Setting Out to Get Daddy Ch. 03

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Kitty laid frozen in his bed as her daddy looked her over. He had stepped into the room, still with a smile, with a curious tilt.

“What do you think you’re doing, Kitty?” he queried, reaching for the blanket in an attempt to pull it down.

Kitty gripped the blanket tighter, hoping the absolute terror she was feeling didn’t show in her gaze that was locked with his.

“I-I… I don’t feel good, Daddy,” she stammered, hoping Daddy would see her flushed face as a fever, and not of the sexual kind.

Her father immediately frowned, taking his hand away from the blanket to reach for her forehead. “You do feel warm, princess,” he responded, his frown becoming more pronounced as he felt her heat. “Let me go make you some soup.”

Relief swept through the 18 year old’s body almost as fast as the sharp lance of desire did when her father touched her skin. “Okay, Daddy. I think I’ll go to my bed, though. I’m sorry I came to yours.”

Daddy bent to press a kiss to her forehead. Kitty closed her eyes, savoring the feeling, managing to bite back a whimper. “Stay wherever you want, baby.” He straightened, gave her a smile, and set off to start on the soup.

As soon as she heard his footsteps on the stairs, Kitty quickly righted her clothing, jumped out of his bed, and raced across the hall to throw herself under her own covers.

As the evening dragged on, slowly, as she had confined herself to bed with nothing to do, her father’s words floated back to her.

‘Kitty, your mother’s gone on business for the weekend.’

And as the words floated through her head, so did the tantalizing idea of maybe, quite possibly… seducing her father.

Kitty shook her head, like, physically, hoping to clear away the idea mentally. It was illegal. Or something like that. And it was wrong, He was her daddy. It didn’t matter how tight his ass was, or how lickable his chest was, or how huge his –

NO. Kitty slammed the mental door shut on that idea, as soon as her father walked into her room with her soup and her laptop.

“I figured you’d be bored,” he explained, leaning over her to set her computer on the other side of her, while placing the warm bowl of soup into her hands. “Holler if you need anything else, baby.”

“Yes daddy,” she gratefully responded, licking her lips as she watched his ass as he walked out.

Later that night, after her daddy had gone to sleep and Kitty was attempting to sleep, she revisited the idea of sleeping with her dad while her mother was away…

She thought about it so much that one of her hands was already in her panties, sliding between her wet lips.

She remembered this afternoon, and the fear of being caught fingering herself in his bed. She wondered if he could smell her on the sheets… if maybe it was making him hard.

She wondered if this afternoon might have gone differently… Because while she had been filled with fear, the fear of being humiliated, scolded, rejected, there was also the desire to see what he would do if he saw her naked body, see how all grown up his baby girl was.

If he had pulled down the blanket, seen her shirt pulled up above her breasts. Her nipples had been so hard, so begging to be sucked. Would his eyes have traveled down her body, over her cheerleader’s body down to where her hand was still knuckles deep in her pussy?

What would he have said? What would he have done?

In her fantasy, he would have let his hand trace backroom casting porno down her stomach, taut with need, til it reached where her hand was shoved in her cunt.

“Does my baby girl need help?” he’d ask.

Kitty didn’t know where she wanted it to go from there. Should she immediately go for what she wanted? That being, his dick in any of her holes? Or would Daddy want to take charge?

Kitty was delirious with need. During her musings, she hadn’t realized that she had stood up or walked to her door or even that she had opened it and stepped out into the hallway, lit only by moonlight, that seemed to be showing a spotlight right on her father’s bedroom door.

She was, however, fully cognizant of striding across that hall, carefully turning the door knob, and slowly pushing the door open, peeking around the door as it moved.

She knew she should stop; but she didn’t. Not only because she didn’t really want to, but because she couldn’t. This need, this thirst, this hunger, this compulsion – it drove her. Reason was no longer controlling Kitty.

Her father was laying on his side, close to one edge of the bed facing the inside. As per his usual sleeping style, he was only wearing his boxers from what Kitty could tell, seeing as how only his top half was left uncovered from the blankets.

