Sibling Sex

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It was all I could do to keep my mind on my work.

Sara had bent over to pick up a bunch of the paper clips she had dropped near my desk and the cheeks of her ass were right there, behind the folds of her sheer dress, facing me. The picture in my mind having my hands on her hips, pulling her ass back onto my rock hard shaft was driving me up the wall and if I didn’t switch my mental images to something a lot less stimulating, I’d be in trouble! I’d better do it quickly before she sees the effect she is having on me.

“Sara, can I give you a hand?” I offered chauvinistically.

“No thanks Bob. I almost have them all,” she mumbled over her shoulder.

She had now dropped to her hands and knees to finish the clean up job and my mind was racing again picturing me on my knees behind her, driving my cock deep inside of her. I knew she was my sister but a stiff dick doesn’t think of those things. She finished retrieving the clips and stood in front of my desk asking if there was anything she could do for me. I wasn’t sure if it was meant as a double entendre or not but I was damn sure tempted to blurt out, ‘Raise your dress, turn around and bend over my desk and let me ram my cock deep inside of you Sis,’ but I didn’t.

I had been working out of the office I had created in the area above our three-car garage and had hired my young sister Sara to manage the office and do all of the secretarial work. Our folks had died several years earlier, leaving us the property and enough money to get Sara through college when she was ready and to set me up in the management consulting business I was interested. Sara was now 20 and I had just hit the big three oh.

We had joined a group of friends at the beach a month or so ago and it was the first time in a few years I had seen Sara in a bathing suit. She had a fantastic ass and tiny waist with what appeared to be large firm, breasts. Her bathing suit barely hid the dark outline of large nipples and once again my mind was going wild. Voluptuous would be the word that came to mind every time I glanced at her. She had let her blonde hair grow out to shoulder length over the last year and I thought it framed her face nicely. In my minds eye I kept seeing her hair spread out over my lap as she was sucking my cock.

Sara was a good-looking gal and I found my mind switching almost all of her innocent poses to ones with sexual connotations. Perhaps foolishly or naively, I thought we could just go on about our business relationship as brother and sister without anything else entering the picture. I had forgotten, or perhaps hadn’t noticed, what an attractive gal she had grown into. When she would bend across her desk to reach anything on the far side of it, her breasts would flatten on the desk and her ass would be high in the air. My mind would instantly begin seeing the picture of my cock entering her pussy from behind as I pulled her to me.

Right then the ringing of the phone shattered the mood. Sara jumped to answer it using the phone on my desk. Shit, it was a business call I absolutely couldn’t avoid.

I had to go to Chicago on business for a couple of days but there was plenty to keep Sara busy in the office while I was away. She wasn’t the fastest typist in the world but she was improving day by day. . Bullshit, I had a better idea

“Sara, pack-up your laptop and enough clothes for a couple of days. You’re coming with me on this trip to Chicago.”

If I couldn’t fuck her on this trip given the excitement she was going to feel, I never would.

The flight went perfect and we were checked into the hotel without any trouble. My room had a king-size bed with a humongous bathroom and hers had twin double beds with a normal size bath. Both had large screen TV’s and each had a mini bar. She yelled over from her room asking if I wanted her to make dinner reservations at the hotel dining room or did I have something else in mind.

Oh, I had something else in mind all right but she was talking about dinner.

“Call down and make reservations.”

As we came off the elevator I took her by the elbow and guided her into the oak-paneled lounge just off the main dining room. I was a little generous in tipping the maitre de to get nice window tables in the lounge and then a corner window table in the dining room, each overlooking the lake. The tip must have been fine for the maitre de was all “yes sir’s” & “no sir’s” and had a huge smile on his face as he was seating us.

The dinner and drinks went over great and the four glasses of wine Sara had seemed to make her a little more jovial than usual. After dinner we went for a little walk, over near the lake but I suggested we get back to the rooms before it got too dark for us to see our way.

When we got to our rooms, she flipped on her TV and lo and behold an adult movie was showing on the porn channel. A gal was deep throating a guy.

Sara said, “Wow, take a look at this.”

