The Birthday Surprise

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Trina jumped out of bed and went to the closet, her naked ass sticking out as she bent at the waist and rummaged through the coats near the front, just off the floor, looking for God-knows-what. I was sitting up when she cried, “Ah ha!” spun around and bound back onto the bed holding a gift wrapped present.

“Happy Birthday Marty!” She said as she settled down, straddling my lap. She brushed the small box into my hands.

“A present,” I began… “I thought you just finished giving me my present.” I knew that if I kissed her now I would still tasted my own cum on her lips.

“No you silly, that was just a good morning kiss.”

(Trina loves sex… any kind of sex… she likes to play and experiment… she introduced anal sex into our play… I just try to keep up. )

I could see by her very hard nipples that she was still very turned on and on a roll… my stamina was pretty good and my recovery time was amazing (if it had not been she would have left me in the dust long ago.) She straddled my hips, my returning cock stimulated by her very slick pussy and her inability to sit still in her excitement.

“Openitopenitopenit!!” She said as she clapped her hands and bounced on my lap.

“Ok… ok!” I chuckled as I tore the paper off of her small flat box. Opening it I found a leather blindfold/mask. Trina shrieked and giggled and I almost throw her down to fuck her brains out as her excited squirming has totally revived “the beast”. Instead I picked up the mask and gave her a confused and questioning look. We had played ruff and tumble, she had even had me tie her to the bed for a couple of hours… were we upping the game with costumes?

She grabbed it from my hands and held it close to her, clutching it to her breasts. Holding it up she pronounced, “It’s perfect!” then held it against my face, covering my eyes.

“Perfect for what?”

“Oh don’t worry ya’ big baby… I just want the second part of your present to be a surprise… you are going to stay right here, with your eyes covered and you are not going to move or peek. You have to promise your ‘bestest’ promise.” She ground her hips down on my trapped hard on, ‘dancing’ her wetness on my pole in a lusty unspoken promise of good things to come.

Giving in to her silly but sexy play, I slipped the mask on and said, “Alright… you have it. My best promise, my unbreakable bond… I will not peek… and I will stay in this bed, right here where I am sitting, but as for not moving, a would ask that my lady grant me one boon… after you leave my most stalwart member is going to be unsheathed and might require some attention to remain strong.”

She giggled again and slid down my legs planting a kiss on my swollen head, licking the drop of pre-cum gathered at the tip and smearing her lips with the juice of her own wet cunt.

“Yes my love… you can play with your beautiful cock to keep him illegal bahis here, but don’t you cum… “

With that she was off the bed and I heard her bare feet padding down the hallway.

Time drags when your senses are restricted… but a promise made is meant to be kept so I stayed put… and did not cum…

20 minutes later my world turned upside down and changed forever. I have a pretty vivid and wild imagination, and used it quite well while waiting, but I did not have a clue what Trina was planning.

I heard the clacking of heels on hardwood getting closer, but stiffened with concern when I though there were more than one set.

“Don’t look yet Marty…” a little jostling around… ” O.K. Birthday Boy… open your eyes!”

I reached up and pulled the leather mask over my head and gulped a breath.


Standing at the foot of my bed was Trina. Her hair was pulled up and back into a tight pony tail, she had on dark eye makeup and deep red lips. She was wearing a red and black corset with the breast cups cut out, no panties, black nylons and thigh high black heeled boots. She was stunning all by herself, a vision… but what stunned me into silence was the leash she held in her hand, attached to the collar around the neck of my very own mother.

Her Blond hair was also pulled back and tied, her makeup was softer but no less dramatic, her full heavy breasts were pushed out front because her arms were pulled behind her and secured, forcing her shoulders back and chest out. She had a thin leather belt around her slender waist adorned with straps and rings with which to secure things… arms, legs, things…

She worn no panties either and her blonde bush was trimmed to almost nothing… her long legs were bare and she wore 4 inch heels. She looked right at me, met my eyes and quickly glanced down where she saw my very hard cock standing at attention. Her cheeks got red and her eyes went lower.

Trina was almost dancing with joy, so happy, and secure with her surprise present.


“I know right! Isn’t this just the best? You were surprised right? Really surprised?”

“Well… yeah…”

“I knew it! I knew you didn’t know!”

“”Mom? Trina? What the hell is going on?”

“Silly… what do you think?” She was like a kid in a candy store… “She is your present… from me to you!”

“What?!” I really was struck dumb… I could not put two and two together…

“Of course you don’t get to keep her all to yourself… she is still mine, but I am sharing her with you. This weekend you get to use her anyway and for anything you want. And I am going to help.”

The look on my face felt very confused and must have conveyed that pretty clearly.

“Oh Marty… look at her! She wants this too.” Trina took a step back, grabbed a large boob and squeezed it hard. “Look at that nipple!” Mom took a illegal bahis siteleri quick breath in. Trina dropped the titty and jammed her fingers between mom’s legs, which mom spread apart slightly to give her access rather than clamping together to keep Trina out. Mom moaned as Trina withdrew her fingers, glistening and wet. “See! She can’t wait to start. Tell him!” Trina reached up and grabbed mom’s chin with the same juice covered fingers, smearing her face, tilting her head up, forcing her to look at me. “Tell him the truth you horny fuck toy!”

