Taking a Chance with Ally

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Ally spotted her father at one of the tables in the food court. They were supposed to meet there an hour after going their separate ways, but she was almost a half hour late and hoping he wouldn’t be mad, especially after giving her one of his credit cards to shop with. After saying she could spend however much she wanted, he’d probably set the time limit to keep her from doing too much damage. She wasn’t sure how much she’d spent, but it was a lot. Yet everything she bought she’d picked out with him in mind. When he looked up and saw her coming, she could tell he wasn’t mad, only rolling his eyes comically. Otherwise, he was looking at her in that way he had of making her feel like the only eighteen-year-old girl in existence.

“Daddy I’m so sorry I’m late. I hope you haven’t been waiting long,” she said as she sat across the small table from him.

Steve chuckled briefly. “I knew you’d be late. I’ve barely been here five minutes.”

Ally smiled and noticed him checking out her bags, which must have looked incredibly small considering the amount of time she was on her own with his credit card. There was more in them than their sizes made it look, but she’d spent almost all the time in lingerie sections, and the VS bag was unmistakable. Steve raised a brow when he spotted it, but then he quickly turned his attention back on her face.

Now his eyes were drifting toward the gap where the big shirt she was wearing was unbuttoned. She had on one of his white button-down shirts. It fit her like a short dress, but she only had a couple of the buttons fastened. Underneath she was wearing a tight, white tank top, very low cut with spaghetti straps, without a bra, and white yoga shorts.

The tank top and shorts were for her father. The overshirt was a compromise for going out in public. She left it mostly open because she needed to see how Steve was going to react. More and more lately, she’d noticed him looking at her body in the skimpier outfits she wore mostly around home. She loved the way her daddy’s attention made her feel, and the more she got the more she wanted.

There were a few times she’d stopped to wonder if she was being greedy. The answer always turned out to be yes, even if she was still unsure of how greedy she was being. She’d been careful talking about her thoughts with her friends, but she’d become anxious to know how other girls her age felt about their fathers. She was afraid she might even be a little obsessed with him, but he was charming and handsome and even some of her friends had repeatedly said they thought he was hot. A couple had joked about how they could get their fathers to say yes to anything when they put on something sexy and flirted.

In the end, Ally figured none of her friends would ever admit if they felt the same way about their dads that she did. She wasn’t about to admit it to them, so why should they admit it to her? She just had to figure her way through this on her own. Considering the little shopping spree she’d just had, she realized she wasn’t really thinking rationally and just going on pure instinct.

As far as Ally was concerned, she could’ve sat there in the food court forever, surrounded by strangers while her father gazed through the gap in her overshirt. Her full, C cup tits were stretching the tank top fabric thin enough to let her russet colored areolas show through. Her thick nipples swelled and hardened under her father’s stare while her pulse began to race. When he finally raised his eyes to her face, he blushed, knowing he’d been caught staring. They both blushed and looked off in opposite directions, waiting for the weirdness of the moment to pass. Except to Ally, it didn’t feel weird at all. She didn’t want the feeling she had to pass.

Finally, her father looked back at her and lightly took hold of her wrist across the table. “Did you get everything you need,” he asked, “or do you need to keep going for a little while longer?”

“I guess I have what I need for now,” she told him with a coy grin she couldn’t suppress. “But I do have to use bathroom.”

She got up to head for the ladies room, taking one of the bags with her. Several heads turned to watch her as she walked through the food court, but the extra little sway in her hips was for her father. The way he’d looked at her smooth legs when she got out of her seat had made her whole body feel warm.

When she got into the ladies’ room, Ally went into a stall and slid her yoga shorts down and off. She took a brief moment to brush her fingers over her freshly shaved mound, and then went through the small bag. There were eight pair of brand new panties in it, but she fished out the bright, turquoise thong and pulled it up her beautifully shaped legs. It felt incredible, the material had just the right amount of stretch to it to fit snugly and cup her pussy perfectly. She felt her mound through the material and could’ve ended up fingering herself right there in the stall if she weren’t just as eager to get back to her father.

