She Helps with Daughter’s Husband

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As Dani drove down the last stretch of track towards the beach she recalled the conversation with her husband. It had been about an hour ago, just before she’d left with her overnight bag. He’d inquired, “Why has Amy invited you down to her beach hut without me?”

He didn’t seem particularly concerned at Dani going alone to visit their daughter because he’d arranged with his friends to see a football game. Nevertheless, Dani answered, “I told you this morning, Amy wants me to give her and Wes a talk, a discussion to strengthen their marriage.”

“And it’s ok for a qualified councillor like you to give marriage guidance to our daughter and son-in-law?” Her husband’s brow scrunched as he looked at Dani. “And they want you to do this every 3 months?”

Dani shrugged. “We’ll see.” She’d gone over, kissed him on the cheek and went out the front door.

Dani felt guilty that she hadn’t corrected her husband when he assumed it was about marriage counselling. Their daughter had actually mentioned sex therapy but to reveal this to her hubby would have alarmed him. It had alarmed Dani at first until Amy had reassured her that it was just a chat.

It was a hot afternoon as Dani parked the car near the beach and walked down the path to the row of multi-coloured wooden huts on the edge of the sand. Amy and Wes were there, sitting on sun loungers in front of their hut and they waved a greeting. Dani couldn’t help admiring Wes in his swim trunks as he got up to kiss her. At age 29 he had just the right amount of muscles in all the right places, his dark eyes and shoulder-length hair gave the impression of a cool surfer. He smelt of suntan oil. She still blanked out any details of the last two encounters when Dani had helped him with his fantasies. As far as she was concerned, that was all in the past and not to be repeated.

Amy gave her mother a hug. She wore a bikini top and frayed denim shorts. Her height was the same as Dani, 5 foot 4 inches, the same jet black hair although Amy’s hair was longer. It was obvious that they were mother and daughter with their half-oriental looks inherited from Dani’s Thai father. “Fancy a swim?” said Amy.

A few minutes later, they were in the sea up to their necks with their feet just touching the sandy bottom. Wes swam a little way out but Dani was happy to talk to Amy who said, “We’re so looking forward to you staying the night with us, Mum. So exciting.”

Dani queried, “You mentioned this is going to be every 3 months?”

“About 3 months.” Amy giggled and rolled her eyes. “After our last chat … you helped us so much, Mum, and we’re better now. Wes and I are learning to understand each other. It’s been such a boost for us and our marriage and now we want to do it again.”

Dani had sealed out everything in her mind about “our last chat.” It was an event in the past that happened between the three of them. She knew it mustn’t be the same conversation. “Love to talk through things, Amy, if I can be of help. But the real talking has to be between you and Wes.” She watched Wes swimming strongly in deeper water.

“We HAVE been talking … about you and all the things you got us to think about. Our marriage has been rejuvenated. Do you remember the fantasies we had?”

“No, I don’t.” Dani didn’t want to recall any of that. It was bad enough feeling guilty that she had kept the whole thing a secret from Amy’s dad.

Amy playfully splashed her mother and continued, “It kept us hot for months. We thought your future input every now and then would be SO helpful. We’re thinking of help from you every 3 months.” Amy displayed a zest for life which made her look younger than her age of 25 years.

Dani wanted to forget the fantasies of her daughter and son-in-law. She didn’t want to be negative as Amy had obviously assumed that Dani would help them. “Communication is important, Amy. No secret between couples is certainly the way to go.” Her daughter seemed to like that and she wrapped her arms around Dani’s neck as they floated in the sea. It felt nice to have Amy hug her again, this time more affectionately with a quick kiss on Dani’s closed lips.

As they came out of the sea, Wes joined them. Since the huts had no running water they relied on a public beach shower for washing off the sea salt. For all other water needs, there was a communal services block 100 yards away. Still wearing their swimsuits, they used the beach shower. Dani noticed how the damp swim trunks that Wes wore stuck to his groin and clearly showed the size of his limp cock. Dani pretended not to see it.

The sun was setting as they prepared the bar-b-q on the deck in front of their hut. Dani had got dressed in tight blue jeans and a pink woollen roll-neck which made her look young for her age of 45. She reckoned her oriental looks and slim 5’4″ frame helped her youthful appearance. They drank a bottle of wine before eating and Dani relaxed on her canvas fold-up chair.

Having eaten, and the sunset, they sat outside with a couple of lamps providing the only light. The conversation turned to marriage and Amy wanted to know, “Do you and dad ever talk about sex?”

“Not really. We know what anime porno we want after all these years.” Dani realised this was a lie but didn’t want to expand on it. In reality, she wanted to experiment with sex but hubby didn’t seem interested. She lied again, “I don’t think about sex in the same way as the young people today.”

