The best summer ever! A boy’s lust for older.

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The best summer ever! A boy’s lust for older.
-Inspired by Strangersex9-
It was my summer break. No school for 3 months and a young lust and boyish curiousity that had to be explored. I knew, even then at such a young age, that I was drawn to older men. I knew I lusted after mature, manly dick and had a burning desire to suck it and to be fucked by it. It was just something I knew, something I felt. My body ached for it. My mind craved it. Although I had not ever experienced being with another boy, let alone a man before, it was an all consuming passion and desire. I needed to be taken by it.

He was so much older than me and lived several miles away, but there was a connection between us. Maybe it was a look he gave me, maybe it was chemistry, but I felt drawn to him. I think he knew what I needed without me even having to say it. I think he knew I needed “Daddy dick.” I think he already knew I needed to feel it inside me. He knew I needed to feel a man’s love. The love that only a man can give. He knew kaçak iddaa it, I think he could sense it.

I was nervous that first time, being on my knees in front of him. But I was also so sure. I wanted nothing else more than to see his cock, to touch it, to caress it, to suck it, to pleasure it.

He unzipped his fly and reached in and took his cock out. My eyes widen at the sight. His cock, just inches from my face and my trembling lips, was huge, vein and foreskin covered and beautiful. I could do nothing but stare at it. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was love at first sight. I instantly knew I loved cock.

I touched his cock and felt it’s weight in my hand, so soft, smooth and warm. Instinctively and naturally, I began to lovingly kiss it. I could feel it slowly thicken under my lips, I could feel it slowly swell and harden. It was thrilling! My young boy cock already felt on the edge of explosion and pulsed and throbbed in my jeans.

Now fully erect, his already huge cock kaçak bahis had lengthened and thickened even more. I felt weak and submissive to its power and eagerly licked it and tried to suck it, desperately trying to please it.

I wanted more though, I wanted to be used and taken by it, and my man knew it. We stripped each other down and I felt his bare, naked, manly body against mine. I held him as he wrapped his arms around me and lowered me down onto the bed. My cock throbbed, my breathing quickened as he parted my legs, exposing my young, tight, virgen asshole. I gasped as I felt his firm, pre cum covered cock’s head press against my opening. His impossibly huge dick struggled to spread my ass open as I held him and clawed at his back. It hurt so bad, but I wanted it, I needed it and he knew it. He slowly stretched my hole, filling me deeply with his wonderful cock. Wonderfully taking me and making love to me.

Now laying on top of me, he lowered his face down to mine, his cock still deep güvenilir bahis inside me and kissed me gently. My cock was smashed between us and with each movement of his cock inside me, rubbed me closer to orgasm between our stomachs. I held him as he wrapped his arms underneath me and kissed me deeply. Holding me tight, he grinded against me and brought me to an incredible climax. My cum spurting cock making our stomachs sticky and wet and caused my hole to tighten and twitch around his girthy shaft. Still pressed tightly against me, he began to moan, tense up then give me his wonderful warm load, filling me deep inside with his manly semen.

I hurt, I was so sore afterwards, but also so empty. I wanted his cock back inside me, I wanted to feel his arms back around me.

Evey chance I got I would ride my bike all those long miles to his house. My cock would get hard and I would get so arroused at the anticipation and thoughts of what was to come. During that summer, that much older man showed me the pleasure that only another man can give another young man. He taught me the love and pleasure of cock and the warm, wonderful feeling of swallowing cum.

It was the best summer of my life and I still miss feeling him inside me.

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