Finally, Ally pulled her bostancı escort thin, white yoga shorts back on and double checked to make sure the thong showed through them as much as she’d thought when she picked them out. No one would see them with her father’s big shirt covering her ass, but later, once they got out of the crowded mall, she would have Daddy all to herself. He was going to get to see what no one else was allowed to.

If she didn’t chicken out.

Walking back to where her handsome father was waiting, Ally’s heart was racing. She’d been thinking about this for a long time, and she was afraid if she went too far her father might think she was crazy, but every time she saw the way he looked at her it was worth the risk. He was her dad. Even if he thought she was crazy he’d still love her.

That’s what fathers were supposed to do, wasn’t it?

Steve got up from his seat just as Ally got back to their table.

“Are you sure you’re all finished for today?” he asked before she had a chance to sit.

“Oh…um…sure. I’m pretty sure I have everything I need for now,” she said. Under any other circumstances she would’ve been overjoyed to keep shopping for a while longer, but her mind was on other things today.

“Good,” he father smiled. He took her bags all in one hand and put his other around her waist and started to lead her out of the food court. “I was thinking we could have lunch together,” he added, “but I know a much better place.”

Ally was happy to get away from the crowd and follow her father wherever he wanted to go. She tucked herself as snugly into his large body as she could while they walked, relishing the feeling of his strong arm curling around her.

When they got to the parking garage, Ally slipped into the passenger’s seat while her father put her shopping bags in the trunk. She had the buttons of her over-shirt undone before he got in, and let the sides of the shirt fall open to expose more of the revealing outfit she had on underneath. Her pulse was going crazy and her nipples were hard as she waited to see how her father was going to react.

Steve got into the driver’s seat and looked at his daughter with a smile. Then he noticed how her over-shirt was open, and his eyes slowly drifted over her body. The shape of her swollen nipples was clearly defined in the thin fabric of her tank top, along with the shadowy outlines of her aureoles. The outline of her new thong was also clearly visible through her yoga shorts, and the girl was suddenly afraid she was going to end up with a huge cream stain between her legs if her father looked at her too long.

The silence in the car was thick as fog. Steve didn’t break it and just started the car, driving out of the parking garage while Ally wished he’d say anything, even if he just wanted to talk about the weather. It was driving her crazy to know he had to be thinking about her and was keeping his thoughts to himself.

She finally broke the agonizing silence herself.

“So, um, where are we going to lunch?”

Her father simply cast a sidelong glance at her, his brow slightly raised, his eyes roaming over her beautifully, half-exposed tits and the outline of her thong before settling back on the street. It felt almost as if he were purposely trying to drive her crazy with nerves.

“I’m not sure,” he finally replied. “If you’re going to leave your dress unbuttoned then there aren’t many places your outfit is appropriate for.”

“It’s not a dress, Daddy. It’s one of your shirts,” she corrected.

Steve chuckled briefly. “I know, baby. There are almost as many of my clothes in your room as mine.”

“I can’t help it,” she replied, half pouting. “It makes me feel close to you even when you’re not around.”

The smile that broke out on her father’s face made Ally almost as good as when he called her baby.

“I guess I never told you how much I love that,” he said.

Ally actually blushed, but she didn’t know when she’d felt so happy. She almost felt like she did those times she’d snuggle up to him on the couch with the TV on, and he’d drape his arm over her shoulder with his large hand dangling so close to the swell of her full breast. She lost count of the times she’d wished he’d let his hand fall right on top of her boob and start fondling her.

They rode on in silence a couple of minutes, until Steve finally told his daughter he knew just the right place for lunch.

“How hungry are you?” he asked.

“A little. Why?”

“Because it’ll take a little while to get where I’m thinking of.”

“Oh Daddy, now we have to go there. You have me really curious.”

Steve smiled and within a few minutes he was driving onto the freeway, making Ally even more curious about where he was taking her. They were on the road for at least the next forty minutes, and distracted themselves with talk about Ally starting college in another month. But her father never stopped checking out the outline of the brand new thong panties showing ümraniye escort bayan through her yoga shorts every chance he got.

