Wicked Game

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I posted this story on the gay genre but it would fit just as well in the reluctance/non-consent so if that stuff doesn’t appeal to you I request that you turn back now. However, if that’s your cup of tea I truly hope you enjoy my story.


The run down East Lakeshore was the soccer team’s favorite part of practice because it brought them past the sorority houses and on any other day Tommy would have made a mental note of which girls smiled back at him. However, Missy Collins had finally agreed to go out with him and she was the only thing on his mind. Tommy was by all rights a very good looking guy, tall and lean from years playing soccer and with a mop of curly blonde hair that always got in the way of deep blue eyes he never had any girl turn him down, at least not until Missy came along. He never knew what it was to have to chase a girl and he was finding it both frustrating and exciting.

Missy was in no way common. At 26 she was a little older than most college students but with a petite frame, dark eyes, and jet black hair she caught the attention everyone when she entered the room. However, what made her truly unique was that she really didn’t care about other people and it was that lack of concern that Tommy found so attractive. Missy didn’t appear to have a style that fit any stereotype, she wasn’t preppy or goth, she just always seemed comfortable. Blue jeans and t-shirt or Nike shorts and sweat shirt, no matter what she wore she was always striking.

October in Baton Rouge sees all of LSU preparing for Halloween but when Tommy suggested he and Missy go to Kappa Alpha’s costume party she refused, instead insisting she had other plans for their night out. Tommy didn’t protest; he was too caught up in the fact he was finally going out with her to care where they went.

Tommy didn’t have a clue where Missy was taking him but figured a button up white dress shirt and jeans should be okay just about anywhere.

Missy lived in an apartment over someone’s garage in a small neighborhood near campus and Tommy knocked on her door around 8 that evening.

“Just a minute.” He heard her say from inside.

A few minutes later Missy came outwearing a light sun dress with a pink flower pattern.

“So where to?” Tommy asked as they walked to the car.

“I’ll let you know when we get there.” She told him with a devilish grin. “Just head north toward Zachary. Do you know how to get there?”

“I think so.” Tommy told her starting the car and pulling out to go somewhere in Zachary.

They spent the ride up there talking about Sociology, the one class they shared together, and Missy’s job at Pennington Research Center. Missy was a lab technician who helped administer tests for experimental drugs; she had tons of stories about people’s crazy reactions and petty infighting between the doctors.

By the time they got on Scenic Highway she told Tommy to start slowing down apparently in the middle of nowhere.

“It’s just up here on the left.” She told him, but Tommy didn’t see anything but woods.

“Right, there. There it is.” She told him pointing to a sign that read ‘Teddy’s Juke Joint’.

“What the hell is this place?” Tommy asked her as he pulled the car down the long driveway.

“It’s a blue’s joint.” She replied. “Ever since Tabby’s burned down this has been the only place around that plays good blues.”

“How’d you even know about it?” Tommy asked stopping the car in front of what looked more like a house than a bar.

“I grew up in Zachary and my dad always told me nothing good ever happened at this place sooo naturally I had to find out for myself.” She told him as they got out the car.

Teddy’s wasn’t a big place and there wasn’t a live band but Missy was right the music was good and definitely not what you’d hear anywhere else. Other than the music Teddy’s was unique because it was a BYOB place. Missy pulled a bottle of something from her purse she swore was rum and poured some in his glass when they sat at the bar. When he gave her a skeptical look she told him she just wanted him to relax.

“Besides, I want to dance and I figured there was no chance of getting you on a dance floor without you being drunk.” She said as another song came on.

The place wasn’t really the kind of club Tommy was used to. Most the college bars were crowded with the music so loud you had to yell just to be heard. This place was nothing like that at all. The music was loud but not so much you couldn’t hear the person next to you and there were only a handful of other people. Tommy had to admit she was right about his dancing. There was no way he was gonna dance without alcohol, but that didn’t stop Missy and she took off to the dance floor leaving Tommy with the bottle and the bartender.

“You know she’s fucked up right?” The bartender told Tommy.

“What?” Tommy asked not a little bit confused.

“Don’t get me wrong I love Missy, she’s been coming around here since long before she was supposed to. She’s like a daughter to me.” The old bartender told him gölbaşı escort pouring him another glass of Coke.

Tommy put a healthy dose of rum in his drink before asking what made her fucked up.

“She uses people.” He explained. “I’m not sure what happened to her or if she was always like that but she toys with people then throws them away.”

