Taste of Mom Ch. 05

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Taste of mom …Final

Thanks for the voting on my stories. I thank for bad and good coments and will write more stories if you all would like me to go on. If you would like it please email me to do so. If not I guess I will stop writing.

Next morning I got up my mother was already out of bed and I could hear her doing something in the kitchen. I walked there naked and she didn’t hear me sneaking behind her. She was just so sexy in her night gown that she was wearing and her ass was inviting me. I grabbed her from her stomach and slid my cock in her pussy.

“My god, you scare…..d me! But don’t you dare take that cock out of me. Fuck me hard!”

“Mom, your pussy is so wet and soft! I am going to fuck you hard and I am going to cum in your beautiful pussy. I am going to blow my white juices in your pussy.”

“Yes! Yes …yes… come in my horny pussy!”

I fucked her so fast I couldn’t believe it my self. I could hear the smack of my abs on her ass. Soon my cock and her ass was wet from our fuck and my dick was sliding in and out like her pussy was full of grease or some lube.

“Yes… yes… yeeeeeeeeeeees… my …. Cominggggggg… ahhhhhhh…”

She came and her feet couldn’t hold her and she almost fell but I grabbed her stomach and with my other I grabbed her breast and kissed her on her cheek and she turned her head and her lips found mine and kissed me with satisfaction.

I looked at her in the eyes and told her “Mom I am going to come inside you now” I pushed my cock inside her as deep as I could and didn’t move but she grabbed my balls and my cock erupted in her like a volcano.

“Oh mom, all inside you!”

“Darling I can feel it inside me and it feels great.”

Once again I was finished but my cock still wanted more

“I can’t believe your cock is still hard! I am so lucky to have my own flesh fuck me this good. But I really need to rest sweetheart. I don’t think I can handle another orgasm for now. But first let me take care of the rock hard cock of yours!”

She took my cock out of her come dripping pussy and kneeled in front of me and just swallowed it and began sucking on it like it was the best thing she ever put in her mouth.

“Mmm…mmm… it tastes so good mixed with my come!” she said.

She looked at me in the eyes as she would take him in her mouth and that look was driving me nuts.

“Wanna come in mommy’s mouth or in her pussy?”

“In your mouth please, I just love the way you suck my dick and the way you look at me I think I am going to come faster then I expect.”

She licked my cock up and down and then my balls. When she got back up to my cock head she looked at me in the eyes and told me to shoot my load down her throat.

I couldn’t handle it any longer and began shooting my come down her throat as she was moaning, looking at me and swallowing like it was something so delightful escort bostancı for her.

“Ah… mom that was the best blowjob ever and morning wake up fuck I ever had.”

“And it only gets better” she said and took my cock once more in her mouth cleaning him completely.

While she was cleaning my cock the phone rang and we both didn’t really care that much and left the answering machine take over.

“Hey darling, it’s me! Bet you both are still asleep and being lazy. I’ll see you tonight”

We both looked at each other and began to laugh. I helped my mom get on her feet and kissed her thanking her for the wake she just gave me. And she did too.

“Now sweetheart, you know that I will have to have sex with your father when he comes back, don’t you?”

“I know mom, and even though I don’t like it because I get jealous, we have to keep our secret well hidden.”

My father came back and things went back to normal and while my mom was fucking my dad I was fucking Patty. But when dad was at work and I was home me and my mom would fuck like maniacs. 3 weeks later she got her results from her Gynecologist saying that she was four week pregnant! It was mine. But my father wouldn’t know a thing because it was so close to the date they had sex when he came back.

A month after my mother was going to invite a lot of people to the house and have a party for the occasion. She announced her pregnancy and everyone gave their very best wishes. (If, they only knew!). That night was one hell of a crazy night. I hadn’t had sex with my mom for about a week and I was really missing her. Patty was great but I just had to have both of them.

I went to the kitchen during the party and I saw my mother at the fridge door. I walked behind her making sure no one was there or looking and grabbed her breasts and pushed my crotch on to her ass and kissed her ear lobe.

“Mom, I want you so badly! I want to fuck your pussy and come in you. I want fuck your mouth, your tits, and your ass! I can’t take it, I miss you so much!”

“Oh my son, I miss you too and want your cock in me so bad but we have to be careful and you know that!”

“I think I am going to finish in my pants right now!”

She turned around and gave me a fast kiss on the lips and told me “I promise you tonight we will fuck.”

That got my mind going even crazier. “But mom dad is going to be home?”

“Your father has drunk so many beers he will be sleeping like a bear in hibernation! I will come to your room the minute he starts snoring, I promise!”

I couldn’t wait and kept looking at my watch the entire time and my mom would look at me and laugh because she could tell the anxiety I had to fuck her and specially know when it was going to happen I got crazier. When everybody was gone, I took a fast shower and went to my room after I said goodnight to my parents.

