The House of Maucco Ch. 01

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I enjoy leaving a cast for the supporting characters in my stories, not the so-named mainstream actors and actresses, but rather some of my favorite porn stars. Being a porn savant I’ve collected photos and names of more than a thousand myself, and love using them in my imagination. The protagonist however is left uncasted for the better of the reader’s imagination. If you have no idea who some of these people are, please visit sites like and type in the name, and you’ll see. However, please make kind judgments as some pornstarletts look sooooo much better on camera than in photos.

I’m still rather new at this, so be kind in voting, I’ve spent years reading these stories wanting to post my own but never found the time or the aptitude. This story is centered around a man who has a very dark job to do that involves loved ones he’d been separated from for some time, and obstacles that make it rather delicate…enjoy what will hopefully be the first in a line of stories from my “Blood on the Riverwalk” saga.

Characters: Giacomo Croface a.k.a Jackie Crow

Rebecca “Becky-Lo” Lolita Croface — Lexi Belle

Ann Croface-Monroy — Julia Ann

Sunny Monroy — Sunny Lane Tom Monroy — Evan Stone Dan Quinn — Randy Spears

Faye Quinn — Faye Reagan

Brittany Quinn — Brittany O’Connell

Joe Saenz — Voodoo

Sheila Saenz — Sheila Marie

Alexis Saenz — Alexis Love

Vio Maucco — Tommy Gunn

Alia Maucco — Alia Janine

Haley Maucco — Haley Cummings

Gianna Maucco — Gianna Michaels

Tessa Maucco — Tessa Lane

There are five rules to being a successful gangster

Trust no one; assume that the other guy is trying to screw you, so you screw him first.

Nothing is more useless than an unloaded Gun, so never leave home without it.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…they’ll never see it coming

Make no friends you’re not willing to betray …for a price that is.

Silence makes this thing of ours work, so keep your fucking mouth shut.


His fingers were calm holding the wheel of his black 86′ Sabre as it sped down the highway heading east into the city of Peoria Illinois. He’d left Milwaukee just six hours ago and was still not feeling the rush that sometimes flowed through his veins after a kill like the one he made just hours before. This was not some stunad who’d pissed off the wrong people with his big mouth or took one step too many on the wrong toes, no, this was his best friend since childhood. Someone Jackie had grown up with in the dank slums of Wisconsin’s waterfront, walking foot beside foot against anyone who dared to fuck with these guys…a threesome of buddies that to this day have become one, and one alone left to say he was still a “man of honor” in the ranks of the deCosimo family that kept their long silent but strong hold on the Riverwalk.

The first to go was Sonny deMarco, but that had been during the feud between the ranking Capo’s vying for control with the boss Sal Triani having been sent to serve a life sentence in Chino California for RICO violations. Sal’s pick for new boss was Frank Gianno who’d named Sal deCosimo as his second, but Richie Corrado who had the support of Dion Adolini and the Adolini brothers Mathew and Peter wanted the position and with his hasty use of car bombing that killed Frank’s wife Marie and his two brothers Peter and Paul who were to drive her to pick up their children that morning only brought about the worst mafia war that ever hit that part of the nation since Capone took on O’Bannion in Chicago.

Paulie Pugliare killed Sonny deMarco on the morning of December 12th 1989 over a dispute that Paulie was screwing Sonny over on parts for his 81 Virgo-Burgundy, all because Pugliare was part of the Adolini crew headed by Matthew and Peter while Dion held position as Richie’s Consigliere. Two witnesses had seen Pugliare pull a hammer and crush deMarco’s skull in that morning before taking the body to a place it would never be found, even when Jack Croface and Nick diMaggio strung Paulie “Grease” Pugliare by his ankles and proceeded to skin him one limb at a time.

Nicky (who had been born Salvatore Dominic Dias, the son of pizza parlor owner Anthony Dias, but Nicky hated how Latin the name sounded, and the later became Nicky, as there had already been three Sal’s in the family) had even impressed Frank and Sal by finding out that it was Lenny Orlando who set the car bomb that murdered the innocent wife of Gianno that morning, and even did one better when he took a baseball bat in front of the two faction bosses and made a slow agonizing death for Orlando. When the feud had gone to the point of bringing about the deaths of Frank’s cousin Salvatore ataşehir escort bayan Liggi and all three Adolini brothers, Richie Corrado and his wife Mary disappeared for near two years before an unknown “friend” had given Nicky and Jack the info they needed to find them hiding out in Bishop California.