Tommy was confident with girls and sure Missy wasn’t really that much different, so he smiled at the old man before assuring him that he’d be okay.

“If you’re just looking for a wild time I promise she won’t let you down, but if you’re expecting something more, I don’t think you’ll like what you find.”

That part intrigued Tommy. He hadn’t lived the life of a saint himself and was certainly curious what wild meant to Missy.

It wasn’t long before the rum started working on Tommy and Missy was able to get him out on the dance floor.

They spent another 2 hours at Teddy’s and by the time they left Missy had succeeded in getting Tommy completely waisted.

“Give me the keys I’m driving.” She told him when they got to the car.

“Hell, no.” He told her. “I heard you were trouble.”

A look of surprise flashed across Missy’s face but Tommy was too drunk to notice it. Missy pulled him close until they were almost hugging.

“This is not the town to try and drive drunk in, besides I like hanging out with you and don’t want our night to stop.” She told him the last part almost in a whisper with her lips next to his ear.

Tommy didn’t stand a chance, he gave her the keys.

Missy got off the Interstate at Highland road and headed back toward campus.

“I thought you were taking me somewhere else?” Tommy asked.

“Oh we are.” Missy said with a smile as she turned the car into club Splash.

“Oh, wait. No way am I going in there.” Tommy told her as she continued into the crowded parking lot.

“Why?” She asked with an amused grin.

“It’s a gay club and I’m not gay. I don’t care how good the music is or how much you want to dance I’m not going inside.” Tommy said starting to sober up.

“Dance? Who said anything about dancing?” Missy asked with the same amused grin.

The car was parked but Tommy made no move to get out.

“Then what are we here for?” He asked her.

“They have a drag show tonight.” Missy told him with a big smile.

“What? No. Why would I want to see any of that?” Tommy asked still not moving to get out.

“Look it’ll be fun. One of my best friends is in the show and I promised to come see him.” She told him opening the door and getting out. “Besides, I have your keys and if you don’t hurry up you’ll have to go inside without me by your side.” Missy hollered the last part over her shoulder as she made her way to the door.

That struck a cord and Tommy ran to catch up with her before she got inside.

The bar was much more like the clubs Tommy was used to, dark with overly loud music and very crowded, but none of that made him more comfortable. Missy led him to the bar and ordered some blue cocktail that reminded Tommy of the trash can punch they normally served at the frat parties. It wasn’t long before Missy disappeared in the crowd to go find her friend and left Tommy alone at the bar.

In the middle of the place was a parade of men dressed as women, most of whom made better looking women than most woman.

“Hey my name’s Ricky.” A short stocky guy said sitting on Tommy’s left side.

“Hey.” Tommy told him not sure what he was supposed to do or say.

“Let me guess. You’re here with your girlfriend?” Ricky asked with a genuine smile.

“Yes. She just left to go to find her friend.” Tommy answered happy to not have to explain himself.

“Yeah, NeNe. He’s the tall dark haired one in the middle.” Ricky told him.

Tommy looked and saw a beautiful woman in the middle of the others. If he hadn’t know she was really a man he wouldn’t have ever known. Then the realization of what Ricky had just said struck him.

“What do you mean yeah? You know Missy too; it seems like everybody knows Missy?” Tommy told him.

“Only the very privileged know her but actually she sent me over here to keep you company until she gets back.” Ricky told him as another man walked up behind Riccky wrapping his arms around his neck.

“Tommy this is my brother Kale.” Ricky said tilting his head to the man behind him.

Kale was built like a linebacker with broad shoulders and thick arms but he had a gentle face that Tommy found more comforting than threatening.

“We’re not really brothers.” Came Kale’s deep voive. “People just say that because we share everything. It’s nice to meet you.” Kale said extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” Tommy told him shaking his hand.

Missy finally showed back up with NeNe in tow and introduced him to Tommy.

“Tommy it’s nice to meet you. Please call me Nick” NeNe told him. “I’m sorry to be rude but would y’all mind if we all went back to my place. I’ve been here since 8 and I’m dying keçiören escort to get this tape off.”

Nick had a studio apartment in downtown Baton Rouge over Lucy’s bar. The apartment was cold and all the windows had fogged up blocking the view of the street. It was a nice place with old hardwood floors and high ceilings and the 5 of them sat on stools around a waist high apothecary table eating a plate of fruit Nick brought out.

“So what’d you think of the show?” Missy asked Tommy. “Could you tell they were men?”

