Sorority House Gigolo

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Mike Robinson woke up as every guy should: Naked with a girl in each arm. And this, of course, gave him a legitimate reason to have a big grin on his face. As he shook off his sleeping partners, found his clothes, and prepared to leave the room, he shook his head, still in disbelief of how his junior year at college had gone. As he slipped a hooded sweatshirt on to fight the cool wind that still gripped campus in mid-April, he realized the weather was the same that night his life had taken a huge turn off the ‘normal’ expressway.

It was mid-September when the call had come. Mike was in his room, studying hard at some course he knew he would never use after college, when his room phone had rung. This was abnormal, since both Mike and his roommate relied on their cell phones, and the room phone usually just sat there.


A female voice, trying to sound disguised, asked neutrally: “Is this Michael Robinson?”

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“Mr. Robinson, can you prove your identity?”

“Huh? Why should I?”

“Mr. Robinson, I represent a unique opportunity for you, but I need to be sure it is really you I am speaking to. Please give us a unique piece of information.”

His interest now piqued, Mike questioned back: “Like what?”

“Who was you lab partner in freshman chemistry?”

Mike thought back, thinking hard. Suddenly, it hit him. “It was Katie Germain.”

“Ahh,” He thought. “Katie.” A gorgeous blonde whose height of 5’8″ did not do justice to a pair of legs perfected through years of ballet. A perfect ass and beautiful smile that’d flirted with Mike all semester. He’d never asked her out though, as he knew she was dating a football player whose bicep size was bigger than his IQ. They’d stayed in touch, but Mike knew from the voice that it wasn’t Katie.

“Very good, Mr. Robinson. Now, go out front. There is a cab waiting for you.”

Now Mike’s mood changed from happy memories to quiet resistance. He looked out the window.

“I don’t see a cab.”

“It will be there in a minute. Get a coat, its cold. And hurry, we’re waiting.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“Trust us, Mr. Robinson, this is no joke.”

“Are you from the Kappa Tau’s?” Mike’s fraternity, Sigma Lambda, had recently trashed a Kappa Tau party, and Mike worried about retaliation.

“No” the voice laughed. “We’re much better than that. Please, Mr. Robinson, trust us for tonight. I insist it is in your best interests.”

Mike decided that he didn’t really feel like studying right now, so why not try something a little different. He grabbed his cell phone in case something went wrong, and left a note for his roommate to call him if he wasn’t back by 2 am. He threw on his favorite hoodie, and headed out to meet the cab, which pulled up as he reached the curb.

Mike got in the front seat, and nodded at the driver, who spoke nothing. The cab pulled out, and headed out a back road. Mike started to get nervous, and asked the driver: “Where are we going?”

The driver shrugged, and replied: “I ain’t supposed to answer no questions.”

Mike sat back into his seat, and watched the dark countryside fly by. Finally, the cab pulled up to a dark farmhouse. The driver stopped, and Mike reached for his wallet. “Your ride has already been paid for buddy. Enjoy your night.”

With that, the cab pulled out, leaving Mike in the rain with no ride and pendik escort no clue where he was. He turned towards the house, seeing a face peeking out a window that quickly disappeared behind the curtains. Taking a deep breath, he walked up the front steps to the door. He knocked, hearing an empty answer from inside the house.

A young male appeared at the door. He was dressed much like Mike, in a hoodie and jeans, and nodded to Mike as he opened the door. He led Mike through the house, which was pitch dark, and down a staircase to what must have been the basement. At the bottom of the stairs was a door. Mike’s twin pulled out a stocking cap, which he put over Mike’s head, then pulled down, making it into a blindfold.

Mike heard the door open, and was led into a room. He could hear a fire crackling, and felt something bump the back of his legs, and a voice say, “Sit.” He felt back, felt a chair, and sat. He heard shifting going on around him, until finally a female voice, the one that had spoken to him on the phone, spoke up:

“Welcome, Michael Robinson. And Congratulations, you have been chosen for a great honor. The one who led you here is Jeff Coty, who was chosen before you. But before I tell you anything more about why you are here, I need you to take a solemn oath never to divulge to anyone what you see and hear, and to keep this oath unto death. Do you take this oath?”

