Selective Law Enforcement

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I was just cruising along when I spotted the party. There were a dozen or so young women having a bit of a party at the park and being a little noisy with it. I pulled over and strolled across to check it out.

The girls had obviously had a barbecue and a few drinks. They were a little tipsy but only a little. All of them seemed to be at the happy stage and probably all of them still capable of driving. None of them had obviously had too much so I wasn’t too concerned about their behaviour.

“How’s it going, ladies?” I said as I came up to them.

“Is there a problem?” came the quick reply, a trifle belligerently.

“Not as far as I know,” I said politely. “I just wanted to remind you that it is getting a little late and that there are other people in the nearby houses. Too much noise might be unwanted so if you could just try to keep it down a little.”

“And if we don’t, what’ll you do? Arrest us?”

“Geez, that’d be an idea,” I said with a grin. “I can just see myself trying to stack the lot of you on the back of the bike and take you in.”

There were a few giggles at that. Seeing I apparently didn’t mean to be officious or nosey the woman relaxed a little more.

“So what would you do?” asked one of the girls.

“I would apply some selective law enforcement,” I told them.

“And just what does that fine sounding phrase mean?”

“Well it’s like when you’re out patrolling on the motorway. You can’t pull over all the speedsters so you just grab one here and there and hope that will be a warning to the others. In this case I would just have to select one of you fine ladies and make an example of her.”

“What, you’d pick one of us and give her a ticket?” came the indignant question.

“Well, if you were on the road that’s how I’d handle it,” I admitted. “Here, you’re just having some noisy fun. If forced to it I’d pick a victim and give them a slap on the behind as a warning.”

Several of the girls blinked at that, I’d said it so matter of factly. Then the unlikelihood of me doing any such thing seemed to register.

There were a series of cat calls, the ladies putting me down pretty thoroughly. I just grinned at them.

“Geez, I’d love to see it,” one of the girls said, smirking. “Which one of us would you choose to chastise?”

I glanced around at them, looking them over with an interested male eye. Several of them were very attractive. I finally nodded to one of the women.

“Her. The brunette with the blue skirt,” I said.

“Ha. He means you Carol,” said the woman who had asked me to choose. “Why would you choose her?”

“Honestly? She has a very pretty tush fetchingly displayed in that short skirt. The shortness of the skirt means it would be easy to flip it out of the road so I could paddle the nicely rounded tush beneath.”

There were some more cat calls and jeering. Carol made shushing noises with her hands.

“Tone it down a little. He might decide he’s serious and it’s my bottom on the line here. Not yours.”

“Do it,” someone yelled. “We dare you to do it.”

This was quickly followed up by a chant of “do it,” the girls egging each other on. Even pretty little Carol got into the act.

It is not in keeping with the majesty of the law for an officer to be seen running away from a bunch of young women. It makes people question how much they can depend on those fine men in blue. I strolled over to the table where the remains of their meal resided and sat on the bench. Looking at Carol I patted my knee and waited. Now the ball was in her court. Let her back down.

She must have had one drink too many. She actually came over to where I was sitting. I took her arm and guided her across my knee, bottom up. A bottom that was quivering in a very interesting fashion, caused by the giggling Carol was doing. I flicked her skirt escort bostancı up, resting my hand on her bottom.

“On a scale of one to five, how angry is the law at this offender?” I asked the girls.

“What’s the difference?” one asked.

“Well, one, I’d speak very firmly to the culprit. Two, I’d smack her bottom. Three, she’s acting up and I have to spank her. Four, her behaviour is reprehensible and I would have to spank her on her bare bottom. Five, we won’t discuss the penalty as there are ladies present.”

“Why isn’t he telling us what five is?” grumbled someone.

“He’s hinting that for a five he’d feel obliged to rrrravish his victim.”

“Oh, my. Is ravish the same as rrrrape?”

There was a very hopeful edge to that question, I thought.

“What do you think?” came a somewhat cynical reply.

“So, ladies. Have you decided on the level of the offence?”

There was a bit of discussion but it became obvious that the choice was between three and four. Finally someone asked Carol for her rating, seeing as she was the nominated offender.

“Ah, can I get three and a half?” she asked giggling.

“You can,” I said. “I’d start the spanking with your panties on and take them off halfway.”

“Would you really pull down my panties and spank me?” she asked, giggling hard.

“There’s only one way for you to find out,” I told her, my hand still idly rubbing around her bottom.

She giggled some more.

“OK. I dare you to do a level four,” she said quickly, apparently wanting to get the words out before she changed her mind.

The rest of the ladies were gathered around, watching. There was a bit of laughter and woo-hooing and a general consensus that I’d chicken out.

Chicken out hell. I was willing to have a little fun. It was their suggestion (after a fashion) and Carol was a willing victim, so they didn’t really have a comeback. I pulled Carol’s panties down, slowly, giving her time to object. I heard a shocked gasp, but no objection.

With a nice bare bottom in front of me, an audience surrounding me, and no objection to stop me, I didn’t really have much choice. My hand came down smartly, not to a squeal but to a whole chorus of squeals. I don’t think any of the women had thought that I’d go through with it.

I half expected Carol to jump up at that stage and say that’s enough, or for one of the other women to object. None of them let out a peep. Carol hastily put her hands over her bottom for a moment, but then she moved then again, leaving a nice white bottom and a nice red mark on display.

I spanked her other cheek to even up the red marks. A gasp from Carol but the other ladies were all giggling. Apart from that gasp there was still no protest from Carol or the others. I shrugged mentally. If they were willing for Carol to get a proper spanking, who was I to disappoint them?

