The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 51

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Chapter 51

Deirdre’s Tales – Part 3

Deirdre and Geoff Sullivan entered their home following a night out to celebrate her birthday. She flicked on the hallway light and headed towards the kitchen at the back of their house while Geoff paused in the living room to remove his suit jacket.

“Thank you again for the wonderful dinner, Geoff,” Deirdre called to him. “I really needed a night out.”

“It was my pleasure, darling,” Geoff replied. “I just wish we had more opportunity to get out. Unfortunately, with greater responsibility comes a greater work load out there.” Geoff was referring to his recent promotion at the Gen. Bradley Military Research Center to Quality Control Director. He had worked at the government backed facility for more than twenty years and even though he was only 50 years old, he was one of the top civilians at the facility. His work often took him to meetings at the Pentagon in D.C., or to remote testing facilities in California, Germany, or the South Pacific. Geoff was often away from his home and family for days, if not weeks, on end. As such was the case, whenever they got the opportunity, Deirdre and Geoff made it a point to get out and enjoy themselves, even if it was just for the evening.

Geoff had just returned home from a three day trip to Ft. Hood, TX, and as it turned out he was just in time to take his wife out for her birthday dinner. He hadn’t even changed out of the suit he had travelled in before they had headed out. Now that they had returned home, Geoff was feeling the effects of his long day catching up to him.

“Would you like a drink?” Deirdre called from the kitchen.

“No, thank you. I’m feeling that wine enough the way it is.” Geoff started for the stairs. “I’m going up to bed, I think.”

“I’ll meet you up in a minute,” she replied.

Geoff stopped in the downstairs bathroom to relieve his bladder before heading up, and when he made it to their bedroom he was surprised to find Deirdre had already made it there. He paused in the doorway to take in his wife’s stunning beauty, even if she was nearly as old as he was.

“You are looking absolutely fabulous tonight, Deirdre,” Geoff admitted to her as he stood in their bedroom doorway. Deirdre was still wearing her tight red dress, and had not kicked off her shoes before crawling into the bed she shared with him. Geoff had left his jacket behind as well as his tie, and still wore his blue shirt and suit slacks. His bright blue eyes moved up and down her long body, appreciating her even now that she was 49.

“Thank you,” she replied in her soft, songful Irish lilt. She stroked her hand up along her thigh, pulling the hem of her dress a bit higher. Her flesh remained milky white, even at this time of year, thanks to a liberal amount of sun screen and a limited amount of time outdoors during the bright summer. Her freckles popped, dotting her face, neck, shoulders, and upper chest, the only areas her husband could see at the moment.

Geoff stepped up to the edge of the bed and reached out for her. “Come here,” he said, and she allowed him to pull her from the bed. She was turned away from him, and Geoff pulled her back against his chest. He planted his mouth to her long neck and began to kiss and lick at her soft flesh, while running his hands up and down her body.

“Oh, Geoff,” she sighed. “I love you, darling.”

“I love you, Deirdre,” he replied as his mouth found hers, and his hands took hold of the hem of her dress and began to lift. From the corner of his eye he could see the dresser mirror, and in it the image of his beautiful wife. Her red panties came into view as he lifted her dress even higher while still kissing her as deep as he could at such an awkward angle.

Deirdre placed one of her hands upon the back of her husband’s head to hold him in place, while finding one of his with her free one. She brought it up to her breast and left his hand there to hold her. She reached down then and behind her hips to press her hand flat against his crotch, and the bulge that was growing there. She released his head and pulled her mouth away so that she could lean forward and press her butt back against her husband’s hips. She felt his bulge nestle into the valley of her ass.

Geoff stroked her long, curly red hair to the side and found the zipper of her dress. He slowly began to pull it down, exposing her milky flesh inch by inch. Deirdre had her hands on the edge of the bed and looked back at him, a warm smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eye. She was ready for her husband. He had been gone for more than a week and had returned in time to take her out for a romantic birthday dinner. Now they were back home and she wanted her husband to take her as never before. It had been so long since they’d been so romantic together, and Deirdre needed her husband more than anyone that night.

Geoff reached the end of the line for the zipper and brushed her dress to either side, exposing her shoulders kartal escort and upper back. He leaned over her and began to kiss across her flesh, from side to side and down her spine. When he reached the clasp of her red bra, he paused long enough to use his teeth to pop it free.

