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Scripts- The Wicked Witches

Chapter One – Preliminaries

Halloween is my girlfriend’s favorite holiday. In our household, Halloween ranks even more important than Christmas or birthdays. Dee spends weeks getting ready for Halloween, buying and preparing decorations, selecting outfits, and by the time she’s finished every year our house has been transformed into a wicked witch’s castle.

As Halloween closes in, Dee’s libido starts building, and her lingerie becomes increasingly sexier. Halloween night always go well into the early morning hours, and after the Trick-or-Treaters head home, and the Halloween Party breaks up, Dee is what can only be described as frantically horny. All right, let’s be blunt, Halloween is a mind-boggling fuck fest at our house, with crazed intercourse under every conceivable lighting, in every imaginable position, and throughout the house beneath various altars of haunted decorations.

As can well be imagined, I was looking forward to this year’s Halloween with great anticipation. Halloween was on Saturday night this year, and Dee intended to extend this year’s Halloween festivities into a two-day event. The first inkling I received as to the extension of Halloween into Halloween’s Eve came late on Sunday evening the weekend before. We were both sweat-soaked and lying on top of the sheets. I was drained, and several shots of my still hot, wet cum were decorating Dee’s back, whose similarly sweat-soaked body was lying atop of mine.

Dee whispered into my ear, “This year, I have something really spectacular planned for Halloween.”

I nodded my head, “OK…”

She continued, “This year, we are also going to celebrate Halloween’s Eve, Friday Night.”

I was definitely interested, “Oh, really?”

She kissed my ear, “I’ll send you texts all Friday building up to the scenario. It’s really going to be hot.”

And now for the kicker, “And, honey, no coming until Friday night. Trust me, for this year’s Halloween, you’re going to need all the cum you’ve got….”

So, of course, I immediately rolled Dee over onto her back, and got in one more round before the week’s build-up commenced!

The week seemed to drag past at a glacial pace, and I was as horny as I have ever been, wondering with expectation just what my devious Dee had conjured up to celebrate Halloween’s Eve and Halloween, our first ever two-day (or should I say, two-NIGHT) Halloween celebration.

Finally, Friday, Halloween Eve, arrived.

At Noon precisely the first text arrived, from a hitherto unknown user, “Wicked Witch of the West”.

The profile picture was of Dee, in a black witch’s hat, her long blonde hair streaming out of the bottom of the wicked pointed hat and across her bare shoulders, with green lipstick and green rouge. To my regret, that is precisely where the profile shot ended. I couldn’t hit the “Accept Text from Unknown User” button on my smart phone fast enough.

Wicked Witch of the West texted: “The Halloween’s Eve Obedience Spell will be in effect the moment you enter my Castle, Wizard. And enter my Castle on Halloween’s Eve you must.”

I responded, “Yes, Witch. I am bound to visit your dark domicile every year, the night before Hallowed Night.”

Wicked Witch of the West: “When you enter the portal of my castle, you will lose all free will, and must obey your demented Mistress for the night, until dawn frees you.”

I succinctly typed, “I must enter your Castle, and I will, come what may.”

The messages ended for a couple of hours. Dee knew I had a standing, and quite important, staff meeting right after lunch on Friday and she didn’t dare disturb me while I was trapped in it.

About 3:30 I was again at my desk, and wasn’t disappointed when the Wicked Witch of the West returned, “My sister is going to assist me tonight.”

I knew that Dee didn’t have a sister, so I played along, “The Wizard does not know that your sister is again within his realm.”

And almost immediately a second text arrived, from yet another new user, “Wicked Witch of the East.” With an accompanying profile photograph.

I recognized Johanna, known as “J.O.”, one of Dee’s closest friends from the local Curves gym where she worked out. Dee and I had gone out with J.O. a couple of times, drinks, dinner, a movie once, a couple of plays, and she was hot, smart and funny. She had a ring on, but barely mentioned her husband, and I had never been able to ascertain if she really did have a husband that she played around on, or just wore the ring to hold the wolves down. Needless to say, after every friendly night out with her, her ample curves nicely packaged, legs always displayed to considerable advantage in stockings, smelling her perfume, and after a friendly hug and light kiss with Johanna, I couldn’t wait to get Dee home. We barely got through the door when I was tearing her clothes off. Dee liked things wild and crazy, so she had no complaints whatsoever. web tasarım I tossed Dee onto the nearest piece of furniture, for in this emergency getting to the bedroom would take far too long, and as quickly as I could I fucked Dee like a wild man while fantasizing that it was Johanna. Dee knew exactly the effect that J.O. had upon me, for while I was pounding into her she asked if I was fantasizing about her hot redheaded friend. But much to my dismay my relationship with Johanna to date had been strictly platonic.