Amy laughed. “I saw you, Mum, take a sneak at his cock.”

Before Dani could deny it, Wes looked at Dani and said, “We discuss sex and often refer to that meeting with you a few months ago. It’s made us closer but we’ve got to the point where we’d like to explore more with you.”

Dani didn’t want to get too deep into this and kept her voice sympathetic, “I can listen to your ideas, your thoughts, and make suggestions … to help in that way.”

“Can we,” said Amy as she hesitated, “can we be honest with each other … to say what we like without embarrassment?” She was sitting next to Dani and put her hand on her mother’s arm. “Will you be honest as well, Mum?”

“Of course.” Dani held out her wine glass for Wes to fill. “But whatever I feel or want,” said Dani, ” is not exactly relevant. Both of you have been opening up to each other. That’s good.”

Wes said, “We want to continue doing that, to expand on the chat we all had last time. It became real to us when you took part and we often enjoy recounting what happened.”

“I want to confess my innermost fantasy,” said Amy suddenly. She lowered her voice. “I imagine myself sucking my thumb while my mother runs her hands all over me.”

Dani remembered from the last time that Amy had confessed to being bi-curious. She wondered how to respond to her daughter. “Sounds to me as though you like playing the child. You can act it out in your bedroom with Wes.”

“We have done,” said Wes who leaned forward in his chair. “But Amy wants the real thing.”

Dani patted her daughter’s arm. “I’m sure you could find a friend to do this, although I’m not sure about threesomes.”

“Oh Mum,” sighed Amy. “We dare not ask a friend. Rejection. Looking silly. Word getting around make us cautious. We’ve even thought of a hook-up through a dating app but there are too many risks.”

“But, you’re not asking me to take part, are you?” said Dani. “This is a private matter between you.”

“But we can talk to you, Mum, can’t we?”

“Yes … sure.” Dani looked at the surf and relaxed at the sound of the waves. “If you want another woman to touch you, Amy, to feel you … it means you have strong desires for a girlfriend, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. But I still like men. I have this idea … it would be so erotic for me to be treated like a little girl, to suck my Mum’s breast and have Wes as my guardian who’d be terribly strict and I have to do anything he wants.”

Dani couldn’t help shake off the image of breastfeeding her daughter, even if it was make-believe. And she wanted to ignore the hardening of her nipples.

Wes broke into her thoughts and said, “Amy has talked about her closeness to you, Dani, but she finds it difficult to get full satisfaction in bed with me.”

Dani wondered how jumbled up her daughter seemed to be and wanted to help if she could. “Am I guessing, Amy, you want me to play this part with you, to caress you I suppose?”

“Yes. Us together … naked.” Amy put her thumb in her mouth for 5 seconds before withdrawing it. She looked embarrassed.

Dani felt that she wanted to help but didn’t know how to. “The problem is, Amy, if I’m naked in bed with you I’m thinking Wes will want to get in as well.”

Amy chewed her lower lip. “Is that a problem? Last time you allowed it.”

“The last time was a few months ago and I said I wouldn’t do it again. I’m helping you to strengthen your marriage and if that means experimenting with fantasies …” She still wasn’t sure what her daughter wanted her mother to do.

Amy had a cheeky smile on her face. “I bet Wes is better in bed than dad. Bigger too?”

Dani knew this was true – better, bigger, thicker – and could last longer than hubby. “Size is not the issue here. I can help you, Amy, with your fantasy. But I can’t have any sex with Wes.”

“Help me, Mum. Please.” Amy sucked her thumb. “Let’s get undressed?”

The question hung in the air and Dani couldn’t think of a reason to back out. “You and me,” Dani said it as a statement. Wes remained in his chair as Dani followed Amy into the hut where there was a double bed across the back wall. Amy switched on a table light, undressed and slipped under the sheets.

As Dani took her jeans off she was aware Wes had come into the hut but she didn’t turn around. Instead, she focused on Amy who looked up at her. “I want you naked, Mum,” whispered Amy.

Dani pulled the pink roll-neck over her head but hesitated. Strong hands came from behind her as Wes murmured against her ear, “Amy wants to suck your breasts.” The thought of that seemed to swell Dani’s breasts, her nipples became sensitive and pushed against the lacy fabric of her white bra. He said, “Look, Amy, your mum’s tits are ready. Do you want them?”

Amy spoke to Wes as she sucked her thump, “Push them asyalı porno through the lace for me.”

