Sexting With Sister In-Law

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My father in-law is in his 80’s and his health has been poor for quite some time. Between his heart problems (he has a pacemaker), his diabetes, and maladies that were brought on by the them, it was not likely he would be with us much longer. My wife, Angie, never knew when the last time she would see him alive would be so she wanted to be there for him in what were possibly his last weeks. Angie’s dad lived in another state and I couldn’t get the time off so I stayed behind to work and play Mr. Mom.

Angie flew into Southern California and her sister Lisa picked her up from the airport. The two of them then drove north to Bakersfield where they grew up. Lisa is three years older than my wife (46 to Angie’s 43) but they had different mothers. Lisa’s mother had passed away when she and her older brother were pretty young and, not wanting to be alone raising two kids, their dad remarried a year or two later. Two more kids followed, the first one being my wife Angie.

You can see a slight family resemblance in the sisters’ faces, but it’s not that strong a resemblance because they had different moms. I’d always thought Lisa was attractive, with a body that was very similar to my wife’s (D-cup boobs, great ass), but her hair was darker than Angie’s light brown locks. Lisa and I hit it off from day one and I she was always a little flirty with me. I definitely gave what I got and there was often sexual innuendo in comments that went back and forth between us. It was just harmless banter but it served to fuel my curiosity about what sex with Lisa would be like.

Angie had been gone a little over a week and surprisingly I had things running pretty smoothly at home. The kids knew their daily routine so they pretty much got themselves ready in the morning. By the time I got home from work they already had their homework finished and were usually over at their friends’ houses. I would cook dinner, text them it was time to come home, eat, and then spend time together before they had to go to bed.

One night after I got in bed I turned on the TV to watch something before going to sleep and found our satellite provider had a free preview of HBO and Cinemax for a week or two. I checked the program guide to see what was on and found both HBO and Cinemax were mostly running movies I had recently seen on DVD. But, thankfully, Cinemax happened to be airing some of the fabulous programming they are famous for…softcore porn! (They don’t call it Skinemax for nothing!)

The show that was playing involved a call-in radio show where people would share their hottest sexual adventures. They would show the host taking the call and then the sketch/scene would start. When I changed the channel I had missed the very beginning of the scene so I’m not sure how long it had been running. This scenario involved a pair of couples who went camping together. They were sitting around the campfire at night and one couple was talking about how they had made love within view of some other people in the past and talked about what a turn-on it was.

As the guy and his girlfriend/wife told of their encounter he had his hands up her sweater and was stroking her breasts right in view of the other couple. Shortly thereafter the couples headed to their tents to go to bed. The couple who shared their sex story left their tent door open so when they began going at it, anyone in that direction could see what they were doing. As the other couple was about to go into their tent the woman saw their friends going at it in their tent. She stopped to look and, in the most ridiculous moment ever seen in a movie or TV show, the GUY says something like, “We shouldn’t be watching.”


Anyway, the girl says, “They want us to watch,” or something like that and they wind up watching their friends screw and then head to bed themselves. It had been a while since Angie and I had made love so I was already pretty horny. My dick instantly got hard as I watched the couples go at each other separately in different scenes, then together with their respective partners by the campfire the next night. I had the covers, and my shorts, pushed down by the time the last scene was on and I was stroking my hard cock wishing Angie was there.

As I laid there stroking my erection I got a wild hair and came up with a goofy idea to let Angie know what was in store for her when she got home. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand, laid on my back, and moved the phone down to my erection. I took a picture of my hard-on and, after cropping the sides off, I had a nice close-up shot of my entire erection. I sent it to Angie with text that said,

“There’s going to be a carnival in town when you get back, and the rides are free ; ) ”

I chuckled as I sent it to Angie and awaited her response. I didn’t hear from her for a while so I set my phone down and watched the next scenario that came on. Before it was over I heard back from Angie.

Angie: OMG! grup sex porno My phone was on the charger and Lisa saw the pic! What were u thinking????

Me: Oops…I thought your phone would be in your purse or pocket like it ALWAYS is

Angie: It needed a charge so it was plugged in on the kitchen counter. At least my dad didn’t see it

Me: Sorry…missed u and am VERY horny. What did she say?

