Sistas Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Thanks everyone who left comments on the first installment, this one took about two days to right, its quite a bit longer, and I hope you all like it just as much, if not more. Please vote and leave some feedback for me so I’m inspired to continue this series. The actual story will continue in the next chapter, this is more of a flashback focusing on Giselle instead of the other characters and introducing their parents. Hope you enjoy.


Nine Years Ago

At eighteen years old Giselle sat on the edge of her bed as her parents sat on either side of her in two wooden chairs that were facing her. It was two days after her eighteenth birthday and her friends had all gone home after spending the weekend with her as an elongated party. At the time Aurora was fifteen years old and Robyn was only eleven, so they had both been tucked away in bed already.

Giselle had been getting ready for bed too after a long day of hanging out, laughing, and playing with her friends, and so when her parents knocked on her door to talk she was only wearing her long, ratty nightshirt over her supple caramel skin. As they entered Giselle had been reaching up on her top shelf for her book, and being only five foot five inches she was on her tip-toes. Her nightshirt had subsequently ridden up her legs, which revealed most of her plump, firm butt to her parents as they entered; but she never worried about being modest with them. Once she’d retrieved the book and turned around, she couldn’t help notice that her father’s bluish-green eyes darted from her waist up to her own golden-brown eyes.

Her father, Andrew, was wearing a crimson robe when he entered, and it was belted tightly at the waist, but his lightly-hairy and pale chest was still mostly visible. Giselle had always admired her father’s physique, as well as him as a general person. She loved him very dearly. He was of Irish descent; his parents had moved to the United States several years before he was born. His hair was a light brown, and very fine, his eyes were a gentle turquoise, and his six foot four inch body was still in great shape. He’d worked hard his entire life, going from having nothing to being the CEO of a major computer security corporation.

Andrew’s wife, and Giselle’s mother, Cicily, was an English teacher at the local high school in the suburb of California where Andrew had been working as he climbed his way up the corporate ladder. He met her while presenting his company’s product at Cicily’s school, and the rest was history. Giselle would be the first to admit that her mom was quite a catch, but her dad was a stud in his own respects, and especially now that he was worth millions of dollars. Together Giselle thought her parents were just delicious; like a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.

Following her husband into the room, Cicily was wearing her favorite nightgown. It was made of a royal purple silk, with a black lace trim along the low neck line and the flirtingly short bottom. The gorgeous material clung to Giselle’s mother’s equally gorgeous figure. At thirty-six years of age Cicily still had a banging body, one that Giselle had always been slightly jealous of. She sported a rather perky full D cup compared to Giselle’s young, yet definitely perkier, B cups. Her mother’s dark brown globes were always pushed firmly together in her tops (her nightgown no exception) and Giselle could hardly keep from staring at the wonderful cleavage that her mother presented.

Though Cicily had grown a bit thicker over the years (and three children), her five foot six frame was still something to ogle at; her waist dipped in sexily, and then swerved back out, giving her that telltale hourglass figure so desired by today’s women. Her butt was what Giselle was really jealous of though. As she had watched her sexy mother walk over to pull up a seat, she could barely take her eyes off those swaying buns. She began to notice for the first time that the nightgown wasn’t quite big enough to cover her mother’s entire bubble butt, and those fantastic hips, so she could just barely see that gorgeous crease between cheek and thigh that signified a nice ass.

And there they were, Giselle sitting on the edge of her bed, with her hands in her lap, and her long hair straightened down below her shoulders; her parents each in their individual chairs, and awkwardly quiet. Finally Giselle had to say something, “So… What did you guys want to talk about padres?” Her smile was light and charming, causing her dimples to show through just slightly.

Her mother spoke first, “Well Giselle, your father and I just wanted to have a talk with you. You’re a woman now and you’re old enough to do womanly things.”

“Well I’ve already had to bleed for a week every month for the last fifteen years… Isn’t that enough?” Her mock pleading made her parents smile.

“Not quite, I suppose honey,” Cicily said sweetly. She quickly raised her left leg outwards and then up and over her right thigh, crossing them tightly. As she ankara escort did this Giselle almost did a double take; was her mother not wearing any panties? She could swear she’d just seen a hint of pink amidst a curly forest. Continuing casually her mother said, “Now that you’re eighteen we are taking away a lot of your restrictions. I know you and your sisters feel like you’ve had it rough with all of our rules, but we love you and we are just trying to keep you safe and out of trouble. You understand that, right?”

