The Talk

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Cindy was still reeling from her divorce, but at least it was over and now the emotional part was what she had to contend with. Luckily, her two children had been very understanding about it all and were very supportive throughtout the process. After all, it was her husband who wanted the divorce, and her children at ages nineteen and twenty-two were old enough and on their own enough to recover well.

With her husband gone, the additional absence with her children going to college was seemingly intensified and the lonesomeness wore on Cindy. She moped and complained some, and her son Alex certainly picked-up on it. He encouraged her to be more outgoing. Further, he came home a couple of weekends from school to urge her out and be more supportive.

Alex went to school only a couple of hours from where the family had lived and he got into a routine of coming back every other weekend. He got his mother into the routine of exercising regularly, and Cindy was pleasantly surprised at how much it energized her and lifted her spirits.

She also liked how much Alex would notice her doing more with her exercising and his encouraging her on. She came to look forward to it.

Inevitably, Cindy and Alex would go get dinner together or have drinks after working-out, and Alex started talking to Cindy about how she could get back out socially and meet people. Cindy looked forward to those weekends when Alex would come home, and she also listened to his advice about meeting people and getting out more.

Just as Alex had suggested, Cindy wound-up meeting and going out with a couple of guys that she met. Before long, Cindy had had several dates with a guy named Tony from their gym. There became a couple of times on a Saturday night when Alex was at home for the weekend when Cindy was supposed to go out with Tony, and Cindy was very adamant about not going even though Alex said she should.

Cindy really felt torn later, and she was going to talk to Alex about it the next time he visited from school. As it turned out, Alex cancelled the next weekend he would’ve come home from school, saying there were things he had to do at school. Cindy told him she understood, but inside she was actually very disappointed.

They had talked over the usual pleasantries, and Cindy visibly seemed to gather herself to bring up something to Alex.

“Alex, I have to tell you,” she started reluctantly,” I feel bad about having had plans the other weekend. I really enjoy our time, you know?”

“Listen,” he replied concerned at her discomfort, “I understand totally. I look forward to seeing you, too. I enjoy us getting together. Alot. But, listen this is what is best. You need to get out more socially, and I understand.”

“You are so sweet. But I just don’t want us to stop spending our time together you know?”

“Sure, I understand,” he answered. “And we don’t have to stop either.” Cindy smiled as he said this. Alex liked how she had lit up at this.

“Tell you what,” Alex suggested, ” let’s see how it goes with me still coming home every other weekend or so. Okay?”

“Great!” Cindy exclaimed and went to Alex and hugged his neck, glad that they had worked this out.

Two weekends later, Alex was home from school, and he could tell his mom was really happy to see him. She was beaming when he came through the door, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Alex could smell the light sweet perfume Cindy wore, and he noticed touches of make-up a little more than any recent time he could remember.

Cindy had already planned their dinner out that night, and she was very animated and talkative at the seafood restaurant that she knew was one of his favorites. They had dinner and a couple of drinks as she caught up on how school was going for him. After they talked of school, Alex asked her about Tony. For the first time that evening, Cindy seemed to withdraw some and get quiet.

“Alex, I don’t know that we should really get into that. … I don’t expect to be seeing any more of Tony.”

This took Alex by surprise.


“Well, it just didn’t work out, I guess,” she coyly tried to explain.

“Mom, it sounded like you guys were getting along so well.”

“I know, but… .”

“But?” Alex persisted, not letting her off the hook.

“Let’s just say he wanted more from things than what I did.”

“Really?” Alex wasn’t exactly sure what to make of this.

The conversation shfited on to something else, but Alex made it a point to bring it back up when they were at home later and before they were going to call it a night.

“I guess I’m still surprised at you not seeing Tony any more, mom.”

They were standing in the kitchen together, and Cindy looked up at Alex saying nothing for a while.

“You know, you could discuss it with me if you want to, you know?” Alex said to her gently.

“Let’s just say he wanted to be closer with me. …And,” she stopped, but didn’t take her eyes from Alex.

“And?” Alex asked.

“Well, I just didn’t want that with him,” Cindy gave a slight smile pendik escort as if to say ‘you know what I mean’.

