Sex and the Sheldrakes Ch. 02

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Ryan parked his car on Grove Street, the main thoroughfare of the small town where his parents and brother lived, turned off the ignition and sat there for a few moments, using all his concentration as he willed his hard prick to return to some semblance of flaccidity. He had been on heat all day and, as soon as his boss had granted him the afternoon off, had rushed home as quick as the city subway could take him, showered and changed from his stifling business suit into a T-shirt and shorts and then got into his car to drive the fifty or so miles out through the sun-kissed countryside.

So horny was Ryan at the prospect of a surprise visit to his parents and brother that his prick had been straining the material of his shorts as soon as his long journey had got under way. It had been a couple of months since the Sheldrake Family Sex Club had gathered together completely with all four members present to celebrate Mother’s Day and what a party that had been!

Ryan had had many enjoyable wanks since as he’d played the mental images of that stupendously exciting evening over and over again in his mind, all the sucking and fucking with the men enjoying their gay sides as well as their straight and which had culminated in Ryan and Luke treating their mother to a harder-than-hardcore double penetration of her ass and cunt. There had been so much spunk flying about that night that Ray and Carol had been beside themselves with parental pride and Carol, who loved being smothered in sperm, had ended up a complete mess with pile upon pile of rich lavish helpings of the juicy man goo temporarily disfiguring her face and tits.

Now, however, Ryan needed the thrill of actually participating in another hot meeting of the club and as soon as he was out on the open road with no other traffic about, he had released his prick from the confines of his shorts and driven with his thick rod sticking up into the atmosphere. Every now and then, Ryan had stroked his prick with one hand while steering with the other and had almost blown his load at one point but thankfully had managed to save himself just in time. He wanted to make sure he had plenty of spunk to give his mother who, Ryan didn’t need reminding, was probably the word’s ultimate cumslut.

Ryan was well aware that his brother Luke would have been enjoying many threesomes with their parents during his absence and he would not have wanted it any other way. After all, since he was two years older than Luke, Ryan had done just as many, if not more, threesomes with Carol and Ray before Luke was eligible to participate since their mother and father had very strict rules about incest so even if Ryan had been the jealous type, he could not have afforded to be so. Both brothers had had to wait until their eighteenth birthdays when they became, officially, consenting adults which meant that Luke had to sit on the sidelines for two years, listening to Carol, Ray and Ryan having fun in an adjoining room.

Ryan had slipped his pride and joy back inside his shorts as he approached town but the shorts still had a very firm tent in them as he’d pulled up on Grove Street outside the town’s one-and-only store. Eventually, however, his hard-on had subsided to what Ryan considered an acceptable bulge; he was no different to any other man and some of those old dears in the store, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a black-and-white 1930s movie, would have to be very naive indeed if they didn’t know by now just what men possessed in the downstairs department.

Ryan climbed out the car, locked the door, and made his way along the sidewalk to the store, aware of the admiring glances he was getting from young ladies of his own age, and a few men as well. The hot summer sun glinted on Ryan’s tight ass cheeks as they rubbed together inside his skimpy blue shorts as he walked along, his T-shirt reaching to his waste and helping to enhance his buttocks,and enjoying the thrill of showing his bottom off to anyone who wanted to have a look. Exhibitionism figured large in Ryan’s life, something else he had inherited from his parents since they had never stopped impressing upon him that the visual delights of the body were just as exciting as the sex itself.

Nevertheless, the voyeurs on Grove Street could ogle his ass as much as they liked but that was all they would be allowed to do. Ryan operated a strict “look, don’t touch” policy since there were only three people in the world allowed to do the latter and they were, at that moment, enjoying a hot and horny threesome in the family home three blocks away.

Ryan pushed open the door of the store and came face to face with its owner, Mrs. Chalmers who was a friend of his mother Carol. Not a close friend as such but one with whom Carol was happy to chat with and pass the time of day when she herself shopped in the store or if she bumped into her on the street. Indeed, the day after Mother’s Day, when Carol, Ray and Luke were seeing Ryan off, his czech first video porno ass still painfully yet delightfully sore from the poundings it had received the night before from his father and brother while his mother had watched, Mrs. Chalmers had walked by and stopped to chat to them, casting very approving looks at both Ryan and his brother Luke. Carol had fretted for days afterwards that Mrs. Chalmers had had an inkling about the family’s unorthodox lifestyle but hadn’t yet got round to accepting her invitation for a coffee and “a chat”.