Jackie Crow had a garrote in his hands for Corrado’s son visiting from UCLA while Nicky had taken his baseball bat into the master bedroom where Richie and Mary were sleeping. Nick stood at the left side where Mary slept and kept his eyes on the snoring Corrado before giving the old man a terrible wake up with the force of his bat into the skull of the soon to be dead Mary Corrado. Richie had awaken with a shriek and start that alerted his daughter in law Joan who Jack had taken from behind before she could run away and cut her throat straight across. Nicky bringing his baseball bat down into Corrado’s skull next forever silencing the man and earning the new name that would carry fear for any who heard it for years to come, Nick diMaggio.

“They sent you to kill me didn’t they” Nick had spoken quite plain when Jack sat across from him in the kitchen of his one bedroom one bathroom lonely apartment.

Giacomo Croface had also gained a reputation as a fierce but not nearly as brutal a killer as Nicky had… together they had become the duo ALL feared when they screwed up too much. New York, Jersey, Florida, Chicago, New Orleans, hell even Las Angeles called for these guys when they needed people killed. They earned their buttons and managed to hold everything in place during the reign of Frank Gianno that lasted from 1990 till 2004, and now Sal deCosimo who named Nicky’s cousin Orizio Sabella as his underboss with Tony Sabella, (Orazio’s nephew) as Consigliere. Which made the decision tough when they called Jackie in and told him that Nicky had gone too far.

Jack drove to Nick’s house, knowing that the order was to do in his old friend before going on with his previous job which would take him all the way to Peoria to kill three men. The evening found a drunk and ragged Italian man with dirty blonde hair (a feature that set him apart from the others) in a dark space.

“Over a fucking cop.” Nick sighed as he sipped his cognac.

Jack kept his eyes on his childhood friend the whole time, never betraying his true emotions; “The FED’s are watching us closer and closer every day. You killed a high profile cop, what were you thinking?”

Nick laughed hallow and dry downing the cognac before pouring another glass. “I was thinking, ‘this prick is helping the nigger pimps traffic little kids for internet porn fiends and now he steps into my mothers fucking funeral with a cocksuckers grin and wolves eyes acting like he’s John McClane saving the world from a British Terrorist’ so I picked up old Yellow (his bats name) and paid the weasely prick a visit that could only guarantee my satisfaction with the heavy price, i.e. YOU paying me a visit I should have gotten the very night I made my bones.”

Jackie shook his head solemnly “It didn’t have to be…”

“…BE THIS WAY!?!?!” Nicky shouted “is that where we’re going now? A final farewell that will give you a small semblance of …of…fuckin…” he downed another glass threw the bottle to the trash before reaching across to his right, retrieving a bottle of Brandy from the shelf near the table, pouring a glass, loss for words.

“What do you want me to do, Nicky?” Jack asked putting his hands on the table “want me to let you go, say you ran away and hid? I’ll do it man, for you, only you, just tell me.”

Giacomo flinched for a moment when Nick reached into his pockets, but sat relieved that it was only his wallet, realizing he would have let his friend shoot him dead before he drew his own. Tears streamed the face of Nick diMaggio as he pulled out a picture of his dead wife and runaway daughter.

His face almost angry and determined as his chest heaved with oncoming sobs to accompany the tears “I…I fuckin…*sniff* I want you to find her, find my baby and tell her that I never NEVER stopped loving the shit out of… fuck… *sniff* fucking find her after you kill me man.”

Jack wanted to cry with his friend, but kept himself in check… “You could go find her, Nick. Just say the word, hell, we’ll both go find her, together just the two of us. We’ll leave it all behind, yo.”

Nick laughed again. “What good are we when we’re together, what good have we ever been? I lose my wife and fucking drive my only child away. You on the other hand, push your wife to leaving your ass and hardly ever visit your kid who for reasons only God is privy too, worships the ground you walk on…”

He felt the sting of his friends’ words, they were true. “You, Jackie, you stopped being my friend the day I found myself disgusted to even look at your fuckin face. The closest thing to a brother I could ever ask for, and you turn your back on the only good thing in your life you’ll ever have, that either of use ever had. What escort kadıköy I did to my little girl was awful and I’ll burn in hell for it, but still, I love her more than anything…” He got up and turned towards the sink, pouring the rest of the Bandy down the drain, with a chuckle. “she begged me to stop…to stop drinking… if I had, I never would have…” he sighed dropping the bottle into the sink and placing his hands upon the cabinets above his sink. “You still have a chance to fix it, but that wont happen if you make a fucked up decision, as fucked up as sparing the life of a piss drunk malcontent like myself.”

