Stapleton Ch. 03: A New Game

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The thought of her parents having sex was always a turn on for Amber and it was her first masturbatory fuel as well. When she discovered that her mother role-plays as her, her fantasies have gotten the best of her. Amber began fingering herself in public bathrooms while shopping, unable to even make it home. A week or two later she began rubbing herself out to pictures of her parents on her phone, taking new ones of them smiling and kissing. Recalling her dad’s orgasmic moan was enough to make her cum every time. Amber was growing hornier as the weeks went by. She was an adult but still felt playful. Amber was ready for a new game.

Get her parents to see her cum.

Waiting until the weekend when they were both home, Amber threw caution to the wind. She cleaned her room like a shrine to her new sexuality, removed her favorite black dildo from her Game Box and opened the door to her room and propped it open with a shoe. She laid clean and bare on her bed and began rubbing the dildo on her petite labia. The excitement brought the juices flowing quickly. From her bed, Amber leered at the doorway, curious as to who would discover her first.

Debra exited the shower in her bedroom and toweled off. Heading to the stairs in her towel, she heard faint sounds of imps in the air. Following the sound, she came to Amber’s room and peeked inside. Amber was sprawled out, a large dildo in one hand rubbing it on the outside of her gorgeous young pussy. The other hand grasping at her nipples, pulling at her plump yet petite bosom. Then Debra locked eyes with Amber. Amber locked eyes and shuttered. Debra’s eyes flew wide in astonishment. Amber looked at her mom and plunged the 9″black dildo deep inside herself, pumping it in and out of her slick wet snatch.

Debra was floored. She and her daughter just stood there in the predicament Amber set before them. Amber riding high on lust and adrenaline. Her mother just stood there watching was the hottest thing she had yet experienced.

“Uhhh” moaned Amber, snapping Debra out of the shock.

“You want me to shut the door?” awkwardly asked Debra, trying to diffuse the situation with humor.

“Ugh…No mommy”, replied Amber continuing her self-defilement without breaking stride.

“Okay” replied Debra with equal awkwardness.

Debra continued her walk down the stairs into the kitchen, shell-shocked by what she just witnessed, what she had participated in. She opened the fridge out of reflex, gazing inside but deep in thought.

“You okay, babe?” asked Ben. Debra looked at him smiling. The open fridge brought a cool breeze upon the pre-cum leaking down Debra’s leg. She was wet and leaking. She found it hot. Her daughter was always sexy but now… now she was a woman.

“Fine, honey. Come with me upstairs?” Debra’s mischievous look combined with her towel-only covering usually meant only one thing. Ben had been saving up for Mother’s Day tomorrow but an early celebration will not be given a second thought.

“Yes, ma’am” happily illegal bahis accepted Ben. The two made their way out of the kitchen and started up the stairs. Debra held back and let Ben lead the way. The playful nature she passed on to Amber came out and she wanted to see how Ben reacted to Ben discovering her like she did. Each step brought eager anticipation. Ben stopped short of Amber’s door.

“Hear that?” asked Ben quietly to Debra, unsure why he was whispering. Quiet squeaks of hedonistic pleasure escaped her room and floated into their ears. Debra urged Ben to peak in, knowing well what he was going to see. Ben looked inside to see his daughter in the thralls of masturbatory bliss. Her eyes squeezed shut as she let out various small moans. Debra, now dripping at watching her husband watch their daughter get off, shoved Ben from behind, shoving him into full view of Amber. Amber snapped open her eyes and caught her father’s gaze. Amber had his attention and pushed her over the edge.

Amber was cumming and cumming hard. Continuing along, she locked eyes with her father as her orgasm peaked. Her plan to have him walk in on her at the moment of climax was easier said than done. Ben just stared. His daughter’s legs: shaved, glossy and I’m the air, they shook as her toes curled in ecstasy, leading a straight line of sight to the foreign object stretching out her womanhood. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Her asshole convulsed as it was slowly covered with secretions from Amber’s snatch. Amber’s face was twisted in pleasure and offering.

Ben didn’t even realize he was getting hard watching Amber as she fucked herself unabashed in front of him. Snapping to, he nervously backed a step and closed the door. Unashamed, Amber continued to make herself cum. Burning the image into her memory.

“Oh God” Ben quietly exclaimed. “Why did you do that?!” Debra without a word grabbed his dick.

“You’re fucking hard!” retorted Debra with joyful surprise. “You dirty daddy, you.”

“I…I…” started Ben. Debra, without missing a beat, kissed him deeply. “I love you. I am going in there”

“What?!” asked a perplexed Ben.

“I’m going in there” stated Debra firmly. Before Ben could raise a single objection, Debra was standing at the foot of Amber’s bed, dropping her towel to the floor. Amber stopped momentarily and laid calmly back spread eagle. Leaving the dildo inside her convulsing hole. Debra pulled the dildo out slowly as Amber moaned with every vein of the life-like cock and plunged her tongue into her daughter for the first time. Amber’s sex tasted fleshy and sweet. Her cum tasted like her own but better. No professional at cunnilingus herself, Debra seemed to be doing it right as Amber writhed with every tongue lashing at her clit.

“Oh, mommy. Yes, mommy” shouted Amber as she clenched her mother’s head hard between her thighs as her first cunnilingus session felt like everything it was supposed to be. Ben watched Debra swallow Amber whole in the doorway. The sight was one illegal bahis siteleri to behold. Debra, a mouthful of Amber, waves Ben over.