Mrs. Chalmers looked up as Ryan entered the store which was fairly quiet at two o’clock in the afternoon. Only a few other customers were waltzing up and down the aisles, loading their trolleys with all the accoutrements necessary for daily life, and Ryan could sense from the store owner’s welcoming smile that he wouldn’t be able to pay for the bottle of wine and the cakes he’d selected without having to have a polite little chat with her first.

Mrs. Chalmers’ smile grew wider by the second as Ryan approached the counter and she tried to avert her eyes from the bulge in the young man’s shorts. “Hello,” she said, in what she considered to be her best friendly greeting voice, “you’re Mr. and Mrs. Sheldrake’s son, aren’t you?”

“One of,” replied Ryan, handing over his money and Mrs. Chalmers automatically reaching inside the till to give him his change.

“Thought so,” went on Mrs. Chalmers, as Ryan took the change and gripped it in his hand, his shorts having no pockets, “I remember seeing you and your brother a few months ago. After Mother’s Day,” she added, as if Ryan had forgotten and thinking she was being extremely helpful in stirring his memory.

“That’s right,” said Ryan, thinking it just as well to go along with the small talk. Another thing his parents had taught him was that manners and courtesy cost nothing although nowadays, sadly, old-style considerations like that were mostly a thing of the past.

“Your parents must be really proud of you,” went on Mrs. Chalmers, relentlessly, “I gather you’re doing well at your job. Insurance, wasn’t it?”

“Accountancy,” Ryan corrected.

“Oh,” laughed Mrs. Chalmers, “I could do with someone like you. One thing I hate is doing my accounts and my sons are no good at it, neither.”

“Sorry I won’t be able to help,” said Ryan, turning to leave, “but I’m only here for a few hours and I really do need to see how mom and dad are doing.”

“Of course,” said Mrs. Chalmers as Ryan walked towards the door and the store owner found her mouth watering as her eyes took in the unrestricted view of the young man’s swaying ass in his tight-fitting shorts. “Oh, by the way,” called Mrs. Chalmers as Ryan was just about to make good his escape, “tell your mother the invitation to have coffee sometime is still on.”

“I will, ma’am,” said Ryan politely, swearing to himself that Mrs. Chalmers had started preening at being so addressed. “‘bye for now.”

“Goodbye, have a nice day,” said Mrs. Chalmers, thinking what a polite young man Ryan was and such a credit to his parents as she turned to another customer who needed serving. “Hello, Mrs. Merriwether, how are you today?”

Out in the blistering heat of the street, Ryan smiled to himself at Mrs. Chalmers’ remark about having a nice day as he climbed back into the car and parked his beguling ass in the driving seat. If only she knew just what a nice day Ryan fully intended it to be …


Carol lay back on the bed in her favorite position as her son Luke knelt in front of her and lifted her legs, placing them over his shoulders as he feasted his eyes on his mother’s beautiful juicy pussy as if seeing it for the very first time. His mouth drooled as Carol parted her labia with her hands, admiring the elasticity of the silky soft cunt lips as he prepared to give the hole out of which he had entered the world another long lingering lick.

Across the room, Ray sat naked at his desk, busily putting the first batch of photos he’d taken that day into his computer. He’d taken so many and didn’t want the card to fill up, after all it was only two o’clock in the afternoon and Ray knew from experience that once the Sheldrake Family Sex Club swung into action, it would keep going for hours, such was their stamina and enthusiasm.

Indeed, the meeting had started just after ten o’clock that day when Luke had returned from his morning run to find his parents already engaged in carnal activity of a legitimate kind. Their son had simply walked in on them and, after satisfying Ray and Carol’s ass fetish by letting them have a good long look at his buttocks accentuated by his shorts, had quickly removed his clothes and joined them in the nude for a nice hot incestuous threesome. It was just a shame that Ryan wasn’t with them to make it a proper family fuckfest.

