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Fucking myself with the toys he bought me, running it all through my mind, so hot, so intense. My breath laboring and my eyes aren’t seeing the room anymore, I’m lost inside the movie running through my brain…one scene than another flowing faster faster as I get closer and closer to exploding.

That first kiss. Not the one most would think of, this was long ago before. Before the adventure, back when it was all castles in the sky, just dreams to imagine when playing with myself deep in the night. Back when we knew where the line was and kept ourselves from crossing it. It was a good-bye. Just the normal good bye, and then it was a moment held too tightly and before I knew it his mouth on mine, eyes widening and adrenaline rushing. Dear god what have we unleashed? And we never spoke of it, a flash between our eyes perhaps but never a spoken word.

I wanted him. I wanted him on his knees licking me, I wanted him above me fucking me, I wanted him to take me and I wanted to collar him. Never clear, was he mine or me his, first it was one then the other, so confused, the only thing clear the craving, constant craving of him wondering what was under the denims, what it was like to have hold his face between my legs, What it would feel like him taking me, one question then another tumbling in my head.

That second kiss. No question about it, that crossed the line we had so long respected between us. Then his teeth grazing casino siteleri my lips and my tongue fucking his mouth, the line was blow away. All the rules changed in a moment. Want to fuck him, want him to take me, am I asking too much, want it all, mind blowing and our clothes are still on, still haven’t touched his skin. What I thought was craving before is nothing compared to this.

Blood boiling, disbelief reflected from my eyes into his and the moonlit world behind us fades. Those first tentative touches, the excitement flooding me, and he’s hard against my hip, the passion rising between us. Time slips away as we explore slowly, then quicker, the night wears away as one discovery leads to another. Moonlight leads to daylight

I can still hear him against my ear telling me to stuff a pillow in my mouth, I was making too much noise, He was going to blow my mind, I’d never felt anything as good as his tongue would make me feel. What seemed excessive boasts soon became understatements, his hands on my body and his tongue licking my pussy, sucking my clit, then tugging on it. One sensation fast on the heels of another, every man before an amateur compared to this onslaught, unplanned and unprepared, no frills, just his mouth on my body, I will never get enough.

From his mouth on me to his hands, Pushing my limits, showing me paths I’ve never taken. The twists of his mind paralleling mine, one wall after another canlı casino falling. My hands rubbing him hard, my mouth on him, the feel of him in my throat. Love the shudder of his body as the hot taste of him splashes in my mouth. His licking a drop off the corner of mouth, and a quick shiver up my back as I wonder where the limits are, or do they even exist at all with him? Flashes of his face as hot and hard he slides into me, slams our bodies together, pushes me this way and that, Taking me in the dark, in the midst of the night, in the early morning, clocks and time no longer important, any time is good. A man who can not only keep up, but almost leave me behind at times, match me, sometimes overpower me, and give in to me all in one. In his lap, riding his hips, across the bed, on the ground, on the floor, in any room sufficient, no boundarys as to place or appropriateness. We love to fuck, we’re good at it, and together it is off the charts incredible.

Standing among a group of people knowing I’m still wet from him, an accidental brush of his hand across my ass, leaning over and catching him staring at my chest, quickens my blood and breeds more desire. The knowledge he knows, knows how it is with me, knows how I crave coming, how I will shake and shudder and scream for him, Floods my panties thinking about it, listening to him talk dirty to me as I beg him to fuck me.

His voice on the phone, asking questions kaçak casino that make me blush while surrounded by others unaware of the heat between my legs. Asking which feature I would prefer on a new toy, forcing me to answer and try to look innocent. On occasion hearing him come on the phone, hours and miles away. My muscles clench thinking of it, so hot when he lets loose, drops the control for a second and explodes. Hang up the phone and look blankly at the screen, at my desk, forgetting where I am, why I am at work, all I can think of is his face when he comes, when his eyes darken and look into mine.

His face when he sees me, black frothy lace and three inch heels. I takeover, take him, disbelief on his face as the clothes peel off. The whimpers as I contemplate taking his cock in my mouth or taking his ass with my hand. Perhaps both. Sitting on his face, heels digging into his sides, he moans as he gets me off. The sudders, the shakes as we go off the map, roads we’ve only contemplated in our mind, places I’ve never really even considered. Then the control shatters, I’m on my back, there are no limits, one wild passion consumed by another.

I lost my senses somewhere along the way, and I don’t want them back. The practical part of my mind knowing this can’t last, can’t be. I must be out of my mind, this intensity will crumble sometime… won’t it? The man can push me to the edge, hold me there, make me crave him and hate him all at once, til all my mind can think is about coming, coming for him, coming on him, his mouth, his hand, his cock, where ever however just want to come, come, come.

And the movie in my brain continues…

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