“Yeah I could tell.” Tommy said. “but it was impressive how much they… ahh you looked like women.”

“Oh bullshit.” Nick said with a smile. “If you weren’t told before you’d have never known.”

Everyone had been nice to Tommy and he was not only becoming comfortable around everyone he was glad Missy insisted he go. It didn’t hurt that he hadn’t stopped drinking since being at Teddy’s so Tommy didn’t mind being a little bit of a smart ass.

“I can always tell. You can’t fool me.” Tommy said with a playful arrogance.

“Oh?” Nick asked taking his phone from his pocket.

“I’ve got a bunch of pictures of my friends. If you can pick the men from the women Missy will give you a kiss, but if you loose, I give you a kiss.” Nick said with a devilish look.

Tommy was hesitant but accepted the bet. While he was steady guessing wrong there was a knock on the door and Nick let in a very feminine and petite guy he introduced as Carmichael.

Carmichael pulled up a stool and Nick caught him up on the bet. Tommy had chosen most of the first ones wrong but he got enough right to earn a kiss from Missy.

Everyone started using the game to pick on Tommy saying he must be a little bit gay.

“With enough make-up you can make anyone look like whomever you want, but in real life you always know the difference.” Tommy told them in protest.

“Oh and what’s the bet this time?” Missy asked suddenly intrigued.

“If I win then you come back to the house with me.” Tommy told her.

“Okay, but if you loose.” She said pausing while she thought of a suitable bet. “Okay if you loose you compete in the next drag contest.” She told him giggling at the thought.

It was a lot to bet on but Tommy was blinded by the chance to take Missy home and he agreed.

“I’ve got just the thing.” Nick said jumping up and running to his bed.

Nick returned with a blindfold he handed to Tommy.

“Okay if you can tell the difference between when Carmichael touching you and Missy, then you win.” Nick told him as Tommy reluctantly put the blindfold on.

Tommy sat nervously twitching under the blind fold waiting for what felt like an eternity for something to happen. When he finally felt a light touch on his arm he almost jumped.

Tommy was having trouble knowing who was touching him.

“Missy.” He finally blurted out.

“Ohhhhh” came a unanimous cheer from everyone else.

“Nope” Tommy heard Missy say.

“Okay, try again.” Ricky chimed in.

This time Tommy felt fingers run through his hair. The fingers were small and the touch was delicate but something told him it wasn’t Missy.

“Carmichael.” Tommy said definitively.

“Good job.” Missy told him.

The next touch was just a finger tracing a line down his neck.

“Carmichael.” Tommy said.

“I think we’ll be seeing you at the next show.” Tommy heard Ricky announce.

Tommy ripped off the blindfold to she Missy standing behind him and Carmichael outside of arm’s reach.

“Okay, okay. You got me but give me a second chance. Let’s go best 3 out of 5.” Tommy begged.

“Okay, but if you miss one more you loose.” Nick reminded him.

Tommy put the blindfold back on and it wasn’t long before he felt someone at his ear.

“Don’t freak out, this next one is me.” He heard Missy whisper quietly just before feeling her lips on his.

Tommy didn’t need any prompting and he kissed her back. With the blindfold Tommy didn’t know he was kissing Carmichael. As the kiss continued Tommy began to open his mouth to Carmichael’s affection letting him put his tongue on his. Then just as slowly Carmichael pulled away and Missy leaned back in.

“Missy.” Tommy said sure of himself.

“Ohhhh.” Came another cheer from everyone.

Shocked Tommy jerked his hand up to remove the blindfold but his hand hit Missy just below her breasts and Missy put a finger on his lips.

“Shhhh, they’re just messing with you.” She told him as she leaned down to kiss him.

Tommy didn’t take his hand off her, just to make sure it was really her and Missy stepped over his legs to straddle his lap. She took his head in both hands and kissed him deeply. Tommy gave in to the kiss and wrapped his arms around her pulling Missy against him.

“I want you.” Missy whispered to him. “I’ve always wanted you.”

Tommy could feel her breasts press against him each time she took a breath and with the blindfold on his whole world became only what he could feel.

The room was ankara escort silent and it was easy for Tommy to forget anyone else was even there. He could feel Missy’s arm move as she lifted it out of her dress letting it fall down exposing her breast. Tommy reached up and lifted her breast kissing down her neck and further down until his mouth reached her nipple.