Ally’s pussy started to feel so hot and tingly she wished her father would just reach between her shapely thighs and start rubbing her mound. She wished she knew how to tell him what she wanted, but she was far from having the courage yet. As it was, it took every ounce of nerves she had just to dress for him the way she had.

She was relieved when he finally got off the freeway and followed a windy series of back roads until he pulled into a small, gravel parking lot near a beachside snack bar. Ally had no idea the place ever existed. It was a little funky but it looked nice, and there weren’t many people around.

They got out of the car, and Ally slipped off her father’s big shirt while he was walking over to the stand. The beach was the perfect place. It was as if her father were purposely offering her an opportunity to strip down to the most revealing part of her outfit she could get away with. She even had a couple of brand new bikinis in her shopping bags that would make her daddy’s eyes bulge, and hopefully his cock, too. If she could get him to go hang out on the beach after they ate she could easily slip into the public bathrooms and change.

With her nerves jangling, she slid up next to him while he was looking over the menu at the snack bar counter. She pushed her full boobs against him and he put his arm around her body, pulling her tightly to his side. Ally’s heart rate jumped a notch just at the feeling of her braless globes rubbing her father’s body through their clothes.

Steve looked at his daughter with a loving smile and asked what she wanted. She shrugged and said, “Whatever.”

He ordered a couple of burgers and fries along with a couple of drinks. They waited by the window while the girl behind the counter started cooking their order. Ally caught her father checking out the girl’s ass a couple of times, and she was surprised that she very nearly elbowed him in the ribs. She thought she was doing a good job of hiding her feelings until Steve leaned down and whispered to her.

“You’re much hotter than she is, baby girl,” he breathed in her ear.

Ally felt her face flush when he called her baby girl. She looped her arms around him and made a point of mashing her braless tits against his body. She was happy when he didn’t move except to snug his arm around her more tightly. They held onto each other that way until the girl was setting their order on the counter. Ally hated to let go of her father, but they had to as they carried their orders to one of the picnic tables.

They sat across from each other, and Ally started blushing again when her father’s eyes settled on her. She kept thinking about the way he’d held onto her at the counter and called her baby girl in an intimate whisper, and even though there weren’t many people around, she was wishing they weren’t in public.

The way they both picked absent-mindedly at their food betrayed how distracted they really were. Ally’s dad had just said she was hot, for crying out loud. How could anyone think about anything else at a time like this? It wasn’t like he was the first person to say so, but he was her dad, it counted more than hearing it from anyone else. And now that she’d hear him say so once, she wanted to hear him say so again even more.

He had that quiet, thoughtful air about him that he got when he was thinking about saying something important, except this time he seemed a little anxious.

“Sweetie,” he finally said, then paused a long moment while Ally waited, her heart pounding. “I’m not sure how to say this, or even if I should, but…that thong you bought at the mall looks incredible on you. And this is really bad, but it’s so hot that you went into the ladies’ room to put it on.”

Ally felt her face burn. “H-how did you know?”

Her father chuckled briefly. “Because you definitely weren’t wearing it when we left the house.” His voice dropped to a husky whisper. “Daddy was paying attention.”

Ally’s pussy felt almost as hot as her face. “Yeah, but…”

“Baby, you haven’t exactly been shy about your body around me lately. And I want you to know I think it’s really sweet. Not to mention crazy sexy. So maybe we don’t need to pretend we’re both not totally aware of what’s going on.”

“Oh my god,” Ally barely breathed.

“It might be a little dangerous, though,” her father added. “Not that I care.”

“Umm, Daddy,” she paused and took a breath. “I don’t care, either.”

He could have shoved his hand in panties and started fingering her smooth pussy right then and there and she wouldn’t have made a move to stop him. She probably would have opened her legs even wider despite the fact that girl behind the snack counter kept looking over at them, and there was another couple sitting at one of the other tables.

With their food barely half-eaten, Steve gathered up the containers and tossed them kartal escort into the garbage barrel near the table.

“Wanna go to the beach for a while?” he asked as he turned back to her.

She loved the idea, and followed him back to the car where he always kept a beach blanket for impromptu beach visits like this one.