Mike, blindfolded and now confused, decided it was probably in his best interest to agree, even though if something really messed up happened, he’d go to the cops later.

“Yeah sure.”

“Alright, Michael, you may remove the blindfold.”

Mike reached up and pulled the blindfold from his face. In front of him was a fireplace, crackling and burning bright orange. It was the only light in the room. And around it was something wholly unexpected.

Arranged two deep in a half-circle, with a split for the fire, were women, or maybe just girls, wearing nothing but masks over their face. Mike turned and stared, and realized the women stretched in a full circle, with the only other male in the room, the fully-clothed Jeff, standing right behind him.

One girl in front now spoke again. It was the voice from the phone.

“Michael, we welcome you into an elite fraternity. One so elite, only one man a year is selected, based on qualities of trust, attractiveness, and other reasons which will soon come to light. With this position come many benefits, but one must also have the dependability to fulfill them. In fact, you must prove yourself before you are accepted.”

Mike nodded along with this, listening, but confused and distracted by the naked bodies surrounding him. He looked around, seeing if he recognized any of the girls by their bodies, but failing so far.

“Michael, please stand and strip.”

Mike’s head whipped back to the female speaker, and his voice squeaked:

“Now? Here?”

“Of course, Michael. We are all naked already, aren’t we?”

This elicited a nodding shrug from Mike, who began to remove his hoodie, shirt, and jeans. When he reached the point where he was only wearing his boxers, he looked to the speaker from confirmation. She nodded, so he dropped his boxers, and stood back up.

He heard a few gasps from around the room as his semi-hard penis sprang to attention. He then heard a giggle or two, and looked around to see a girl or two maltepe escort whispering to her neighbor. He thought he finally recognized one of the girls when the speaker began again:

“Well, Michael, my sisters apparently approve of your physical features, so you pass that test. Are you ready for the others?”

“Sisters!” The word stuck in Mike’s head. This was obviously a sorority then. But which one?

“Yes I am ready. What do I do?”

The speaker now walked to Mike’s left, and the circle of nubile bodies parted, revealing a bare bed. A row of candles behind the bed was lit, and the speaker motioned for Mike to head for the bed. He sat on the edge, nervously excited about what might happen next. The speaker looked around the room, and pointed at one girl, who was in the back row. She nodded, and came to the front. She came over to Mike, and pushed him back onto the bed.

In the darkness and because of the mask, Mike couldn’t even tell the exact color of her hair, which was tied back, but he could tell it wasn’t blonde. The girl mounted Mike, rubbing her crotch on Mike’s stomach. Mike could already feel her wetness, and heard her moan a little. The speaker spoke:

“Sister, the choice is yours for which test Michael must pass first.”

“Sister, I choose the submissive test.”

Mike recognized the voice immediately, as he had dreamed about it for over a year. “Meredith! The gorgeous redhead from Pi Iota Phi, the same sorority Katie was in.” Mike had wanted her since he first saw her, but again, had not had the guts to ask her out. Now she was mounting him naked, and rubbing her crotch all over him.

The speaker spoke back: “Michael, my sister has asked that you submit to whatever she wishes. Will you?”

Mike nodded, and felt Meredith move her body up his, until her crotch was directly over his face. Mike reached up, and started to rub her lips, and fondle her thighs, before leaning up and kissing just beside her lips.

Meredith was a sophomore, a year behind Mike, but because of a change in majors, Mike had had a few classes with her. She was only about 5’4″, but packed in curves that seemed impossible for her height. She also had a ‘sweetheart’ face that made you think she could never do anything wrong. Mike found her extremely hot, and the fact she was now riding his face like a rodeo rider woke up his dick like a rocket lifting off.

