Upstairs neighbor- online master

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Upstairs neighbor- online master
Brandon had moved to the city two months earlier to start college and had gotten a day job for the summer to pay rent on his new apartment- he had decided against living on campus and with a roommate because he’d always dreamed about living alone in the city and exploring all that it had to offer away from his small town upbringing. He had worked as a lifeguard back home and was in great shape, boyish looks and a small muscular frame.

He had decorated his small apartment modestly with a couch and a bed and a table and chairs, he had also splurged and bought himself a computer with a webcam and speakers and once settled in to his new city had slipped in to a sex shop to buy lube and a set of anal beads, and a small dildo. Brandon was going to live out while he was in his new surroundings and finally had the privacy to live out his fantasies.

Fred had lived in the building for a little under ten years and had been in the city since coming to the country for about 15 years now. He loved the vibe of the town and the free spirit and enjoyed the attention he received from all manner of men while he was there. He had been retired for just a couple of weeks and after taking a vacation was home again for the summer with not much to do. Hi hair now greyed and a little bit of paunch hid the fact that in his younger days Fred had been an athlete and had worked most of his life in manual labour jobs, his arms wiry with muscle and vein. He had spent most of his nights recently on chat sites looking for guys to chat with, exchanging numbers for phone sex and occasionally going on his web cam to show off his massive cock, ten inches in all and as thick as a soda can he delighted everyone he showed it to and t his age was still able to fuck like a young man.

The two had passed one another several times in the building and had made small talk while riding the elevator together once, Brandon had a warm smile and was friendly towards the older man, Fred had been playful with the young white boy and had made sure to checkout his tight ass when he got off on the fourth floor. smiling to himself afterwards and adjusting his crotch before carrying on with his day.

it was early evening on that wednesday night and Brandon didn’t have anything to do, he drew the curtains in his apartment closed and jumped on to his computer to jerk off and watch porn. Logging in to his account he opened the chat section and perused the rooms to see what if anything was happening. Landing on a chat room “whitebois4bm” he entered and quickly changed screens to begin looking for porno to watch. sitting idly in the room with the username “brandoboi69” with his picture in his profile he idly searched the net for a clip he liked and started to watch it while pushing his shorts to the floor.

Fred opened his computer and logged in to chat using his screenname “BLKDDY69” and logged in to the usual rooms he frequented saying hello to several users he recognized before noticing someone he had never seen canlı kaçak iddaa online before who appeared to be in the same city as him. Fred clicked on the link to “brandoboi69” s profile and noticed the guy in the picture immediately as the cute neighbor he had seen in his building. Fred grinned as he looked over the picture just to make sure he was right.Fred double checked his own profile and confirmed that his picture was only of a white and black man hugging and wasn’t of his face. He decided to send a message and have some fun with his neighbor.

BLKDDY69: Good evening boy, i see we both like a good 69 hehe

the message sat there with no response for several minutes

Brandon was watching a porn clip of two men sucking each others cocks when he heard a message beep in his chat room, going back to that screen he notied the username and looking at the profile liked the picture and noticed that the man saying hi to him lived in his new city, he smiled and began typing his response.

brandoboi69: hey! lol it seems like we do 🙂 how are you tonight?
BLKDDY69: i am doing good boi, just taking it easy chatting etc what about you? tell me about yourself.

The two chatted idly for a while with Brandon telling the stranger his story and how he just moved to town and was looking to make new friends. Fred was smiling and his dick was growing harder by the minute as he talked to this smooth boy who lived two floor below him, teasing each other and flirting with sexual innuendo as the minutes turned to hours the two had chatted for the better part of the night before things got overtly sexual.

BLKDDY69: so you want to show off for me boi? let me see that cute body
brandoboi69: do you have a cam or a pic of yourself? your profile picture is hot but i want to see you 🙂
BLKDDY69: ill show you what i have, i have a webcam too one second.

Fred sent over a pic of his cock he had taken the week earlier, hard as a rock and wet with his spit, slowly leaking out a heavy load of cum, the type of photo that made all the men he chatted with drool and say nasty things to him.

brandoboi69: omg that thing is huge!!!! wow that looks amazing.
BLKDDY69: glad u like it boi, think you could handle it?
brandoboi69: i would love to try 🙂 i dont know though
BLKDDY69: id go slow with you baby, make sure you got nice and relaxed so you would love it
brandoboi69: oh yeah? then maybe i would end up loving it heheh
BLKDDY69: its all urs baby
brandoboi69: too bad u arent here right now or my neighbor haha
BLKDDY69: How fun would that be? i dont know where u live though maybe i am
brandoboi69: thats kind of a fantasy of mine would be kinda hot
BLKDDY69: if we were to role play what apartment would i be coming to boi
brandoboi69: you’ve got me so hot thinking about this, apartment 405

the two began to role play with Brandon getting on his webcam and showing off his tight body for his new friend. his hairless chest and pink nipples and smallish cock all made Fred horny and when he began to show off his internet casino ass and tease Fred with it, he became fully hard and could barely take it anymore he kept going with the fantasy he was having with the boy downstairs and asked

