Swinging At Sea Ep. 02

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This is a continuation of Swinging At Sea. Reading Swinging At Sea Episode One will give you much needed context for this story and the characters.

As always this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control. Please forgive the creative liberties I took with the rules and regulations aboard cruise ships.


Blizzarde: First person narrator of this story. A wife seeking to rekindle romance and erotic fun with her husband.

Xander: My nearly forty-year-old husband who has taken me on a cruise.

Calliope and Zane: Former neighbors of ours who we run into our first night aboard.

As always I welcome your comments. I hope you enjoy reading!


Second Day Aboard

I stood in the hot water longer than I had intended to, but after the night I’d had last night I felt like I deserved a steamy shower.

I smiled to myself as I remembered what I’d done. For the first time in my marriage I’d fucked a man who wasn’t my husband. And not just fucked. His wife had jerked him off onto my face and shortly after that he’d had his mouth on my anus.

I couldn’t decide if I’d had three orgasms last night or five. It was possible that while Zane was fucking me I’d had three pretty good orgasms, or maybe just one that had been really good and had gone on and on and on.

“Doesn’t matter,” I thought to myself. “Either way it was the most pleasure I’d had all at once in a long time.”

I turned the water off and patted myself dry with a towel, using the hair dryer to get the worst of the dampness from my hair.

Naked I padded around the corner into our cabin, and stood for a moment in front of the bright morning sun pouring in through the patio door. The air smelled clean and salty and the breeze was warm and refreshing.

I couldn’t decide if I was hungry or just wanted coffee, but either way I knew that would involve getting dressed and venturing out of the cabin. Besides sooner or later I’d have to figure out where my husband was. Although if he’d slept in Calliope’s bed overnight he’d most likely woken up with the same erection he had every morning. I had no doubt what that would lead to between the two of them.

Grateful that we’d unpacked yesterday when we’d gotten aboard I slid open the dresser drawer and pulled out a sports bra.

I was still holding it in my hand when I heard the door lock buzz and then the door opened.

“Good morning!” said Calliope. She came in holding two cups of coffee and pushed the door shut with her foot.

“I was just thinking about you.” I said with a laugh.

“That’s a great way to be greeted by a beautiful naked woman.” She said, breaking into a smile.

“Actually I was wondering where my husband was,” I said, “and assumed he’d woken up horny. I figured the two of you might be busy fucking each other.”

She handed me a cup of coffee and I dropped the bra on top of the dresser and pried the lid off. The coffee smelled wonderful and I took a sip, forgetting everything but the caffeine for several seconds.

“You know your husband very well.” She said. “Right as I knocked on your door I felt another trickle of his cum run down my thigh.”

“You’ve had a more fun morning than I have.” I said. “All I did was wake up and take a shower.”

“Were you awake before Zane left?” she asked.

“I wasn’t.” I said. “In fact I think I fell asleep with his cock in me, and woke up with him gone. Not just from on top of me, but gone from the whole cabin.”

“He’s on some crazy workout regimen,” she said with a chuckle, “up insanely early to workout.”

“Did you have breakfast yet?” I asked her.

“I’m not really a breakfast person,” she said, gesturing with her coffee cup, “just some caffeine and I’m all set.”

“So where did my husband get off to?” I asked. “Or did he fall back asleep after his orgasm?”

“He went up to the pool. He was going to come check on you but I volunteered to do that.” Calliope said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

I pulled one of the deck chairs in from the patio and sat down in it, propping my feet up on the corner of the bed.

“I sure am glad that you and Zane showed up here.” I told her. “I think seeing you guys was just the thing to ensure that we took this step.”

“Oh really?” she asked.

“I’m sure we would have had lots of sex on this cruise.” I told her. “After all Xander gets horny if the wind blows just right. But it might have taken a bit more than just this cruise to get us back to where we were a year ago.”

“Having your sister with you really set you guys back huh?” she asked.

“It did.” I admitted. “And of course I love her and wouldn’t have had her stay any place else. But she was really messed up. There were some days where she and I sat at the kitchen table and talked from the time Xander left for work until he got home.”

“Sounds like she needed you.” Calliope said.

