The Older Sister Ch. 04

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Jake was sitting on the sofa, still processing the events from the night before, when his sister slinked into the room. She was dressed in a pale pink bra and panties with her brushed blonde hair hanging provocatively down around her face. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, with a chain attached to her handcuffs that ran up between her legs, with the end clinched between her teeth.

Jake stood up, brushed back her hair and took the chain from his sister’s mouth.

“As I stole your balls last night… and locked them between my legs,” Elena trembled, already feeling vulnerable, “I thought I’d give you this.”

Jake adjusted his cock that was caught up inside his boxer shorts, and smiled as he pulled the chain upwards, its shiny links burying themselves into the front of his sister’s pants. He pulled further, making his sister cry out in excitement as her handcuffed hands pulled more tightly against her butt.

Elena let out an excitable nervous giggle.

“I was just going to shower,” he whispered, pulling the chain tighter.

“Can I come?”

Jake led his sister to the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Keeping hold of the chain, he unbuttoned and removed his boxer shorts and placed them on the hook. He then positioned his sister against the wall, pulled the chain tight and hooked it over the same hook that held his boxers.

“You can wait here,” he breathed, kissing his sister on the lips.

“What? Can’t I shower with you?”

“You can watch.”

Elena looked on petulantly as her naked brother stepped under the hot running water. She so wanted to join him, but her attempts to escape from the hook only caused the chain to rub against her clit.

“I feel like a dog,” she pouted, standing on tiptoes in an attempt to free herself.

Elena turned back to the wall and pressed her face against his brother’s black underwear, the warm silk feeling gorgeous against her skin. She moaned gently to herself as she rocked back and forth against the steel links. She wanted to touch herself, but the tight chain infuriatingly pinned her hands against her own butt. She playfully slapped herself in frustration as she massaged her cheeks.

Jake turned off the water and ran a large white towel through his dark hair and continued to dry himself in full view of his helpless sister.

“I can’t believe you hooked me up like one of your possessions!” Elena exclaimed, loving her predicament, but with an edge of frustration that her younger brother had imprisoned her on a hook in their family bathroom.

Jake pressed his body against her and ran his hand down inside her pants, “You’re just sorry you can’t touch yourself,” he breathed as he eased the chain to one side and ran his fingers against her damp vagina.

Trembling with excitement she backed up against the tiled wall.

“Nowhere to go,” he breathed as he kissed her.

“When I get out of these cuffs…” Elena tried to threaten, but then melted away into a dreamy moan.

“What, get out of the cuffs you locked yourself?”

“Yes!” she cried, desperately wanting to touch her brother’s glistening body.

Jake watched her beautiful blue eyes dilate. They had always been large and Disney like. Slowly they started to lose focus as she climaxed and then gazed out as she stood unsteadily, hanging from the chain. There was a big grin on her lips as her body twisted, almost dance like, as she tried to escape her self-inflicted cuffs.

“I’m not releasing you from those cuffs until you’re clean,” Jake smiled, unhooking his sister and leading her by her chain back into the shower.

Elena giggled with excitement, delighted to taken into the shower by her brother. She watched the glass shower screen close, enclosing them in the small steam filled interior which felt wonderfully close as Jake’s toned body pushed against her.

Suddenly Jake dropped to his knees and started to massage and wash his sister’s legs. Elena stood helplessly in her cuffs as he removed her sodden panties and worked his soap cover fingers between her legs. His touch seemed amazingly gentle compared to the force of the gushing water and Elena didn’t want it to end. Leaning against the tiled wall, she threw one leg over her brother’s shoulder and wrapped her thigh around his neck.

Jake’s lips immediately started to play with her vagina. Fuck, he was the perfect man who she had always been able to control him with her body. Whether she sat on him, pinned him between her legs, or ataşehir escort just gave him her stern look, he seemed unable to resist or fight back.

She giggled. She had once reprimanded him and made him kneel by her desk. She had then taped his neck to her inner thigh while she worked, her bewildered brother just sat patiently on the floor between her open legs.


It had been a gorgeous shower and it was now equally gorgeous as Jake placed her back on the hook and slowly towelled her dry, his slow progress intermingled with kisses. Her brother seemed intent on doing anything for her, except unlocking the cuffs.

Elena dutifully followed as her brother led her back to the lounge and padlocked the end of her chain to the sofa. Still unable to stop smiling, Elena dropped to her knees and nestled her face into her brother’s boxer shorts.

“So nice,” Jake muttered as he pulled down his underwear and lay back on the sofa, “I may have to keep you handcuffed forever.” He climaxed almost immediately and lay with flickering eyes still exhausted from the night before.

“Go to sleep,” Elena whispered.

Jake wanted to sleep but was blinking against the bright sunlight streaming in through the large glass windows.

“Let me unlock you first…” he croaked.

“No need…”

Jake looked confused as his naked sister stood up and carefully knelt down astride him on the sofa. Gently, but insistently, Elena sat back on her haunches until her bare bottom was resting on her brother’s face, her cheeks blocking out all light.

“Shush,” she whispered, “Go to sleep.”