Jackie stood and watched his friend as he pulled out the famous murder rope he carried around for jobs like this one, walking slowly towards his friend.

The infamous Nick diMaggio could never be killed, until he surrendered to it that night, when his closest friend wrapped the soft white rope around his throat and held tight as the tall shaggy blonde Italian gave no struggle or fight, simply surrendering his last breath, breaking a lifelong friendship.

Jackie Crow felt nothing, not even remorse as he drove to Peoria with the death of his brother on his hands, knowing that there were a few men waiting to die. Unfortunately, this would NOT be easy, for two obstacles stood in his way. First, they were valued associates of Outfit boss Vio Maucco, and two, one of them was married to Jackie’s ex-wife Ann…he had two weeks, no more, to negotiate with Maucco, and get the job done. If he couldn’t? well… that meant come back one last time…one …last …time.


“DADDY!!!” The joyous shrieks shoot the walls as Becky Croface all but leap from the top of the stairs of their two story suburban house, and into the arms of her dark haired long lost loving daddy, Jack.

Jackie laughed as he held his little girl (at 19 he could see she was not so little), bubbling and jumping happily ecstatic in his arms. Lavishing kisses all over his face and lips, squealing in that joyful way that only a teenage girl can, inciting giggles from her stepsister Sunny. As he moved to let her down on her feet she just jump again and with her pixish baby voice saying “nooooo…no no no no, don’t let go, don’t let me go, daddy”

He could only smile, understanding now what his friend had missed so much, wondering how he’d ever brought himself to part with this little doe eyed sweety that squealed and squirmed in his arms for love.

Sunny pulled her stepsister down gently “easy girl, he’s not going anywhere…are you?” she looked into his eyes, and he smiled shaking his head no.

“Hey, Sunny girl.” He patted her back, surprised at how well these two teens had grown since he last saw them almost six years ago. The phone calls with Becky’s little baby voice betrayed her aging completely. She had even dyed her hair blonde, and it seemed so natural on her.

“Daddy, where are you…when…arg…what are you doing here?” Becky wildly jumped around her daddy, holding his hand for fear of releasing it, lest he disappear all over again.

“Easy, hon” he chuckled. “I found this old picture of you in my dresser, and realized I had buried my loneliness for so long, after I was done crying for how much I missed you, I decided to drive down and surprise you.”

Becky blushed, throwing her arms around his waist and snuggling her head into his chest, tears happily trailing down her cheeks, and making a sniffling sound through her nose and she held as tight as her slender arms would allow her. The warmth of her body against his own brought on such heavy feelings of longing for the embrace she gave that Jackie didn’t wanna part with his angel for anything on this earth. Sunny herself had to admire how much love Becks had for her daddy… her own dad Tom was a dead beat piece of shit for reasons she was uneasy about thinking about and she’d give anything to see him fall down a well the way of Samara Morgan sans a nightmare tape to follow… but Rebecca’s dad must have been something else for her to love him so much after so long without a visit or even a phone call. The last time he’d bothered to talk to her on the phone left her depressed as hell for weeks, as it was her nineteenth birthday and when she finally got through he only spoke to her for a few minutes and had to be reminded of what day it was to which he’s respond as she relayed it was ‘oh shit sorry sweety, happy birthday, I gotta go though, love ya babe, be good.’… She went upstairs leaving the party behind and wept for hours. The only thing that brought her out of that funk he put her in was a gift she’d received three weeks later…a jeweled necklace with her birthstone in the center of a locket carrying a picture of the two of them together when she was nine years old. Deadbeat that he was, Jack sure knew how to shop for a gift that would melt any ladies heart.

He kissed the crown of his baby girls’ head before looking over and seeing the smiling face of the obviously envious Sunny Monroy. Extending his free bostancı escort hand to hers, pulling her in as she took it for a hug. “So, how’ve you two been?”