“She did.” I agreed. “And Xander erotik film izle was great with her. He genuinely likes her and they get along great. But she was so depressed that I think it rubbed off on me a bit. I found it easier to just go through the motions rather than be horny with him.”

“We all have our seasons like that Blizzarde.” She said.

“That’s probably true. But a year ago we came back from the swingers club and fucked in the garage. After me sucking him off in the car on the way home.” I told her. “The next day we fucked over and over and over. And suddenly my sister moved in and everything kind of stopped. I was worried that we’d never get back to that point.”

“You guys seemed to do just fine last night.” Calliope said with a grin.

“Thanks to the two of you.” I said. “You were the right people at the right time with the right conversation.”

“Well I can’t speak for Zane,” she said, “but I certainly enjoyed myself.”

“So did I.” I said, finishing my coffee. “I certainly tried some things last night that I’d been wanting to try for a very long time.”

“And what else would you like to try Blizzarde?” she asked me.

“If I’m going to be honest I have a whole list.” I said softly. “Things that turn me on. Things that interest me. Things that I’ve always been curious about.”

Calliope turned towards me, and she scooted forward slightly on the bed, allowing the bottom of her summer dress to ride up just enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“So what is turning you on this morning?” she whispered. “What exactly are you interested in right now? And what are you curious about?”

Her eyes were roaming over my naked body, taking in my tight nipples, my flushed skin, and she purposely stared at my pussy lips for several long heartbeats before meeting my eyes with her own.

I felt my heart thudding in my chest and I felt a telltale surge of lusty wetness between my legs. I took a deep breath and tried to keep a tremor out of my voice.

“Remember what you said last night Calliope?” I asked her. “About taking our time and not having to experience everything right away?”

“Of course.” She said softly, giving me a reassuring smile.

“Well I have a definite…I guess you could call it a fantasy…an idea…something I’d like to…wow…” I stammered. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. Last night Calliope had taken a load of my husband’s cum in her mouth and then pushed it into my mouth with her tongue. And now I was stammering around like a virgin who was afraid the mere mention of the word sex would offend her.

“Oh honey!” she said, motioning me to join her on the bed. “Come here and sit with me. Don’t be nervous. You can tell me anything. You know that.”

I got up and joined her on the bed, the two of us settling at the head of the bed with our backs against the headboard. A gentle breeze blew in through the open patio door and the room was pleasantly cool. The sky had clouded over, so it had gotten gray outside which gave the cabin a twilight feeling even though it was still morning.

“I’m not sure why I’m so nervous.” I told her. “I guess maybe last night was spontaneous sex, and now I’m suddenly looking at the possibility of a long held fantasy coming true and I’m afraid I might screw it up.”

“Oh Blizzarde,” she whispered, putting an arm around my shoulders and pulling me in close to her, “whatever it is, you can tell me. And I meant what I said, there really is no rush to live out every fantasy you’ve ever had. You have the rest of your life to make them all come true.”

She gave me a gentle kiss on the temple, and I sank in closer to her still aware that I was very naked. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“This fantasy is about you.” I said softly.

She was quiet for a moment, and I began to wonder if I’d somehow crossed some sort of line. I knew that sometimes swinging got complicated when people mixed up sexual feelings with romantic ones, and even though Xander and I had discussed those things quite a bit we’d had no conversations with Zane and Calliope about them.

I hadn’t really felt her move, but I was suddenly aware of her hand cupping the underside of my breast and I felt her warm breath against my neck.

“Tell me.” She whispered. “What is your fantasy?”

I took a deep breath and swallowed, aware that she could probably hear my heart thudding.

“Remember our early morning coffee conversations?” I asked her. “After Zane and Xander had both left for work?”

“I do.” She murmured. “The two of us could sit and talk for hours. As I recall we often ended up talking about sex.”

“One time we talked about masturbation.” I closed my eyes in an attempt to be less nervous, but instead I flashed back to the two of us sitting poolside, her breasts barely contained in her two piece bikini and the feeling of lustful confusion I had back then staring at her.

“Just one time?” she giggled.

“Okay,” I conceded, “several times. But the first film izle time you told me that you masturbated nearly every day.”

