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Dear Mr. Turner; Hot & Cold Pool Services:

First of all let me start off by telling you how happy I am with the services your company provides. My pool and Jacuzzi have never looked better. I am writing because I would like to nominate one of your serviceman for Employee of the Month. Since your employee, Shane, has been coming to fulfill my needs every week, I have been a very satisfied customer.

Although Shane is a hard worker and performs his duties with skill and precision, I am most impressed with his ability to fuck me until my cunt drips with the juices of my own passion.

Every Monday afternoon I wait out by the pool for his weekly pool cleaning, wearing my string bikini which accentuates my heart-shaped ass and huge tits. This past week, when I heard his truck pull up my driveway, my pussy lips actually quivered with anticipation.

“Calm down, girl,” I whispered to my snatch, “all good things to those who wait!” I watched him from my perch on the lawn chair as he entered the backyard through the gate. One large, manly hand was tucked in his front pocket, snuggled next to the trouser snake on which I was dying to impale myself.

Shane approached me with the confident swagger of a man who is about to be fucked blue.

He set his pool equipment down by his feet and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Will it be the usual service this week?” He purred, sending a bolt of lighting down my back. Instead of answering him with words, I ran my tongue along my full, pouting lips and wiggled slightly in my chair, letting him catch a whiff of the sweet aromas from my moist pussy which his presence created. His hands reached out for my tits and I let him take it from there. I was totally in his control. I was a bitch in heat, paralyzed with my own wanton desires for this studly poolman. If he wanted to suck my cunt slowly like a virgin bride, or ride me like the whore that I am, it was up to him. I was completely at his mercy.

Shane straddled me on the lounger in one swift movement. I gasped as I felt his rock-hard cock graze my bare belly. He went to work on my breasts, taking a swollen globe in each hand. He kneaded them roughly and rubbed his thumbs against my nipples. Slowly at first. Then faster. I strained canlı bahis my neck up towards his beautiful face, my lips searching out his luscious mouth.

“Not yet.” He commanded, slowly pushing me back into a reclining position. His right hand continued to fondle my tit as his left creept slowly downwards. My pussy was on fire, waiting for his touch. If it could have reached out and grabbed his hand, it would have. My cunt knows what it wants. And at that moment, it wanted Shane . His index finger gently began to prod my clit as he rammed his thumb up my hot, burning snatch. “Ohhhhh,” I moaned. I could feel his thumb in the depths of my very being. Moisture started to ooze its way out of my cunt like butter dripping off a hot biscuit. And just when I was getting dangerously close to blowing my whole load right then, he pulled his thumb out and shoved it into my mouth. I licked the salty lotion off his finger with relish. You see, I’m one of those girls who loves the taste of her own cunt. To reward him for the taste of heaven he’d just given me, I started to unbutton the fly of his shorts. His red hot cock was straining against the fabric, trying to ram its way into my hand. When my fingers finally made contact to the tender skin of his cock, he moaned softly and licked his lips.

We stroked each other for awhile. Shane kept moving the fingers of his right hand from my cunt to my mouth, making each orifice beg for contact. While his other hand grabbed and kneaded my breasts, I started to stroke his cock. I love the feeling of power I have when I have a guy’s cock in my grasp. I wrapped my fingers around his rigid rod and stroked him, first slowly, then I began to pick up speed. I could feel the muscles of his ass tighten up as his cock became more and more engorged. His hips began to sway back and forth and my own pelvis followed suit.

Lying there in the lawn chair, being finger fucked by the Pool God, I was getting so hot my pussy released its goo, reading itself for the grand entrance of his cock.

Shane was not ready yet for the consummation. His tongue lodged itself in my ear suddenly and then proceeded to glide its way down my neck and then my torso, leaving a slick track in its path. When I felt his warm breath fluttering bahis siteleri my pussy hair, my lower body began to tingle. And with one swift movement, graceful as a panther, he was eating me. He probed me furiously, with the determination of a baby suckling his mother’s breast. His tongue was so powerful, it seemed to elongate up my cunt, but gentle when it flicked my clit back and forth.

I was so lost in my own pleasure that I barely noticed when he swung himself on top of me and worked his hips over my face. With the weight of his pelvis on my face, his cock automatically slid into the warm cave of my mouth.

Our bodies fit together like two puzzle pieces, his face planted firmly in my pussy as he choked me with his cock. Thank God for good gag reflexes. I focused solely on giving him pleasure, the sweet sensations he was giving me were floating on the perimeters of my consciousness. I released his member from my throat long enough to swirl my tongue around the sensitive skin of his head. He groaned as I prodded the tender flesh with ferocious intensity. His hips began to sway and he began to fuck my mouth. I sucked him like a pro as he sunk further into my face, as if I would swallow his entire body.

As his tongue sank deeper and deeper into the core of my being, my desire heightened to enormous proportions. I felt tingling in my toes, my angles, between my thighs. A film of slick sweat glistened my body, adding a juicy lubricant between our tangled limbs. The slickness of our perspiration made the ride all the more enjoyable. I moaned and grunted like a rutting animal, dividing my attention between the cock in my mouth and the face in my cunt.

I roamed his muscular backside with my hands, worshipping the perfect shoulders and tight ass. My index finger glided down his spine and reached the cheeks of his perfect ass, running the length of the crack before ramming it into his asshole.

“Yes, yes!” He panted, and it dawned on me that we were both torturously close to coming. I was tempted to let myself go and spray my cunt juices all over his face, but I held back. I wanted to be fucked. Hard. As if reading my mind, Shane slowly eased his rigid cock from my mouth and swung his hips around. Our eyes locked as we anticipated bahis şirketleri the final consummation.

And then he entered me. In one violent surge, his rod jammed into me so powerfully that I gasped out loud. My pussy practically purred with satisfaction. I felt completely consumed with my lover, as if his penis was penetrating every cell of my body. My hips swayed with the rhythm of his pumping. The harder he pounded my pussy, the harder I wanted it. I grabbed his ass and dug my fingers into the velvet steel of his cheeks, pulling him into me as if willing my cunt to swallow him whole. His hands were clasped on my shoulders, using my body as a brace with which to anchor his thrusts. Shane’s pumping quickened and I knew I was about to be released from the sexual whirlwind which brewed inside me.

I had reached the point of no return. It began my center, shaking me, rattling me senseless. My cunt began to spasm and jerked as a fireball shot down the back of my spine.

“Oh Jesus!” I screamed, feeling more out of control than I ever had before. I was coming and coming and coming. Juices flowed out of my cunt like a geyser. The contractions seized my whole body, becoming more intense as Shane surged inside me. My cunt seemed to burst into flames with the sensations shaking body. It was the longest orgasm I ever had in my life. When the frenzy inside me subsided, Shane collapsed on top of me, drained from his own climax.

We lay entwined for a long while, both exhausted from our lovemaking. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the heavy bulk weighing me down, my fingers playing with his hair. At that moment I was certain that no one had ever been fucked like I had just been. I knew that I just had a sexual experience the likes of which very few women are lucky enough to have. With the sun on my face and my lover on top of me, I fell asleep right there beside the pool. When I awoke the sun was starting to descend beyond the distant hills. I knew I had been asleep for a few hours.

Shane was gone. I looked at the pool and realized it had been cleaned. I grinned, thinking, “Wow, after servicing me he had enough energy to service the pool!” So you see now why I am writing this letter. I highly recommend Shane as Employee of the Month of the Hot & Cold Pool Services. His precision, enthusiasm, and skills place him far and above the rest. As long as you have workers like Shane in your employ, you can consider me your most satisfied and devoted customer.

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