“I could wear one of the new bikinis you just bought me,” she giggled as he opened the trunk. She couldn’t wait to show them off for him.

He smiled and looked into one of the shopping bags, pulling up the miniscule tops and bottoms Ally had gotten. “These are hot,” he told her, “but you won’t need them where we’re going?”

Before Ally could say anything, her father placed his hand on the back of her head and eagerly kissed her mouth. She thought her heart would explode with excitement when his tongue slid into her welcoming mouth. She sucked happily on her father’s tongue and swirled her own around it. Without thinking of what she was doing, she reached between his legs and felt the bulge under his pants. He gasped into her mouth when she touched him, but then he pulled back from the kiss.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” he said, grinning.

He closed the trunk and carried the blanket toward the beach. Ally followed closely and latched onto his free arm as they walked onto the sand. A few paces along, he put his arm around her body and held her closer as they walked. When his hand slipped down from her hip and held her ass cheek as they walked, Ally’s pussy flushed with sensation.

After walking a hundred yards or so, they had to walk around a jut of rocks. Ally spotted a small sign that said Clothing Optional Beyond This Point. She’d never been to a nude beach before, and the idea of her own father taking her to one by surprise made her heart race with excitement. It barely even seemed real.

There were even fewer people in the nude section, and Steve finally stopped and laid out the blanket at a discreet distance from any of the other sunbathers. They both took off their sandals and stood on the blanket looking at each other in a moment of hesitation.

Ally hardly knew what to do with herself. Between the way her father had kissed her back by the snack bar and the way he’d held onto her ass walking down the beach, she was on the verge of soaking her tiny, brand new thong.

Steve placed his hands on her shoulders and caught her eyes with his. “You don’t have to, but if we’re going to, this would be the time to take off our clothes.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she said softly, returning his gaze. “Help me.”

A low groan came back in reply as his hands went for the bottom hem of her tight tank top. She lifted her arms when he peeled it upward and off, exposing her full, round tits completely.

“Geezus,” her father muttered. “You have no idea.”

“No idea what, Daddy?”

“How many times I’ve thought about this. Or how many times I tried to imagine what those beautiful tits would look like. Or how much more amazing they are in reality than my imagination.”

Ally’s eyes watered when she thought of her father thinking about that way. She’d wondered if he ever had. So many times she’d caught a certain look in his eye when she noticed him staring at her. Now she was standing out on a beach in broad daylight with his large hands feeling her luscious orbs. Her pussy was pulsing with hot sensations while her nipples swelled up hard and thick.

“You can have them, Daddy,” she said. “Whenever you want.”

“You’re not thinking straight,” he said, although his hands never stopped moving over Ally’s naked tits. “And neither am I.”

“That’s okay, Daddy,” she replied. “You don’t have to. I don’t even want you to.”

“Fuck,” he muttered, squeezing her full tits almost roughly.

Just having him touching her boobs was making her feel like her heart was about to explode, but she broke contact as she pushed her clinging shorts down her legs. But she was still wearing the tiny thong she’d gotten at the mall earlier, wanting her father to see how it looked on her. She stood back and let him look all he wanted while he started unbuttoning his shirt, keeping his eyes on her aching body.

She admired the way her father kept in such great shape. After he took his shirt off, she nearly fainted with excitement when he pushed his loose, drawstring pants and boxer briefs down and off. When he stood back up, his cock stood out proud and hard. It was the biggest cock she’d seen in person, and she was instantly consumed with wondering how it would feel and taste.

The next thing she knew her father was stroking his swollen cock right there on the beach. He already had precum dribbling out of the head and he was rubbing it up and down his thick shaft. He quickly looked around and Ally realized he was checking to make sure no one was paying too much attention to them. She understood, but her pussy was so achingly hot she was almost past the point of caring.

After a while, Steve sat down on the blanket, his stiff cock jutting up between his legs. He reached for his daughter’s hand and she let him guide her down beside him. Seconds later, he hooked his finger in the string of her thong and started to tug it down. She lifted her ass and let him peel the tiny thing off her smooth, wet pussy.

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