“Still true.” She whispered. She hadn’t moved her hand since placing it on my breast, and I was tingling as the need for her to touch me more grew within me.

“After you went home that morning I went to my bedroom and made myself orgasm. Over and over and over.” I told her.

“Mmmm,” she murmured as her lips brushed my neck.

“I kept wishing you were with me.” I said. “That you were masturbating right next to me. That we were holding each other and kissing and watching each other as we came.”

“I used to masturbate too Blizzarde.” She whispered. “After some of those hot conversations I’d go home and wish you were into women so you and I could play together.”

“I wanted to.” I confessed. “So badly. I used to want to masturbate in front of you. And I wanted to watch you.”

“Is that your fantasy?” she asked softly, sliding her hand up a fraction of an inch. “To watch me masturbate?”

“To hold you while you cum.” I told her, turning my face and looking her in the eyes. “To share your orgasm with you. And to have you share mine.”

She pushed her lips to mine and I closed my eyes again as I felt her tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and kissed her back, reaching out to wrap my arms around her.

But she pulled away and stood up, pulling her sundress over her head and putting it on the dresser. She moved the deck chair to the foot of the bed and sat down in it, with her legs stretched out on the bed. She grinned and spread her legs, giving me an erotic view of her body. She moved her legs so that our feet were touching, and we sat like that, smiling at each other in the soft light.

“How do you masturbate Blizzarde?” she asked softly. “Laying down or sitting up?”

“It depends,” I said, “sometimes I lay on my back and just let my fingers roam, but sometimes I like to sit up and watch my face in the mirrored closet doors.”

She had started to trace her finger along her inner thighs, moving in a soft figure eight pattern, slowly moving closer and closer to her pussy. I took my hand and let my fingers rest on my stomach, lightly scratching myself with my fingernails and feeling a shiver of need course through me.

“Do you watch your face when you cum?” she asked.

“Sometimes.” I replied. “It’s a part of my fantasy, since I love to watch people orgasm.”

“Do you watch porn?” she asked.

“Once in a while, when I’m in a really visual mood.” I told her.

“What do you like to watch when you do?” she asked, her fingers lightly feathering over her slit.

“Women masturbating mostly.” I told her. “Sometimes lesbians kissing each other.”

“Do you make yourself orgasm while you watch or do you just use them to get yourself wet?” she asked, dragging her finger slowly up her pussy lips.

I could tell that I was soaking wet, and I boldly took both hands and used my fingers to spread my lips, savoring the feeling of the ocean breeze wafting through the window and against my hot slippery wetness.

“If I make myself cum I try to time it so I lose control when the girl in the video does.” I said, watching Calliope as she stared at my cunt. “But sometimes I get so horny watching that I turn off the video and just let my imagination take over.”

“I do the same thing.” She grunted, trying to talk as her body tensed from the finger she was using to circle her clitoris.

“Sometimes I put one of my toys on a pillow and straddle it, grinding until I go over the edge.” I said.

“I love doing that.” She said, closing her eyes as her finger increased its speed around her clit.

I slid two fingers into my slick hole and then brought them to my clit, teasing them over the stiff button and feeling pleasure radiate out as I watched Calliope tense with pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered, “I’m so close already. I could cum just watching you.”

Calliope opened her eyes and sat up. She moved from the chair to the bed, and put her left leg under my right leg and her right leg over my left. With her own cunt inches from mine she began rubbing herself again.

“Do it Blizzarde.” She moaned. “Make yourself cum for me.”

My fingers flew over my clit faster, and I felt myself clench as my pleasure built towards a peak. I began to pant, and without thinking my other hand found my breast and began to rub my nipple.

“It’s feeling so good.” I grunted. “I’m getting close.”

“Show me Blizzarde.” She whispered. “I want to see it happen.”

“I can’t help it.” I said, my voice pitched higher than normal as I felt waves of erotic tension wash through me. “I think I’m going to cum!”

I suddenly felt a sensation of liquid heat on my other breast, and as my orgasm began to well up I realized that Calliope was gently pinching my nipple, with fingers that were slippery with her own arousal.

That was the erotic drop that caused my control to spill, and I began to shake as I humped against seks filmi izle my own hand.

