Sultry Tales 03 – Ashley’s Game

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Thank you for all the love with the first two episodes in this new series. It is humbling. This next episode picks up and builds from the last, with a focus on Ashley. If you haven’t read them yet, you may find it helpful to read episodes one and two first. As with the first two, all the characters in this series are real people. Their first names, descriptions and many of the details are true and accurate, which adds to the fun. Enjoy!


How do I get myself in these situations? I was surrounded by the four college guys in their hotel room. I had just left Peter’s room after closing his deal through my performance offering myself for an all-night sex marathon with Cliff, Peter and Brandon. I have to admit, I was amazing. I could tell Cliff was pleased and impressed.

My work was done. I stepped out of the hotel room and into the hallway. The moment the door to Peter’s suite closed and locked behind me, the four college guys stepped out of the elevator after breakfast. I was stranded in the hallway with nothing on but the short plush hotel robe and my heels. Both the robe and my heels showed off my long legs. It was all I had to wear. The dress I started the evening with the night before was now long gone.

The four guys immediately recognized me as the one Cliff allowed them to grope in the same hallway the night before. Cliff enjoyed humiliating me by teasing them with my body. Was it fate that they stepped off the elevator just as I was alone in the hallway wearing almost nothing? Their eyes grew big when they saw me. I soon realized it was not just their eyes that were getting big. They took my arm and pleaded for me to come back to their room with them. I could have resisted, but didn’t. Maybe I felt sorry for them. Maybe I was so exhausted, I wasn’t able to make good decisions. Maybe it was becoming harder for me to say no to being used. Maybe I was excited that these four college guys wanted me so badly. Maybe deep down, I wanted them as much as they wanted me.

Whatever it was, the shower I had just taken was useless. It didn’t take long for me to be covered and filled again with cum, this time from these four virile studs who were horny and insatiable as I remember being in college. I had never been taken by four guys before. I had also never seen more cum. What wasn’t on me was in me. The only reason they stopped was the hotel required them to be out by 11:00. I didn’t even have time for another shower.

After they were done with me, the five of us got in the elevator. Just before the elevator doors closed, a hand reached in to stop it from closing. I blushed and looked down when Cliff, Peter and Brandon stepped into the elevator with us. Cliff looked at me, looked at the four guys and then looked at me again. He could see and smell the cum on me. “You’re such a slut” he said. “I’d call you a whore, but I bet you gave it away.”

My cheeks reddened more. I couldn’t deny it. I didn’t say anything.

“Give me Ashley,” he said, “or I’ll own your ass forever. Last night was just the beginning.”

“I have an idea how I can get her,” I whispered sheepishly.


She’s competitive.”

“With what?” he asked.

“Everything, especially with sports: softball, golf, tennis,…”

“Great. Set up a golf game Tell her that if she wins, you’re free. It won’t be true. But if she loses, she takes your place. She’ll become my new little slut, with no limits.”

“She hates to lose.”

“Will she do it?”

“I’ll try. She gets very competitive when there’s a lot at stake.”

“You have 24 hours.”

I nodded dutifully. I was surprised how much I had enjoyed the last 36 hours being used by Cliff. But something in me relished the idea of Ashley taking my place. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“It’s your ass on the line,” he said as stepped out of the elevator with Peter and Brandon. The three walked away, leaving me behind like trash. Their deal was done and finalized. The other four guys looked back at me as they walked off high-fiving each other.

I felt like a slut standing there. I left my car with the valet the night before. I would need to retrieve it wearing only the robe. The valet took in the full view of my body as I tried to maneuver into the front seat of my car modestly. It was no use. The front of the small robe fell open as I lowered myself into the seat, while the bottom of the robe rose and exposed my ass as I sat down. I knew he could see and smell that my body was caked with cum. I blushed, smiled and gave him five dollars.

As I drove home, I realized Ashley was a big part of why I was in this predicament. It was at the wedding two nights before. We were both blissfully drunk and having fun when she dared me. It started out with a bet saying I couldn’t get the guy at the bar to kiss me. I laughed, saying I knew I could get him to fuck me if I wanted. She pushed me by betting $100 I couldn’t. I said I’d do it for $300. She offered $200. I accepted the lower amount. Ashley said I would need pics to prove eryaman genç escort I fucked him. It was Ashley’s fault that I asked Cliff for to take some pics after our night of non-stop sex. He agreed and even included a video. I used him to win the bet with Ashley.