This was a side of J.O. that I had fantasized wildly about, but never previously seen even a hint of, for J.O.’s photograph was a glamour shot both sensual and erotic. She was adorned in a witch’s pointed black hat identical to her “sister witch.” However, in contrast to the blonde Wicked Witch of the West, J.O. wore scarlet makeup and lipstick, so dark that it was almost black, her long curling bright red hair cascading in ringlets across her bare shoulders, and a handmade straw broom barely concealing her obviously exposed breasts and nipples. One look at the profile photograph of the Wicked Witch of the East, and my cock twitched with a shot of adrenaline as I realized that all of this was going to change tonight.

Wicked Witch of the East: “I am the Scarlet Witch, and I have received special dispensation to cross into my sister’s realm just for this Halloween.”

Wicked Witch of the West: “This will be a Halloween that you shall never forget, my Wizard.”

Wicked Witch of the East: “Our preparations are now complete, and what we have planned for this year’s Hallowed Eve and Night will never be effaced from your mind.

Wicked Witch of the West: “The memories we will create tonight will haunt you forever.”

Wicked Witch of the East: “I promise you, this will be a life changing pair of nights for your Kingdom.”

Then finally, Wicked Witch of the West: “I command you to return to the Castle at 5:00 p.m. sharp, Wizard.”

I typed, my heart pounding, “I must obey, oh Witch.”

Chapter Two

Into the Castle

At precisely 5:00 in the afternoon, nearly to the second for my anticipation was so great, I stood before the portal to my house. We live far to the north, so evening was already beginning to gather. A magnificent orange and red sunset painted the western sky.

I turned my key and entered, and almost immediately had my breath taken away.

The familiar, comfortable house from which I had departed this morning had vanished, to be replaced by the dark, dimly lit interior of a witch’s castle. The entire room was illuminated with large candles. The windows were covered with black, heavy drapes. The corners were revealed by dim, colored concealed bulbs, cobwebs filling them. Fog drifted across the floor, causing the candles to flicker. The walls were now stone, adorned with erotic gargoyles. Family pictures had been replaced by artwork of lovely women in distress, submissive beauties, attractive ladies trapped in leather, girls bound and helpless.

The Wicked Witch of the West stood before me. My blonde MILF had long blonde hair that normally was perfectly coiffured. Tonight it was tangled and loose as it flowed from the folds of her large, pointed, black witch’s hat. She wore an emerald green corset highlighted by black lace, the corset matched her makeup, her shaved pussy barely protruded from beneath the hem of her full-length corset. She wore thigh-high green and black horizontally striped stockings, with emerald green spiked heels. Her arms and hands were concealed beneath black elbow length gloves. She held a glistening, sinister witch’s wand.

The Wicked Witch of the West commanded, “Wizard, for the entirety of this Halloween Eve, until I release you from my spell, you will do what I command, and whatever I command, and nothing but what I command.”

I knew that I was now the Wizard of Oz, trapped like a fly in dark amber and helpless in the witch’s spell, “Wicked Witch, I will resist with all of my might, and you shall live to rue this night.”

The Wicked Witch of the West gave an evil chuckle, “And let me introduce my assistant for the evening, my sister, the Wicked Witch of the East.”

The second Wicked Witch emerged from the shadows and stood next to her sister.

She was the scarlet witch to the golden witch of the West. Her long, wildly curled scarlet hair seemed to extend her black witch’s hat to her breasts and back. This witch wore a dark scarlet camisole, closely fitted, with spaghetti straps that barely held her breasts in place, tightly fitting, black lace adorning the bottom ending at the top of her thighs. She wore identical striped stockings and spiked heels as the Wicked Witch of the West, save that her stockings were red and black striped, and her heels were the deepest, darkest red.

There was incense burning, a harsh cinnamon or sage, that charged the room with a thick, musky scent.