I went over to her room and saw what ankara escort she was looking at and immediately thought of her doing the same for me.

“Looks as if they are both having a good time.”

“Sure, as long as he reciprocates when she is finished with him.”

“Sis, I didn’t know you knew about that stuff.”

“Oh yes, I never experienced it but I darn sure know about it.”

I noticed she hadn’t bothered to change the channel and her eyes were glued to the set. It wasn’t long before the guy had pulled out of the gals mouth and was shooting his load all over her face.

All I heard from Sara was “Mmmmmm.”

“Sara, it sounds as if you wouldn’t mind experiencing that for yourself.” I commented.

She had turned her head and coyly looked back over her shoulder when she answered with a beautiful seductive smirk on her face, “You’re right. Have anyone in mind?”

“Matter of fact, I do.” As I stepped closer to her.

The TV porn had aroused me and my cock was hard as a steel rod. Her pretty, blue eyes were staring deep into mine as I lowered one hand, freeing my cock from my jeans. I then raised my hands to her shoulders as she dropped one hand down to my crotch. Her fingers were soon wrapped around my shaft as she stepped back a little to look down at what she was holding.

I hadn’t taken my eyes off her for even a second and my cock was rock hard. She was soon going to find out how it tasted. I was lying back on the bed with my legs dangling over the foot of it and she lowered herself to the floor between them and took my shaft in one hand as she positioned herself over it. Her nipples were just lightly touching my knees and I lowered a hand down to touch them. As I did I could feel her shiver as if an electric shock vibrated through her whole body. Her nipples were starting to get very hard and I could feel her breasts begin to quiver.

Looking at his swelling cock, Sara gasped. “I don’t know if I can take all of that but I’ll try.” She inhaled.

“Do what you can Sis.”

With that she put one hand under my balls and used her other one to guide the head of my cock to her mouth. She used her tongue to lightly touch the bulbous head, then let her tongue go all around the ring where it met my shaft. She then tried to take it all inside her mouth.

Surprisingly she didn’t seem to have much trouble getting the head a good ways inside her mouth before she tightened her lips around my shaft. Soon it was as if she was mimicking the gal in the TV porn flick raising and lowering her head and hand as she was jacking the guy off while sucking his cock. It was as if she was letting him fuck her mouth. She started the same thing on me and it didn’t take much before she had me moaning. I had put one hand on the back of her head and was pulling her down lightly on my dick. I was hotter than hell and knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand much more of this. The funny part was the more aroused I got, the more it looked as if she did also. It wasn’t long before she was raising and lowering her mouth fast and furious. Every now and then she was able to let my cock get further into her throat without gagging. She would suck in deep then instantly pull her mouth up before the gag reflex hit her before continuing on at her normal depth.

A few minutes later I was throwing my hips up to meet her and shouting, “Sara, I’m cumming.”

I then shot a huge load deep into her mouth. Most of it went down her throat but a lot of it was all over her tongue and oozing out of her mouth around my cock.

She kept her mouth wrapped around my cock as long as I was still shooting and then tightened her lips around my shaft as she pulled her head up and almost off me, helping milk the rest of my juices out of me. She looked up at me from around my cock mumbling, “Bob, I have seen pictures of guys shooting off before but I never knew it came out so hard.”

She let her head rest against my stomach as she kept my cock in her mouth as it was getting softer and softer. It wasn’t very long before it was down to its normal size.

She then looked up at me asking, “Feel good?”

“Are you insane? I feel terrific. Sara, where in the hell did you learn how to do that?” I asked.

“Bob, I am almost embarrassed to tell you but over the last year or so I have rented a number of XXX videos and studied the hell out of them. I didn’t want to act like a dumb klutz when this opportunity came.”

I took her by the hand and gently guided her back to my room, letting her unfasten her blouse and bra while I was stripping off my own clothes as we made our way to the bed. I had mine almost completely off by the time we had reached it and she wasn’t far behind me.

I lay back on the bed, watching her finish undressing saying, “Honey, have I ever told you what a terrific body you have?”

“No you haven’t but I love to hear it.” She murmured.