Angie: She said “I think Steve has something for you” and handed me my phone. I miss u 2. We’ll do something about that when I get home. Long day, going to bed. Luv u, goodnite

Me: Goodnite

I felt bad for Angie at first because I know she must have been mortified that her sister had just seen her husband’s dick. That feeling quickly went away because the more I thought about it the more I was kind of turned on by it. I wondered what my sister in-law was thinking when she saw the picture and what was on her mind afterward. Did she even give it a second thought? It didn’t take long for me to get an answer to that question because she texted me ten minutes after Angie had said goodnight.

Lisa: Nice pic LOL

Me: Sorry about that. Didn’t know her phone was on the charger

Lisa: Don’t be sorry…quite impressive ; ) My sisters a lucky girl

Me: Thanks. Always thought Ben was lucky too.(Ben is her husband, who was back in SoCal) Angies been gone 2 long and I m horny as hell!!

Lisa: I know the feeling I wish Ben was here

Me: You could always take matters into your own hands ; )

Lisa: LOL

Lisa: I may just do that

Lisa: Wish I had that pic for a visual ; ) LOL

Me: Want one?

Lisa: Sure

Me: U first…need a visual of my own

I waited for a minute but didn’t get a response so I sent:

Me: U already saw mine so it’s only fair ; )

A couple more minutes passed, then I received a self-pic of Lisa’s naked boobs with text asking, “How’s this?”

They were about the same size as Angie’s but her nipples were smaller and a little darker. I’d wanted to get a peek at my sister in-law’s tits for quite a while and now I finally got to see them. They did not disappoint.

Me: WOW!! Nice rack! : )

I was busy admiring my sister in-law’s bare breasts when I was interrupted by another text from her

Lisa: Well???

Me: Sorry…was admiring the pic…here it cums ; )

I sent her the same pic I had sent my wife and awaited a response.

Lisa: Mmmm…yummy!

I went back to looking at Lisa’s picture and started stroking my hard cock, imagining what I’d like to do with them…and her. I had previously wondered what Lisa was thinking when she saw the picture on my wife’s phone and again began wondering what she was thinking, and doing, while looking at it on her own phone now. I had to find out so I texted:

Me: Penny for your thoughts

Lisa: LOL

Lisa: U first this time

Me: I m ROCK HARD…imagining sucking on your nipples and running my cock between your boobs…u?

Lisa: Just like when I first saw it earlier, Im thinking I want to suck on that big cock

Me: Mmmm…I wish

Lisa: Are you jerking off?

Me: Yes. Are you wet?

Lisa: Soaking

Me: Show me…

A minute later Lisa sent me a pic of her shaved pussy. Her legs were apart and she had spread her lips a little with the fingers on her free hand. Her pink lips were very inviting.

Me: I’d like to bury my face in that!!

Lisa: Go on…

I didn’t want to stop stroking my cock so I started doing the talk-to-text feature on my phone so I could text with only one hand.

Me: I’d eat your pussy until you came, then then I’d shove my cock inside you and fuck you long and hard until I shot my load. When I cum, where do you want it?

Lisa: Inside me

Me: I’d fill your pussy with my cum, pumping every drop deep inside you

I didn’t get a response for what seemed like an eternity. Then she was back.

Lisa: Whew…thanks! That was INTENSE. Did you finish yet?

Me: No, but I’m working on it. Continue with your thoughts…

Lisa: I’d lick and suck your big dick, taking it all down my throat…

Lisa: Then I’d sit on it and ride you until you came

I envisioned the things she was describing, seeing my sister in-law’s tits bouncing in front of me as she rode my pole in my mind, and I soon felt my peak nearing. I jacked my rod and cum shot out onto my stomach. Stream after stream of jizz spewed forth, emptying my pent-up balls, until the last bit just dribbled out of the slit in the purple, swollen head of my cock.

Lisa: Did you cum yet?

Me: Yes

Lisa: Show me

I took a picture of my cum-covered stomach and chest and sent it to her.

Lisa: Mmmm. Quite a load.

Me: It had been a while since Angie and I had gotten busy…I really needed that.

Lisa: Me too. Sweet dreams.

Me: U 2

I wiped the cum off with my t-shirt and turned the TV off. I was happily spent and latina fuck tour porno ready for sleep, or so I thought. I laid there in bed and thought about what had just happened. In one fell swoop I got to see my sister in-law’s naked tits and pussy, something I’d fantasized about many times in the past. Then I had text sex with her, with each of us masturbating to orgasm. I grabbed my phone and looked at the pictures she sent one last time, then rolled over and did my best to go to sleep.

