Tony’s Load

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Tony’s Load
Tony’s Load: An Adult Story
by, U. Will Lovett

I never thought I’d do it, but there I was… lying in a bed with Tony, the guy who had picked me up at Prime-Time Saloon and Diner just a few hours earlier. Like a true Hoosier gentleman, Tony had offered to escort me in his Chevy Silverado pickup (how apropos I had mused to myself) to the Country Inn and Suites Hotel across the street from PTSD. I must admit I felt a little flattered to be considered “one-night stand” material, dressed in my yoga pants, long-sleeve tee shirt, and my favorite sexy brunette wig. But Tony liked my look and he obviously couldn’t wait to get me in his bed. And that was exactly what I was looking for on this… my first night out as a crossdressing slut. So, I went along with the guy.
(*NOTE 1: Okay honestly, I really wanted to know what if felt like to get fucked by a handsome well-hung guy, on my first time, but Tony was the only one to offer. So why be choosy on your first date? I thought.)
We hadn’t been in our hotel room five minutes before Tony had his pants unzipped while sitting on the edge of the bed, patting the mattress with his hand—an obvious signal for me to come and sit next to him. I wasn’t sure if Tony understood that we were actually the same gender, and I wasn’t sure if he would appreciate the surprise waiting inside my yoga pants, but what I was sure of was that Tony was like so many guys (myself included), who was driven by his dick in these situations. I think Tony was ready to fuck and somebody in that hotel room was going to catch his load tonight.
So… Namaste.
Believe me, I understood very well that what Tony wanted was a nice “piece of ass.” I certainly felt that I could provide him with that. But I also thought a preliminary “blow job” might be the perfect way to ease Tony into the “big surprise” that he had waiting for him… an ice breaker of sorts. Well, we had come this far… so I decided it was time to break some ice.
“Nice cock, Tony.”
“Yup… Come over here, Baby. Tony needs some good loving.”
You know, I hated the way Tony started his conversation responses with “yup” … I also hated guys who thought it was sexy to speak of themselves in “third person.” But at least Tony wasn’t referring to himself as some horny paternal figure, looking for a little i****tual action with his baby girl.
“Daddy needs a piece of that sweet little ass, Baby. Bring it on over here, so Papa can take care of his little girl.”
… So much for that paternity thing.
Tony didn’t waste much time after I sat down on the bed next to him. He put his hand on mine and guided it into his open fly. I responded kaçak bahis to his obvious request for sex with a nice gentle massage of his already hard member. Tony liked it… and I kinda’ liked it too…. It felt good to be the pleasure-giver in a romantic relationship for once. (*NOTE 2: It wasn’t technically “a relationship” yet, but I liked to imagine that me and my Man would take this carnal evening to a higher level in the future… Then Tony spoiled my romantic illusion by breaking wind—no doubt a product of those spicy garlic chicken wings he had consumed back at Prime Time!) I played it off as no big deal and we both laughed a little at the embarrassing moment.
Then, Tony surprised me as he leaned in close to my cheek and gave me a kiss on my perfectly shaped Maybelline hot pink lips. I responded with my tongue… just to encourage his foreplay, mind you. And to my surprise, it worked. Tony rolled me back onto the bed and began kissing me all over—from my lips to my nips. Then he pulled himself up very close to my perfectly Estee Lauder made-up face and whispered gently to me:
“I know what’s down there.”

After I had gone down on Tony for what seemed like at least a half hour, he finally began to show signs of pending ejaculation. (“Thank you, God!” I thought.) Tony’s dick filled my salivating (and tired) mouth while I twirled the head of his impressively durable hard-on with my tongue. I was using the same techniques that I appreciated when I was on the receiving end of good head. As Tony moaned, I prepared myself to swallow what I was sure would be a massive load of his hot cum. (*NOTE 3: Tony was no cover boy looks-wise, but his dick was plus-average, and It responded well to my novice caresses and my licking tongue’s initial attempt at fellatio. Meanwhile, the much-practiced smooth motion of my warm right hand was working its magic! As I maintained a smooth, firm, continuous stroke of Tony’s cock shaft, he began to moan a familiar song of ecstasy on our bed, u*********sly stroking my now tangled (but still sexy) brunette wig. All of those hours that I had spent achieving my own sexual gratification alone at home were finally paying off for me… And for Tony.
As I stroked and sucked my first erect non-me penis, I found myself actually anticipating the taste of Tony’s semen, and wondering if it would have the same salty/creamy taste that my own cum had. (*NOTE 4: Hey… I’ll own up! Occasionally I clean myself up with my tongue a bit after masturbating. Don’t we all?)
Now as Tony began to writhe a bit from my oral sex, I became a little fearsome that I might actually gag on his casino firmalari impending load. Then…
Holy Shit!!! The guy must have had oysters for dinner all week! Either that or Tony was on some kind of crazy super-fertility supplement. His cock erupted its steady stream of warm semen and it kept erupting… for what had to be ten seconds! My mouth was satiated to the point that I had to pull my hot pink lips back from his penis. Bad decision…
Tony’s last shot was a beauty. His dick rose up in its final salute to my blowjob and squirted a dagger of cum right into my left eye and down my Cover Girl foundation rouged cheek. “Yup, sorry…” Tony groaned.
“Don’t worry, Tony. I got this.” And with a few quick swipes, I wiped my cheek and my eye clean with my index finger and then sucked the tip of my finger, savoring every last rich ounce of Tony’s amazing load. It was like icing from my first birthday cake. Tony was impressed. I was too. Now, where would we go next?