“C’mere and let me run my fingers all over it before I put my cock into escort ankara your hot little pussy.” I coaxed.

“Bob, I’m a little scared. I am a virgin and after seeing the size of your cock I think it is going to hurt like hell going into me.” She whimpered.

“Don’t fear it hon, I am going to make sure you will feel a lot more pleasure than pain.”

As she bent forward at the waist to finally remove her panties her lovely breasts were pointing at the floor with her blonde hair cascading down around them. As she stood up I could see she had partially shaved her pubic hair, I guess to accommodate the bikini bottom of her bathing suit. Her pussy hair was as blonde as the hair on her head but it was her tiny ass that was holding my attention. It looked small and firm and although she talked about wrapping her mouth around my cock, I just knew before this night was over my cock was going to slip between her tight little cheeks on its way to her pussy.

I held out my open arms to her and she fell into them and locked her lips on mine. I soon had my hands on her tight little ass with her firm breasts pressed hard against my chest.

I pulled her up onto the bed where I twisted myself around to get my face lined up with her pussy. It seemed the right thing to do would be to get her pussy squirming with some passion before I ever let my mouth near it so I let my fingers search out her well hidden clit. I soon had a couple of fingers inside her tight little pussy lips and could feel she was already soaked. My fingers kept rolling across the sheath of her clit and she went a little wild when I got it to show itself. Her hips were thrown high off the bed and her hands were grabbing whatever part of me they could reach, pulling me to her. As I lowered my face to her waiting pussy, I let my lips brush against her nipples, momentarily sucking on each of them on my way to her crotch. She moaned with ecstasy as her nipples hardened with excitement.

My hands spread her pussy lips as my face buried itself as far inside of them as I could get it. I let my tongue do some deep probing before bringing my mouth half way out so my tongue could do some work on her outer lips and her clit. Once I was able to get her clit free of its sheath I took it gently between my lips and touched it lightly with my tongue. I then started to suck her clit as I let my tongue go up one side of it and down the other. I think it was the sucking of her clit that had her throwing herself all over the bed and was causing me to have a tough time keeping my mouth buried between her soft, pulsing pussy lips.

I folded a couple of fingers tight together, wet them on her pussy juices and slipped them just a little ways into her before I began to move my hand in a fucking motion. I was fucking her pussy with my fingers and I could hear her beginning to pant.

“Bob, I am feeling a stirring deeper inside of me, stronger than any orgasm I have ever given myself. It feels strange.”

That was the last thing she said before she screamed, “Oh God, I’m exploding.”

I kept my mouth moving just as hard as it had been and by then had a few fingers buried deeper in her pussy. She was still breathing fast and was throwing her body back and forth to each side of the bed. My cock was rock hard again and I raised myself up and moved between her legs.

“Sara, brace yourself. Here it comes.”

“Yes, Yes … fuck me.” She said through clenched teeth.

Her pussy was soaked as I touched the head of my cock to her lips. She could obviously feel it and pushed her pussy forward to meet me. I wasn’t going to need that but it showed she was ready. I was on my knees with one hand guiding my cock into her. I pushed in a little and she started to moan with pleasure. I looked down at her crotch and could see I only had an inch or so in her and her pussy was already tightening around it. Another push and my cock slipped in another inch or so. God her virgin pussy was tight. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get inside her with only pussy juices and my saliva as lubrication. She must have felt the deeper penetration but never made a sound to acknowledge it. I then had my hands under the cheeks of her ass, lifting them even higher, giving me an even straighter shot at entering her. ….

She was biting her lower lip, breathing a lot faster and harder than she had up to then as I gave one final thrust before looking down to see I was completely buried just as she gasped,

“Oh God.”

I stayed like this for a minute or so, just lightly kissing her lips and fondling her breasts before moving at all. I then started to thrust in and out very slowly. My hands were still cupping her ass cheeks as she swung her heels around behind me using them to pull me further into her.

It didn’t take her long to get in sync with my movements and she was meeting my thrusts with those of her own. She reached up behind my neck and pulled me down to her face where she planted a huge kiss ankara escort bayan on me. Her tongue was deep inside my mouth, searching out mine.