BLKDDY69: what would you do if i knocked on your door right now boi? would you let me in,would you suck on this cock for me?
brandoboi69: oh god yes i would
BLKDDY69: u know id want to fuck that cute ass too right?
brandoboi69: you could have anything u wanted with that big dick Daddy if u were here

Fred stood up and pulled on a pair of workout shorts, locking his door as he left and took the elevator to the fourth floor, walking quickly to the door for apartment 405, he recognized the music coming from behind the door from his chat and knocked. KNOCKKNOCK

Brandon shot up in his chair where he had been teasing a black man with his ass, he quickly gathered his clothes from the floor pulling his pants up as he walked over. he looked through the peep hole and didnt see anybody standing there so he opened the door to stick his head out in to the hallway, he still didnt see anything when he looked left but when he looked right he noticed his neighbor he had seen before, standing with his back against the wall smiling at him pulling on his big cock through his workout shorts

“hi boi” Fred said grinning ear to ear ad the stunned Brandon, Fred walked towards the young man and pushed him back in to the apartment until they were both inside, pushing the door closed behind him, as the door clicked, Fred slipped his hand under his waistline and slid his shorts off with one tug, his big veiny black cock bouncing out freely as he did this, his balls were dark and hung low underneath his shaft which stuck straight out towards Brandon who still couldnt believe what was happening to him.

Fred looked over the young man and stepped in closer, using the same hand to slip under the waist of his sweatpants and to firmly squeeze his hard cock and balls in one hand. before slipping off Brandons pants as well.

“now suck me boi, just like you said come on suck this dick”

Fred pushed Brandon to his knees and grabbed both sides of his head pushing his cock directly in to the young white mans face, Brandon opened his mouth and closed his eyes while Fred began to fuck his face gently rocking back and forth until he could feel Brandons body pushing back on the depth and pulling it out to rub all over Brandon’s face.

“thats it baby just like that, see your dreams are coming true today stand up for me ”
“brandon stood up and looked at Fred, both of their cocks were rock hard and as they came in closer to one another fred gripped both of the shafts in one hand and stroked them in unison, causing Brandon to breathe heavily and they started to make out.

The two kissed for what felt like 20 minutes until Brandon took Fred’s hand and walked him back to the bedroom at the far end of the apartment, Brandon laid down on the bed on his back and Fred lay on top of him, opening güvenilir casino up Brandons legs as he climbed on top kissing him and pinning his hands above his head. Fred moved down Brandon’s young body sucking on his nipples and fondling his balls while he lifted up his legs and began to explore his ass. Brandon’s body writhed in pleasure as Fred licked his middle finger and slowly slipped it inside the young mans smooth ass. Fred and Brandon kissed passionately exploring each others tongues as Fred’s thick long finger probed the you mans asshole and caused precum to leak from him. Fred pulled his finger out and climbed back on top of Brandon spreading his legs as he mounted him. Brandon felt the large head of his neighbors cock pushing against his asshole and he struggled to speak to plead with this man who was about to fuck him with the biggest cock he had ever seen.

“there’s lube, on my dresser behind us”
Fred looked behind him then back at the young man laying in front of him legs apart and flush with horniness
“yeah you ready to get fucked by me boi?”
Brandon nodded “but please be gentle”
Fred stood up and grabbed the bottle of lube, applying a handful before he started to stroke his cock looking down at his new prize
he applied more lube to the ass before climbing back between Brandons legs, he started to work the head in against the tight ass but pushed in and felt the boys body spasm as he entered, holding his cock there and telling his lover to breathe and say “ahh”
with each of these Fred inched more and more of his thick meat deeper inside Brandons ass, brandon felt like he was being split in two but the pain started to give way to a warm glowing feeling and he felt his legs opening up more with each push
Fred felt the young man opening up to take his width with surprising ease and before he knew it had half of his cock buried in the tight warm ass, the lube glistening against his dark skin as he watched the asshole stretch and take in all he was giving it.

“thats it boy, you lovin all of this cock already you my good neighbor arent you”
“oh fuck yes you are soooo big oh my god”
Fred began to slide the length of his oiled cock i and out of the war tight ass hole placing the boys legs on his shoulders so he could fully stroke his long cock

Brandon bit his lip as he squirmed underneath the older Black man and felt his cock stroking his hot asshole, he could hear his balls hitting his ass cheeks and Fred was now holding his legs apart by the ankles as he began to pump in rhythm his bare cocknow coated in cream from the lube and Brandon’s body. Fred began to fuck furiously as the young man quivered undermeath him, feeling himself about to shoot he pulled his long thick cock out of the asshole and shot his hot cum directly on Brandon’s face, each heavy stream hitting and oozing down his cheeks and chin.

Fred climbed off Brandon and walked to the corner, grabbing a t shirt to wipe himself off.

“good start boi” i’ll be back for more Fred said throwing the shirt on the floor before leaving the room and the apartment.

Brandon lay in his bed with his ass gaping open and cum still warm all over his face, he smiled as he rolled over and thought about how much he was going to like living in this building.

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