Tease to Please

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When I arrived at the hotel, I found you’d already checked in. I got my key and headed to the room, expecting to find you there. I saw indications you’d been in the room, but you must have stepped out, so I decided to settle in myself. I checked out the room, eyeing the king bed I knew we’d be sharing later, and imagining how much fun that jacuzzi tub would be.

I kicked off my shoes and lay back on the bed, closing my eyes and fantasizing about what was to come. Becoming aroused, I found I needed to pinch my nipples a bit, and then my hand slid down inside my pants as I began to finger my clit. I was so deep in my fantasy, it barely registered when I heard you walk in. What a sight that must have been for you! Me lying there on the bed, my eyes closed, one hand on my breast the other down my pants.

I heard you approaching the bed, but did not stop what I was doing. I felt the bed move as you leaned over me, resting one hand on either side of me. With the lightest touch, your lips met mine. As aroused as I already was, it was more of a tease to me. But then, I like to be teased. You knew this, and so you were in no hurry to move things forward. You slowly moved my hands away from my body and pinned them above my head with one hand, while with the other you slowly unbuttoned my shirt, kissing every ataşehir escort bayan inch of skin you exposed. You ran your tongue along the edge of my bra, but even though I tried to raise my body to yours, you did not yet go toward my nipple. Slowly you undid my pants, continuing to kiss every bit of exposed skin as you pulled them off of me. Even though by now my hands were free, I lay still, waiting to see what would come next.

Again I felt the bed move as you got up to remove your clothing. I felt the heat of your body as you got back onto the bed beside me. You laid on your side next to me, and your hand slowly began to explore my body. You took your time, feeling my smooth skin and memorizing every curve of my body. I caught my breath as your hand brushed over my breasts, still in their bra, but you kept on moving. When you had explored all that you could reach – but carefully avoiding any parts that I was silently begging you to touch – you gently turned me onto my back and began the process again. Your fingers combed through my hair, your hand caressed my neck, your fingertips traced the blades of my shoulders. When you reached my bra, you unhooked it and then kept moving downward. Your fingers traced the edge of my panties, and I moaned as I felt your fingers dip between escort kadıöy my legs.

You removed my panties then, kissing down my buttocks and thighs as you did so. Then you straddled me and I could feel your hard cock pressing against my ass. Your hands began to massage my back, rubbing out all the tension remaining from my life outside of that hotel room. As I became more relaxed I became even more aroused, and I raised my ass a little into the air, a silent indication I was ready for you to enter me.

You shifted positions a bit, so your cock was between my legs and the tip just touching the wet entrance I was offering you, and you continued to massage me. Just when I thought this was all you were going to give me, and I was about to beg you to fuck me, you raised up off me and told me to roll over. I did, and you settled onto me again, your cock nestled in the hair of my pussy. You continued your massage, but this time it was my breasts you were focused on, massaging and kneading them before ever so gently squeezing my nipples between your finger and thumb. I gasped – I was so aroused that even the slightest touch caused twitches down below. When you leaned down and took one nipple in your mouth, a moan escaped me, and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer.

Slowly you eased my maltepe escort legs apart, then lifted them over your shoulders to give you full access to my pussy, so wet it was nearly dripping. Your cock teased me – just the head entered me, then after a few seconds you pulled back again, before once again entering me, a bit more this time. You repeated this til I was nearly on fire with my need for you. I looked up into your eyes and without saying a word you knew I was ready. You thrust hard, deep into me, and it felt exactly as I’d hoped it would. Slowly you began to fuck me, slow, deep strokes that gave me such incredible pleasure, your cock rubbing my clit with each thrust. My hands cupped my breasts and tweaked my nipples and I felt my orgasm building, and sensing it, you began to move faster. As the first wave of pleasure hit me, I cried out. You began to fuck me even harder now, and I knew that your orgasm was coming too. With one final thrust you gave a shout as you began to cum, filling my pussy with your juices. Feeling your cock pulsing, and feeling myself full of your cum, was more than my body could take, and another orgasm overtook me. Our cries of ecstacy blended together and as the last of our orgasm began to die down, you gave a few more slow thrusts, drawing a last moan of pleasure out of me.

Slowly you collapsed onto me, and after a time rolled to your side. We looked at each other and with a smile I said “hi”. We both knew that though our time together would be short, it had started out perfectly, and promised to get even better before we had to part.

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