Missy made a groan of pleasure and arched her back so Tommy could reach her easier. As Tommy kissed her Missy began unbuttoning and pulling open his shirt. She leaned back in whispering to him again.

“I’m not wearing panties.” She said before kissing him again.

Tommy could feel Missy’s naked pussy pressing against his dick through the jeans and it was making him hard. Missy continued grinding against him before finally reaching down to unbutton his pants.

Freed from the restricting jeans Tommy’s felt a huge relief as his dickwas allowed to fully rise.

“Oh my God, you’re huge.” Missy couldn’t help saying.

It was true; Tommy was abnormally large and most girls wouldn’t let him go all the way in, but Missy wasn’t shying away. If anything she seemed turned on as she pressed her now wet pussy against his exposed cock. Tommy could feel the folds of her lips sliding gently up and down the shaft of his dick until he could barely take anymore.

Missy stood pulling Tommy up with her. The 2 remained locked together as Missy pulled off his shirt and pushed his pants around his ankles before finally leaning back and laying on the table. She grabbed Tommy’s now hard cock and her legs wrapped around his waist drew him into her.

Tommy felt resistance as Missy’s pussy struggled with his size. As his head passed inside Missy pulled harder against his hips forcing him deeper inside her. Tommy was almost all the way in when Missy stopped him. His heart was hammering in his chest as he drew out slightly before pushing back inside her.

The blindfold heightened all his senses. He could feel the grain of the wooden table under his hands and the cool air against his dick as he drew back. He could even feel the rough bottom of Missy’s feet locked behind his back. It was all new and incredible as Missy took almost all of him with each thrust.

Tommy was starting to thrust harder loosing himself in the moment when suddenly he was jolted by a painful CRACK across his ass and at the same time powerful hands locked his wrists in place on the table.

Too shocked to move Tommy looked up trying to see through the mask.

“What the fuck?” Was all Tommy could manage before he heard the whistle of the paddle again.

CRACK… It slammed painfully into his ass again, forcing him to thrust hard into Missy.

“Ahhhhhh” Tommy heard Missy beneath him.

“STOP, STOP, what the fuck are you doing?” Tommy shouted.

CRACK another painful hit and again he thrust hard into Missy making her cry out again.

“Stop, you’re hurting Missy.” Tommy pleaded.

“Hit him harder.” Missy said as Nick drew the paddle back again for another hit.

CRACK, the paddle landed in the same spot.

“Ahhhh!” Tommy cried in pain as his ass turned bright red and became tender but the paddle didn’t stop, each hit more painful than the last. With each hit Tommy would thrust into Missy harder and harder.

He begged them to stop and tried to pull his hands free but Ricky and Kale had an iron grip on them.

The sting of the paddle heightened the feeling of being inside Missy and despite the pain Tommy could feel pleasure rising.

Missy must have been feeling the same thing because with each thrust she was holding Tommy deep inside her until soon he could feel her muscles contract and she moaned with pleasure.

After her orgasm Missy’s legs relaxed and the paddling stopped but Tommy’s hands were not freed, instead he felt a hand gently touch the burning flesh of his ass. Worried about another hit Tommy stood stock still while the hand explored his naked flesh, moving down his rear to his leg reaching slightly inside his thigh before coming up again. The fingers touched the bottom of Tommy’s balls making him jump, pushing back into Missy to avoid the touch.

Still fearing another paddle Tommy remained silent.

“If you don’t want me to touch you, I’ll be happy to hit you with the paddle again.” He heard Nick say.

Tommy tried to struggle away but his hands wouldn’t budge and his jeans kept his legs from moving much. The best he could muster in protest was silence.

CRACK another painful hit.

“Stoppp!!” Tommy’s voice was shaky and pleading.

“So you want me to touch you?” Nick asked politely but Tommy didn’t answer. “You have to say yes or no Tommy.” Nick told him patiently.

“Yes.” Tommy finally said

“Yes, what?” Nick asked again.

“I want you to touch me.” Tommy finally said.

With that Nick knelt down and Tommy could feel Nick’s hand move again to the inside of his thigh and slowly begin to move up. When the hand reached the top of Tommy’s leg he tensed up but didn’t flinch away. Even as he felt the hand move under his balls Tommy remained still. Nick’s hand was gentle, cupping Tommy’s balls and drawing them down in a sensitive massage that caused his cock to pulse with each caress. Confusion and shame racked Tommy’s emotions as he allowed a man to bring him pleasure.

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