Sensual Body Massage

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When you’re with me, I take care of you first. So let’s sit on the couch and cuddle while we makeout. I pride myself in being a great kisser and would like to press my lips hard against yours and maybe after we’re relaxed I start exploring your body. Rubbing your back, getting my hands under your blouse, touching your skin. While you unbutton your blouse I undo your bra and rub your shoulderblades. I slip your blouse over your shoulders as I start kissing your neck. Easing your bra down your arms I see your beautiful breasts and I feel my cock getting harder, throbbing. Your hand drops to my crotch, but I pull it away. I want to concentrate on you.

I come back up, kissing your neck, your ear lobes, your cheek, and then as I press my lips to yours, I suck on your tongue in a passionate frenchkiss, and you moan. I begin undoing your pants and pull the zipper down, rubbing gently around your hips, you lift a little as I slip them over your thighs. I lay you back on the couch and pull your pants off, admiring your panties and your smooth silky legs. Beautiful!!

I tell you to relax while I start your body massage. Your left foot is in my hand and I’m working my thumbs into your arch, squeezing and kneading, working towards the toes. As I rub each toe I bend them back as I kiss the bottom of your foot. I start rubbing your heel, I suck on your toes a little, just a little taste. My motto is, whatever can be touched can be kissed and licked. I have a long way to go and a lot to look forward to. I start on your right foot and give it the same treatment lingering on your toes once again.

I have a hold of your ankles and start rubbing up your legs to your knees, up and down, higher and higher. As I get to your thighs I admire your body. I’m ready to tear off your panties and ravage you, but it’s not time yet. I ask you to turn on your stomach so I can continue my massage.

As you turn over I check out your ass and think, “my next conquest, I don’t think I can wait.” But I need to continue where I left off… I start on those tight calves and just rub and squeeze them until I feel them relax. As I move up to your thighs, I part your legs a little bit and my eyes are drawn to your panties, your crotch, is that a wet spot? I think you’re heating up, anticipating what is going to happen. And it is going to happen. I work my hands all around your thighs, paying special attention to the inner, upper section, feeling the heat coming off your body. I work my thumbs up along the panty line, towards your pussy, and you’re moaning again. My fingers work their way under the fabric and I touch your ass for the first time. My cock twitches a little kartal escort as it presses against my boxers. I’m starting to breathe a little faster as my heart starts pounding.

I grab each cheek and knead them like bread dough, squeezing them, pulling them apart, opening up your ass as my thumbs work their way towards your asshole. I ask you to lift up, and I peel the panties slowly down your legs. My lord! I’m just staring now, taking in your nakedness, my hands are shaking. I start back on your ass, rubbing, pulling, opening you up, and I lean down and kiss your asscheek, moving my hands to that crease between your thigh and your ass, working my thumbs towards your pussy, I start kissing your lower back. I remove my hands from your crotch and start working my way up your back, rubbing your side, up to your armpits, back down, working the muscles, rubbing your shoulders, your neck, down your arms, and then back to your side. My fingers brush against your breasts and you jump a little, knowing what comes next.

I ask you to turn over onto your back once more and I see your pussy for the first time and I am excited. I can’t believe this is happening. I lean down and kiss you again. You give me one of the most passionate kisses ever. You put your arms around my neck and you’re kissing me roughly now, panting, asking for more. Soon, very soon, you will get what you want.

I pull away and gently rub your face, pushing your hair back. I run my hands through your hair and rub my thumbs around your ears, gently massaging your scalp, your neck, and down to your chest. I linger above your breasts, trace my fingers around your tits and down your stomach, with a playful little ticking action. As my hands start rubbing your stomach, they gently move to your breasts and I give a little squeeze, moving around to cup both breasts as I work my way to your nipples, which are hard and waiting for some attention. My fingers trace around your nips and I give a slight pinch while I feel your body start to tremble. I move down and lick the side of your breast, working my way around, swirling my tongue around and around, working towards the center of attention. As I get to your nipple, I slowly lick and suck it into my mouth, my lips tugging softly, my tongue rubbing over the tip. You are squirming now, I know your pussy is wet with excitement, and I haven’t even touched it yet. I attack your other breast with a little more urgency. Lightly tugging at your nipple with my teeth, just enough to get a little squeal of surprise from you.

I grab your hands and place them on your tits, my hands over yours, making you feel your breasts like maltepe escort bayan I did, and as I slowly move my hands to your thighs, you continue rubbing your tits, playing with your nipples. My god, you’re beautiful! I start kissing down your stomach as my hands begin to massage your thighs, forming a V around your pussy, gently moving closer together. I pull your left leg off the couch and put it over my shoulder and I can see your pussy up close now. I can smell your sex and I am ready for the finale.