The web tasarım ankara Wicked Witch of the East commanded, “Wizard, remove your clothes for your dark Mistresses, we wish to view your Wizard Cock with no further delay.”

The only thing I really wanted to do was to rip my clothes out of the way and to jump these two scorching hot women. But I was starting to get into the scene. I slowly untied my tie, slipped my sports jacket off, unbuttoned my shirt. I told the witches, “Soon I will regain my power, and you two Witches will regret ever using your dark forces upon me.” I pulled my shirt out of my trousers, reached to the floor, kicked away my business loafers and peeled my socks off my feet.

I hesitated, “I warn you wicked witches, halt now and release me from your spell while you still can, and I will show my mercy upon you.”

The Wicked Witch of the East replied, “As our plans unfold, you may never get the opportunity, Wizard. Now stop talking and get your cock out.”

I undid my trousers, unzipped them, and dropped them to the floor. My erection was bulging inside my boxers, and the head of my cock was protruding from the waistband.

The Wicked Witch of the East was clearly impressed, as she had never seen my cock before, “Oh, my, Wizard, very impressive.”

The Wicked Witch of the West rested her hand on her “sister’s” bare shoulder, “This is the Wizard Cock I’ve been telling you about for some time. Tonight, Sister, you’re going to be able to experience it. Now, Wizard, entirely naked.”

I stripped away my boxers and tossed them to the floor. I stood before the two witches, my arms at my side, already sporting a thick, hard erection.

The Wicked Witch of the East was fixated upon my cock, she couldn’t tear her eyes from the strength and power and size of my erection. I well recognized the look from wanton, wayward women. She yearned to be filled and stretched by this cock tonight, her body was screaming at her to be possessed by this cock tonight.

The Wicked Witch of the West interrupted her revelry, “Wizard, hold your arms out.”

I haughtily replied, “For one last time, I warn you, wicked witches. Stop now and save yourself from my wrath.”

The two wicked witches just laughed. Each witch stepped up and secured a heavy leather cuff around my wrist, one emerald green and one deep scarlet. Each witch then clipped a short black leather leash to “her” cuff.

And they led me to the bedroom. When we opened the door, I was not surprised in the least to see our entire room transformed. All of the furniture save the four-poster bed had been removed. One large chest dominated the center of the floor, illuminated by dim red and green beams, with a pair of large candles atop it. An ornate chalice, a glistening golden cup large enough to be a bowl, was centered upon it. It was decorated with numerous nude couples intertwined in pornographic positions. I noticed that futons had been placed to the side of either bedpost, at the foot of the bed.

The rest of the room was flickering orange shadows, harsh stone and wood, cobwebs, dense fog filling the corners and concealing the edges of the bedroom. It was impossible to tell how large the bedroom was at this moment.

I was unceremoniously led to the bed by the two witches, forced to kneel upon the foot of the bed, facing away from the headboard, my knees at the edge of the mattress. Simultaneously, each witch secured the leather cuffs and wrists to one of the posts, red to the left, green to the right.

The Wizard was now entirely vulnerable, unable to escape whatever perversions the two witches intended.

The Wicked Witch of the West leaned in front of me, lifted my chin, and explained my fate for the evening, “Wizard, we have tired of your powers, and your rule of this kingdom. We are sick of your goodness, your honesty, your fairness. The people of Oz are ecstatically happy with your reign. All of that changes tonight. We have cast powerful spells over Oz, but they must be activated tonight, as their powers will fade at first light. In just a few moments, my sister and I will milk your cum out of your balls and cock. Once we are in possession of your male seed, we shall cast our overreaching spell. The instant that our spell is culminated, the women of Oz will forget themselves, they will lose their chastity, their purity. They will become desperate for fucking, frenzied for a cock to fill them, their only thoughts hedonism and sensuality. The men of Oz will respond precisely as you might expect. Wizard, on Halloween your empire will collapse in crazed orgies and nightlong fuck sessions in every house and bedroom of the Emerald City. We shall exert control over the women of Oz, and they in turn will control the men. You shall no longer command Oz. The Witches of the East and West will return to domination, as is our right. And your cock will have unleashed the change. And now, Wizard, behold two women of Oz, formerly chaste and decent. You will see them transformed before your very eyes this eve, knowing that every female of Oz will share their fate this Halloween.”