“Aaahh,” Deirdre sighed as her heavy breasts dropped free with the release of the bra. She leaned forward more, going down to her elbows on the mattress while pressing her hips back against Geoff again. His mouth continued to travel downward, until he had to start pushing her dress down. Deirdre came up enough to pull her arms from the sleeves and then, as Geoff pulled it to her hips, she crawled onto the bed, on her hands and knees. She tossed the bra aside and looked back at her husband.

Geoff’s attention was on her wide, pale ass and as she watched, he leaned in and began to kiss her butt, taking his time to enjoy each cheek in turn, leaving saliva trails where his tongue slid. Her body was tingling with need, and yet she had always enjoyed Geoff’s style, when he was in the mood, of taking his time to make sure she was as hot for him as he could possibly get her before taking her. As much as Dierdre enjoyed what she had going with her young son now, he still had to learn patience when it came to foreplay. She only wished that there was some way for Conor to learn directly from his father, but that was a step she could never take, not on her own.

Geoff trailed his tongue down through her butt crack and as low as he could go before coming up. “Roll over,” he whispered, and Deirdre did as asked. She settled onto her back and drew her knees out and back. Her lacy red panties were damp in the crotch with excitement, and as she watched Geoff slowly move between her thighs, she reached up and cupped her breasts in either hand. She squeezed them as she felt Geoff’s breath against her inner thighs, a moment before he began to lightly kiss up and down them.

“Oooohhh, Geoff,” she sighed when he flicked his tongue slowly along the junctions where her leg and crotch met, just an inch from her vibrating pussy. “Oooohhh, stop teasing me!”

Geoff grinned up at her then and tugged the crotch of her panties to the side. “Is this what you want?” he asked, just before he planted a kiss directly to her vaginal lips.

“Oooohhh, yeessss!” she moaned loud. Her head pressed back into the mattress and her hips rolled up, her knees wide and back nearly to her chest. Her crotch was open and inviting her husband in, to do as he pleased, as long as it pleased her.

Geoff pressed his hands into her thighs to hold her open as he began to slowly, agonizingly slowly, run his tongue up and down his wife’s folds. Her cream flowed and he tasted her, drank her in, and smeared her juices allover her pussy. Deirdre had taken to shaving her pussy hairs back into a tight strip above her slit, leaving her pussy entirely bare and smooth. He liked it and ran his tongue over and around the smooth, warm flesh. He would have to ask her who had suggested this to her, and thank them later.

As Geoff turned his oral attentions to her clit for the next few minutes, Deirdre began to vibrate on the mattress. Her orgasm was rapidly building and it wouldn’t be much longer before she exploded. Geoff had never failed to get her off with his tongue, and this night would be no different. Her breathing began to quicken as her hips rocked harder to force her husband’s mouth to attack her entire sex.

“Oooohhh, god, yes! Yes, Geoff, yes! I’m cuuuummmminngggg! Aaayyyeeee!” Deirdre howled as her climax hit her.

Geoff took hold of his wife’s bucking hips and planted his mouth tight to her quivering hole. He felt her juices squirt across his tongue and he gulped them down hungrily. He’d missed his wife’s cum on his tongue. It tasted so much different than the women he enjoyed during his trips, and yet so very similar to the cream their daughter left on his tongue. He lapped up every drop and dug into her hole deep, looking for even more.

As Deirdre began to recover, she sighed, “Give me your cock, Geoff. I want to feel your cock in my mouth.” Geoff rose from between her thighs and wiped his face on the sleeve of his shirt. He quickly unbuttoned the shirt and tossed it away as Deirdre rolled back onto her hands and knees to face him. Her eyes were on his face as he unfastened his belt and slacks. “Give me your cock,” she told him again, and Geoff pushed his slacks and underwear down to mid-thigh. His cock was rock-hard and sprang out, its gentle upward curve guiding the purpled spear-head towards his wife’s mouth. Her tongue flicked across her lips as she parted them. Her bright green eyes dropped to his manhood, appraising it once again, before she crawled forward and wrapped her lips around the head.

Deirdre pushed forward and took half of her husband’s length into her mouth on that first lunge. She tightened her lips around his shaft and slowly pulled back maltepe escort bayan while running her tongue along the underside. At the tip, she flicked the piss-slit and across the top. Geoff moaned and placed his hands on the top of her head before she relaxed her jaws and lunged forward once again.