“I understand,” Alex tried to comfort her. “There’ll be someone you will be comfortable with and will want that with.”

“Oh, I sure hope so,” Cindy smiled, and soon they were both chuckling.

They were both headed upstairs and talking about the next day. Alex walked her to where her door to her bedromm was and listened as she continued to talk. Rather than walk on to his room, Alex stood at the door and talked as she got ready for bed.

Cindy looked to him from time to time as she removed her jewelry, and she looked in her mirror as she brushed her hair but they still talked. Cindy was standing sideways to him as he was still at the door, leaning against it and wondering whether he should turn away as she untucked her blouse from her jeans.

“Your mom’s getting old, sweetheart,” she said as her hands went to the buttons on the blouse and slowly undid them as she looked at her refection in the mirror.

“You’re still gorgeous, you know that,” Alex reassured her.

“You really are a sweetheart for saying so,” she said to him as she walked by him with her blouse unbuttoned and parted showing her bra in the middle of her front as she walked by.

Alex couldn’t help but notice the deep cleavage as she walked by and on to her closet where she stood, pretty much standing away from him. She took a thin robe from the closet and draped it on the closet door, and her hands went to her jeans.

“So you’re not gonna mind going with me shopping tomorrow?” She asked him as she undid the jeans and unzipped them, again sideways to him but just a few feet away.

“Absolutely,” he replied and swallowed hard, feeling a mix of awkwardness and excitement.

“Good, you know I could use the company.”

She tugged the jeans down her legs and swiftly steeped out of them, and Alex was frozen in place at this happening in front of him. She stood back straight and was still in profile form to him as the blouse covered her from his view.

She paused and there was silence between them as he looked at her there. Her hands seemed in slow motion as they went up to the sides of her blouse and pulled it back, letting it go down her shoulders and fall to the floor. As the fabric hit the ground, Alex’s gaze was upon the white bra that seemed to barely hold her breasts and the skimpy bikini panties that had string strips that went high on her hips.

Cindy’s hands moved smoothly to the robe and she was pulling it on before Alex could move or say a word. It hung on her and remained to be tied to her, as she then let her hands pull off the bra with her robe on. The robe concealed the now bare breasts that were hanging just inside the robe.

Cindy brought her hands to her waist, and Alex again was frozen as he watched her hands disappear within the robe to obviously pull the only remaining item of clothing off as she just had the robe for cover. The panties fell to a small clump on the floor as Cindy straightened back up from where she had brought them down.

Alex expected to see her hands go to the tie that would bind the robe to her, but her hands stayed at her side, as Cindy slowly turned toward Alex.

“Guess it’s time to turn in, huh?” Cindy smiled at him, and there was no way that Alex could not let his gaze travel from her grin down, taking in the sight of her.

The robe parted in the middle as Alex expected and the robe only revealed cleavage as Alex expected. But as his eyes followed further down, he saw her bare stomach, with the sides of the robe framing a narrowly exposed strip of her bare torso. His eyes went further and Cindy saw them fix on what he saw next.

The robe framed her middle where the sides of the robe were in line with her legs. This left the waist and middle open to view. Alex saw her navel and skin underneath, and further down he saw a strip of blondish brown pubic hair, curled and sitting atop pinkish flesh underneath. Cindy stood still and Alex stared openly.

“Hey, we have to turn in,” she half-whispered as she brought the sides of the robe together at last and tied it to her.

She took the couple of steps to him and tilted her face to him, lightly pecking his lips with a kiss, then turning to go to her bed. Alex in a daze went to his room and was out of her bedroom when she turned out her light and took her robe off climbing into bed.

Cindy tossed and turned, trying to sort out in her own mind what had just happened. She was upset wih herself for having been that way with him. She wondered what she could have possibly been thinking. At the same time, she was very excited at what had happened. Things had seemed to change between she and Alex over time, and now they had crossed some sort of line almost. She thought that he had prompted it with his hanging around and watching her, and she had let it go on with practically undressing in front of him.

As she laid there unable to sleep, she wondered what he thought. She wondered if he couldn’t sleep maltepe escort as well. Her next thought caused her to feel disgusted with herself as she thought about whether he had been able to go straight on to sleep. Against all better judgment, Cindy found herself getting out of bed.