Luke and Carol had sixty-nined for what seemed an eternity czech game porno before Carol and Ray had treated Luke to some hot and horny rimming of his asshole. They’d had a short break about mid-day to recharge their batteries and partake of a few refreshments, staying naked of course, but were now back in action and determined to enjoy themselves as only they knew how.

“Gee, mom,” said Luke, “your cunt is absolutely awesome. I love you so much – and you, too dad,” he added, looking round and grinning at Ray.

“Oh, thanks,” Ray said, grinning too over his shoulder as he momentarily looked away from his computer, “I’m glad I’m part of the equation, too.”

“How are the photos, dad? Hope you got some good shots for your pornography collection.”

“I’ll look at them later,” replied Ray, saving them and switching off his computer, then getting up and hurrying over to the bed where Carol was waiting impatiently for another cunt licking. “There’s plenty of space left now on the card for some more, too.”

Luke turned his head back to Carol and lowered his mouth to her cunt. He breathed in the heady aroma of her sweet-smelling pussy, enjoying the whiff of lilac emanating from it which Carol had applied after her morning shower. Carol placed her hands on Luke’s head to draw him in closer.

“Don’t keep me waiting, sweetheart,” she said, “I really need another good licking.”

“You’re insatiable, honey,” laughed Ray, taking some more photographs as if he didn’t have enough already, “anyone would think you hadn’t had a good seeing to for months.”

Carol was about to respond when Luke’s skilful tongue on her clit cut off her words and she began to thrash about on the bed as her youngest son resumed working his magic. Luke had only been a member of the club for just over a year but already he was proving to be a much valued addition and he continued to lick and kiss Carol’s pussy with an expertise that his parents, and Carol especially, found truly amazing.

“That’s it, son,” said Ray, leaning in to snap some close-ups, “lick it hard.”

Carol writhed and squealed as Luke continued to run circles round the hard nubbin of her aroused clit with his tongue. He loved licking his mother’s pussy and with his father watching and was thrilled to hear her squeals of pleasure, alternating between those and more lady-like whimpers,letting Luke know he was doing well and giving her so much pleasure.

“You really get me going,” said Carol, after another ten minutes or so had slipped by, “but what I really want is a good hard fucking.”

Before either Luke or Ray could say anything, Carol expertly slid off the bed and maneouvred Luke into a sitting position onto the floor. His prick pointed upwards to the ceiling and Ray took a few close-ups of it as Carol positioned her legs either side of Luke, treating him to a hardcore pornographic-style view up between her legs. Luke’s mouth drooled and his prick quivered with anticipation as Carol lowered herself southwards and slowly but surely began to impale herself on her son’s stiff fuck pole.

“Fuck, that looks real good,” said Ray, snapping away like the paparazzi hounding a so-called celebrity, “give it to her hard, Luke. She’s all yours.”

Carol groaned with pain and pleasure as she slowly slid herself further down on Luke’s prick until finally it was completely embedded inside her, only Luke’s balls now visible between Carol’s spread legs. She sat there for a few contemplative moments as mother and son acclimatised themselves, then she began to post up and down as the fucking began, slowly at first but with the pace becoming more frenetic as they both got into their stride. They soon found each other’s mutual rhythm as Luke upped the tempo and the fucking started in earnest, Luke determined to give his mother the maximum amount of pleasure that he could muster …


Ryan heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex coming from the bedroom as he let himself into the family home. He still had a key even though he had lived in the city for eighteen months or more now.

He smiled as he went into the kitchen and put the wine bottle and the cakes into the fridge. They could wait until later when the Sheldrake Family Sex Club was in repose and having a rest. His cock, which he had tried so hard to will into a flaccid state while he’d sat in his car outside the store, was now back to its normal healthy eight inches of rock solid man meat and this time Ryan smiled again, pleased that he had to will himself down into a semi-erect state and that the problem was not the other way round. Like his father and brother, Ryan had never had any problem getting a hard-on, only getting rid of it.

Ryan helped himself to a glass of water, thanking his lucky stars that his entire family were at home. Although he had rushed over that day without telling them, wanting to surprise them, he had by no means been certain that they would be czech gangbang porno there since, great though the meetings of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club were, there were also the mundane day-to-day activities of life that needed to be taken care of and it was a fair chance that Luke might be out playing football with his mates and/or his parents had gone out for the day somewhere, visiting friends or shopping or maybe even to an afternoon matinee at the cinema which they were quite fond of doing.