Dani didn’t know what she meant until Wes used both his hands to rip the delicate stitching of her right bra cup, the tearing made her body judder, his fingers brushed against her sensitive nipple. “And the other one,” said Amy who watched as Dani felt herself on show, rooted to the spot with Wes’s body firmly behind her. His fingers roughly gripped the left bra cup, her breathing became laboured and then he pulled. Her nipple popped through, free to the air before he tore more of the material to expose the full breast. She leaned back against the man, a feeling of light faintness came over her but his strong arms supported her. She didn’t mean to but her head rested against his shoulder.

Wes had his mouth next to her ear. “Cuddle Amy and give her milk.” She hesitated and Wes needed to guide her, to gently push her down towards Amy. Dani’s reluctance melted as Dani bent over but didn’t expect Amy to say, “Spank her.”

He gripped her bra strap from behind and spanked her bottom through the thin lace of her matching panties. After 6 slaps, Dani widened her shaking legs without her realising what she was doing as the heat of two more slaps hit her bum. Silence descended in the hut, the only noise was the waves outside. Dani felt a damp patch in her knickers.

She lay down beside her daughter, cradled Amy’s head and offered her breast. Amy let her thump fall away and latched onto her mother’s nipple, sucking the tit into her mouth which made it grow even larger. Dani kissed the head of Amy and felt she couldn’t deny her anything.

From her side-vision, Dani saw Wes undress and stood naked to watch the two women. His cock took half a minute to go from relaxed to full erection and Dani pretended not to see. It was, though, a lovely sight she thought and wished her hubby had a cock as big. In the half-light, Dani could see that Wes started to play with himself – a languid stroke of his hand along the length of his cock making it increase in size. Amy came off Dani’s breast and looked up at Dani. “Will you hold me while my husband makes love to me?”

“Is this your fantasy, darling?”

“Some of it. Wes roll-plays the father-figure and tells me what to do. I suck my thumb and do what he says. But I always imagine I’m with a third person, another woman like you, Mum.” Amy’s eyes went dreamy as Wes spread Amy’s legs and knelt between them. He started to masturbate Amy with his fingers while he kissed and licked Amy’s pussy lips.

Dani placed some of Amy’s long black hair to one side and murmured, “And do these fantasies help with your marriage?”

“Yes.” Amy let her eyes close. “We love doing this to each other … it brings us closer. And with you here, Mum, my images become real and erotic.”

Wes had changed his position and rolled Amy onto her side. She held onto Dani as Wes started to fuck her from behind. Dani watched her daughter’s face as she went from pleasure to the edge of an orgasm. Their little conversation between the two of them became more stilted as Amy lost the thread as she got nearer her climax. “I’m coming now, Mum. Oh, fuck yes. Yes,” she moaned as the sensations swept through her.

Wes withdrew and knelt beside Amy who circled her arm around Dani and kissed her. Dani could tell that Amy wanted to have her mother open her mouth and Dani felt obliged to do that. They explored each other’s tongues for 2 minutes before Amy spoke into Dani’s mouth, “Wes hasn’t come yet. Taste my love juice on his cock, Mum. Please.”

Dani turned her head to look at it. A thin line of liquid hung from his cock head. His balls looked heavy. “I can’t do that. Dad won’t understand.”

Amy put her hand lovingly on Dani’s cheek. “You only need to lick it. Taste my sex on his big cock. It’ll give me so much joy to see my mother do that for me.”

Wes shifted closer, his cock now hovering close to Dani’s mouth. She felt trapped but without the will to crawl away from their joint cuddle. A dribble from his cock landed on Dani’s chin. Amy used her finger to scoop it towards her mother’s mouth.

Dani felt Amy’s finger enter her mouth and automatically used her tongue to taste the exotic nectar of her daughter’s pussy. “I can’t have sex with you, Wes,” murmured Dani.

Wes said, “Open your mouth, Danielle. You know you want this.”

Wes used her full name, Danielle, and he was the only person in the family who did that. It seemed to express a dominance from her son-in-law as if he were in charge – it sent a shiver down Dani’s spine and, before she could stop herself, Dani opened her mouth. The bulbous head of his cock gently filled the inside of her left cheek. Automatically, she licked and used her lips to suck, similar to enjoying an ice cream, except the taste was Amy’s sweet juice from her climax. Still battling with the taboo of tasting the forbidden fruit, Dani’s mind screamed “No.” But her body shook with desire.

Amy whispered, “Lick along his wood.” The voice was seductive. “That’s it, Mum. Use your tongue … yeah … like that.”

Dani didn’t realise she was backroom casting porno doing this, licking faster, up to his balls, slurping now, her mouth filling with liquid. The realisation happened when Wes had already inched his cock further in. He withdrew and Dani swallowed.