The next six minutes were a rush of words that no rational male could even dream of hanging onto, but the excited girls kept the attention of the darkly hansom wiseguy, seating him on the tan velvet couch and taking their places on either side. He watched their lips as they spoke, hoping to keep his eyes high as he found them traveling down often to secretly admire their nubile bodies. Sunny was dressed in a sky blue sleeveless girls v-neck t-shirt, an occasional slip of the fabric down her shoulder revealing a white bra strap. Her low cut blue jeans cut off high on the thighs into shorts that allowed her milky white flesh to almost burst free from the legs. Further down she wore sandals over blue and white-stripped toe socks that went almost to her knees.

Becky on the other hand was still in her pajamas that did little to curb the disturbing arousal that Jackie felt gazing upon them. They were classic long pant and long sleeved top and bottoms, pink with Spongebob characters Sandy and Gary printed all over. On her cute bubble butt that would make God drool into his own lap, Gary was on a skateboard at the far right side with the word “Meow” written across the derriere. Her feet were clad in white ankle socks with a pink rim around the heel and toes, and a hello kitty emblem on the side. Poor Jackie sat, trying to keep up, but the swell of their breasts through the shirts against his arms was only making his reserve fail away, so he pulled himself to a more upright position to get their attention.

“okay girls, girls, GIRLS!” he shouted with an amused chuckle. “um, wow, we got a while yet and I need to shake my head a little before we keep this going.” They giggled “um…Becky-Lo?”

She hoped onto his lap with a giggle “yes, daddy?”…he groaned at the added weight on his aging thigh. “umm… where is… where’s your ma?”

No sooner the words were spoken that the front door opened and in stepped the buxom blonde he was once married to step in with wide eyes slowly narrowing into a malicious gaze. “What the fuck are you doing here?” her voice startling the two girls who rarely heard the woman swear in their presence.

“Stata zit with that kind of talk, Annie…” Jackie slowly stood to face his ex with a pleasant smile on his face, “I felt it was a visit long over due.”

She huffed, crossing her arms over her large ample breasts, “Well, said you hellos, and the visits paid. You may leave now.”

“WHAT?!” came Becky-Lo from the couch, “No fuckin way, ma…” she said forcefully to receive her fathers warning stare, before he reached out to caress her shoulder … “Sweetheart, do me a solid and give your ma and me a few words alone so that I can calm her to reason…k?” he lifted her chin to his gaze, to receive her defeated smile before she pecked his lips and turned with Sunny to retreat to her room.

“Ma, be nice.” She called back “I’m gonna go get changed,…daddy don’t you leave yet!” then disappeared upstairs, leaving her father and mother in uncomfortable silence.

Ready to bare her claws Ann moved across the room to the kitchen, throwing her purse down on the table… “Just getting in?” came Jack’s voice from behind “It’s 7:30, must have been a long shift.”

She turned and caught his gaze, he could almost see hesitation in her eyes. Ann Monroy had returned home with intention of chewing out her daughter and stepdaughter for refusing the club last night, leaving her feeling humiliated at being the only one without their children present. Tom (her husband, Sunny’s father) had been furious at her for showing up alone, and went to spend the evening with the other guests, leaving her alone to herself and a glass of scotch. Had it not been for Joe Saenz, (Tom’s best friend and business partner) she never would have spent the whole time alone to herself. The evening turned out pleasant enough when Joe took her and Faye Quinn (daughter of Tom’s other business associate Danny Quinn) up the stairs of the club houses’ three story building to his personal room where the night was spent in the throws of sexual bliss.

That had not been Ann’s first encounter with either of the two, alone or together for that matter. Each time she’d bedded either or both, had been an experience that left her with soul shattering orgasms that her husband could never give. After Tom had finished fucking whichever of the slutty whores that patroned the clubhouse, he found her lying unconscious and alone, only to climb between her legs, waking her with incessant and pathetic thrusting. His drunken states always left him less than the man he use to be. The way he quivered and groaned with a monumental threat of vomiting that left the mature blonde beauty beneath him making all wide eyed attempts to move side to side avoiding the fall out. This night of all nights, she actually thought back to her marriage with Jackie Croface. She actually missed him when she was horny…even drunk the man knew his shit under the sheets…no fucking contest by her memory. Imagining her horror at seeing her ex in her living room sandwiched between the giggling pair of teens, as if he had heard her thoughts and decided to tease her.

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