But, to his great delight, the sounds coming down through the ceiling proved to Ryan that his family were, indeed, having an “at home” day, despite the delectable weather. He rinsed the cup under the tap and put it on the draining board to dry, then giving his thick rod a little fondle through his shorts, began to climb the stairs, knowing that his arrival would surprise and delight his family to the core.

It was now Ryan’s turn to peep through the open door from the landing, just as Carol had on Mother’s Day when she had got home after work nursing at the local infirmary and discovered her husband and sons exploring yet again their gay sides. Carol had soon become wet as, unobserved, she had watched through the door as Luke was being blowjobbed by Ray while Ryan had stood watching and wanking with his back to the door, unaware that he was treating his mother to a perfect unobstructed view of his tight bare ass. Now, however, it was Ryan whose eyes were on stalks as the latest scene unfolded in front of him.

His mother was posting up and down on his brother’s cock while his father circled round them taking his usual photographs for the hardcore family album. Carol had spun herself expertly round on Luke’s cock and was now facing him so that Ryan had a delightful view of his mother’s ass cheeks juggling as Luke pounded her pussy.

“Oh my goodness!” cried Carol, clasping her tits in her hands and rubbing them together as her cervix received a particularly hard thrust from Luke’s prick, “this is fucking fabulous.”

“Keep it up, son,” said Ray, as his pride and admiration in his youngest son’s sexual prowess again almost tipped him over the edge so that he had to let go of his cock for fear of cumming too soon, “you’re an absolute natural.”

Carol let go of her tits and fell forward slightly, placing her hands on Luke’s chest for extra support. Luke lifted his head and began to munch on his mother’s tits while keeping the fucking going, pressing his cock into his mother’s tight greasy quim as deep as he could to ensure Carol’s heightened state of excitement continued unabated. With her son’s cock in her cunt and her tits being slurped all over by his talented tongue, Carol felt as if she had passed through a time zone into a parallel universe. For her, if not for Luke and Ray, the rest of the world had, at that moment in time, simply ceased to exist …


Ryan was as horny as fuck as he watched from the landing. He reached inside his shorts and took out his aroused prick and began masturbating, his balls juggling about in unison.

Like Ray, Ryan was just as proud of his brother and couldn’t believe the way he was fucking their mother. Luke had a professional-like assurance about him that made it look as if he’d been fucking Carol for twenty years, rather than a mere twenty months or so.

Ryan continued to watch as his father went over to the bed and placed his big cock in his wife’s mouth to muffle her screams. He’d just realised that the windows were open, it being such a hot and close day, and he didn’t want any of the neighbors to know what was going on, though that Mrs. Chalmers woman, the store owner and nosiest gossip in the town, should hopefully be locked away behind her counter at that moment, serving all the other old dears who had nothing better to do with their time but talk about other people.

Carol moaned as she enjoyed a string of orgasms as Luke rose up to flood her cunt with his cum. When they were finished, they both stood up and collapsed onto the bed and folded themselves into each others’ arms to bask in the afterglow. That was when Ryan decided he couldn’t stand on the landing merely watching and wanking, he needed his cock sucked and his ass fucked, not to mention fucking his family as well, and he walked into the room with his tight shorts still showcasing his ass and his hard throbbing cock in his hand.

“Well,” he said loudly, grinning from ear to ear, “is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

Stunned by the sound of Ryan’s voice, his mother, father, and brother looked across at the door, their eyes taking in the handsome athletic young man standing there wanking his cock through the leg of his shorts.

“Ryan!” they all chorused at once and, depite their tiredness, Carol and Luke managing to drag themselves off the bed, hurrying over to join Ray who had already reached his eldest son and was clasping him round the shoulders and kissing him on the lips.

Ryan folded himself into the arms of his welcoming family, delighted to be back with them after two months away.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming, sweetheart?” asked Carol, after she too had given Ryan a long hard snog on the lips.

“I haven’t cum yet, mom,” laughed Ryan.

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