I knew that Tony had been admiring my ass from the first moment he had seen me in those yoga pants. I had noticed how he looked at my derriere, slightly shaking his head and whispering… “Ummm… umm! Yup!”
Tonight, I wanted to experience the whole “girl thing,” I didn’t want to go home not feeling Tony’s dick up my ass, and I wanted his second ejaculation to fill up my anus with its hot sexy load of cum.
But as a man, I knew, Tony needed some “recovery time” to “reload” as it were, so I was amazed when he began to rub the cheeks of my butt rather sensuously while fingering my now expanding anal pore. I had practiced this moment so many times in the privacy of my bathroom at home—sliding the dildo’s silicon shaft deep into my asshole… slowly at first and then gradually faster and faster… feeling its head penetrate me all the way to my prostate… and loving the pleasure and the pain. I also remember fantasizing as I fucked myself, “This is how it’s going to feel when your Man fucks you. And YOU are going to love it!” I imagined over and over that my dildo was attached to Tom Selleck, to David Beckham, or to George Clooney and they were having their way with my sexy ass. I even had a sensuous, long, ribbed brown dildo (with a vibrator inside.) This baby was Will Smith. Will and I fucked once or twice every week. What a cock!
Fortunately, in the real world, I had planned for this evening well, and I had remembered to bring my tube of lubricant. I rolled over on the bed and reached into my purse lying on the nightstand. I retrieved the tube of “warming gel” that I had brought for just such an occasion. Tony got my drift. güvenilir casino His penis was getting erect again, very erect. And again, I took that as a compliment.
I could tell that Tony had enjoyed anal sex before. He lubed me like a pro, rubbing the warm liquid up and down my inner passage, using his fingers to guide the sensuous warmth deeper into my now gaping anal pore. As he rubbed my ass, Tony’s dick became full mast. From this obvious sign, I could tell Tony was anxious to ride my sexy waiting ass. After Tony had oiled me up, he guided my hips back ever-so-slowly onto his wavering stiff cock. I could tell he was a bit nervous, so I decided to help him with the process a bit. I spit into my hand and reached behind me to “lube” his penis a little more naturally and intimately. The combination of my saliva and the Hot Kiss Strawberry lubricant that I had brought did the trick. Tony’s dick slid nicely into my waiting hole. As I felt the head penetrate me, I leaned back very slowly onto Tony’s hard cock. I wanted Tony (and myself) to appreciate every inch of his stimulated dick, so I rocked forward very slowly. I heard Tony gasp in pleasure. Then I rocked back again, and as I slid onto his bowed hardon, my boy clit tingled with the feel of Tony’s dick, deeper inside my ass. Sure, it hurt a bit, but gradually, it began to feel so good! I had read about the pleasure and the pain of femme boys getting fucked, and now I knew it first-hand.
Soon my gradual rocking motion was replaced by Tony’s own thrusts. Tony kept his hands on my hips as he did his work, caressing my buttocks with his touch and occasionally leaning forward to tenderly kiss my exposed backside. I could tell it was difficult for Tony to get full insertion while we perched on top of the soft mattress. I slid to the side of the bed and straddled the mattress exposing my ass and making it easier for Tony to stand behind me and finish his work. Soon, we both were locked in our ecstasy, groaning and encouraging each other with cries of “Yes… Yes… YES!”
Then Tony came in my ass.
“Came” is a very inadequate term for what really happened on our bed. Tony EXPLODED into my ass! He filled me with his enormous warm load of semen. As Tony unloaded on me, his true a****l side was released with a roaring grunt that sounded more ursine than human. Oh, and one more thing… nothing has ever felt so amazing to me!
It was in that moment that I realized I was meant to be a gay lover. I had been missing this feeling of sexual completeness all of my life, but with Tony, I had felt satisfied, desired, and… completely loved. Others might not understand, but that’s why intimacy is such a private thing, I rationalized. Sure, Tony wasn’t the perfect lover for me, but he did love me perfectly that night.
You know, it’s true what people say… you do always remember that first time. Yup!

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