Again, Jake couldn’t resist his sister’s body and within minutes fell asleep. Elena shifted her position a little but stayed sitting on her brother until he was trapped in a deep sleep. She then climbed off the sofa and curled up on the nearby rug and waited for him to awake.


Jake awoke a few hours later to see his naked sister kneeling attentively on the floor.

“Oh god, you’re still locked up!” he jumped up only to realise that his cock was still hanging out. Elena giggled as he bashfully redressed before grabbing the handcuff key from her room.

“Thank you,” she whispered, a little disappointed that her steel bracelets had been unlocked.


Elena returned wearing a short white bathrobe. She took her brother’s hand and led him down the narrow stairs to the basement. They used to play cops and robbers in the basement and the sound of Elena locking and unlocking the door to the small enclosed space brought back intense memories.

Jake watched as his erstwhile jailer pulled open a box of her old clothes and pulled out a short red tartan miniskirt.

“I want to tell you a secret,” she said as she threw the worn garment to her brother.

Jake smiled, he had loved his sister in this skirt and holding it to his face brought back even more memories.

“Check the lining at the back,” she whispered coyly.

Jake removed the soft fabric from his face and felt around inside the girl’s clothing until he found a key.

“The key to your bike lock!” Jake exclaimed, staring at his sister, “you told everyone you’d lost it!”

Elena flicked back her hair with only the trace of self-consciousness.

Jake had once spent a whole weekend with his sister’s red cable bike lock stuck around his neck. It was still vivid in his mind. A neighbour had finally hacksawed it off, but not before most of the neighbourhood had seen his predicament. And now he knew that Elena had had the key all the time. He smelt the soft material again and stared at his dominant older sister, the beautiful girl who had shaped so much of his life.

“Watching you try to get that lock off your neck,” Elena paused, pushing back her hair, “gave me a funny feeling.”

“Funny sexual?”

Elena nodded shyly, “I remember sitting alone in my bed…” she smiled as she thought back, “… wishing I had also stretched the lock around my thighs.”

Jake found himself trembling. While he had been teased by his friends, he had enjoyed the feeling of being controlled by his sister, branded like her slave. Together they had searched for the key, but Jake had spent most of the weekend secretly glancing at his older sister’s long bare legs.

“I sat on your bed comforting you… with the key between my legs,” Elena confessed.

“I should have searched you.”

“Yes…” Elena smiled coyly. “Want me to try the skirt on?”

She slipped kadıköy escort bayan off her silk dressing gown and slowly squeezed back into the short skirt and paired it with an old white crop top which made for an outfit that looked even more tarty against her slightly fuller figure.

“You used to pin me down while wearing that,” Jake trembled, the past seeming inappropriate by today’s standards.

“At least I had pants on then…”

“And now?”

“Lie down,” Elena breathed nervously.

Elena knelt down on his chest, before slipping into a schoolgirl pin around his neck. This time, however, she pulled up the short skirt and nestled her brother deep into her bare crotch.

“Are you going to wear this skirt and lock me in the basement again,” he mumbled.

“Almost certainly…” she moaned, sinking down heavily on to her brother’s face.


That evening, Jake was sitting in the lounge when Elena returned wearing a pale blue silk nightdress which plunged down between her breasts. He smiled and reached his hand up her leg to reveal matching panties.

“Come to bed?” his sister smiled seductively, “I think it’s time.”

The thought excited Jake to the point that it had kept him awake at night, but there was still a huge a taboo around making love to his sister. It was painful as he wanted her more than he had wanted any other woman, her warm perfume covered body inching closer and closer, her hands pulling his face in against her body.

Lost in thought, he was too slow to stop his sister snapping hinged handcuffs around his wrists. She looked at him determinedly as she ratcheted them even more closely around his trembling wrists.

“Come to bed…” Elena breathed, her nightdress flicking up to give her brother a glimpse of what was on offer.

“Can we?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes darling,” she stroked back his dark hair, “and anyway, I’m not unlocking your handcuffs until you do.” She gave him her teasing smile, the one she had given him before exerting her power so many times before.

“Oh fuck, El… let’s do it here…”

Jake pulled off his black boxer shorts and pulled his sister down on top of him on the sofa. She sat astride her naked brother and pulled her underwear to one side to rub his cock against her vagina.

The handcuffs dug in as he tried to reach his sister’s round butt, “Where’s the key for these?” he moaned.

“Is that really a concern for a guy who’s about to fuck his sister?” she trembled.

“I guess when the police arrive, I’m already cuffed.”

“Exactly!” she purred.

Elena lay down, ducked under Jake’s manacled wrists, and stated to thrust down against her brother. She could feel his cock push inside her; the wonderful feeling of making love, heightened by the special closeness of their relationship. It was wonderfully intense and she reached orgasm all too quickly and lay still, hugging him tightly. Neither wanted to untangle their tacky body and they stayed motionless, smiling at each other in silence.

“OMG, we’ve done it,” Elena whispered, still gripping her brother tightly.

“How can something so wonderful be wrong,” he replied.

Elena grinned, “And I’m not letting you go until we do it again!”