“It’s happening! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I choked back a scream and lost myself in the pleasure, feeling my orgasm roar through me as my clit throbbed against my fingers.

As suddenly as it started it began to fade, leaving me gasping for breath and physically hungry for more.

Calliope leaned forward and kissed me, putting her arms around me in an embrace and pulling me, so that she was on her back and I was beside her holding her. She took hold of my wrist and guided my hand towards her face.

She took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of my cunt juice from my fingers.

“Hold me Blizzarde.” She begged. “Watch me cum for you.” Her tongue curled out and caught one of my slick fingers and she closed her eyes with the sensual delight of tasting my cum.

I pushed my fingers against her mouth and hugged her tight with my other arm, as I saw her fingers begin to dance over her vaginal lips and clitoris with needful passion.

Her body rocked against me, and I held her close and stared into her eyes as her orgasm got closer and closer while she sucked my fingers.

I felt my own body respond with need and I ached to touch myself some more, but I didn’t want to miss even one second of the lead up to her pleasure. I shifted against her and felt my own arousal run down my cleft and trickle over my thigh towards the mattress.

We were staring into each other’s eyes while she humped her hips against the bed, riding her approaching orgasm and moaning softly around my fingers.

I pulled my fingers from her mouth and began to rub her swollen nipple as quick as I could, and I bent towards her for a quick kiss.

“Yes!” she whispered against my mouth. “I’m ready! It’s gonna happen!”

I pulled my face away and glanced towards her fingers, watching them blur as she rubbed herself. I could hear the slippery sound as they slid over her wet hole, and I looked back into her eyes.

“Cum for me. Please.” I whispered.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and her whole body tensed as she began to spasm against me.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes.” She moaned with her eyes screwed shut.

I pinched her nipple hard and pressed myself against her, pinning her to the mattress as she began to whimper.

She opened her eyes and I felt her fingers on my inner thigh, and they probed along my pussy until suddenly her fingers were pushing into me and flicking against my clitoris.

“Touch me Blizzarde.” She begged. “Make me cum again. Please. I fucking need it. Please!”

I put my hand on her stomach and pushed it down, cupping her cunt for a delicious moment before dragging my fingers through her leaking arousal and using that liquid to circle her clit.

I felt her fingers working against my clit, and my hips began to move as another orgasm began to build inside of me.

With one arm still around her I pulled her tighter to me, and she tangled her free hand in my hair and pulled my mouth to hers as our bodies began to grind together in the same needy rhythm.

Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I closed my eyes to the ectstasy and intimacy and heat and lust and fire and want and clenching rapture as I kissed her back as I felt the my body begin to lose control.

“I’m going to cum again.” She whispered, her lips moving against mine.

“Me too.” I moaned into her mouth. “I’m going to cum with you Calliope.”

“Oh Blizzarde! Oh yes! Cum with me! Now! Now! Fuckyesnow!” she screamed the words into my mouth.

I felt her buck wildly underneath me as my own body heaved in that split second of suspended pleasure between loss of control and the start of orgasm, and then we were screaming together, pushing against each other and pulling ourselves closer to each other, each of us falling through physical pleasure that we couldn’t control.

After what felt like an eternity of quiet stillness, she stirred beneath me, and began to kiss me passionately again. Our bodies were covered with sweat and we both still had fingers pressed against the others wet cunts.

She rolled me over and got on top of me, kissing me and holding me and prolonging that emotional feeling that connects to and rides on physical release.

We stayed that way for long minutes, our hands running over each others bodies as we savored the slow intimacy of a deep lingering kiss.

Eventually she took my hand and pulled me to the edge of the bed, standing and pulling me along to the bathroom, where she stepped into the shower and I crowded in with her.

She reached behind me and turned the knob, starting the flow of water over us. It surged out of the showerhead icy cold and I yelped and jumped against her, and she grabbed me tight and aggressively kissed me, and I forgot the cold as we entwined ourselves together in the dark room shower stall with the water roaring down onto us.

Eventually the water warmed, and we took turns soaping and lathering and scrubbing each other with our hands, touching every place and alternating between giggles and gasps while we got clean.

We had just stepped out of the shower and we grabbing towels when the door to the cabin opened and Xander came in.

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