbing up and down my cock to the action on the screen. I reached over and changed the channel to show another blonde getting her arse fucked on a sofa in some Hollywood mansion.

Rachel sucked me hard and tried to get my entire shaft inside her mouth. Her other hand was rubbing her pussy fast. I swallowed my spit as my mouth felt dry.
Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. We both froze.

“Seulement une personne par cabine!” said an angry voice from outside.

She looked at me panicked, but I was prepared. I gestured her away and pulled a twenty euro note. I opened the door to a slit and pushed it out, wriggling it. It was taken. I shut the door and put some more coins in the machine.

Rachel smiled at me impressed.

“Tu as jamais fait ca avant?” she asked bewildered.

“Première fois, je jure,” I protested, “Au moins premier fois avec une autre personne …”

“Tu es un peu pervers …”

“Viens-la,” I said and pulled her up.

We stood together, kissing, her hand on my prick and me unbuckling her belt and pushing down her jeans and panties to her knees. Then I sat down and lowered her ass into my erect penis. My cock found her wet snatch and she slowly impaled herself on me. She was tight, because her legs weren’t really spread, but the weight pushed her down until I was buried fully inside her pussy.

Rachel was now facing the screen and the joint action of her jumping on my cock and the visuals really got her excited. She zapped the channels until she found something she really liked, but I couldn’t really see it as I was staring into her back and ass. She leaned forward, bouncing her bottom on me, and I could catch glimpse of some lesbian action. The cabin filled with the sounds of her flesh smacking me together with the French girls on the screen playing with each other.

I grabbed her waist, she was so skinny I could hold her pelvis bone, and jerked her up and down fast on me. We were fucking at full speed as she continued to rub herself.

“Baise-moi!” she yelled, louder than the screen, as a first orgasm shook her body. I increased the pace, delighting in her ecstasy. I managed to glimpse at the TV set, and could actually see her reflection mixed with the images, it was very hot.

Rachel panted and changed the channel, now it was a threesome with a tranny. From what I could see the tranny was arse fucking the guy whilst his girlfriend was giving him head. It made me harder; I felt I wasn’t far from coming.

“Regarde ça ankara escort …” she said between pants.

“Ça te plait?” I said, concentrating on not coming.

“Ouais, c’est très sexy.”

“On devrait l’essayer un jour …” I muttered.

Instead of responding she pushed back, flattening me against her back. My hand grabbed underneath her clothes and found her nipples again. They were hard and pointy. With my other hand I managed to press the C button and the image changed to show a girl riding a big cock in her arse in reverse. The girl had big breasts and the smashed them one against the other as she bounced on the prick.

This gave me an idea. I stuck my thumb in my mouth to get it wet and then pushed it up her arsehole. It plugged her like a cork.

“Ohh …” she shuddered.

“Tu aimes ça? Tu aimes avoir une doit dans ton cul?”

“Oui …” she moaned, “fonce ton doit dans mon cul.”

I was all too happy to comply, my long thumb was making way inside her anus at the same time that my cock was deep in her cunt; I felt like I was fucking her with two dicks.

Her anus was now relaxed enough for the next step. I pushed her up, completely away from my penis, and set her down again, this time impaling her in her ass.

“Oh, oh … mon dieu …” she panted as the cock, lubricated with her pussy juices, penetrated her behind.

With my hands on her ass cheeks and navigated her descent into my prick, the tight hole slowly giving way to the pressure until I was deep inside her. I let go and she collapsed further, my cock completely buried in her ass. It was a delicate moment and neither of us moved, I was concentrating hard on the amazing sensation of her tight ass and she on relaxing her muscles and feeling the pleasure behind the pain.

Slowly, she began to move her ass in little circles, as I started bouncing up and down on the sofa. On the screen, the girl’s asshole was completely ravaged, and the man fucking her, now doggy style, left it gaping.

“Vas-y … encule-moi …” she told me.

Rachel and I were now fully absorbed in our own debauchery to notice the screen. As our rhythm increased I started feeling again the pressure building up in my scrotum. Rachel was playing with herself again, until she started coming violently. I could hold much longer and pushed her fast up and down onto me.

“Oui, oui … maintenant …” she gasped as she felt I started coming too.

“Merrredddeee …” I moaned as I began pumping cum into her arse, “ohhh oui …”

She used all her weight and came fully down on me, burying me to the hilt as I continued to orgasm. My palms squeezed her waist with force, feeling the climax spreading through my lower brain. I leant my forehead on her back, just between her shoulder blades, and closed my eyes as the joy took me. I could hear the heavy fucking noises from the screen, but also Rachel’s own heart beats and my own.

After a minute we regained ourselves. The couple on the screen was still full speed at it, but we didn’t care. Slowly, she uncorked herself from me and grabbed some of the paper tissues placed in the cabin by the considerate management. She wiped her arse, collecting the sperm oozing out, and handing me some tissues to clean myself. With some difficulty, I stood up and wiped my cock from the different liquids.

We wiped and rearranged ourselves for a bit, pulling up clothes and putting back organs into their place. The time meter showed we only had 3 minutes left.

“On y va?” I asked.

She looked at me, I leaned to her and we kissed.

“Non,” she answered, “vas-y toi, j’ai envie de rester un peu plus.”

I looked at her, she smiled back.

“C’était génial, appeles-moi la prochaine fois que tu es en ville.”

I kissed her again; then I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out another 2 euro piece. I placed it in her palm and went out.

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