One step after another, Ben exits the world he’s known and enters a new one. Amber reaches out and grabbed Ben’s now exposed dick and guided it lustfully to her mouth. The swirl of her incestuous tongue and eagerness to pleased made diamonds of his 10″ fuckstick. Amber had never seen it so close. His full bush tickled her nose as she attempted deepthroating such an enormous dick. Amber grabbed her father’s ass to let him know it was okay to go deeper. With a choke and a gasp later, Amber cried out in unholy ecstasy at her mother, still feasting on her sex with great success. Dozens of ropes of throat spit bridged the gap between Amber’s mouth and Ben’s throbbing hard-on. Thrashing in pleasure, the spit made it into Amber’s hair. Amber lunged out and took another throat full of daddy’s dick.

Amber’s pale red-knuckled hand grasped her father’s rod wrapped her fingers tightly around it. Her thumb barely met her fingers and it didn’t even cover half. Amber made long strokes as her father stood beside her bed, his cock hovered over to allow Amber to work her oral magic. Amber looked to her mother who had now made her ass and taint part of the menu. Amber was so close to cumming again but she felt the bowling pin in her fist and she wanted it inside her. Without thinking or unable to do so with her mother’s tongue slithering inside her, she blurted out her lustful request.

“I want dad. I want dad inside me,” begged Amber to her mom. Amber felt like it was her mom’s decision. Debra stopped immediately. She wanted to see this. Debra undocked her mouth and made her way to the chair beside Amber’s bed, not forgetting to grab her dildo in the transit.

“It’s not cheating if it’s your dad” Debra sex-splained to Amber. “We can share him, baby.” Ben crawled atop his young and drop dead gorgeous lover and looked into her eyes. Amber’s eyes screamed silently into her father’s and pleaded with his soul to fuck her. Ben hovered a moment before entering Amber then slipped his large dick pass her threshold and filled her young insides. Amber was hot and tight, her mother’s spit spilling out. Debra impaled herself with Amber’s dildo at the sight of Ben packing himself into Amber’s tiny little slit. Amber’s pussy accepted the girth of her father’s giant member but just barely.

“Yesss, daddy. Finally.” Amber said hungrily. “Fuck me. Use me, daddy. Fuck me with the dick that made me”

Ben came immediately. His grunts and moans bounced off the walls. He gazed at the beautiful woman under him as Amber felt the stream of semen rush into her. Her eyes widened as pump after pump flowed into her womb and splashed, gasping with each thrust. Amber had never had cum inside her before. The condoms of the past had kept Amber from the true bliss of pressure from the cumshot on her vaginal walls. Ben’s cum began seeping out as he continued to fuck Amber slow.

“Oh canlı bahis siteleri my God,” said Amber, still gasping. “Oh My God. I’m cumming, Daddy! I’m fucking cumming on your dick!”

Debra recognized the sound of her husband cumming and looked to their intertwined sex for confirmation. Clumps of Ben’s seed squeezed past his still-rock-hard cock and pooled at Amber’s ass on the bed. Debra felt the rush and immediacy of her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on Amber’s black dildo.

“I’m…I’m…” tried Debra.

Amber reached out her hand to join her mother in joy. Debra clasped Amber’s hand as her husband’s cum leaked out of her daughter’s sopping wet cunt. Ben’s load solidified her role as a cuckquean. Debra was sharing her husband with a hot young woman. Amber now their cuckcake, her eyes crossed in rapture at the ultimate approval of her parents and lovers. Amber squealed with joy as Ben made sweet love to her.

“Daddy it feels like so much cum. So much cum, daddy.” Sexually whined Amber. She felt the combined concoction of cum, sperm and spit sloshing around inside her.

“Ooojjjh Fuck!” exclaimed Debra. Hearing Amber brought Debra’s plateau to full peak orgasm.

“Mommy. Thank you, Mommy. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you Mommy…” chanted Amber as she drifted off into the feeling of being taken. Ben picked up speed, abandoning the gentleness and fully fucking Amber.

“Oh, SHIT!” reacted Amber to incline of ferocity. “Daddy? … Oh, Fuck!… Daddy?!…Daddy!…Daddy! DADDY! Fuck me, daddy! Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck your little girl! Fuck…Your…Baby…GIIIRRRLL”

Ben released the remaining cum inside his balls into Amber, knocking the wind out of him. With a final passionate kiss he pulled out slowly as not to startle her but it tugged at his shrinking dick. He looked at Amber’s face. Amber smiled a sinister grin. Her face shifted and Ben felt his cock released from its bond. Ben rolled over to her side taking up too much of the bed. Amber began to sit up to inspect the damage below only to have her mother slowly but firmly pushed her back down. Debra kissed her chest. Then nipple. Then hip. Then thigh. Then Amber’s sweet honey pot. Debra loved the taste of Ben’s cum for over 20 years and she was going to drink every drop. Debra proceeded to lick up and down her slit. She spread her labia open and more of Ben oozed out and Debra began slurping it out. Amber’s already sensitive pussy had already got more than it asked for and now the slurping brought an erotic tickle Amber had never felt. The vacuum sensation drove Amber wild. Debra finished cleaning out her snatch and came up to her face for a kiss. Debra’s hair, still damp from the shower, fell down on Amber’s face before her lips could get there. Halting right before connecting, Debra hovered an inch from her face. Debra smiled at her beautiful mother as she smiled back. Debra swiftly stuck three fingers in Amber, down to the knuckle.

“Ooh” Amber opened her mouth wide in astonishment and Debra spit a mouthful of cum in her mouth and kissed her deeply to make her swallow. Without thinking Amber accepted her mother’s gift and swallowed what felt like 3 raw eggs. The two laid there and traded passionate kisses while Ben lay incapacitated beside them.

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