“Aaahh, Deirdre!” Geoff groaned as his cock filled her mouth once again. He pulled her red hair up into a bunch on the back of her head and held her in place. Her eyes rolled up to look at him, and he began to rock his hips, fucking her gently with his cock. Her gulps tickled the head as he shoved a little deeper with each thrust, until he felt her throat open. Dierdre gagged when he pushed harder, his knob making the curve downward. He backed off, knowing she couldn’t take him fully into her throat, not like some of his lovers. He never pushed her to, either. He loved and respected her too much for that. She’d take him if and when she was ready.

Geoff backed off and enjoyed what Deirdre gave him for a few minutes, watching her hips rock as he moved her along his cock. She lowered her hips and gave him a bit of a different angle, and suddenly she took him a bit deeper than she usually did. Geoff wondered if she had been practicing while he was away, and on who. The feel of her throat fluttering around his knob about made him cum, and he could feel his pre-cum flowing.

“Aahh, fuck! I’m going to cum if you keep that up,” Geoff told her as he eased his cock from her mouth. Dripping with her saliva, his cock pulsed and wagged once released. Geoff stepped back and finished undressing while Deirdre repositioned herself on their bed. Now in the proper position, with her head in the pillows, Deirdre awaited her husband, ready to take him as a wife should.

Geoff joined her in the bed and crawled up between he parted thighs. He took hold of her knees and pushed them back, opening her again. His cock lay along her damp slot and he humped his hips, sliding along her gash for a moment. “Jeezus! I can’t take the teasing, Geoff!” Deirdre howled and reached down to push her husband’s tool into her eager hole. “Aaaahhh, yeessss!” she moaned as Geoff’s cock filled her with a single thrust that they both needed. “Aaahhh, fuck me, Geoff! Oooohhh, please, darling, fuck me!” She needn’t have begged, as Geoff fell easily into a steady, though shallow, thrusting. The combination of his familiar curve driving his knob upward against her g-spot, and his thumb now rubbing circles around her clit bud, had Deirdre again on the verge of an orgasm, just minutes after his entry.

“Aaahhh, Geoff! Geoff! Geeeooooffffff!” she howled again as her climax rolled through her. Geoff took in the beautiful sight of his wife’s face screwed up as if in agony as she peaked. Her cream again flowed, warming his shaft as well as lubricating it, and he began to drive deeper into her. He didn’t slow down, either. He picked up the pace as she climaxed and as she began to recover once again, he was pounding her hard and deep.

Geoff had great staying power, even for a man of 50, and given the familiarity of the feel of his wife’s vagina wrapped around his shaft, he had no trouble continuing his rapid-fire thrusts for many minutes. He had dropped to his elbows above her and planted kisses across her mouth, cheeks, forehead, and neck as he worked her over with his cock. Deirdre was panting heavily beneath him, lost in the afterglow of her most recent orgasm. Their bed rebounded beneath her as he drove deep into her. Her legs flailed to either side of him, held back by her hands, and her wonderfully full, heavily freckled breasts shook on her chest, and Geoff leaned down to capture one of her soft, pale pink nipples with his teeth.

“Oooohhh!” she moaned as he ran his teeth across her sensitive nipple. Her cunt clamped momentarily around his shaft when he bit down, and after releasing the one, he repeated the act on her other. Again, her walls spasmed and tightened around him.

“You must like that,” he huffed. “Are you starting to like a little bit of pain mixed with your pleasure, Deirdre?” She didn’t reply, and again Geoff wondered who she was fucking when he wasn’t around. Not that it made him upset. She was still his wife and would always be. Just as their daughter would always be his daughter and young lover. His cock twitched at the thought of Sarah lying beneath him once again, her tight pussy gripping his manhood. And that thought led him to wonder if Deirdre was as sinful as he was. Had she been sleeping with Conor, he wondered?

Geoff pulled out of Deirdre suddenly, so suddenly that she opened her eyes, wondering what had happened. Geoff knelt between her legs, his cock pulsing above her gaping slot. He was looking down at her and his expression was strange. Not his usual passionate features. Something strange, even angered.

“What’s the matter, Geoff?” she asked a moment later, as she let her legs relax. “What’s wrong?”

Geoff escort pendik took a moment before answering. “Nothing. It’s nothing. I’m beginning to cramp, is all. Let’s change it up.”