“Of course mom, I know you have our best interest in mind.” Under her breath Giselle added, “Usually.” Her father had apparently heard her and smiled from ear to ear.

Then Andrew spoke in his calm, rumbling voice, “Well, whether you believe that malarkey or not, it’s true. We try not to shelter you too much, but we just want to be the ones to educate you in some aspects, rather than some stranger we don’t even know. Who knows what kind of shit they could be feeding you without our ever knowing.” Her father’s eyes were stern, yet loving and Giselle almost felt as if she would melt for a moment.

Then Cicily continued, “Now I know its been rough through high school, not being allowed to date at all. You’ve had to watch your friends go out and have a good time and kiss and hug and everything that goes along with it, and we haven’t allowed you to do this. We realize this doesn’t seem fair. However, we’ve always been a very close family and able to share things with one another, and I guess on some level we were afraid we would lose you to some boy.” Noticing where Giselle was staring Cicily added slyly, “Or girl.”

Giselle blinked quickly as she noticed what her mom had said, and then her cheeks flushed red. “You think I’m a lesbian or something ma?”

Shaking her head from side to side, her mother said sagely, “I think you should be proud of whatever you are, dear. Your father and I are very open people and we will always love you and your sisters, no matter what.” Placing her hand lovingly on Andrew’s knee she lowered her voice, “Now the rest of this conversation goes no further than this room young lady, do you understand?”

From the look in her mother’s eye Giselle knew this was serious. “Yes ma’am,” she said meekly, wondering what could be so serious.

“Well then, you may as well know that your father and I are VERY open. I’ve had my share of lovers, and he’s had his. We’ve both been with our same-sex and enjoyed ourselves sweetie. So those feelings you might have, they are completely normal and should be accepted, and even embraced.” Pausing for a moment and noticing the stunned look that Giselle wore upon her face, Cicily decided to go in a different direction. “Okay, what do you know about sex? I’ve never had the talk with you, but we told you that those kinds of things were strictly prohibited until we said otherwise. So just tell me what you’ve learned through experiences or stories.”

Giselle’s mind was going a mile a minute. Her parents were swingers? Just a couple of horny ass sex freaks? She was reeling. What did she know about sex? Not a lot. That was for sure. She’d heard a few girls talking about it, but she’d never really come anywhere close, she’d only kissed a boy on the cheek before. Giselle couldn’t believe how good and obedient she’d been while her parents were out sleeping with a dozen strangers. “I don’t know much mom,” she finally admitted, her voice low. “I’ve never done anything with anyone. You said I wasn’t allowed to. I know what things are called, but I don’t know too much about them, just the basics I guess.”

Her mother hummed for a minute and then spoke, “Have you ever played with yourself baby?”

Giselle blushed, she knew what it meant but had never really tried it. “No, not really. I mean I wash my vagina, but nothing really further than that. It always sounded weird when I’d hear people talk about it, and I thought it might be against the rules.”

Smiling softly Cicily said, “Yes, well we were torn on whether to teach you girls how to masturbate properly once you hit puberty. It’s a good way of working down your sex drive and keeping yourself under control, but we weren’t sure if it would also activate your sex drive. I think we made the right choice, but now it’s definitely time.” Andrew nodded his agreement and Cicily squeezed his leg lightly with a smile.

“Time?” Giselle mimicked, “Time for what?”

“It’s time for us to teach you about sex, dear; about pleasure, and love, and release. Sex is a beautiful thing Giselle. It’s tender and loving, and the ultimate connection of two spirits, two bodies, but it’s also instinctual, primal, and gritty. Any porn you may see will typically make sex seem fantastic, but it gives off the illusion that it’s very methodical, scripted, and long-winded. Most men will not last a full hour, dear. You should get that in your head right now. Half of the time women won’t even last that long.” After a moment’s thought she added, “Well I suppose escort ankara it depends on your partner.” Giselle’s dark brown mother quickly adjusted her butt on the seat, wiggling back and forth, and then continued, “I’m not saying that it’s very quick all of the time either. A good session could last an hour or two, but it will not be purely sex. Your father and I are going to teach you some things and we hope that you’ll use them to be a responsible and glorious lover to many beautiful people.” After waiting for everything she’d said to sink in, Cicily added, “Do you have any questions sweetie?”

