Within these walls –The midnight visitor (part 2)

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Within these walls –The midnight visitor (part 2)
With my face buried within something soft and velvety with a fragment scent, I quickly push at the object that was smothering my face, “squish squish” . Wait a minute…. I wondered, since when did the floor become so elastic with such a warmth flowing through my fingers tips…
“ Kyaah, Onii-chan (big brother ) hentai !” Hazel ( my step-sister) screamed ,causing me to snap out of my thoughts and look up only to realised that she was straddled atop of me naked with both my hands massaging / exploring her ample bust while she was staring at me with her icy blue eyes wide open with an expression of in surprised and shock .
Her pussy was shaved perfectly to form a very adorable v-shape, furthermore, her fair but well-toned legs made her look sexually enticing. Hazel’s skin was flushed and her nipples were fully erect from the stimulation from my hands, as she sat straddling atop of me, I started to panic as I was getting turned on by the sight and thus my erected penis could clearly be seen trying to break free of the fabric that was straining to hold it captive.
What segregated güvenilir bahis it from savagely penetrating the young teen pussy was those thin layers of fabric, to add on to the problem, Hazel probably could feel the humongous member that was rubbing on her vulva given that she was situated on it and which caused her to begin panicking in a bid to scramble off me while covering her nakedness, however this made her butt grinded more on to my dick, giving me intense amount of pleasure…
Pleasure which was short-lived given that Hazel, with teary eye finally gave me a blow to the face, which made my eyes roll up and I passed out. Of course, not before I had the chance to observe her bosom swaying and bouncing to her during her antics


You might have been wondering how we actually ended up in such situation, the reason was simple. When I was done laying out the dishes, I went into Hazel’s room to check on her, given that she had not comed out of the room, but when I heard her desperate cries for help that she was stuck in the bathroom, I tried to pry the door open and successfully managed to do so.
However, risksiz bahis veren siteler as she was holding onto the other side of the door, the sudden impact from the open door threw her off her balance and when I tried to catch her fall by grabbing her, momentum dragged me along with her, before I knew it I found myself ended up in that position ( Hazel straddling atop of me).

We sat in awkward silence as we started our dinner meal, I was carefully nursing my swollen cheek while Hazel ate mutely with her face red with embarrassment. Both of us avoided eye contact as much as possible due to the awkwardness we found ourselves in, when Hazel blurted out suddenly “ Onii-chan ! Today was the first time a boy fondled my breast, and it felt weird but pleasant since it was Onii-chan who did it “.

This statement caused me to choke on my food out of surprise of her statement, and after much choking which turn my face beet red, I chided her saying “ Hazel- chan you cant go around saying that it would give boys the wrong impression and they would take advantage of you. “ Standing casino siteleri up, I piled the dishes on the sink and continued “ That aside, remember to do the dishes. I will take some painkillers and turn in for the night, my face hurts very badly.” Thereafter, I headed to my room got changed, ate the painkillers and lay down.

As I lay in bed, I could not help but remember how Hazel looked like while she was naked and how turned on I was seeing her that way, it was akin to looking at her as my women more than my step-sister, thinking about it I gradually succumb to the wave of fatigue, pain and excitement of today, and fell asleep.


The creaking sound of the door could be hear, as a silhouette quietly slipped into the room and gently closed the door behind taking care not to make any unnecessary noise. Standing beside the bed where a boy laid curled up producing a faintly audible snore, the figure reached forward to caress the persons face, taking pain not to touch the swollen side of his cheeks
As the wind blew the curtains, the moonlight from outside threw its mellow light onto the silhouette to depict a girl dressed in a white nightgown, affectionately looking over the boy in the bed. The girl’s icy blue eyes held a glint in her eyes as she leaned forward towards to sleeping boy and whispered like a mother crooning to her baby, “ Onii-chan …. I’ve finally returned … “

END of Part 2

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