She’s Being Naughty Continues

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To the readers: this is part 3 to “she’s being naughty again” for the second part and continuation to this story please refer to “daddydearest”.

“Give it to me baby, oh fuck yessss!! Give it to me.”

“Oh I am going to give it to you alright, you wanna be a bad girl, I will show you what happens when you’re a bad girl” Darnell snarls. He pulls his monster almost completely out of her, leaving just the head inside, grabbing onto her hips he drives his monster all the way back inside her. She screams, as her back arches pushing her ass back toward him.

“FUCK ME HARDER DADDY!! OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER.” Kim lets out in a window-breaking sort of high-pitched scream. A scream so loud and so erotic Darnell could feel it all the way in the depth of his balls. She looks back at him with the most erotic, sexy, look of wanting desire in her eyes as her nose wrinkles, her teeth come together as she begins to growl loudly.

“OH IS THAT WHAT MY LITTLE SLUT WANTS, SHE WANTS TO REALLY BE FUCKED DOESN’T SHE, WELL THAT’S JUST WHAT SHE’S GOING TO GET.” Darnell barks, running his hands up her back around under her arms he locks his hands onto her shoulders, pulling her back toward him fucking her now as hard and as fast as he possibly could, his balls slapping against her clit.

The harder he fucked her the louder she screamed, her body twisting and turning, her screams and growls growing louder, looking back at Darnell Kim could see the fiery look of intense desire and passion in his eyes, as he was in control now and that’s just what he wanted, lifting her off the table still with his monster buried deep inside her he backs them up sitting in the chair that was behind them, pulling her back toward him resting her back against his chest, taking her nipples in between his thumb and forefinger pulling out on them tweaking and twisting them, she cries out as she pushes down harder onto his monster, as he nibbles at the side of her neck.

Slowly he slides two fingers up inside her screaming awaiting pussy, teasing at her g-spot, working on her bladder as well, fucking her now even harder, her breathing is in short spurts, and yet very heavy as her pussy began to rock back and forth against his fingers, he was sending 10 million different feelings through her being all at one time, she could feel her orgasm building but she wasn’t quite sure what was going to strike first, either her orgasm or she was going to end up peeing all over her daddy.

Listening to the sounds that she was making and feeling the way her body was reacting to what Darnell was doing to her was driving him senses absolutely wild, he could tell just what was happening to her.

“My little ataşehir escort slut has something that her daddy wants and she had better give it to him NOW!! But you better not cum, that’s not what I want yet.”

“Ohhhhh fuck me to tears, daddy what do you want tell me please I want to make daddy happy, I don’t want to be a bad girl.” Kim replies in a whine.

“I want my little slut to pee for me, that’s exactly what I want and I want it NOW” Darnell commands as he pushes harder against her bladder.

“Hold me daddy please hold me” she exclaims as her body began to shake, Darnell, holding his finger tips firmly against her bladder wraps his right arm around her holding her close to him, as she wraps her arms around his neck, her body tensing as she releases all her warm golden juices all over his balls the feel of her very warm golden juices running all over him aroused him more then she truly knew.

As her body began to settle, still with his monster buried deep inside her rose bud, she reached down between their legs taking his balls covered in her juices into her hand massaging them gently, his body jumps pushing his monster yet deeper now inside her, he lets out with one hell of a very sexy loud growl, she could feel his monster growing now even harder, as his balls tightened in her hand, feeling the head of that massive monster throbbing, as their orgasms were fast approaching.



“NOT WITHOUT MY DADDY, CUM WITH ME DADDY!!” Kim cries out as she leans her body forward, running her hands down his legs taking a death grip onto his ankles her body shakes fiercely (like a wild fire running rapid through a dry forest) as his hands hold onto her hips tightly he pushes one last time deep inside her rose bud, as they scream almost in perfect harmony, riding through wave after wave of a deliciously hot erotic orgasms together.

Her body falls limp from all the tension released from her body as she just lays down the length of his legs, running her fingers gently up and down the backs of his legs, enjoying the feel of the muscles within them, he moans softly as he pulls her gently back up to him, holding her tightly to him.

“I love you baby.” He whispers softly running his tongue on the outer edge of her ear. “I love you too baby.” She replies softly as she settles into his shoulder.

“You do know I am not done with you don’t you?” he whispers as he slides his hand again back down in between her legs feeling all her wetness that he had created, Her body jumps slightly as he ran his thumb lightly over her clit, her hips pushing toward his hand.