Kitty was startled, almost startled enough to squeal, when her father suddenly mumbled something and shifted onto his back.

Her eyes went straight to his lap, where even the thin sheet that was covering him could not hide the lump of his erection. And that sealed Kitty’s fate.

She climbed onto the bed cautiously, with a plan forming in her mind. She’d start the seduction soft, while he was sleeping, so he would maybe think it was just a very pleasant dream. When he woke up, hopefully, he’d be as lost in desire as she was.

She sat on her knees before her father, close to his hips, and reached for the bottom of her sleep t-shirt, quickly throwing it off the bed. Her next move was to slowly, so slowly, slide the sheet down his legs.

He had forgone the boxers tonight – for which Kitty couldn’t be more grateful, as it had given her immediate access to the tool that had been her acute obsession.

She didn’t even stop to think about her next action – Kitty leaned over and wrapped her mouth around the head of her daddy’s hard delicious-looking cock – and delicious it proved to be.

Her father’s legs shifted at first contact, and Kitty slowly wrapped one of her hands around the base of his shaft, holding his cock upright, and with her lips still wrapped around the head, started rolling them down his cock, stuffing her mouth with his delicious daddy dick. The naughtiness, the wrongness, the craziness of the situation hit Kitty where it counted – in her wet cunt. She was getting so wet, so turned on, by being so dirty.

Daddy moaned in his sleep, his hips lifting slightly off the bed, pushing more of his cock into his daughter’s mouth without realizing it. Kitty gobbled it up willingly, eagerly. She wanted him down her throat, fucking her mouth like he owned it. She moved her tongue up and down the part of his cock she could reach, while squeezing the base rhythmically with her hand. Her other hand smoothed down her stomach and straight into her panties, where she teased herself, spreading her lips with her fingers and just rubbing gently around her fuck hole. It was so bangbros porno empty it was weeping.

She slid her mouth back up his cock, rolled her tongue around the head to catch the drop of precum and slowly licked down his cock to play with his balls, putting one in her mouth at a time.

She moved her head back up and was about to dive for his cock again when she felt his body stiffen – and not the good kind of stiffen.

Slowly, Kitty raised her eyes up her father’s hard body to meet his gaze, his head raised, an arrested look on his face, his hands clenched in the sheets around him.

“Kitty?” he whispered uncertainly, uncurling one of his hands and reaching to touch her head. When he felt her hair beneath his fingers, he swore violently. He sat up straight and pushed her away, on the other side of the bed.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Katherine?”

Kitty was alarmed. She didn’t think her father’d react like this – she thought he’d be so gone he’d want her to finish him. It had been so long since her father had used her full name, she could only blink and stare up at him in horror.

He didn’t wait for an answer. He slid off the bed, wrapping the sheet around his body and went to stand against the wall. He repeated his question, louder, angrier.

Though fearful of his reaction, Kitty couldn’t stop herself this time from answering his question, and honestly. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy.”

“That is quite obvious, Katherine. But you should know better than this. I am your father. It’s wrong in many different ways. Is this what I’ve taught you? How your mother and I have raised you? To behave like a slut to your own father?”

Kitty was about to back down, but she had heard the tremor in her father’s voice. She had seen his eyes trace her nipples lovingly before jerking back up to glare into hers. She had also noticed that the sheet he had wrapped around his waist was still tented.

And she was so desperate, SO desperate, that she was willing to go that extra mile for the seduction.

She sat back on her ass, spreading her legs across his bed, leaning back on her hands, giving him a good glance of her mostly nude body. Next, her gaze directly on his, she licked her lips as she slid the hand that had retreated from her panties when he awakened back into her panties. His eyes, a fire burning brighter in them, widened slightly – she could see it was a real effort for him not to look down.

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, Daddy,” she said in her princess voice that always got her what she wanted with Daddy. “I can’t really think at all anymore because I want your cock so bad.”