Cindy quietly stepped down the hall until she was right outside his bedroom door. She stood still and tried to listen. When she heard nothing, she leaned closer to where her ear was at the door, and she waited to hear if there was anything that would tell her that Alex couldn’t sleep either.

The first indication was the sound of a mattress. It was a light squeeking sound as if the mattress was being sat on and springs were sounding. Then, it happened again, followed by a sound that Cindy was fixed on. Heavy breathing with a steady rythym caused Cindy to close her eyes shut as she realized that Alex wasn’t only not asleep, but feeling very turned-on as well.

Cindy listened closely as she tried with all she had not to let her hand go to where it wanted inside her robe. her hand was at an opening of her robe at the waist when she heard him moan. It was a deep moan and it lasted for several seconds as Cindy listened intently. As it finished, Cindy realized she had listened with her eyes clenched shut and two fingers of her right hand pressed inside of her causing her own spasming to rock her, as she slipped quietly away from the door.

The next day Alex was ready to go shopping with her before Cindy was even through with her coffee. Cindy smiled to herself. Just a couple of short years ago, it had been difficult to get Alex to hang around at all. Now, here he was ready to go with her shoping of all things, something her ex would never do.

They took their time and just hung out together, going from one place to the next. They talked and got each other’s opinion on things, and Cindy felt herself really enjoying a closeness with Alex, as he stayed near her and was genuinely interested in what she was saying and doing.

For her part, Cindy paid attention to Alex as well. She appreciated him more as a young man as he would open a door for her or stand close by making her more aware of his physical presence and atrractiveness. Women in the stores noticed Alex and Cindy could detect their interest in her son.

Near the end of the day, they stopped at a clothing store. A young sales girl was trying to interest Alex in a pair of trousers. Cindy stood aside and stayed quiet, as the sales girl was trying to coax Alex into buying the pants. The girl looked to Cindy, smiled, and looked back to Alex.

“Hey, just ask your girlfriend. I’d bet she’d like to see you in these.” The sales girl teased.

Both Cindy and Alex laughed, but neither of them corrected her.

“You know,” Cindy replied, ” you’re right. I would like to see him in these.” Cindy grinned at Alex.

“Okay, you got it.” Alex took the pants from the girl and turned toward the dressing room.

“Good, you can model them for us,” Cindy teased, but he stopped and took her by the arm.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said as he pulled her along with him. “Since I don’t know what these are gonna look like, we’re gonna just show them in here.”

Cindy inhaled deeply as she was led into the fitting area by Alex, and he pulled the door shut. Cindy stood awkwardly close to Alex, speechless in the closely confined room as Alex undid his jeans and unzipped them.

“Here, could you take these off the hanger for me,” he asked her as she took the trousers from him and slid them from the hanger, unable to turn away from what he was doing. Alex didn’t hesitate as pulled the jeans down his long legs, also sliding his sandals off. In one smooth wisk, the jeans were off his legs and in his right hand to exchange with Cindy as she passed him the new trousers.

Cindy was openly staring at where Alex’s t-shirt covered only the top of his boxer-briefs. The white cotton contrasted with Alex’s tanned legs. The white cotton also was stretched containing a bulge that protruded out and down the left, with the round crowned head easily outlined at the lower side. Alex took the trousers from Cindy and as he did Cindy watched the throb in the underwear and her mouth opened slightly.

Alex took his time pulling the trousers on and Cindy immediately blushed and looked downward, seemingly mortified at how she had stared at him.

“So, tell me what do you think?” Alex teased at her when he had the new trousers fastened and zipped.

Cindy just grinned back, still embarrassed and speechless.

“I think you should get them.” She finally said back.

“Is everything okay in there?” The sales girl called from outside.

Cindy just looked into Alex’s eyes as he took the trousers back off.

“Just fine,” Alex answered aloud, “I think she’s gonna want to get them.”

Alex laughed and Cindy shook her head as she handed him back his jeans. When he went to put them back on, Cindy let herself look again, her eyes fixing again on the bulge that moved as he pulled his jeans kartal escort back up. When he had zipped back up his jeans, he took her by the hand and walked her back to the girl.

