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Somehow you managed to talk me into going shopping with you. I swear I think I was hypnotized, probably by your lush ass and beautiful tits. I’ve kept my grumbling to a minimum as I follow you from store to store. It seems as the day wears on I’m carrying more and more bags for you as you laugh and drag me to the next store.

In this store you decide you want a new dress and go looking through the racks. You pick out a few things and head off to the changing room. I find a nice wall outside to lean against and I set your bags down to wait. Just as I get comfortable I hear you call out to me to come back and help you. I resign myself to head back, hoping no one sees me and no other women complain.

As I enter your changing room I see you trying on a black dress. This dress looks like it was made for you, you look so amazing, the dress hugging your body perfectly, the neckline showing the perfect amount of cleavage. I can only help but stop and stare.

You snap me out of my daze as you giggle and tell me to close ataşehir escort bayan the door. I slowly get my bearings and shut the door. You turn around and ask me to zip up the dress. Your ass looks amazing in the dress, shaping it perfectly and the dress is so tight I can tell you have no panties on. I glide my hands up your ass to reach the zipper as I move it up.

You sigh and turn around, you place your hand on my crotch felling my hard cock.

You whisper “I’d ask you if you like it, but I think I’m holding my answer.”

You continue to rub my cock as I move in to kiss you. Our lips meet in passion, our tongues entwine. My hands are on your ass pulling you into me. All thoughts of where we are are gone for me, I just need you.

I move one hand down your leg easing it up your thigh under your dress. you moan into my mouth as we continue to kiss. I find your pussy lips already damp, I slid my finger up and down your slit, making it moist.

Slowly I slide that finger in you, you escort kadıöy gasp as I enter your tight pussy. I slid a second finger in, you begin moving your hips fucking my finger.

You whisper in my ear “Fuck me now.”

I need no other encouragement. I peel your dress of you and drop my pants in record time. I love seeing your naked body, your perfect tits with your nipples already hard and you’re beautiful pussy that I can’t get enough of.

I turn you around to face the mirror, you lean forward placing your hands on the glass. I now have the perfect view your beautiful ass in front of me and a wonderful reflection of you in the mirror. I guide my cock to you waiting pussy, I place my hands on your hips and enter you slowly.

So tight, so wet. I begin pumping in and out, I watch you in the mirror as you bite your lip trying not to moan. You look so hot, your tits moving as we fuck my hand reaching for your clit. I begin rubbing your pussy as I fuck you harder. You let out a little squeal as I feel maltepe escort you cum. You straighten up and reach and pull my face close.

You tell me “I want to be a naughty girl Daddy. Fuck my ass.”

You don’t need to ask me twice, I bend you back down and take me cock, slippery with your cum, and put it by your tight asshole. I slowly push in, you grunt as you take my swollen cock. As soon as you relax I grab your hips and start fucking your ass. My balls smacking against your pussy.

You take one of your hands and start playing with your pussy. I can’t contain myself much longer, watching my cock buried in your asshole and seeing you play with your pussy. You can full my cock throbbing, you let out another little sequel as you cum again. I can feel your pussy contracting while I’m in your ass, I can’t hold back.

I plunge in deep and let go with a roar “FFFUUUCCKKK”.

My cum spraying the insides of your ass. I see you’re shocked look in the mirror at how loud I was. We both start laughing. I pull up my pants and you get dressed. We peek out the door and sneak out of the changing area. As we round the corner, there is a small crowd. We both turn red as we walk to the front of the store.

I put the dress on the counter and tell the clerk, “We’ll take the dress.”

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