It was impossible for me to know that Cliff was friends with my boss, the CEO of the mortgage company I work for. How could I know he would turn the tables on me? I had used him, now he returned the favor. He gave me the choice of having my pics and video shared with my boss and co-workers that would get me fired or to willingly become his sex toy without limits. It all started because of Ashley. I called Ashley on my way home from the hotel.

“Hi Katie,” she said, picking up the phone with my name blazoned on her caller id. “How’d your second night with Cliff go?”

“Amazing,” I answered. “I’ve never been fucked better or more than the last 12 hours.” It was true. I didn’t need to share yet that I was used by seven men in two hotel rooms.

“Damn, he sounds amazing.”

“He is. Which is why I’m calling. Can you come over to my place in an hour?”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I’ll tell you then. Bring your open mind.”

When I got home, I kicked my heels off and let the robe drop to the floor. I took a long hot bubble bath. I let the suds soak the cum off my body as I laid back and reflected on the last 15 hours. I couldn’t help but be aroused at the flood of memories. It wasn’t just that these men had their way with me, but I offered myself to them. My long fingers found their way between my thighs, softly stroking my tender folds. My mind battled with my body. How could I think about cumming again after being used non-stop all night and morning? Despite the thoughts in my head, my body pleaded for more. I reached up and squeezed one of my nipples while my other fingers knew exactly how to pleasure myself. “Fuck, I’m becoming such a slut,” I thought to myself. I smiled at the thought. I couldn’t deny the last 40 hours were filled with the best sex of my life. Could it be that the secret to real pleasure isn’t by being in control, but surrendering myself for the pleasure of others?

My fingers gradually increased their pace, luring me closer to climax. I closed my eyes. My fingers and hands glided over my slippery soapy body. My mouth gaped open with a gasp as the climax in me grew larger like an approaching train. My breathing quickened. I moaned loudly in the sanctity of my own bathtub. My fingers slapped my pussy before plunging them again between the folds. My back arched against the tub as the orgasm crashed forcefully over me. Images of the last 40 hours flooded my mind as my body responded with what felt like all the orgasms of the last two days all climaxing at the same time. I screamed as the wave of euphoria flowed over me. My mind spun in dizzying circles as my ass splashed in the water. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I screamed. My eyes stayed closed. My fingers continued, luring a second climax on the heels of the first like a powerful aftershock.

I let out a huge sigh as my body finally slid blissfully limp into the hot sudsy water. I kept my eyes closed, allowing myself to enjoy the continuing buzz. I was satisfyingly exhausted. I basked in the gift and sheer pleasure of capping the events of the last day with the luxury of this “me” time.

“Damn, that was hot.”

My heart jumped out of my chest. Ashley’s voice was so familiar, I didn’t open my eyes. Damn. She just watched me. I felt my cheeks redden. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to make me hot watching you,” she said with a chuckle.

“What are you doing here? I said come over in an hour.”

“I did,” she answered. “It’s been an hour girl.”

I opened my eyes to see her standing there, with a lustful look in her eye I had only seen when we were out clubbing or hitting on guys. She was wearing a short top that showed off her abs with tight jeans, that showed off her ass. Her straight shoulder length hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled and as usual, her smile lit up her face.

“Oh sorry. I must have lost track of time.”

“You must have,” she said with her continuing smile and a wink.

I pulled the plug on the drain and stood up. The water dripped off my body as I picked up my towel and started drying off. I wrapped the towel around my body. She followed me as I moved into the bedroom and began to get dressed.

“So, it sounds like my little bet has paid off big time for you,” she said.

“You have no idea.”

“You’re welcome.”

“That’s why I wanted you to come over,” I replied. “It’s been amazing, but you got me into this.”

“What are friends for?”

“It’s more than that,” I said. “It has been amazing. It is amazing. I’ve never had more or better sex.”

“I should be so lucky,” Ashley answered.

“You should,” I said. “He wants you.”


“Yep. He wants you,” I repeated. “And I need your help.”

“He wants me? ankara escort bayan He’s too much for you to handle?” she asked teasingly. “Need my help?”

“No, but yes. You know the pictures and video I sent you to prove I fucked him the first night?”

“Yes. They were hot.”

“We took them using his phone. He later told me he is good friends with Bob, my boss.”

“Oh shit.”