As Amy leaned over to kiss her mother, a deep longing French kiss, Dani became aware of Wes turning Dani over to roll onto Amy, facing Amy so that now Dani was on top, kissing Amy.

Dani didn’t want to break their kiss. “Am I bisexual, Amy, like you? What’s happening to me?”

“We’re discovering each other … isn’t that fantastic? I know I’ll be fantasising about this, Mum, for a long time. To actually do this with you is so erotic and such a big help for me and Wes.” She put her thumb in her mouth and said, “When we have sex, we often talk about your fantasy … remember what you told us, Mum?”

Dani didn’t want to remember the last time. She shouldn’t have told the young couple her personal secrets. Right now, her concentration was difficult because she felt Wes’s hands on her hips, his fingers under the elastic of her panties. “What fantasies?” murmured Dani, her voice shaking.

Amy smiled and whispered, “You admitted to us … you think about taking a bigger cock from behind, to take it slowly, longer and to taste yourself … meaning you want to be fucked and have the man withdraw to make you suck … to taste it. And, you would like to be forced … as in … held down and made to do something you shouldn’t be doing. To be held down, tied maybe, and used like a slut, taken against your will.”

“You mustn’t say these things,” said Dani, her heart rate had increased.

“It helps us to know your desires. And your son-in-law is going to make it come true. Isn’t that beautiful?”

Although Dani shook her head she couldn’t say the words to stop Wes who had pulled her panties down and was now freeing them from her ankles. She kissed her daughter. “Tell him to stop. I mustn’t do this …”

“Do this for me, Mum, for us, for you.” Amy’s eyes had watered as her hand caressed Dani’s cheek.

Dani had lost her strength, her legs were eased apart, her hips raised. She was about to make a huge effort to get up when Amy kissed her and held the back of her head. At the same time, Dani felt his fingers, Wes’s fingers, press between her legs to stroke her pussy lips. She heard his voice talking to Amy, “Your mother is wet.”

Amy broke her kiss with her mother, held her tight and whispered, “Your nipples. They’re so hard. Let me suck them?”

Her heart went out to her daughter as Dani’s mind concentrated more on her, the girl underneath her, rather than what Wes was doing. In moving to allow Amy access to her breasts, Dani ignored the cock behind her which slid along between her open legs and to her clit, then to her pussy lips and to her ass. And back again. Her mind registered that her groin region must be soaking from the visual images which Amy had planted, images of her secret fantasies. The fog in Dani’s brain cleared as Wes squeezed the first inch of his cock into her pussy. As she looked down at Amy sucking her nipples, nibbling, pulling, Dani was struck by the wide open eyes of Amy watching her.

Without realising it, she felt Wes’s fingers pressing into her ass hole which sent an auto-reaction to widen her legs even further which she did. Dani closed her eyes as Wes inserted his cock, the full length, deep inside her. Wes halted. Although she didn’t want to, Dani squeezed her muscles around his cock and pumped her hips back at him, an automatic reaction from the fire inside her. The groan of ecstasy came from Dani.

Wes fucked slowly while he spoke, “You like a bigger cock, don’t you, Danielle?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “I’m going to make you come all over my cock and then you’re going to suck the juices from it, like a slut. Aren’t you, Danielle?”

“Yes. Yes.” Dani opened her eyes and looked down at Amy whose eyes had glazed in contentment. Dani called back to Wes, “Fuck me, Wes. Fuck your mother-in-law. I want that big cock inside me … make me come.”

Wes grunted and pushed deeper. “You dream of this don’t you Danielle?

“Yes.” Dani didn’t want to admit it but she had thought of him, his cock, his forcing her. Whenever she had sex with hubby she made it better as she imagined being taken by Wes and not her husband.

“And you like a big cock? demanded Wes.

Dani nodded, unable to say the words as her orgasm unexpectedly started.

Amy whispered, “Is Wes bigger than daddy?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes. Wes is stretching me, darling, and I’m coming.”

Amy spoke louder for Wes, “She’s going to climax.”

It came in a torrent, travelling from her knees to her groin and up into her stomach. And Wes kept up his rhythm as her climax continued into new territory, more intense, as she gushed … until she was done. Dani breathed deeply several times while Amy helped her roll onto her back. She closed her eyes and felt her body being shifted to enable her head to hang over the edge of the bed. The smell of his wet cock, her fluids dripped from his erection onto her upturned face and by instinct, Dani opened her mouth. Wes slid it in, her head held by him over the edge to improve his angle, to let her savour the taste before Wes pushed gently to the back of Dani’s throat. He said, “It’s your climax juice, Danielle. Lick my cock dry and swallow.”

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