The next day I went about my day as I normally did, but I couldn’t keep my mind off what had happened the night before. I looked at the pictures on my phone periodically throughout the day and I wondered if there would be a repeat performance later that evening.

After dinner, and getting the kids to bed, I once again looked at the pictures. As I scrolled through the photos, including the ones I took, I got a funny idea. I e-mailed them to myself and did some editing of the images on my computer. I cut and pasted the picture I took of my dick, placing it between Lisa’s boobs in one of the pictures she took and pasted it just below her spread pussy in the other. I then e-mailed the new pictures to myself again and saved them to my phone. They actually turned out pretty well and it liked I was tit-fucking her in one and about to fuck her in the other one. I couldn’t wait to send them to Lisa!

Later I spoke with Angie on the phone and caught up on how things were going with her dad. He was feeling better but seemed to have his good days and bad. She said she was heading to bed so we said our goodbyes and I got ready for bed, too. After slipping between the sheets I turned on the TV to see what quality shows were on HBO and Cinemax. There wasn’t anything I cared to watch so I just put on SportsCenter and grabbed my phone to send Lisa a text.

Me: You there?

Lisa: Yes

Me: What are you up to?

Lisa: Reading in bed, what’s up?

Me: I have a couple pics for you

I uploaded the tit-fucking pic I created and put “Pearl necklace?” under it, then uploaded the other pic and typed “Fill ‘er up, ma’am?” I then sent the message and awaited Lisa’s response.

Lisa: Hahaha…nice work, Dickaso!

Me: LOL Thought you might like them ; ) Now you have some more visuals to work with

Lisa: Thanks. Been reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” and am already pretty damn horny so those will probably come in handy! : )

Me: Ahhh…a little one-handed reading in bed ; ) Keep me posted on any developments hahaha

Lisa: Will do

I set my phone down on the nightstand, went and got a glass of water, then settled in to watch a little SportsCenter before I went to sleep. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a repeat performance of the previous night’s activities but figured Lisa was probably taking care of business on her own given what she was reading. Shortly after getting back in bed my phone began vibrating on the nightstand. I picked it up and saw it was Lisa calling me.

I answered the phone, “Hello again.”

“This story is SO hot,” she said. “I’m SO wet right now…”

Lisa was speaking in a hushed tone so as not to be heard by Angie or their dad.

“Really? Are you doing anything about it?” I asked.

“I was looking at the pictures you sent me…playing with myself…and thought you might be able to help me get off.”

My erection quickly sprung up as I listened to her voice.

“You came to the right place, sis” I said, doing my best to do a low, sexy voice. “I bet you’re so wet that my big…hard…cock would slide right inside you,”

“Ooooh, yeah. I’m dripping wet.”

“Maybe I could add to it by running my tongue up and down your pussy, paying special attention to your stiff clit, twirling my tongue around it…flicking it…then sucking on it.”

“Mmmm…” she purred in response.

I spoke slowly and softly as I tried to help Lisa bring herself to orgasm over the phone.

“I’d work on your clit and slide a finger inside you…then two fingers…sliding them in…and out…as I sucked your clit. Then I’d slowly kiss my way up your naked body and suck your tits. I’d take your nipples in my mouth…sucking them…licking them…moving from one to the other.”

I could hear her breathing get heavier as she listened.

“Still there?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm…” she panted, “Don’t stop.”

“After sucking on your tits I’d move up and feed you my hard cock. I’d slide it between your lips, thrusting it in and out of your mouth, as I pinched your nipples. Then I’d move down…between your legs…and guide my pole up to your pussy. I’d run the swollen, throbbing head up and down your slit…teasing you…until you couldn’t stand it anymore and you beg me to shove my cock inside you..”

“Oh,yeah…put it in me…” she interrupted.

“I’d slide my cock inside you slowly…pushing inch after inch into your pussy, until I’m all the way in. Then I’d fuck you nice and slow…bringing lezbiyen porno your legs up to my chest so I can drive DEEP inside your pussy…”

I could hear her whimper and gasp as she brought herself off while I described how I’d fuck her, then she came back on the line, panting, “Oh gaaawwd…(pant, pant)…thank you, Steve…that was even better than last night.”