“Yeah. He gave me a choice. He said I could become his little plaything, doing anything he tells me, or he could make the pics go viral, making sure everyone at work, including Bob sees them.”

“Oh shit!”

“Yeah. There are all these regulations that don’t allow employees to fraternize with customers. If they got out, I’ll be fired.”

“Shit,” Ashley repeated. “What a jerk to do that to you.”

“That’s the thing. He’s not, at least not any more than I was to him,” I answered. “If you think of it, I used him before he used me. I used him to win your bet.”

“Yeah, but.”

“We used him, Ashley” I interrupted. “I mean, it’s not like he’s complaining.” I blushed again. “But we used him and it started with your bet.”

“Damn, Katie. I’m so sorry. It was just a…”

“But, he said he’ll give me a way out. It’s my only chance.”

“What do I have to do?”

“I told him you like to play golf. I didn’t tell him how good you are.”

Ashley smiled boastfully. “So?”

“He said he’d play you for my freedom. When you win, then he will destroy the pictures and video, promising never to share them with anyone. He’ll free me from being his little sex toy.”

“That’ll be easy,” she answered. “What if I lose?”

“You agree to take my place.”

“Take your place? Take your place as his plaything?”

“Yes, without any limits,” I clarified.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Either way, if I play, you get free, but I’d be putting my ass on the line.

“I put mine on the line for you and your bet. You are the one that got me into this Ashley. You’re my only way out. But when you win, we both walk away.”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m surprised you’re afraid. But, if you think you’ll lose, I understand.”

Ashley looked up with a glare in her eye. My words triggered her competitive drive. “No, I don’t,” she said. “I’m not afraid. I’ll beat his ass.”

“So, you’ll play? You won’t chicken out?”

“Damn right,” she answered. “What are the terms?”

“Here’s his number,” I said. “Whatever you two work out.”

Ashley called Cliff and put the call on speakerphone.


“Cliff, this is Katie’s friend Ashley. I understand you are offering a proposal, a little game with a wager for her freedom.”

“Hello Ashley. Yes, I am.”

“What are the terms?”

“Very simple,” his voice said. “18 holes. If you win, you and Katie walk away with no further obligations to me. I will destroy the pics and video of Katie and me. She is free.”

“And if you win?”

“If I win, you take her place, doing anything I ask without limits. Katie can fill you in on some of what that might require,” he added matter-of-factly.

Ashley looked over at me. His words didn’t come across as arrogant, but his calm tone heightened her competitive resolve. I looked back at her with wide puppy-dog eyes.

“Okay,” Ashley said. “We have a deal. When is this going to happen?”

“Very good. I have a friend who runs the Glen Oaks Country Club,” he said. “The latest tee time they schedule for 18 is 1:30. He’s already agreed to put us down for 2:00 tomorrow.”

“But I have to work?” Ashley argued.

“That’s not my problem, is it? I told Katie she had 24 hours. It’s either tomorrow or never.”

“Okay,” Ashley answered. “I’ll leave work early.”

“By the way, since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll be playing from the middle white tees. You are welcome to play from the ladies’ tees if you want.”

“Fuck you,” Ashley said. “We’ll play from the same tees. When we’re done, there will be no excuses.”

“I look forward to it,” Cliff answered. “I mean you fucking me. You decide what tees you want to play from. All I need now is a little collateral.”

“Collateral? My word is good.”

“I’m sure it is,” Cliff answered. “I’m not questioning that. But it’s good business practice.”


“You work at a bank, right? You’d never give a loan without collateral. It is reasonable to ask for collateral as reassurance.”

“What kind of collateral?”

“Take your clothes off and let Katie take some seductive pictures of you. Include a video promising your complete submission if you lose.”

“You wish!” Ashley shot back. “There’s no way I’m going to send you pics or video. I’ve heard what you do with them.”

“I understand your concern,” Cliff answered calmly. “Do you trust Katie?”


“Then have her take the pics and video with her phone. I’ll send her a link to a Google Drive for her to upload them to. She can use a password that only she knows to lock access to them. If you win, she deletes them from sincan escort the folder. If I win, she gives me the password. Agreed?

Ashley paused to answer.

“I understand your hesitation, thinking you might lose.”

“Fuck you,” Ashley shot back again. “I’m not going to lose.”

“Very good then. There must be at least five pics and a video with you saying your name and your promise to become my personal slut. I just sent Katie a link to the Google Drive for her to upload them to. You have ten minutes.”