Deirdre sat up and told him, “Lay down then. Let me do the work.” Geoff nodded and fell onto his side of the bed. Deirdre followed him and quickly straddled his hips. She wiggled her hips until she felt her husband’s knob stroke through her slot, and once positioned, she lowered herself down his length. He entered her easily after the fucking he’d given her over the previous hour, and with her cream dripping from her hole, she plunged down his full length, balls deep as he would say.

“Ooohh, that feels so good,” she sighed as she rolled her hips, stirring his cock within her. Slowly, she began to ride up and down, and Geoff reached up to take hold of her swinging tits. He pushed all thought of his wife and son fucking from his mind and returned to enjoying Deirdre once again.

Deirdre lay fully atop her husband and began to kiss him deeply, while barley working her hips to keep his cock moving within her. She stroked his head of short-cropped grey hair. She caressed his broad, strong shoulders, planting kissed on each. She kissed his throat and ears, and then back to his mouth, where she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth while working her hips a little harder and faster.

A few minutes later, she released his tongue and whispered, “Cum in me, Geoff. I need you to cum in me. I need your cum.” She had picked up her pace even more and pushed up until she was riding her husband in true “cow-girl” style. Geoff, in turn, began to thrust up into her hard, meeting her halfway each time. Their thighs slapped loudly as they drove themselves harder, until Geoff dug his fingers deep into her tits.

“Aaaahhhh!” he groaned suddenly and jabbed up hard. “Uuunnngggghhhhh!” He growled loud as his cock began to erupt inside her.

Geoff’s semen blasted her walls and set off her own orgasm. “Aaaahhhh, yeeeesssss!” Deirdre moaned as her juices joined with her husbands. Together, they had created four wonderful, successful children in their many years of marriage in just such a mating, and thought those years were long past, Deirdre often wished that she could feel the wonders of her body creating life. “Oooohhh, Geoff, I love you so much,” she sighed into his mouth as they once again kissed very deeply.

“I love you, too, Deirdre,” he replied. His cock still throbbed within her body as the last of his thick seed dribbled into her. A few minutes passed with her laying atop him before he softened and slipped from her vaginal grip. She sighed with regret and then slowly rolled away. Their hands found each other’s and they lay quietly atop their bed, enjoying the afterglow without words. Geoff eventually fell asleep, and Deirdre rose to head for the bathroom and a shower. When she returned, her husband had crawled under the sheets and was fast asleep. She pulled on her pink and white lace nightie and joined her husband in bed.


The next morning, Geoff got a phone call early. Diedre was still asleep when he awoke her. “I’ve got to go in to work,” he explained. “Evidently there was an accident yesterday and I’ve got to go in to lead the investigation.”

Dierdre sat up. “Was anyone hurt?” she asked.

“They didn’t say, but if they need me to lead the investigation, odds are that someone was.” Geoff was already dressed in a shirt and tie, and retrieved a sport coat from the closet. He also picked up his pre-packed over-night bag. “I might stay out there tonight, if it looks like it might drag out.” He sat on the bed’s edge and leaned into her. “I had a great time last night,” he said before kissing her with a bit of passion. “I want a replay when I get back!” He kissed her again, and then was up and headed for the door.

“I’ll be here, horny and waiting!” she called after him. After a few minutes she heard him leave, the gentle thrum of his Camaro echoing down the quiet street. She got up and headed for the kitchen. It was just after six in the morning, an hour or so earlier than she usually got up during her summer break.

“Did I hear you say that you were horny?” Conor asked her as she padded barefooted into the kitchen.

“What are you doing up so early?” she asked. “And I thought you were staying with Jillian last night.” Deirdre retrieved a coffee cup and poured herself a cup. Geoff had left most of a pot. She added a bit of milk and sugar, and then joined her son at the table.

“Jillian and I had a disagreement,” Conor told his mother.

“Did you try to get into her pants?” she asked with a smirk.

Conor laughed, “Come on, Mom! You know she’s as gay as Ellen.”

“And she’d kick your balls up to your throat if you did make a move on her,” Deirdre added with a laugh. She had known Jillian Merrimack for years. Conor and Jillian had been classmates most of their school years. Jillian was a student of hers, and before that she’d been Teagan’s student in high school. Jillian was a tough little girl with tons of musical talent. Most notably, Jillian had a way with percussion that was rare in a woman her age. She was also very pig-headed when it came to criticism.

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