Her eyes were wide, her nostrils flared… her face streaked with her own pussy juice… there was no denying that she was excited, emotionally and sexually.

“Your mouth is going to be busy for a while, this may be the last chance you get to talk for a long time and you are making me just a bit piqued… and you know that you always regret doing that to me now don’t you Mavis?”

Our eyes met, mother and son and I saw her mouth move, I heard the words, and I saw the lust, the desire, the pleading in her eyes… “I want to be yours Marty… I want you to use me for your pleasure… fuck me… I will do anything to please you… be anything you want me to be. Let me be your birthday present. Let me be your fuck toy… please.”

Trina clapped her hands and squealed. “Oh!! This is so much fun! Just like I thought it would be!” She, very “un-mistressy-like”, threw herself on the bed next to me, her mouth very close to the head of my cock, almost always her destination. She grabbed the base of my erection and looked up at mom.

“I promised you could have this if you were a good toy didn’t I?”

“Yes Mistress.” Her anxiousness was thick… she leaned towards me.

Trina pointed my cock at my mother then turned her head enough to get her mouth over it without breaking eye contact. She pumped her hand, then slid her mouth down as far as she could.

“Think you can handle this much yummy cock? Think you are slut enough to?”

“I want to… I want to be…”

“Can you handle having you own son fill your mouth with his cum?”

Mom looked directly at me and said, “I can, and I will.”

“Then get your mouth down here and get to work!” Trina commanded.

Mom was hard put to comply, with her hands behind her and elbows draw back, but she was game. She got on her knees at the end of the bed and tried to gracefully lay down, but ended up falling almost off the bed.

Trina let go of my cock and went after her like a Demon. “You are such a clumsy worthless cow! Get over here and get your mouth full of cock before I change my mind.” She was raining open handed slaps to any part of mom’s exposed flesh, leaving red hand prints to mark the locations. Thighs, ass, tits, shoulders… all were peppered. Trina pulled her by the ropes causing her to cry out. When mom had inch wormed her way up my leg, her canlı bahis siteleri ass in the air and face in my lap, I attempted to hold my cock to her lips only to be scolded by my vicious, but cute as a bug girl friend. “Don’t you help Her! She has to do this! One more loud slap on mom’s upturned ass and then Trina shoved some fingers in her exposed cunt… twisting and roughly fucking mom as she wiggled and struggled to keep her mouth on my cock. When she finally managed it she acted like a scuba diver that had just gotten a full tank after running out of air. She sucked like it was her life line. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned and gurgled trying to swallow more meat. Trina continued to spank and torment her, pinching and poking. Mom reminded me of a python trying to swallow it’s prey, gulping down the helpless meat. Tina kept up a constant stream of verbal abuse aimed at mom, that, frankly, might have rivaled a Marine drill instructor.

Mom began to shudder and gag, Trina intensified her assault on her captives pussy, shoving at least three of her thin fingers as deep as she could. It was all I could do not to drown her as I came too. I jerked my cock out of her mouth after the first firehouse jet of jizz flooded her mouth and the rest went on her face, in her hair and down the outside of her neck. Mom, even though coughing, crying and cumming, kept trying to get her mouth back on my cock, as if she had been starving and cum was her ambrosia. I pumped out rope after slippery rope of white creamy cum that went everywhere. Mom finally collapsed, breathing quick and shallow, Trina rubbed mom’s pussy as she relaxed, the way a loving partner might rub a sore muscles. The verbal humiliation ended and then she moved up mom’s limp and sweaty body, kissing and caressing her, cooing little love notes to her. I was leaned back into a propped up pillow, so that I could see but could not touch mom’s hair without moving.

Trina stayed close, body contact as much as possible, getting my cum smeared on her as well. And then, they kissed; my mom and my girlfriend shared a passionate and intimate kiss, all lips and tongue and nibbling teeth. Trina ran her hands on mom… her shoulders, her breasts, her neck and thighs. Mom’s hands and arms were still tied, but Trina’s hands were everywhere, scooping up a gob of cum, licking it off of her finger or feeding it to mom who sucked at it greedily. They were laying on me but in their own world, together, one dominate, one submissive. I do not have a clue what my face looked like as I watched them, but when Trina, who had been gazing deeply into my mother’s eyes, looked up at me, she giggled and then they both laughed.

“What the fuck is so funny?”

Trina was giggling about whatever they found funny just now, but continued to play by smearing a freshly gathered dollop of cum on her own hard nipples, pushed her tit into my mom’s hungry mouth. Mom nursed like a baby, Trina stroked her hair like a loving mother.

“Your reaction was perfect Marty… just adorable. This was so worth it.”

“Tell me Trina! Tell me what was worth it? How long have you been fucking my mom?”

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