“OOOOOOO, someone is still kadıköy escort bayan a bit sensitive isn’t she?”

“Yes baby you know I am, and if you keep it up you will make even more of a mess.” To him that was a challenge, even though she didn’t particularly put it to him in just that way he wanted to see just how much more of a wonderfully wet mess he could make.

“Baby, stand up for a minute.”

She stands as he gets up out of the chair taking her by the hand he walks her into the living room having her sit in his recliner, working his way down onto his knees taking her by her hips he pulls her sweet ass to the edge of the chair. Placing her legs over his shoulders leaning into her his eyes locking onto hers running his tongue from her rose bud gathering his love seed that has run out of her, all the way to the top of her pussy sucking her sensitive clit into his mouth, nibbling licking and sucking it gently. Her legs locking around his head as her ass lifts off the chair, sliding his hands underneath her ass holding her there.

She was in just the perfect position for what he wanted (he wanted to taste all their juices mixed as one, her sweet love juices, her golden nectar, and his love seed) running his tongue over her pussy lips gently he sucks them into his mouth as he ever so gently slides two fingers inside her rose bud, to the last knuckle. She lets out with a sudden scream, as he buries his tongue as deep inside her very wet, very warm pussy, his tongue exploring every inch of her love tunnel.

His monster now hard, ridged, and throbbing, as the sounds that she makes arouse him instantly, his fingers working deeper in and out of her rose bud her body beginning to thrash a bit as she locks her hands into the back of his hair, holding him in place, her legs locking tighter around his head his tongue working now deeper inside her as her pussy grinds harder and faster against his mouth.

“DON’T STOP!! AHHHHHHHHHHH GOD DAMN IT PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T STOP!! She screams as he pushes her to the point of total explosion, giving him more then he had ever bargained for, she came so hard for him he was completely covered in it from the bridge of his nose to the entirety of his goatee, he proceeds to clean up the wonderful mess that he had once again created, taking her legs off from around his head and off his shoulders. Sitting her up her wraps his arms around his baby girl, holding her close to him.

“From now on I want you to be my good girl otherwise I will have to teach you the same lesson all over again you know full well I love you but if you leave me no choice but to teach you in this way then that’s just what I am going escort maltepe to have to do.” “I love you too, I promise I will be a good girl, at least for now anyway.” She replies. Looking at him she kisses him softly, running her finger tips up the back of his neck, leaning in she gently nibbles on his left ear. Slowly sliding her hand down onto his still throbbing rigid monster, his body tenses.

“Oh god baby girl please don’t start not now.”

She didn’t say a word she stood up taking his hand they walked down the hall to their bedroom. She pushed him gently backwards onto his back on the bed straddling over him. She kisses her way ever so gently down his chest, running her tongue inch by inch down his love trail. His back arching he moans softly, kissing her way down to his monster that she so wanted to devour. Her eyes now locked onto his taking his monster into her hand she runs her the tip of her tongue over the very tip of it in a very teasing sort of manner, tracing her tongue inside his slit, he screams as his body tenses once again his hips pushing up toward her mouth.


“WHAT BABY? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED BABY” she replies. (She loves to make him tell her what he wants she feeds off of it, it turns her on so badly the way his ever so sexily accented voice changes).


Wrapping her lips around his monster she locks her lips to it sucking him deep into her throat, sucking the entire length of his shaft, teasing at his balls gently with her fingernails, he places his hands on the sides of her head as he begins to fuck her mouth, slowly at first, the harder he felt her sucking on him the faster he picks up his pace. His hips moving in quite the rapid motion now as Kim begins to moan ever so softly, enjoying the taste of him, and the feel of his cock working in and out of her mouth.

Feeling his cock hardening in her mouth as his balls tightened again in her hand she knew it wouldn’t be long before he gave her just what she wanted, she slides one finger into his ass to heighten just what was happening to him, holding it as far inside him as she possibly could, his moans turning to screams as with one last thrust he explodes, his body shaking and trembling as he released all his love seed deep into the back of her throat. She like him cleans him up completely, sliding her body up his she kisses him ever so deeply sharing with him what he had given her, Darnell wrapping his arms around her holds her close to him once again as she rests her head on his chest, running her fingers slowly through the hair on his chest.

“Now that’s my good girl, I LOVE YOU.”

“I LOVE YOU TOO BABY…I will always be your good girl but daddy what else could possibly happen if I was to be really naughty again?”

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