The Artist Pt. 03

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“Today you must focus Philippe”, he told himself. “This painting must be done in three days”. Even before his session with Natalia today he was adding details he had memorized about her body. He carefully added that small freckle on the inside edge of her right breast. Then he dropped his gaze and added on her right inner thigh just inches down from her sex, “he had noticed that just the other day” he thought as a smirk came to his face.

In fact he had dragged his tongue up from that point slowly trailing the tip of it until contacting her wet puffy slit. He continued this way for the next thirty minutes adding all those minute details about her luscious body that he would surely be the only one to know.

The spell was broken as he smelled lavender and vanilla and looked up to catch her eye. He gestured to the privacy curtain and she quickly went behind and disrobed. She came out from behind not wearing the robe just a thin strip of pink silkiness between her legs. It seems she was quite comfortable with him now.

In her hand he noted she clutched a small bag which she dropped on the step of the pedestal. It was meant to draw and hold his attention also to tease his curiosity.

She took off her panties and dropped herself with a thump but quickly found the light, placed her arms, and then looked him in the eyes while she spread her knees, opening those knees so slowly he realized he had been holding his breath for several sincan escort moments. At last she was displayed before him, a faint trail of hair beginning to grow back above her already puffy lips.

As he tore his gaze off her sex and returned it to her face he saw the look, she was playing with him, and he was her toy in her mind today. He wondered what adventures lay in store.

But duty called he needed to get the structure of her knees and ankles in place today before he could finish that last part of the painting. So he began humming and stroking paint slowly on the canvas catching all the many nuances of her creamy skin. His concentration was so intense he had not even known she had moved but as he looked up he saw the bag open in one hand and a strap on dildo in the other.

She smiled again quite wickedly this time and brought the soft pink phallus slowly down her body, bumping over her very erect nipples and falling off the curve of her breasts. She dragged in down her tummy bouncing it through her belly button. Still she dragged it lower now down below her waist, as he watched intensely he realized he was holding his breath yet again. She began to push it gently into her hole, in an inch and back out, in and out, over and over repeating the same move. He noted she was holding on to a shorter shaft that came out to the inside of the strap. It was meant to enter the wearer and pleasure her.

She tandoğan escort pushed with more pressure and the 6 inch dildo slid home seated firmly in her cunt. She paused bringing his eyes back to hers. Then as she held his gaze she began pumping her hand quickly sliding the dildo in and out. As her speed increased she could no longer hold his gaze and her eyes began to close as the pleasure was overtaking her.

He noted the brush was no longer in his hand and he had slid down inside the waistband of his pants and was pulling at his cock, which was of course rock hard. Before him he saw her body begin to twitch and her head thrown back she thrust her hips forward and with a small squirt and a large scream she announced the arrival of her orgasm. Somehow she managed to pump the phallus the whole time pulling squirts with each withdrawal.

As her pace slowed his intensified, his pants now pushed down to his hips and his erection being worked by both his hands. He could feel his time coming and groaned. But to his surprise he heard her say, “No, you can’t yet, I forbid it.”

She gestured for him to come to her. While he was heading over she inserted the small end in her satisfied pussy and strapped the dildo on. Hitting the switch it began to hum inside her. “Time to clean me off,” she said as she pointed at the used toy.

He was powerless in her presence and letting go of his cock, ankara escort he sank to his knees in front of her and at her bidding began sucking her juices off the strap on phallus. He was for all intents and purposes giving her a blow job. Each time he bobbed down he felt the other end hit into her clitoris and bring her pleasure. He watched up close with her ‘dick’ in his mouth as she came again. She stopped forcing his head down on her and let him go.

As the both stood she pulled his pants off and looked at his softening erection. She bent him over the pedestal so his hands held him off but she was behind him. Her strap-on still in place and humming away, she reached around and began stroking him.

He noted she had lube on her fingers and was ready for her to stroke him off. But he felt her other hand at his ass and she slowly inserted a lube covered finger in his hole and began to pump slowly, as he opened to her pressure she inserted another.

He felt full and that bit of pain was overcome by the pleasure he felt from her soft strokes in the front. But then he knew what she had in mind as he felt the tip of the dildo push against him, and she was able to press it in further and further, the lube and fingers having down their work. Soon she was stroking his cock with her hand and invading his ass in the back.

The tip kept bumping his prostate driving him wild. His penis literally erupted in white and his semen flew landing on the pedestal just below his chest. She continued fucking him though and she began to shudder as she came for the third time in the hour. She finally withdrew leaving him well fucked but in mild pain. She had owned him and dominated him and he had liked every bit of it.

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