Sisters Pt. 01

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When I told my friend Mal that I would be happy to look after his daughters and that they could stay at my place which was close to the beach over the holidays, I never realised what I had let myself in for. Being in my sixties and older than their father they often teased me by calling me granddad, I quite liked the idea of having two sexy granddaughters.

Both were gorgeous girls I had known them for years and had watched their bodies develop into very sexy females. Holly the eldest at 19 was slim with long brown hair and lovely C-cup breasts, her sister Emma was 18 with a slim figure and short brown hair, big sparkling brown eyes, her A-cup breasts looked fantastic when she wore tight fitting tops. Her long legs along with her cute small butt looked fantastic when she wore tight fitting shorts.

The first night that they stayed with me gave me a hint of what I had let myself in for and what was to come, when they came into the lounge and kissed my cheek and said goodnight, I nearly had a heart attack they were both wearing short sheer nighties that left nothing to the imagination, everything was on show, from there lovely firm breasts and hard nipples, with their sheer panties pulled tight against their bald pussies causing a cameltoe to form.

I tried not to stare at them and quickly covered my throbbing cock that was starting to become hard. As I watched them walk out the room with their butts wobbling, my hand went inside my pants to give my cock a squeeze. Their my friends daughters I shouldn’t be thinking of them this way, but it was their idea, my mind tried to reason with my thoughts, before I gave in and started stroking my cock.

When I went to bed I found it hard to get to sleep, I kept thinking of what I had seen and how it had been years since I had seen them naked. I wondered if it had been their idea to tease me. I was first up in the morning and had just finished my shower and was drying myself.

The bathroom door swung open and in bounced Emma. “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were finished granddad.” She told me as she stared at my cock sticking out from under my towel.

“I’m finished the shower is all yours.” I told her as I covered up from her gaze.

After the girls cooked me a great breakfast, that was one of the good things of having them staying with me.

Holly told me. “it’s going to be a hot day granddad so we’re just going to stay around your pool naughty america porno and do some sun baking on our tan.”

I told them . “That’s fine just leave me a message if you decided to go out.” Then I added. “I have to do some shopping and will be back by lunch time.”

When I came home from shopping I heard the girls screaming from the pool as I stepped outside I stopped in my tracks and looked at them jumping and playing in the pool, my eyes gazed on their naked breasts and when they climbed out the pool they were naked, my eyes stared at their bare pussies as my cock started to throb.

Emma came over and asked. “I hope you don’t mind if we skinny dip, it’s much more fun being nude.”

I just looked at her and nodded my head then told her. “Yeah I don’t mind as long as you don’t mind a old man watching you.”

Holly started giggling. “Do you like what you see granddad?” Then shook her breasts at me.

“What would your father say about you being nude around me?” I asked.

“Oh he won’t mind, he enjoys being naked with us too.” Holly tells me.

Then Emma reaches out and starts undoing my shirt buttons and says. “Come join us in the pool.” With my shirt now off Emma reaches out for my belt holding up my pants.

“Take it easy.” I tell her but I’m too late she pulls my pants down to around my ankles.

As I step out of my pants, still wearing my underwear. Holly pushes us both into the pool, then jumps in after us. Emma hasn’t finished with me yet as Holly wraps her arms around my neck and pulls my chest against her breasts, I feel Emma underwater pulling down my underwear and having a quick feel of my cock.

Here I am a old man in his sixties naked with two gorgeous young females, My cock is now rock hard and sticking out in front of me as I feel both girls cuddling me. I feel one of their hands holding my cock and giving it a stroke. I couldn’t control myself and pulled Holly tight against my body, Holly then kissed me opening her mouth pushing her tongue into my mouth as I kissed her our tongues wrestled with each others.

Holly broke our kiss and said. “Fuck me granddad, I want your cock inside my pussy.”

I reached behind Holly and cupped her but cheeks in the palms of my hands and lifted her up, her legs wrapped around my waists as I lowered Holly’s bare pussy towards my hard cock. Emma holding my cock wipes it nubiles porno up and down her sister’s pussy crack.

“Put it in her granddad, fuck her good, she loves to fuck.” Emma screams

“Yes fuck me, please fuck me hard.” Holly tells me, as my cock starts entering her tight love hole.