Ashley looked at me. I looked back at her and nodded my head in agreement. “Deal,” I said.

Ashley’s eyes got big. There was a brief awkward pause, but her competitiveness got the best of her. “Deal,” she added.

“Good. You have ten minutes or the deal is off and Katie’s pics and video go viral.”

“Wait! They get shared if we don’t upload these?” I asked.

“I think Ashley needs a little extra motivation,” Cliff answered.

“No, I don’t,” Ashley answered. “The pics and video will be there.” Ashley hit the red button on the phone and ended the call. She took her top off, exposing her bare breasts beneath. She peeled her jeans off and then followed them with her thong. Her gorgeous 5’5″ body stood in front of me, completely naked.

“Show me some sexy,” I said, with my phone aimed at her. I quickly took five pics, showing off her whole body, focusing on her tits, pussy and ass. “Now for the video.”

“Shit,” she said.

“We’re running out of time, Ashley. They still need to upload.”

“My name is Ashley Vincent. I agree.” Ashley stopped. “There. That’s it.”

“No, it’s not, Ashley. You have to say what you are agreeing to. You need to make it slutty.”

“Whose side are you on?” Ashley asked.

“Both of ours,” I answered. “It has to be something he can use as real collateral. Get seductive. Imagine you’re doing one of those videos you use to make for Joey. I know you can be more convincing than that.”

Ashley blushed remembering the videos she used to make for her ex. She hesitated.

“Ashley, we’re running out of time. You got me into this. If you don’t do this now, you’ll also make me lose my job.”

“Fuck. Okay. Start the video.” Ashley looked at the camera. Her face changed and got seductive. “My name is Ashley Vincent. I promise.” Ashley’s hands moved freely across her body, pinching her nipples and toying with her pussy. “If I lose my golf game with Cliff, I voluntarily offer myself as his sex toy.”

I whispered, “without any limits.”

“Without any limits,” Ashley repeated.

I stopped the video.

“Damn, I can’t believe I just did that.”

“I know how you feel. I’ve felt that a lot the last two days, since meeting Cliff.” I immediately uploaded the pics and video to the link he sent me. In my hurry to beat the deadline with only seconds left, I forgot to password protect them.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow,” I said. “Let’s beat his ass.”

“We will,” she answered confidently. “Or at least I will,” she added boastfully. “It looks like he’s already enjoying beating yours.”

Ashley got off work at noon and we got to the exclusive private golf course about an hour early. Ashley wanted to hit some balls on the driving range to warm up. She was wearing a cute golf outfit that I knew she wore to distract Cliff while he played. Ashley’s competitiveness was not above using anything she had to her advantage. She wore a low-cut tight mid-riff brightly-colored paisley golf top with straps over her shoulders that crisscrossed in back. The top showed off her abs and the fact she was not wearing a bra beneath. She wore a short bright orange golf skirt that barely covered her perfect ass. Beneath was only a thong that showed off her ass anytime she picked up her golf ball from a hole.

“Damn, you look hot,” I complimented.

“Just want him to see what he’s going to lose when I beat his ass today,” she answered confidently.

After warming up, Ashley and I walked over to the first tee. The last group had a half hour head start.

Cliff drove up in a four-person golf cart. “Ladies, nice to see you. Beautiful day for a game, isn’t it?” He put his hand out toward Ashley while looking up and down her body admiringly. “I’m Cliff.”

“Yes, you are,” Ashley said. “I remember you from the wedding. I’m Ashley.”

“Nice to meet you. Can I load your bag on the back of the cart?”

“I got it,” she answered stubbornly.

“As they do at St. Andrews, I’ve got a bottle of scotch and some glasses to enjoy as we play. Anything else you’d like before we start?”

“Let’s do this,” Ashley said.

The first nine holes were pretty uneventful, other than some playful bantering. Ashley and Cliff both played well, usually hitting par. Ashley had three birdies, Cliff had one, giving Ashley a two-stroke lead, making her even more confident of the certainty of her win. I was in charge of recording their scores and pouring the scotch. As the game and scotch progressed, Cliff and Ashley grew more comfortable with each other, even secretly admiring each other’s golf games. It was obvious that Cliff also admired the view of Ashley’s body as she played. There was little left to the imagination. She looked hot. Ashley knew she had Cliff right where she wanted him.

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