Sleeping Sister

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Angela White

Hi everyone, I am Cool Hacker. I am new here and I wish I could tell a wonderful story for you all. Let me go in.

Am Shiva from Chennai India. I am 18 years old guy with all the satisfactions a girl could get. Still I get ten or twenty applications all the day, from varieties of girls. But I feel no interest in them. but there is a special one, for whom I fell for!

She is Shakthi my only and lovable sister. She is three years older than me. She has finished her schooling and staying at home for the results. But she feels no more to study and it’s time for her to marry. My parents are looking a good groom for her. She is a beautiful girl, with all attractions. A cute and charm face, average body weight and height. Fair skin. Slim, nice pair of boobs and specially a wonderful piece of ass. All what I could say about her is Excellent. I have always noticed that all the guys stares at her when we’re out.

The lust started for me, when we were heading home from Kaarai koattai, after attending a wedding in my mom’s sister’s house. While coming by bus, as it was so crowded, I saw a young man standing behind Shakthi and jacking her ass with his crotch. Even they were both dressed, I felt like he is fucking my sister. I got angry. I usually get angry for no reason. I stared at him once and I came into middle of them as to protect my sister. He was a little taken back as I am a well muscled as I go to gym often. He got scared kept away. As I was behind Shakthi, her huge ass started caressing my dick. And he began to grow. Oh my god what type of feeling is this? I felt inside. I got aroused by this and I kept my dick pressed into her ass. Even she kept pressing against my manhood. I don’t know weather she liked it or not! But I felt like heaven. When the bus shakes or jerks I started to thrust teen porno her like I was fucking her. my mind said that it was wrong, but the other side or my brain said that She was all yours and a superb piece of ass and why should you give up? So my brain won at last. I began caressing her ass with my dick. with some thrusts on her ass I came in my pants. I just withdrew then and we reached home.

From that day I used to stare at her ass when she was walking or standing or whatever she does.I’ve fallen in a made love with her and her ass. I was all thinking of her and masturbate and some times I used to jerk her panties, bras, under gowns even her other clothes.

Once we were left home alone, as my mom and dad went to a funeral in Kaarai Koattai and they won’t be home at that night. I was watching TV, “Hey have this!” Shakthi gave me a cup of tea, and she went in front of me and sat on the stool. She was wearing a nice Kameez that day where she looked like an angel. Hair unfolded. The shape of her tight ass clearly visible in that costume. Anyone who see her that time would get the intention of fucking her like mad dogs. My brother started to grow inside my pants. Thanks for my underwear, he helped me from getting caught. At that night she was sleeping in her room. And me in mine. But I was sleepless. I couldn’t sleep thinking of her. I started rubbing my dick through the pants. I got an idea and went into Shakthi’s room. You know what, no one can wake her up from sleep, unless you keep a hot cup with coffee as my mom does all the day. Oh my goodness, the door was opened and I slowly peeped into the room.

She was sleeping with that Kameez which she was wearing that evening. I entered the room with the door sound, and she didn’t feel a breath. I couldn’t leave this. I started travesti pornp to rub my dick while looking at her. her boobs and her ass even her curves. Oh my goodness, my 8 inched dick grew fully erected as it has never happened before. I unzipped my trouser and let it down to my ankles and the underwear too. My dick stood straight looking at her in a demon hunger. I started stroking it slowly with my hand. She was gorgeous. I went near her with fear. “Shakthi” I whispered. “Shakthi” again. But no responds. I am alright. No barriers. I am on it. I kept my other hand her breasts slowly as I am stroking my tool with the other hand. She feels nothing, I kept caressing her breast and it was firm like sponge. Heavens go to hell. This is the real heaven. I slowly moved my hand to her ass cheeks and caressed them. The were sponges too. At that moment I felt like I want to come right there. But I controlled my self. Then I got on to her bed and rested beside her. Still writing with my pen.

I got her hand and just kept it on my dick. Oh my gosh, I could drop all of my cum I have there, I slowly stroked her hand, my pleasure she never felt a thing. After that I realized that I need some thing more. I slowly kept my fully erected thing on her ass over her dress. It pressed her ass like a prick. I bended my dick and gave some thrusts while holding her waist. Hoping she won’t wake up. And then I turned into a wolf. I turned her facing upwards. I raised her kameez up and removed the lays on her pajama (A silky trouser usually wore with kameez). I pulled it down with no fear. And bingo, I found her white panties. I cant wait more. I just dropped it down to her knees. I saw her shaven pussy. Welcoming me. But I can tell definitely, that she is a virgin. I was feeling like I am to sit for my Graduation tricky masseur Exams. I kept the head of my dick on her entrance and rubbed it for a moment. To make sure she won’t wake up.

I slowly started to push it inside. I couldn’t. It was tight like hell and she was a virgin but no more. I looked at her dressing table for some oil and her it was A hair oil. I applied it on my dick. And went in to the action. I got over her and again began the process. Now it was OK for me. I pushed my animal into her. It slipped and went in her and I am sure I broke her cherry for the first time. All she did was, turned her head from right to left. I was frightened at that move but then back to normal. I started to thrust deep inside her. I kept the rhythm in and out. While I was fucking her I kept caressing her boobs over her dress and kept kissing her cheeks. I fucked her for several minutes and was fucking her like there’s no more life. As I was to cum I stopped fucking. I don’t want to make her pregnant.

After a deep fuck in her pussy. I took my Player out and turned my sister as her ass faces upwards. I urgently wanted her ass. I again applied some oil to my dick and found a beautiful ass holes after spreading her ass cheeks. What a pity, Shakthi knew nothing. I entered with fear but confidence. As I first entered her ass, it was tight as hell. But can’t help. All I was in. I started to fuck her hard. Like a mad dog actually. My balls clapped on her ass cheeks, making “puff” sounds. After about ten minutes I cam in her asshole. I shot a huge load of love juice inside her. I kept my bat inside her for a few minutes and rested over her for a while. I made sure that I have given her the last drop of my cum and it want leak. Then I got my tool out of her ass hole. I dressed her up as she was before. As nothing happened I went to my room and slept well. I was the happiest person in the world for that minute. And still Shakthi doesn’t know that she was fucked by her younger brother in both her holes and he has came in her ass hole.

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