Teacher and Another Former Student

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Background: I am a 38 year old high school teacher. I’ve been teaching for about 15 years. In that time I’ve had sex with a number of my former students. I have been married during most of that time.

This story takes place 5 years ago. It is spring, about a week before finals. Me and some other teachers had just finished running an after school study session to prep the students for finals. We were walking into the parking lot and we heard some shouting between a boy and a girl. We all rolled our eyes assuming it was a cliche teenage lovers spat about something trivial.

As we get into the parking lot we see the students arguing near one of their cars. (Names have been changed). It is John, a senior basketball player and his girlfriend Jane, also a senior. Jane is mixed race (Vietnamese and black and maybe some white too). She is maybe the sexiest girl in school. 18 years old at the time. 5’4” with great curves that standout no matter what she wears. The poutiest lips and beautiful, smooth caramel-colored skin. Even when she was a freshman, she looked like a fully developed woman in her 20s and she’s only improved over time.

I’ve always had a policy of not messing around with current students, underage girls, or initiating relationships with students. She is maybe the girl I was most tempted to break those rules for.

As we start to head towards our own cars, John makes an aggressive move towards Jane, possibly shoving her. This means the other teachers and I need to intervene. We are maybe 50 feet away as we start to approach. One of the teachers calls out, “Hey guys, it’s time to take a second and cool down.”

John continues to standover Jane. Jane more or less cowers. I get to them first. I try to physically slide in between them and try to talk John down. A female teacher tries to usher Jane away. Jane says something bitchy to John and he blows up. He tries to push past me and raises his hand like he’s going to hit Jane. I grab his hand. He shoves me and winds up to punch me. I don’t think he’s ever been in a real fight because he telegraphs his punch so far in advance I have tons of time to move out of the way and use his momentum to push him onto the ground on his knees.

He turns quickly ataşehir escort bayan and tries to tackle me. He’s maybe 5’10” and 160 lb. I am 6’4” and 200. I played tight end on the football team in college so I am well practiced in taking advantage of my size and leverage against other people. I more or else pancake block him to the ground and get on top of him while one of the other teachers gets security.

This whole time one of the other teachers had been ushering Jane away to a safe distance, but she’s seen the whole thing. John gets taken away by security and the other teachers and I fill out incident reports.

A couple days later, I am getting ready to go home at the end of the day when Jane comes into my classroom. She starts apologizing about the other day. I tell her there is no reason to apologize; she isn’t the one who tried to hit me. I see a little smile form across her lips. She is acting very nervous.

I ask about John. She says they broke up and that he was suspended for the rest of the year. She pauses for a few seconds like she’s deciding what to do next. Suddenly with purpose she walks up right in front of me. Because of the height difference, I am looking almost straight down at her.

She says, “I want to thank you for stopping John. I was so scared.”

I reply, “Don’t worry about it. Any teacher would have.”

“But you did and I am very grateful.” Then she puts a hand on my chest. “I want to thank you.” – Now she is laying it on pretty thick. Looking up at me with big puppy dog eyes and biting her lower lip.

She stands up on her tippy toes and tilts her head. She wants me to kiss her but needs me to move in due to the height difference. With every shred of self control, I take a step back. I then give her the speech I give every current student who makes a pass at me that I want to hook up with after graduation.

“Jane, this isn’t appropriate now. I could never have a physical relationship with a current student. I would get fired if I did anything with someone still attending this school.” With the emphasis on “now”, “current”, and “still attending” while trying not to be too obvious.

I turn around to gather my thing while silently escort kadıöy praying she is picking up my signals. Looking dejected (this may be the first time in her life any straight man has turned her down for anything since she was 14). She mumbles an apology and leaves.

I spend the next week desperately hoping she contacts me after graduation. Every time I have sex with my wife that week, I am imagining Jane. My wife seems to enjoy the dramatic uptick in sex she receives.

Two days after graduation, I get a Facebook friend request from Jane. I thank Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, and Buddha. I accept. We start messaging. She thanks me again for intervening. She says she still really wants to thank me again in person. I ask her what she means. She says she wants to thank me in a way only FORMER students can. I reply asking if she wants to get “coffee or whatever.” She writes back, “Whatever. Very much whatever ;)”. I tell her to meet me at a hotel in a couple days.

My wife gets an absurd amount of attention the next couple days.

The big day arrives. I check in and message her the room number. I brought a bottle of wine. I sip it while I wait. A little while later, I hear a knock on the door. I open it. It’s Jane. She’s in black high heels and a tight red dress. The dress doesn’t have any cleavage but it hugs her body in such a way that her breasts look amazing. It also hugs her sexy hips and fat ass (must be the black genes in her).

I let her in and absolutely stare at her as she walks across the room like Joan from Mad Men.

We have some wine and talk for 10 minutes. I am getting impatient. I walk up to her so we are standing like we did in my classroom. I stare down at her. She looks up at me and bites her lip. I can no longer resist. I go down for a kiss. We start to passionately make out. I pick her up off the ground so I can stop craning my neck. She feels weightless in my arms. While we kiss, she is running her hands along my arms, chest and back. She seems very turned on by being with a large, strong man.

I press her against the wall so I can free my hands. She wraps her legs around me. The bottom of her dress bunches up around her waist. I firmly grab her ass with both maltepe escort hands. She moans. I slide one hand to her breast and she moans again. I toss her on the bed roughly and the next few minutes are a tornado of clothes flying off.

I decide to slow things down. She is probably used to dumb high school or college boys who cum in 2 minutes. She deserves better.

I caress and kiss her all over for the next few minutes eventually making my way down to her pussy. I tease her with little kisses and licks until she starts to whimper a little. I then dive in and lick her and suck on her clit. After a few minutes, she grabs two handfuls of my hair and is almost humping face. She screams and cums soon after.

I move over top her. Being over her really emphasizes how much larger I am than her. We kiss and I start to rub my cock along her pussy. She grabs my cocks and positions it to enter her. She whispers, “You’re so much bigger than I am used to. You’ll have to go slow.” I internally laugh at this. I am not remarkable large, maybe 6.5 inches. But I love hearing it. (Afterwards she says that she tells guys that because it is the only way to get teen boys to go slower than full jackhammer).

We fuck in missionary for a while. I decide to rollover without pulling out. She is light enough that I can do it we easy. She rides me with lust in her eyes. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she says. She starts moaning and throws her head back. Her whole body trembles as she cums. I cum soon after.

We snuggle in bed for a while. She tells me how turned on she got from seeing me rough up her boyfriend without breaking a sweet. She had been imagining me fucking her like a rag doll for the past few weeks. All this talk gets me hard again.

I stand up and pick her up so she’s straddling me and I fuck her in that position for a while. My arms get tired so I press her against the wall and fuck her harder. Eventually I let her down and bend her over the bed for a good hard pounding while I slap her ass. We both cum again.

Afterwards, we snuggle some more. I notice it is getting late. So I shower quickly and head out so I can beat my wife home.

Jane and I kept meeting for the rest of summer until she went to college. I took her out shopping a few times for lingerie, clothes and shoes. My wife makes quite a lot of money as an attorney and I really get off spending her money on my side women. We also hooked up a few times when she was home for breaks and the next summer.

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