“She is so sweet,” Alex motioned to Cindy as he said to the sales girl, “She wants to get these for me.”

Cindy just shook her head and grinned more as she got out her charge card. Alex rubbed her back, as the girl rang up the purchase and Cindy tried to make a face at him as if he was in trouble with her.

Later at home, they were laughing about it again, but Cindy seemed to try to get more serious about it. She stood in front of him as he sat at the kitchen table. She put her hands on her hips and shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what had happened. Though she tried not to, a smile stayed on her face as she tried to chastise him.

“Young man, I still can’t believe you did that.”

“Oh c’mon,” he cooed back to her. “You really don’t mind that. Tell the truth.” He looked right at her with a wicked smile that stopped her.

“Alex, listen. I’ve probably been a little too relaxed or casual with you. We have to behave. We need to do as we should.” She looked at him almost pleadingly.

Alex kept smiling at her. A moment passed and she couldn’t help herself. She grinned back at him. He stood up so that they were facing each other, and she seemed to flinch at his standing up to her and now being close to her. She looked up into his eyes as things were quiet for a moment.

Cindy softly spoke as they looked into each others eyes.

“I’m going upstairs.”

Alex waited and let what she had said sink in, wondering what she felt.

Alex went upstairs and went slowly to the door of her room. Cindy stood in front of her mirror and Alex waited at the side watching. Just as before, Cindy untucked her blouse from her pants. Her fingers slowly plucked at the buttons down the front releasing the sides of the blouse to hang loosely by her sides.

Alex took this as the cue he needed, and he walked behind Cindy so that he was directly behind her but actually at the side of her bed, facing her direction but seeming as though he was about to sit on the bed.

Cindy turned to him, and he could tell her breathing was heavy. Alex reached to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. Alex watched her eyes survey his chest and then she watched as he brought his hands to his jeans to watch him undo them for a second time today.

He kicked off his sandals and looked at her as he slid the jeans down his legs, stepping out of them. He took his time to stand straight up, facing her. He felt himself throb as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the boxer-briefs. They inched down his hips and she could see his black pubic hair and the base of his shaft.

“No!” She urged him. “We can’t do this.”

He paused looking back at her eyes as she continued to breathe heavily. He looked at her as if to reconsider.

As he paused, her eyes looked down to his crotch. Immediately, he knew—she didn’t keep looking at his eyes, she didn’t look away, and she didn’t walk out. And, she still looked. Stared at him almost naked before her.

His hands worked on down and his cock sprung up as stepped out of the underwear. He let his hands go to his sides. She stared at his manhood fully erect and admired him. She stepped to him and looked up at him almost as if for help.

Alex pulled her blouse off her shoulders to where her now ample breasts were confined only by her bra and exposed to him. The bra couldn’t hide the outlines of hard large nipples that waited underneath. Unlike last night when Cindy was comfortably moving about the room semi-exposed, she now trembled and seemed frightened at what was taking place. Alex sat on the bed and pulled her pants down as she steadied herself at his broad shoulders.

Cindy looked down between them and noticed Alex’s cock twitch when her thin beige panties were exposed to his gaze. Alex paused looking at her right in front of him and she continued to noticeably tremble at the realization of what was happening. Alex looked at her, beautiful and very sexual as her nipples protruded at the bra cups and her hips slightly swayed as she stood for him, in front of him. Small curls of the blondish brown pubic hair poked out from the sides of the panties. Alex took her hands in his in almost a reaasuring kind of way. She squeezed at his hands.

Then, Alex did something that took her off guard. Alex’s hands left her’s, and he eased backward, scooting himself up the bed until he was fully laid out on his back in front of where she stood. His long legs were closest to her and his erect cock jutted out over his stomach. He let his arms rest up beside his head so that the effect was that he was laying there exposed for her.

She looked at him there and looked to his eyes. He said nothing. She looked back to his cock. Her arms went behind her back to the clasp of her bra. The cups fell from her, and her full breasts bounced free. Hard brown nipples pointed out level toward Alex and he felt a surge rush through him. He looked down and she was pulling off the thin panties he had held his face close to just moments before. Now, the strip of hair seemed more blatant as otherwise smooth skin was all that was at her mound.

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