“I- I don’t know ma… This is a lot to take in… What kind of things are you guys planning to teach me exactly?” Giselle’s eyebrow was arched sharply and her eyes were suspicious.

Standing up, Cicily moved over onto the bed next to Giselle and placed her warm, soft palm on her thick, caramel thigh. “Well, apparently you don’t know a lot about this amazing little organ you’ve had your entire life,” her mother’s words were a purr as that loving hand stroked its way slowly up Giselle’s skin, sending shivers along her spine. Soon her nightshirt was being pushed up around her hips and her small hands were shaking at her sides. She couldn’t tell if it was anxiety, fear, or possibly arousal. Was her mother about to do something that she’d only attempted to imagine throughout her short life?

Soon her nightshirt was up around her waist, and her mother’s searching and caressing hands were pushing her thighs further apart and she was leaning in a bit to examine Giselle’s displayed treasure. She’d never bothered with, nor known exactly how to trim or shave her curly black bush, so at this point it looked like her cunt had an afro. “Do you like all of this hair down here, honey?” Her mother asked as she reached in and ran her manicured nails through the wholesome bush and then using two fingers to pry open her damp slit. “You’ve got such beautiful lips and a gorgeous pink little cunny, you should show it off baby!”

Hesitantly, and trying to adjust to the strange sensations coursing through her loins, Giselle said, “Well, I’ve never paid much attention to things down there mom. I guess I wouldn’t mind cutting it. I just don’t know how.” Her hips wiggled uncontrollably for a moment as her mother examined her clit. Her whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire and she couldn’t stop the luscious moan that rolled from her throat.

With a smile on her face Cicily said, “Oh, don’t worry about that, you’ll learn in time. Andrew, go get a razor, a buzzer, and some scissors please dear.” Giselle had almost forgotten about her father, who’d been content with simply watching the events before him for now.

“Yes dear,” Andrew responded and stood from his seat, as he stood up and headed for the door his robe was tented quite extremely. Giselle had heard of erections but never really seen a penis. She couldn’t help but be turned on over the fact that her father had one from staring at her hairy little beaver.

Andrew returned in two minutes time and had all the necessities with him. He found a close outlet and plugged in the clipper while handing Cicily the scissors first and unfolding a towel, “Lift your butt so I can lay this down will you Giselle?”

Almost regretfully Giselle closed her legs and her mother sat back while she stood up, allowing her nightshirt to fall back down around her thighs. Then her mother’s hands were grasping the shirt and pulling it up over her body. God how she’d been hoping that was okay; Giselle wanted nothing more at this moment than to be completely naked and free with her wonderful parents right now.

She noticed her father examining her naked form after her mother had pulled the shirt off entirely, and that alone was sending electricity through her body. Her dark, puffy nipples were standing erect at half an inch long atop her perky, caramel cones now and her body had goose bumps all over it. As her father laid the blanket down behind her, he leaned in and kissed her closest ass cheek lightly. She knew that he could feel her body tighten.

Before she sat back down, Giselle’s mother had her turn so that she could take a look at the genetic gift she’d bestowed upon her. Giselle’s ass was wide and soft, but also quite firm, due to her developing hourglass hips, though not quite as curvy as her mother’s, and there not being much more than a thin cushion layer of fat on her young body. Also, like all the women in this family, she had a distinct bubble butt, sticking out at least two inches from her back. Cicily admired her daughter’s backside approvingly. Prying the cheeks apart with soft, squeezing hands she ‘hmmed’ and said, “I think I’ll trim here first. It’s getting pretty thick and anus hair is really never attractive. Plus it will make wiping after you poop easier.” She chuckled at her last comment, which actually embarrassed Giselle a bit; as if this entire situation wasn’t embarrassing enough. “Bend over, dear.”

Giselle ankara escort bayan did as she was told, spreading her feet a bit and then bending over at the waist and touching her toes easily. Years of taking yoga and ballet had make flexibility one of her strongest traits. After she’d bent herself like an acute angle her mother spread her cheeks again and applied a decent amount of lotion in order to keep her skin moist and not irritate it.