While the Wicked Witch of the West had been educating me, the Wicked Witch of the East slipped out of the room, unnoticed by me, as I was absolutely enthralled by the Blonde Witch’s scenario that she was painting. The Scarlet Witch now returned, leading two extremely attractive women into the bedroom by leashes, secured to leather collars around their necks, their hands bound behind their backs, leather ball gags filling their mouths.

It was now the Wicked Witch of the East’s turn to enlighten me, “As we consummate the spell, you shall see and enjoy these lady’s transformation into sluts. You will fuck both of these women, and they shall desperately plead for more from you.”

I vaguely recognized the two women, they were two clients of Curves, like Dee and J.O., although I had never met them. I had seen them entering or leaving the gym on those occasions when I dropped or picked up Dee. The first woman was an absolutely gorgeous blonde, maybe 30. Her blonde hair was extremely thick and full, and barely reached the top of her shoulders. She was beautiful, with a spectacular body, but her most impressive features were her full, prominent breasts that dominated her chest and her body. The second woman was older, probably in her late 30’s or early 40’s, also beautiful, with long, curly dark brunette hair that reached to her mid-back. She had a spectacular smile and a gorgeous face, somewhat marred by the black gag filling her mouth, with long legs and an amazing ass, but not particularly large breasts. Her body reminded me of Dee’s in many ways.

The Wicked Witch of the East continued, “These two beautiful women were hand selected by us to serve as the conduit of our spells. I selected the older brunette because her body so resembles that of my sister. The Wicked Witch of the West picked the hot blonde, because she knew her gorgeous rack would entice you. We abducted these women, and have captivated them. Now they are bound, helpless to prevent the changes that we shall impose upon their bodies. And you shall have the distinct pleasure to observe their transformation as the spell is consummated, with your unwilling participation of course.”

I felt the Wicked Witch of the West settle in closely behind me, “I think it’s time to begin the procedure, don’t you Wizard?”

I remained in the scene, “Never, I shall not let you defile my body.”

Then the Wicked Witch of the East reached for my cock, and began to knead it. My response was automatic, as my cock began to pulse and tense while it grew to its full power.

The Wicked Witch of the East released the most hideous, demonic chuckle, “Oh, I don’t think so, Wizard. Your head and heart might resist us, but your cock and balls will give us what we need.”

The Wicked Witch of the West, as if on cue, started to massage my balls, whispering into my ear so that the scene wouldn’t be broken: “Lift your ass up, wizard, spread your legs for me, good boy, what you want to do now is to relax.”

Loudly enough for everybody to hear, the Wicked Witch of the West announced, “Wizard, I have cast an arousal and ejaculation spell upon my wand, which I am now going to insert into your ass. The wand will stimulate you, to give us a monster ejaculation. Because we want all of your cum, Wizard. For the spells we intend to cast, we want, we need, we desire every drop of your cum.”

The Wicked Witch of the East started to stroke my cock, “And we do want all of it, Wizard, and we mean ALL of it.” I drew in an involuntary gasp, as I felt the tip of the wand hesitate for just a moment at my ass.

The Wicked Witch of the West gave a superb wicked witch’s cackle, “I’m now going to take your ass, Wizard, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

I cried, in scene, “No, NO!!!”

The wand slipped steadily into me, relentless, determined, until it found its spot. I don’t know what Dee had done, but either the wand was coated with some substance or it had a mild electrical charge, for my entire ass, balls and cock began to tingle, and I began to involuntarily gasp. It was blunt and thick and forced its way inside me without mercy, stretching my ass to its very limits.

The Wicked Witch of the West began to work the wand in a slight circle, slightly pressing, then barely relaxing, then rotating in the other direction. She chuckled, “You, see, Wizard, resistance is futile. My wand is controlling you, your ass will accept my wand and enjoy it, Wizard.”

By now the Wicked Witch of the East was working my cock with both hands. Her left hand massaged my head, her thumb underneath it, teasing it. Her right hand was giving me slow, steady, consistent, firm strokes. She whispered into my ear, “I’ve wanted to have your cock in my hand since the first time I saw you.”

More loudly, she proclaimed, “That’s right, Wizard, enjoy my strokes. Let that big load build up in your cock, for this evil Wicked Witch to stroke out of it in a huge explosion. I think you like my hands on your cock, don’t you Wizard?”

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