My hands are slowly grinding your pussy lips together, rubbing them back and forth lightly, a pussy massage. My thumbs are between your legs now, pulling your asscheeks apart, showing me your crinkled, little asshole. As the pussy massage continues, my thumb begins to rub against your anus and starts rimming your asshole. I lick my thumb and use the wetness to massage your asshole, back and forth, rubbing your crack, up to your pussy and back down again. You’re squirming now, your crotch is on fire, still rubbing your tits, pulling on your nipples, you’re ready.

My fingers pull your pussy lips open and begin to rub the outer lips, it’s wet, it’s hot, the smell is wonderful, the massage continues. Your clit is visible now, throbbing, waiting to be touched. My fingers are trailing up and down within the folds of your pussy, being sure to avoid your clit, the lubrication from your pussy makes my fingers glide easily from your pussy to your asshole. Up and down, getting wetter, getting closer to your clit, closer, your legs spreading apart, opening up your sex for me. My cock is leaking, I can feel the wetness, harder than it’s ever been before. But this is your time…

I lean in and kiss your inner thighs, licking the crease between your legs and your pussy, nibbling on your ass, smelling your aroma. I wet my tongue and I give a long lick from your asshole up to your clit, and you jump. I go back and repeat, lapping from your ass to your pussy, tasting you, using my tongue now to continue the massage. I start probing around your inner lips, licking up your juices, pausing at your vagina to lick around the opening. I take my finger and rub it around your love hole, it’s so wet, and I slowly push it in. As my finger explores your vag, I kiss your pussy, just above your clit. I lightly touch my tongue to your clit and you jump again, let out a long sigh, a moan, and you say, “Don’t stop!”

My tongue is in charge now, it swirls around your hard clit, looking for the sweet spot, the place where you tense up everytime it’s touched. I push my tongue flat against your clit and wiggle it back and forth, making escort pendik you squirm. Your juices are flowing now, my finger is soaked, I pull it out and lick it clean, tasting your sweetness. My tongue is exploring your pussy now, lapping at your hole, licking you clit, tasting and touching. When I hear you whimper, I know it’s time. I start flicking your clit with my tongue, harder and faster. I feel your legs tensing up, your breathing is ragged, your heart is beating faster. I lean in to apply more pressure to your clit, faster, faster, my tongue is assaulting your clit, and I stop. You almost scream, “What? Why did you stop? I was almost there!” I just smile, knowing that this orgasm will be your best, the one you remember, forever.

I finger back into your pussy, searching for the G-spot, rubbing gently on the upper wall of your pussy, and your moan tells me I’m there. With my other hand I press against your pubic bone, your G-spot sandwiched in between. As I massage your sensitive pussy, I see your head tilt back as you start to tremble. My tongue attacks your clit again, I flick it as fast as I can. When I feel you tense up, and your legs start shaking, I know your orgasm is close. Your hands are clutching my head, pulling my face into your pussy, making sure I don’t pull back again. I feel you start to gush, your juices flowing out over my hand.

I pull my tongue back and place my lips over your hard clit and I start sucking on it, drawing it into my mouth. As your head starts thrashing back and forth, I lick the tip of your clit as I suck it harder. Your legs are squeezing my head as your orgasm builds, my finger continues to rub your pussy wall, my tongue flicking your clit, faster and faster. Your eyes roll back as your whole body shakes, uncontrollably.

Your orgasm is intense, your hips lift off the couch as you arch your back, forcing your pussy into my face. Your scream tells me you’ve peaked as you weakly push my head away, but I’m not done yet. I pause for a second to catch my breath as I wrap my arms around your legs and I attack your clit again. You say something about being too sensitive, please stop! But I’m locked in now, my head firmly between your legs, my tongue…relentless. I feel your body tense as your second orgasm hits, you grunt a little and buck your hips, legs squeezing my head like a vice. You buck again as another orgasm rips through your body. You are so in the zone now that each lick on your clit brings another orgasm… too weak to resist, your body just starts shaking as the multiple orgasms turn your body to mush. With no strength left, your body spent, I lick you one more time as you just twitch a little, too tired to even move. I pull my cum-soaked face away from your abused pussy. You don’t move. I pick you up and carry you to your bed, lay you down softly, and as I cover you up I kiss your forehead. Goodnight. Get your rest… tomorrow it’s my turn.

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