“You’re very welcome, glad I could help.”

“I owe you one,” she added breathlessly.

“Why don’t you take a couple more pictures for me and we’ll call it even?” I responded.

“Any requests?” she asked.

“How about one of you sliding a finger inside yourself and one of your ass?”

“Done and done.”

“I look forward to seeing them. Have a good night, Lisa.”

“Thanks, you too.”

Within a few minutes I received three pictures from Lisa with “Enjoy!” texted after the last one. The first shot was the one I requested of her sliding her finger inside her pussy. The second was a shot of her bare ass, and the third was another shot of her ass, but she was bent over in this one. After receiving the pictures I had asked for, and the bonus one, I texted my thanks and appreciation to Lisa.

Me: Thanks! Very sexy! Loved the bonus pic…I’m sure I’ll be fantasizing about fucking you from behind while I’m looking at that one.

Lisa: You’re welcome…and thanks. Good, that’s what I was going for. Goodnight.

Me: Goodnight

I was rock hard after the phone sex with Lisa and scrolled through the pictures she had sent as I started stroking my erection. After looking at all of them a few times, imagining what I wanted to do to Lisa as I gazed at the pictures, I settled on the one with her bent over. I imagined moving up behind her, sliding my dick inside her pussy, and fucking the hell out of her. I came quickly and, after cleaning myself up, went to sleep.

In the morning I stored all the pictures Lisa sent me in the hiding place app (Hide it Pro) on my phone so they wouldn’t be seen by Angie, or anyone else who happened to pick up my phone. There were no more late night phone sex/sexting sessions but I still jerked off nightly to the nude photos of my sister in-law.

My father in-law’s condition improved while his daughters were there so Angie and Lisa figured it was time to head back home. They back to SoCal and, after Angie spent a couple days at her sister’s place, she flew back home. We went at it like teenagers the night she returned home and Angie joked, “Maybe I should go away more often if this is what’s waiting for me when I get home.”

About a week after Angie came home I received a FedEx envelope at work from “B & L Productions.” I had no idea what B & L Productions was so I was curious about its contents. When I opened the envelope I found there was a DVD-R disc inside with a post-it note that read, “NSFW(meaning Not Safe For Work) Enjoy!- Lisa.” That explained the “B & L”…it was Ben and Lisa.

I closed the door to my office and put the disc in my computer to see what it was. Windows Media Player started playing the disc and when the picture came on my monitor I saw it was home video footage of Ben and Lisa’s bedroom. Lisa was on the bed wearing some sexy lingerie and Ben, who had just turned the camera on, entered the shot wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and joined his wife on the bed.

I had the volume all the way down when I put the DVD in but wanted to hear what was going on in the movie. Not wanting to have the audio from what was turning out to be a homemade sex tape made by my in-laws blaring from my computer speakers, I plugged my iPod earbuds into the audio jack and turned the volume up.

Lisa asked Ben, “Why are you setting that thing up?”

Ben began kissing Lisa’s neck and said, “So the next time you’re gone for an extended period of time I’ll have something to jerk off to. It’s either this or porn.”

“I don’t care if you watch porn when I’m gone, as long as that’s all you do,” she responded.

“Like I’d cheat on you…besides, this is free,” he said.

“Oh, I’m sure there’s plenty of masturbation fodder for you out there. What about Brittany’s girlfriends? I saw the way you were looking at her city college classmates when we threw her that birthday pool party…or maybe Sharon next door. Ever since she got that boob job your eyes have been glued to her tits every time she’s around.”

“Sure, thoughts have run through my mind involving scantily clad twenty year-olds prancing around the pool in their skimpy bikinis, and our neighbor with her big new rack…I AM a guy, after all. I’m sure there are people who get you going, too. Someone at the gym, or some husband of one of your friends…come on, fess up.”

“Well…when I was up at dad’s place… Angie had her phone charging on the counter and when I passed by it I saw that Steve had sent her a picture of his erection. I could see it very clearly because the picture took up the whole screen. That’s an image that’s been lingering in my head a bit.”

“See? I told you there had to be SOMEONE beside me you’ve thought about.”

“Touché,” she responded.

“Was it big?” he asked as he went back to kissing her neck, planting kisses down her chest as he awaited a response.

“It looked pretty big in the picture,” she answered, “and quite hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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