Jake smiled, the way his older sister spoke was so unique, smiling and confident from years of getting her own way.

“Yes, and I still need the key,” Jake replied, as if justifying his cock re-entering his sister.

“Oh my god!” Elena cried, as they were joined again, her brother’s cock feeling all-consuming inside her. The second time felt even better, with Elena more relaxed and able to enjoy wonderful intimacy with her only sibling.

They lay together as Jake’s cock slowly relaxed and finally slipped free. Elena tightened the grip of her inner thighs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She had always felt protective of her brother, even feeling a sense of ownership over him, but now that feeling was uncontrollable.

“I want to lock you up and keep you forever,” she moaned, peppering him with kisses.

“Like a sex slave,” he replied, pausing on the word ‘sex’.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she moaned, “can I lock you in the basement until I need to fuck you?”

“How often will that be?”

“All the fucking time!”

His sister’s big blue eye bore down, her cheek bones, pouting lips and long, mane like hair given her look of a wild cat. Her breasts were flushed and now almost exposed. She escort maltepe sat up and slid forward heavily onto Jake’s chest and twisted her underwear to one side, “See, I didn’t lose the key to your cuffs,” she panted with a delirious grin.

“Attached to your pants?”

“Now, If I wasn’t this kind of sister, you’d never had found it…”

“The bike lock all over again?”

“Yes,” Elena moaned, her arousal building, “and what a perfect trap… no way you can touch your sister’s panties.”

“Un-winnable situation.”

“Not if you’re my lover…”

They both looked dazed, smiling at each other as Elena wobbled up on to her feet.

“Oh fuck,” Jake cried as he rolled over and struggled against the cuffs as he climbed to his feet. He gently eased his sister up against the wall, swung his chained hands over her head and kissed her. Elena trembled as his strong hands gripped her taut butt.

“I thought you liked being under my control?” she panted.

“I’m going to live in these cuffs, aren’t I?”

“Well it would be wrong to touch your sister’s pants…”

Jake squeezed her butt again, took her hand and led his sister back down to the small windowless basement.

“Cops and robbers again?” she purred.

“Well I’m already cuffed.”

Elena suddenly jumped at her younger brother. He took her weight on his chained hands and then rolled backwards on to the old mattress. Within seconds he was back inside her, and her smudged red lips were kissing madly as they ground against each other and quickly climaxed.

“Oh fuck, this is too good,” she cried.

“You are gorgeous,” Jake gasped, still winded by the force with which the blonde woman had landed on his chest.

Elena beamed, “I want to attach you to the post…”

Trying to unlock one of Jake’s cuffs while the key was attached to her pants and her pants were on her hips wasn’t easy and Jake was all too happy to tease. Finally, with both of them giggling and Jake distracted by a tight, almost choking head lock between his sister’s flushed thighs, Elena finally reached the key into the hole.

“Right!” she gasped, stretching out his arms and sitting on them to keep them in place as she re-chained her brother’s wrists around the heavy post that support the house above. She released his crushed forearms and stood above him, the handcuff key dangling down from the hem of her underwear.

“Will key bend when you sit down?” Jake asked.

“I hope so… then you’ll be mine forever.”

Jake tried to sit up, but Elena just shook her head and placed her bare foot on his chest. Her fit brother as always obeyed.

Jake lay smiling, sexually exhausted and delighted to be under his sister’s spell. He shook his chained hands just to confirm what he already knew. Elena duly replied with a shake her head and a rustle of blonde hair. She gave him a cheeky, almost teenage look as she pulled on her old red tartan miniskirt.

“Nothing changes,” Jake smiled contentedly.

“Well this time the cuffs are metal, not plastic,” she paused, “… and I’ve just made love to my prisoner.”

“You could keep me here forever,” Jake whispered, aware of his total helplessness in the soundproofed basement, “I could never see daylight again, if that’s what you chose.”

“Oh fuck stop it!” Elena moaned, dropping down and easing her brother’s erect cock under her tartan skirt and back inside her. She was becoming addicted to making love to her brother, and to the mix of sex, power and taboo.

They gazed at each other, her blue eyes and his brown eyes, siblings unable to comprehend how they felt.

“Was that your childhood dream?” she asked timidly.

Jake nodded.

Elena glowed; she had always felt the need to protect her little brother and here he was completely safe and happy. She felt the handcuff key jingle against her butt as she stood up, once again hidden from the world inside her red tartan skirt.

She crouched down provocatively close to her brother’s head, “I’m sentencing you to a hundred years in prison,” she breathed, reliving a line from their childhood games, “and this time, I really am the only person who can shorten your sentence…” She reached inside her skirt and played with the key as if to evidence her point.

Jake tried to lift his head to kiss her, but his sister just flicked back her hair, and with a teasing smile stood up.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be loved by me,” she smiled as she blew him a kiss and walked out of the basement. She closed the heavy wooden door behind her and slid across the old squeaky bolt.

She was now focused purely on pleasing her brother. Maybe she would cook his favourite dinner? Somehow, she had to repay him for bringing her fantasy to life.

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