Daddy inhaled sharply, his hands clenching more around the sheet he was holding. “Stop this at once,” he hissed.

Kitty drew her legs together, making him think that he had won, and he started to relax against the wall – until she started wiggling her panties off her legs, her real intention. She threw her wet panties at him and he caught it reactively.

“Smell what you do to me, daddy,” she crooned, slipping her fingers back to where they were as her legs went wide again. “Ever since I saw you beating that hard cock of yours -” his eyes closed on the memory, probably knowing that this never would have happened if she hadn’t seen that glimpse… wouldn’t be this cock-hungry for his… “-I get wet anytime you’re around me.”

The forceful route hadn’t worked on her. So instead, beurette tour porno he tried the pleading route. “Please, baby… Please don’t do this.”

She grinned wickedly. “Can’t resist your baby girl, Daddy? This tight, young pussy is yours to plow, if you’ll just take it… Daddy, be dirty with me.”

Her father capitulated way too easily – he would later be able to admit that.

But after her little plea, followed by the moan she gave as she rubbed her finger around her little clit, was the impetus Daddy needed. He shoved from the wall, the sheet dropping to the floor, and came toward her. She quickly met him as he reached the bed – they shared their first non-father-daughter kiss. Tongues dueled as her soft, feminine body came up against his hard body. Her nipples rasped against his chest, tightening them even more, if that was even possible. His hands snaked down to her ass, cupping it and pulling her closer as he tore his mouth from hers.

“So you want to be a slut, baby? You want to be daddy’s little cock whore?” he sneered the words as one of his hands dipped under her ass to stroke her from behind.

She let out a long moan before answering, “No, Daddy, I don’t want to be your slut. I NEED to be your slut.”

Her father growled at the words before pushing her back on the bed. She landed on her back, but before she could take another breath, he was on top of her. “Then Daddy’s going to treat you like a slut.”

With no other words than that, no other preparation, no other strokes or caresses, Kitty’s dad pushed her thighs wide, opened her center with his fingers, and shoved himself inside her to the hilt – they both moaned. Loudly.

“Oh fuck, Daddy,” Kitty screamed. “Oh, fuck you feel so good. Please, daddy, fuck me good. Fuck me so good. Use me like a cumslut.”

Daddy pulled his hips back, withdrawing his cock from her tight sheath, only to shove himself back in, balls deep. “Dirty little whore,” he called his daughter. “Pleasing your father like this. Good little girls don’t beg their daddies to fuck them.”

Kitty wrapped her thighs around her father’s hips, pushing her pussy up at him. “I’m a naughty girl, Daddy, your naughty girl.” She gasped as her father nudged farther inside her, before sliding out and thrusting back in. He then slid out again, and started up a fast, hard rhythm of slamming his hips home.

“That’s right, baby girl. You’re daddy’s now, daddy’s to command and use.” Daddy’s hips were a blur as he hammered into his little girl. “I’m going to cum on your face, so you can lick it all up.”

His little girl groaned, thrusting her hips back up at his, her pussy greedily closing around his cock like a tight glove. “Daddy, I want your cum so badly.”

His hand slid down to her little button and as soon as his fingers grazed it, she went off like a rocket, screaming and crying into the night.

He slowed his thrusts and pulled out completely, her pussy dragging at his cock. He straddled her chest then, closing his hand around his cock as he stroked it hard, furiously, eager for the image of his daughter’s face in his cum.

She opened her eyes, locked her gaze on his, and licked her lips.

It’s what sent him over the edge. With a grunt and a long, drawn-out groan, his cum came gushing out of his cock. The first shot landed right in her open mouth, which she kept open, hoping for more cum. The second shot landed right below her left eye, sliding down to goop into her chest. The third shot into her hair, and the last many shots dribbled all over her chest.

She quickly scooped as much of his cum off her as she could and shoved her fingers in her mouth, moaning as she cleaned them off. She looked up, with an innocent little grin, and went “Thanks, Daddy.”

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