As she was rubbing the shea and cocoa butter into Giselle’s crack, Cicily delicately slipped one lubed finger into the dark, enticing pucker that had been staring her in the face. Giselle’s body tightened up immediately, but it relaxed soon and she even pushed backwards slightly, consuming half of the digit in her hole hungrily.

She’d never felt any sort of pleasure like this before, Giselle’s body was alive with senses. Her knees trembled and her asshole clenched tightly at the probing appendage, wishing to be impaled further. She was in pure bliss and she could feel her loins igniting just as soon as her mother’s finger pushed its way past her backside’s barrier. And then all too soon the wonderful sensation was gone and her mother retracted her finger before retrieving the razor.

Within moments Giselle’s asshole was bald, and as a treat for being such a good girl, Cicily pushed her finger against that tight little rosebud again and it immediately pushed forward, opening up to swallow the dark finger seeking access. Once her daughter’s dark tunnel had closed about her finger she began wiggling it around while simultaneously pushing more in until she was up to the knuckle. The tip of her finger pressed and stroked at the walls inside of Giselle’s ass, and Giselle nearly fell forward on her face as the pleasure overwhelmed her, “My my, you’re loving this aren’t you?” Cicily cooed lustily as she continued to play with her daughter’s virgin asshole.

Giselle was moaning now, the pleasure was immense, her nerves felt like they might exploded. “A lot,” she groaned, “I like it a lot mom.”

“Our daughter is a little anal slut Andrew,” Cicily commented to her large observing husband.

“Like mother like daughter I guess,” Andrew laughed and reached over to give them both playful smacks on their plump asses.

Drawing her finger back out into open air and wiping the lotion off on the towel Cicily then told her daughter to lay back so that she could trim up her pussy. Giselle did as she was told and about ten minutes later her thick bush was trimmed to less than half an inch and her meaty pussy lips were shaven completely bald. Once satisfied with her work Cicily put away the tools and sat back down. “That looks much better,” she said, tickling the smooth lips lightly with her fingers, “This makes eating you much more attractive and fun for everyone, and you won’t feel as weird as you would fully bald.”

With squinting eyes Giselle asked, “Eating me?”

“Oh, right,” her mother responded, smacking her own forehead softly. “Here, I will just show you,” she said and then shifted from the bed to her knees and shimmied over so that she was in between Giselle’s strong legs. Leaning forward between those luscious thighs she quickly said, “This is called eating a pussy, carpet munching, or muff diving. The proper word would be cunnilingus, however.” And with that she gave in to the temptation that had been calling to her for nearly an hour now, her face jutting forward and her tongue snaking out to lap firmly at those newly shaven lips.

Giselle bucked at the first lick, her hips involuntarily jerking, her cunt contracting sharply, and a jolt of pleasure coursing its way from her loins through the rest of her nerves. She just groaned, rolling her hips and arching her back slightly as her mother licked and nuzzled her smooth outer lips for about two minutes, but then the woman who’d cared for her for her entire life reached forward and pulled those lips apart with two fingers and then dove her face into her glistening pink gash. Giselle could no longer control her cries of ecstasy, and she threw her head back, her eyes rolling around wildly as her mother attacked her cunt.

In her first attempt at dirty talk she cried out, “Oh mommy! Yes! I love the way you’re eating my pussy! You’re eating your daughter’s drooling pussy!” And it certainly was drooling at this point. Giselle could feel the moisture gathering beneath her cheeks and seeping from her tunnel to greet her eager mother’s mouth.

“Mmmf!” Was all Cicily could moan in response. Her daughter tasted so sweet, yet tangy and wild… And unused. It had been such a very long time since Cicily had tasted a completely fresh pussy. She relished in it, burying her head and lashing her tongue back and forth, up and down; driving her daughter wild with just that tongue.

Very soon though, the cunt munching stopped. Cicily removed her face, which looked like a glazed donut because it was literally covered in virgin juices. Licking her lips with a delicious smile she asked, “How was that, sweetie?”

Panting, her ripe chest heaving up and down, Giselle looked up at her mother through the peaks of her nipples and nodded weakly, “I love you,” she finally said in a small voice.

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