I ümraniye escort was fast a sleep when my mother came to the room. I had fallen asleep thinking about the things we were going to do. When I opened my eyes she had her lips on mine and kissed me passionately exploring my mouth with her soft tongue.

“Oh mom I missed you…”

“Shhhhhh… your father may be a sleep deeply but we can’t make to much noise.”

I could see her beautiful body naked under her nightgown with light coming through the window. She was only a month pregnant and you couldn’t see anything yet, even though she looked sexy when she got bigger after a few months. I took her nightgown off her head and threw it on the floor and took her nipples one at a time in my mouth.

“Oh yes my baby, suck my nipples like that… it feels good.” She was whispering the entire time. Her pussy was so wet and she got my underwear soaking wet rubbing her genitals on it.

“Mom, sit on my face please, I want those juices in my mouth!”

“Oh sweetheart, you are driving me crazy!”

She didn’t even think twice but moved up to me and sat on my face while her hand was rubbing my cock over my underwear behind her back. Her other hand was fondling my hair while I sucked on her pussy. She was sighing so quietly and delicately that she seemed like a first timer that is afraid to express her emotions. But she was just trying not to wake up my dad.

“I am coming darling; mommy is coming on your mouth baby! Oh…Oh…”

Then she stiffened her body let go of my cock that was still in my underwear and grabbed my head from my hair and pushed my head as if she was trying to put it in there.

Now let me take care of that cock of yours. She turned and took my underwear off and with thinking again she engulfed my cock in her mouth and began to fuck it slowly. She licked my balls and then my cock again. I was about to blow up but I didn’t because I stopped her.

“I want to fuck you mom. I want to fuck your pussy now!”

She wasn’t going to deny my wish and she turned around and sat on my cock facing me. I was at the very bottom of her in no time. I grabbed her breasts with my hands and squeezed them gently and pinching her nipples while she was fucking my cock then she was about to climax and brought her head to mine and put her mouth wide open to mine that was also open. She screamed her orgasm in my mouth as I shot my load in her pussy.

Her saliva was running all over my face and in my mouth as my still hard cock kept fucking her while our come was running down on my cock out of her pussy and was getting very nasty and sticky in her vagina and we both loved it.

“I love the way you fuck my come filled pussy after we both come and I love it being so sticky and slippery at the same time.”

We kissed and she slowly brought her self to 7 (believe it or not) orgasms. kartal escort bayan When I finally shot my load in her pussy once again, she cried in my face kissing me over and over again telling me how happy I had made her. We fell asleep like that and when I woke up she was still on top of me. I kissed her on her shoulder.

“Mom, wake up! You don’t want dad to find us like this!”

“I know sweetheart even to be honest I really don’t care this moment because I feel filled and happy!”

“Mom my cock is hard for you again! I want you again before dad wakes up!”

“Darling my pussy is so dead I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I will take care of your young cock!”

She kissed her way down to my cock and began sucking on it with such care and love. I rubbed and squeezed her tit by stretching my arms. Then she blew my mind off when she got up and lied next to me on my pillow.

“Climb over mommy! Let mommy suck your cock while you fuck my tits.”

My cock was lost in her breasts and I would fuck her mouth with the head of my cock on every stroke and I was coming to the point of no return.

“Mom, I am going to come.”

I came all over her face and tits and neck and hair and in her mouth! My come was all over her upper body. I couldn’t handle it and got off her breasts and kissed her with all my come over her lips and was not disgusted but in fact, I was turned on more and she was too because she was moaning on my mouth.

But my cock was still hard and I needed to fuck her badly again and I was not going to fuck her pussy but her ass.

“Mom, I am still hard and I am going to fuck your ass! I got fuck your ass and come in it!”

“Yes sweetheart, fuck your mother ass.”

I went down on her and licked her pussy that was sticky from our come and the smell was intense. Then I began to lick her anus fast and sloppy all over. When I stuck my tongue in it she sighed and moaned.

“Yes, T, lick mommy’s ass hole, lick it good and fucks it.”

I spat so much that my saliva was running out of her butt hole. I climbed over her and placed my cock on her anus and after a few strokes he was completely lost in her ass.

“Oh my baby, it feels so good in my ass, yes… fuck mommy’s ass.”

I kissed her nipples and fucked her ass for at least ten minutes and then I shot my load in her ass and relaxed in her arms with my face and mouth on her nipples.

“Darling you love me so wonderful!”

“And I always will and you know it!”

We kissed and made out for a while and then she got up and went to take a shower to get the sex smell off of her and lucky we were that my father hadn’t noticed anything since he woke up noon that Sunday.

5 years later I married Patty and we actually got along really good together and my new little sister (daughter) was being happily raised by my parents. I visited my mom and daughter almost every day and I fucked my mother anytime we found our selves alone. I know this will go on for long and I can’t wait to tell my little girl the truth about me and my mother. When she grows and is ready then I will tell her. And my mom agrees to that too!

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