My thrusting was beginning to get faster and I still had my hands down on her ass, pulling her to me with all the strength I had. Her vaginal muscles were tightening on my shaft and I could feel the warmth building deep inside of me as I fucked her fast, deep and hard. It wasn’t long before my cock was pulsing with the huge load of cum I was shooting way up inside of her.

I lay beside her and we lay motionless for what seemed to be forever.

“Sis, in case you are worrying about getting pregnant…don’t. I was going with a gal a few years back and she didn’t want me to use condoms so I had a vasectomy without telling her and now I only shoot blanks … babies.”

“Great. I started to think about that just about the time you were shooting inside of me and was a bit worried. Hey, by the way. I would appreciate it if you called me by my name rather than ‘Sis’. Incest is bad enough, never mind having you remind me of it every time we are doing anything sexual. OK?”

“You got it Sara. Honey, I hate to draw this fun and games to a close but I have a very important meeting in the morning and I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for it, so I better get some sleep. We will still have a couple more days here so it doesn’t mean the end of our wrestling matches.”

She laughed and agreed.

We weren’t in our sleeping positions more than a couple of minutes and spooning as close as we could get when my cock started another rise to the occasion.

Feeling that, I could hear Sara laugh and say, “Well now, it would appear that Bob’s cock doesn’t want to go to that meeting in the morning. Perhaps it would rather stay here with me while he went off and earned some money.”

Now it was my turn to laugh but not before I reached down and from the rear, guided my cock into her waiting pussy. I didn’t waste any time with foreplay and just jammed it into the hilt in one swift move. That took her breath away but soon had her pushing herself back at me.

“Damn Bob, that feels sensational.” She grunted. Once again, I put a hand on each of her hips and pulled her back harder as I thrust in and out faster and faster. This wasn’t love making …it was simply ‘fucking.’ Since I had cum so much so recently this one was going to take some time and we were both loving it. I took my hands from her hips and moved them up to her firm tits and pulled back on them. It wasn’t long before I was driving my cock in her from the head to the base in long fast thrusts and she was grunting with each of my inward moves. She had a hand between her legs and was massaging my shaft as it went in and out of her. I could feel her fingernails lightly rubbing against my shaft and it didn’t take long before she was ooohing and ahhing with each thrust. A few more and she was pushing her pussy back and squishing it around the base of my cock.

Her squeal started right about then and I had to move my hand up and over her mouth to keep her from making so much noise the hotel’s security staff would be knocking at our door. She actually bit down on my hand as she exploded with another orgasm. As she was cumming she kept throwing her pussy back at me and was flailing her arms back trying to get something to hold onto as she threw herself around in the throes of her orgasm. It wasn’t but another minute or so before I too was exploding, deep inside of her.

Damn, if I had known she was such a great piece of ass I would have made a move on her years earlier. She was unbelievable in bed.

“Sara, rise and shine. We have a very important appointment this morning. I was going to just attend it myself but I want you to join me and take as many notes as you are able. I know you can’t take shorthand but at least get the highlights down on paper.”

The day went great with Sara doing a fine job taking the notes. I could have used a tape recorder but most people become very self-conscious and start to clam up when they see one whirling away on the center of a desk or conference table. This worked perfectly and I might have just committed myself to taking her on all of these types of meetings. Not just for the sex but as a secretary or should that be spelled sexcretary?

We had some cleaning up to do to with some of the documents we had discussed and I was glad Sara had the foresight to bring along the portable printer. We had the changes made by just after noon and ready for presentation at 10AM the next morning. Having the printer with us saved another whole day with getting the changes made and ready for our signatures; thank God she thought to bring it. That left us all afternoon and evening to amuse ourselves!

“Sara, I have found the perfect gadget for you.”

“What is it Bob? Something sexual I hope.”

“Strip down and come in here” I yelled from my room to hers.

She was soon as naked as a jaybird and came waltzing into my room with her arms outspread and engulfing me in a gigantic kiss.

“Come with me” as I led her to my bathroom. I hadn’t told her what it contained yesterday hoping to surprise her today and I succeeded.

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