Mike now began to lick her lips, his tongue slipping inside of her. She was completely shaven, leaving him to wonder she was a natural redhead, but her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet. Mike lapped her up, feeling her shudder every now and then, and moaning with pleasure. “That’s it Mike, eat my pussy. God that’s so good.”

Mike sped up his assault, knowing that she wouldn’t last much longer. Meredith suddenly shuddered, and Mike felt her cum around his face. She relaxed now, and sat back onto his chest.

“Was that good Mer?” Mike asked, quite proud of himself.

“How did you know it was me?”

“That body? Unmistakable,” he lied, hoping to earn points. She didn’t respond, and instead rolled off him and disappeared back into the crowd.

The speaker now came over. “Michael, my sister appears to agree you passed the test of the submissive position. Are you ready for the next test?”

Mike nodded, figuring it couldn’t be too bad.

The speaker now pointed to another kartal escort girl in the crowd, who came forward, and straddled Mike’s lap. She leaned in and whispered, “Fuck me big boy.”

Mike’s eyes went wide at this. Was this innocent little Katie Germain, who’d admitting never having kissed a boy freshman year? What a difference a couple years at college made.

Mike felt Katie grab his cock, and insert it into her pussy. God, she was tight! She wrapped her legs around his back, and started to ride him. He grabbed her ass, and leaned down to suck on her tits. He felt the crowd pushing in now, and knew he wouldn’t last long due to Katie’s tightness and the thrill of eating out Meredith. But he was determined to get his money’s worth.

Mike rolled back, leaving Katie completely on top and in control. She started to really ride him now, and Mike reached up to grab a fist full of B-cups, and played with one of her nipples. Katie started breathing roughly now, and her movements became more ragged and arrhythmic as she approached climax. Mike wasn’t far behind, and sped up, slamming his cock into Katie’s warm, moist pussy. He felt her clench, and groaned, “Oh, god, I’m gonna cum.”

She leapt off of him, ripped up her mask, and took his dick in her mouth like a pro. The feeling of her wet lips on his engorged cock, plus the sight of her pretty face wrapped around his tool put Mike over the edge, and he grunted as he blew his load into her mouth.

Katie gulped it down like a champ, and when he was finished, smile back up at him, as she pulled her mask back down over her face, stood up, and went back into the crowd.

“Congratulations,” the speaker said. “You have now earned your title of the “House Cock of Pi Iota Phi.”

“What exactly is a House Cock?” Mike wondered, as his penis drooped back to normal size. The speaker now came forward, took off her mask, and kissed him. Mike recognized her as one of the senior sisters. One by one, the other sisters followed. Mike even recognized a couple of alumni in the crowd. All in all, there were about 60 girls present.

After the last girl had kissed Mike, the speaker took his hand, and led him over to where two sisters redressed him. At that, he was led back upstairs, and around back, where all the sisters were waiting.

On the way back to campus, the speaker, who now introduced herself as Molly, explained to Mike his duties. His job was to ‘service’ the sisters so that they could keep their good names and not worry about STD’s and such. For this reason, he could not touch a girl outside the sorority, though Molly doubted he’d need to. He was expected to fulfill any sister’s wish, with no grumbling.

In addition, he would be expected to sleep at the sorority house every night, but would be sent home in the morning. Molly was in charge of coordinating his schedule, but there would also be the ‘emergencies.’ For this, he was to be on call at all hours. The sisterhood would give him a cell phone, which he must answer, unless he was in a test or such. Each sister was allowed two emergencies per semester. After that, they had to pay Molly to buy more.

Mike’s head was spinning as all this information was fed to him. It spun even more that night when at the house, as his services for the evening were auctioned off in half hour blocks. By the end of the night, his penis was nearly raw from the sucking and fucking. In fact, he hadn’t been able to get it up for the last girl, and had instead spent the half hour eating her out, which had tired both his tongue and neck. And that was just the beginning of the fun times he was to experience over the next year.

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