She didn’t know that I knew, Part 11

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She didn’t know that I knew, Part 11
I piddled around the house and got wrapped up in projects, periodically checking in on my sleeping wife. After about 5 hours, I heard the shower running. I quickly sprinted upstairs, hoping that I could catch her before she was clean, but she was already in the shower.

“Hey” I yelled in.

“I know, Baby” she yelled back, “I was just a mess. I didn’t want you to see me that way.”

“You know that I think you ALWAYS look amazing” I added.

“I know you do” she replied, “And I love you for that… and for all of this,… but I looked BAD… I really did. Could you please bring me some coffee and by then, I’ll be out and ready to talk?”

“Sure thing, Babe” I said and left her alone.

I returned about 15 minutes later with her coffee and some toast, giving her time to gather herself, and her thoughts. When I got into the bedroom, she was sitting in bed, wrapped in fluffy robe and smiling while looking at her phone. When she saw me, she quickly blanked out her phone and smiled up at me.

“You know” I said, in an attempt to make her relax, “We don’t have secrets, remember? So you don’t need to hide that you were texting.”

“I know” she replied, a bit embarrassed, “But it feels funny to text with you right here.”

“Well, maybe if we talk about it” I said, trying to comfort her, and also hear the dirty details, “It won’t feel so funny.”

“You may be right” she added, with a smile. “and I know that you must have a million questions, so how about if you take off your clothes, sit beside me here in bed and I’ll recap the entire last 28 hours or so…”

My wife then spelled out all the sorted details, so what follows is presented from her perspective, as though she is telling me the story – no interruptions from me, and includes dialog between herself and her new lover.

I dressed in my favorite black matching panties and bra and added my cute little-black-dress that you saw me in when I came home. illegal bahis siteleri We decided to meet at that new restaurant that just opened over on Elm, I drove over to meet D, (That’s HIS name, D) and even though I was a few minutes early, D was already at the bar. D was really hot looking as He smiled and stood when I got near. At His 6’2”, He towered over my 5’4”. He was wearing a killer blue suit, white dress shirt and a electric blue silk tie. He leaned down and gave me a gentlemanly little peck on the cheek, telling me how beautiful I looked. I sat next to him and my dress hiked up further! I would never have worn such a short dress if I knew that we’d be sitting at the bar, but a drink later, I really didn’t care. We had a really nice time as we picked up chatting, just like we did at lunch the other day. D is very easy to talk too and seemed interested in everything that I had to say. I also found out a lot about him, as we chatted about everything, work, what we both do to exercise…. Blah, Blah Blah….

“I hope that you don’t mind me saying,” He said, “But you’re in GREAT shape. What is it that you do for exercise?”

“Thank you and no, I don’t mind you saying that at all.” I replied, perhaps blushing a bit, “I run three days a week and do yoga the other three days.”

“Well,” He said, “I also Run, do cardio 3 days and I lift the other 3.”

“Well” I said, “Whatever you’re doing, really works.”

“Glad that you approve” He said.

“Oh”, I added, “I do way more than approve”

“We should workout together sometime.” He suggested.

“I’d like that” I replied

He then said something funny, I can’t remember what, but as we both laughed, He put His huge hand on the top of my leg, just at the hem of my dress. It sent electricity through my body.

He noticed that our glasses were empty, so he ordered another each of us.

“I made reservations for us at 8:45” He said, “So it won’t be much longer.”

“That’s canlı bahis siteleri okay” I said, “I’m enjoying this….” I added as I looked down at His firm, powerful hand still resting on my thigh.

He smiled, gave my thigh a tender squeeze and leaned in closer to my ear…

“Then I have an idea” He said very softly, “It’s crowded in here, so let’s give our table to someone else….” He paused and slid his fingers around to the inner side of my thigh, “And we can go to my home where first, I’ll fuck you…” He allowed that to settle in and then quickly added, “and then make you dinner myself.” Adding another one of His beautiful smiles.

“Well” I replied equally as softly, “If I WERE to fuck a guy on the first date, and I mean IF, I would typically NEVER do so until AFTER dinner.”

“Two things” He replied, looking very confidently into my eyes, “You’re forgetting our FIRST date on Wednesday.”

“Noted” I replied, “And the second thing?” I asked, feeling a rush of sexual lust in my body.

“I am NOT your typical guy,” He added, “and I am CERTAINLY not your typical fuck.”

I was dripping at this point.

“I’m a great cook” He continued, “and an even a better fuck. Let’s begin with desert, shall we?”

“A bit confident” I replied, smiling into his sexy eyes, “aren’t you?”

“I am” He replied, not moving His eyes from mine. “But, naturally, the choice is yours” he added, still sounding confident.

“I’d like to excuse myself” I said, in an attempt to buy some time to think, “and go to the lady’s room.”

“Of course,” He said, yet before leaning back, He added, “If I startled you with my directness and you intend to head out to the parking lot and go home, then I’ll say good night now. If, however, you intend to return to me here, do be a good girl and remove your panties prior to rejoining me. That will provide me with a clear signal.” And he added a wink.

He leaned back, stood and offered me his hand to help me bahis firmaları off of the bar stool. I was actually weak in the knees as I stood I smiled up at his 6’2” height.

“I’ll be right back” I confessed, obviously indicting my intentions, as I stood up on my tippy-toes and surprised myself by kissing His cheek.

I walked to the lady’s room and part of me was screaming to get out, go home to hubby and be the Good Wife. But then, after I went into a stall and slid down my panties, I noticed the long, stream of moisture that ran from the center of my panties back up to my pussy. I was SOAKED. I only pondered my options long enough to take my panties completely off and stuff them into my purse. I moved to the sinks, washed my hands, played with my hair and just as I was about ot leave the lady’s room, two women joined me. They smiled and said hello, also primping themselves in the big mirror. One kept looking over at me and she finally spoke:

“That guy you’re with” she said, “He is SO hot.”

I smiled at her but said nothing and noting that she may have had one drink too many.

“I don’t mean to sound personal” she said, while actually blushing, “But is he that big all over?”

Her friend gasped, reached over to tap her on her shoulder and told her to be quiet.

“I’m about to find out” I said with a big smile and reached into my purse and pulled out my soaked panties and balled them up in my hand.

I left the lady’s room to the two women’s laughter and went back to the bar. Being the gentleman that He is, he stood and held out His hand. I took His hand but didn’t take the bar stool.

“Are we good here?” I asked, looking up into his eyes as I pressed my damp panties into His hand. “Ready to go?”

He gave me a knowing smile that showed his near-perfect white teeth. He reached into His pocket and tossed a few 20s on the bar. He took my arm and we walked out the front door, after he told the Hostess to give up His reservation. He offered the Valet his ticket and we just looked at each other until His BMW was pulled up. He opened my door and I’m sure that I gave Him a nice shot of my pussy as I lowered into the seat. He tipped the valet guy, got in and we sped off.

To Be Continued…..

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