With all of my cock buried deep inside Holly’s pussy, she starts to bounce up and down, rocking back and forth she enjoys the feeling of having a thick cock inside her. Emma holding her sister’s hips helps her bounce up and down.

“Your such a slut, I knew you wanted to fuck grandad.” Emma yells.

I feel Emma’s hand holding my balls as she tries to push my cock further into her sister’s pussy, her other hand is squeezing and pulling on Holly’s nipples. My cock is being milked by Holly’s pussy muscles clamping around my shaft each time she bounces.

I scream out. “I’m cumming I’m going to blow my load inside your cunt oh fuck.”

Emma squeezes my balls as I start to squirt my load into her sister’s cunt, she is excited as she feels my cock and balls pulsate and twitch.

“Fill her cunt with your seed granddad, fill her cunt with your cum.” Emma screams out excitedly.

I’ve never heard her use such language, but it was exciting listening to her screaming. As I finished blowing my load, I let Holly slide of my cock onto her feet, she stands beside with her arms wrapped around me cuddling me, we rested in each other’s arms. Emma’s fingers were probing her sisters cunt pushing her fingers deep inside.

“Your cunts full of cum I can feel it.” Emma tells her sister then lifts her fingers up to show her the sticky mixture of our juices. Holly moves to the edge of the pool and holds onto the edge as she catches her breath. Emma feels my flaccid cock and tries to stroke it hard again.

I take her hand and lead her out the pool and lay her down on the deck chair with her legs hanging over the edge, I get my first close up view of her pussy, it’s hairless and lips just beginning to form and protrude. I look at her naked body lying there, she looks so young with her tiny breasts, if I hadn’t known her age I would of thought she was underage.

Licking my fingers then running then up and down her pussy crack, I watched as her lips parted letting me push my finger deep inside her, finding no barrier I knew her hymen had been broken and I began to pump my finger in olgun porno and out her hole, then I added another finger and pushed them in and out along with my thumb rubbing on her clit each time I pushed in, I heard Emma whimpering and moaning as her hips began humping my fingers.

“Don’t stop granddad, keep fucking my pussy with your fingers, oh it feels so good.” Emma moans to me.

I lower my face to her pussy and I can smell her juices starting to flow, I flick out my tongue and lick her slit, then with my fingers I pull her lips apart and shove my tongue deeper inside her cunt. I lick her clit then wrap my mouth around it and suck it into my mouth. Emma’s body starts to shake and she starts humping my face as her hands hold my head onto of her cunt.

Holly has moved next to Emma and me and begins playing with Emma’s nipples pulling them, twisting them stretching them. Then leans down to flick her tongue over her nipple, then opens her mouth and takes all of her sister’s breast into her mouth and starts to suck. Emma’s pussy starts to gush out her pussy juices from her cunt, I open my mouth wide and let it flow into my mouth and down my throat.

My cock is now fully hard once again as I position it over her cunt, I rub the head of my cock over her slit before pushing half of it inside her tight cunt, then with a thrust my cock is buried deep inside her, my balls slap her butt cheeks each time I thrust in.

Holly rubs the top of her slit as my cock is pumped in and out.

“Fuck me granddad fuck me, I love your big cock in my cunt, I love you granddad.” Emma screams out.

Holly straddles Emma’s face with her cunt still dripping my cum out of her, letting it flow and drip into Emma’s wide open mouth before lowering it allowing Emma to lick up and suck my cum out of her cunt. I watched Holly squirm her pussy over her sister’s face as she watched me pumping my cock into her sister’s cunt. I reached out and squeezed Holly’s breasts pulling her nipples stretching them as I watched her face squirm with slight pain.

A few hard thrusts my cock started squirting my load of cum into Emma’s cunt.

Emma could feel my hot mixture squirting inside her and she screamed. “Fill my cunt granddad, I want it all inside me.”

As I finished I rolled of Emma and laid next to her on the side of the pool, Holly laid on the chair beside her. It took a while before anyone said anything.

Young Emma spoke up. “I’m sleeping with granddad tonight.”

I laughed and told them both. “My beds big enough for you both to sleep with me.”

It was still far too early for bed, we needed to get some dinner first. Plus I had a few ideas I wanted to try.

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