I paddled her bottom, making sure my hands covered all of it, spreading around the fun, shall we say. It was probably a little unfortunate that my aim was a trifle erratic at times, as this resulted in some stinging slaps landing on Carol’s mound. Entirely accidental, I assure you. I did apologise to Carol each time I misdirected a spank.

Keeping in mind that this was supposed to be a penalty, and not a merciless beating, I made sure that the spanks weren’t too onerous. Painful, but not injurious. I also made sure not to carry it on for too long. Too long and the good humour might evaporate, leaving me surrounded by angry women.

I swung Carol back to her feet, her dress flipping down to cover her before anything that should not be revealed was put on display.

“Well,” said someone, “that just goes to prove that you need to beware of the long arm of the law.”

“I’m more curious about how long the short arm of the law is,” someone ümraniye escort quipped, amid more laughter. I grandly ignored that comment as being beneath me.

“Tell me,” said a voice. “If you felt it necessary to deliver a level five reprimand, would that be with Carol as well?”

I almost laughed at the horrified look on Carol’s face. Spanking was one thing. A bit of exciting fun, even if it did smart. Being ravished in front of her friends was something else again.

“No,” I said, running my eye over them again. “Carol’s been reprimanded. I would be obliged to choose someone else. Probably her.”

I indicated a tall blonde who was wearing yoga-pants and a skimpy top.

“Eh? Me? Why me?” she demanded.

“You’re blonde,” I said. “Everyone knows that blondes love to be ravished. It’s in their blood.”

“The hell it is,” she muttered, “and I’m not blonde. I dyed my hair.”

“Are you insinuating that you would be tempted to defy the law and the blonde sisterhood of which you’re a temporary member and resist ravishment?”

“Damn right I would,” she retorted.

“That’s good. It’s the resistance that makes it ravishment. If you agreed it would just be promiscuity.”

At that stage the woman standing behind the blonde did something unexpected. She just grabbed the blonde’s yoga pants and pulled them down to her knees, hastily grabbing her panties and taking them down as well, while blondie squealed and covered herself with her hands.

“Ah, hold it, ladies,” I said in an officious voice. “That’s indecent exposure and lying to the police. I can’t ignore that sort of thing.”

“What?” protested blondie. “You pulled down Carol’s panties. Wasn’t that indecent exposure? And what was the lie? Who was lying?”

“I may have had to lower Carol’s panties, but I didn’t look,” I said sanctimoniously.

“Lying bastard,” came a soto voce comment from Carol. “He both looked and touched. I’ve got fingerprints there to prove it.”

I ignored Carol’s comment as unworthy of a reply, continuing to speak to the blonde.

“And you told me a fib. Unless you also dyed your nether regions you are a natural blonde.”

When I said that I also reached out and pulled the blonde’s cupped hands aside, revealing a very pale tuft of fur. I also considered it interesting that she hadn’t got around to pulling up her panties and pants. Very, interesting.

Still holding her hands I pulled her over towards the table, shifting a hand to the small of her back to encourage her to lean forward.

There were a series of whistles and giggles when I unzipped with blondie looking nervously over her shoulder to see what I was doing. Why the hell she didn’t stand upright and pull up her pants I will never know.

“You can’t do this,” she protested as I moved closer to her. “What sort of policeman are you?”

I rubbed the head of my erection along her slit, seeing it puff up and pay attention. She may not want to be ravished but her body didn’t seem to have the same objection. I continued rubbing my cock against her lips, including the inner lips that were now puffy and pouting.

“What sort of policeman am I? Um, right now, a fake one. If you look a little closer you’ll see that this isn’t a real police uniform. It’s a party hire. I’m on my way to a costume party. I just stopped here to say hullo.”

“Damn,” said a voice. “Look at his bike. It’s big and black but it’s not a police bike.”

“You bastard,” said another voice. “You had us going.”

“All I did was ask you to keep the noise down,” I said innocently. “What was wrong with that?”

“You spanked Carol,” someone pointed out.

“She asked me to,” I protested. “It would have been rude to refuse.”

There was some giggling at that, although Carol was giving me an old fashioned look. I couldn’t tell if kartal escort bayan she was amused or annoyed.

“Ah, I believe you’re thinking of ravishing Sandra,” someone pointed out.

I thoughtfully pressed my erection a little more firmly against Sandra’s slit. Not actually entering her, but not far from it.

“She’s a blonde,” I explained. “I have a deeply held belief that all blondes need to be ravished regularly. You wouldn’t want me to go against a religious belief, would you?”

There was a moment of silence.

“That,” said one of the women, speaking slowly, “has got to be one of the most outrageous statements I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmured. “It’s all I could think of on the spur of the moment. Ah, listen, if no-one had any objections I’d like to get on with Sandra’s ravishment. She’s being very patient, you know.”

“He topped it,” someone said. “Do you seriously intend to ravish her with all of us here watching?”

“Yes. Exciting, isn’t it. Now if you’ll excuse me. . .”

I turned to look at what I was doing. Pressed a little harder and Sandra’s lips opened to let me pass, closing around me.

“Hey, what are you doing,” someone squealed. (Sandra also gave a small squeal but remained bent over.)

“No-one objected,” I explained, and pressed in a little more.

There was some animated discussion between the watching women, apparently trying to decide if they should be stopping me. For my part, I was slowly pressing deeper, feeling Sandra’s passage wet and slippery and yielding.

The girls stopped talking and I could feel them watching me avidly. I pressed harder, and quite swiftly sank fully into Sandra. The only sound she made was a small hiss as my groin pressed firmly against her pussy.

Now that contact had been made, to phrase it politely, I felt Sandra and I were in a position to become more engaged with each other. Hand folding her hips firmly I pulled back and then pushed in hard, pulling her towards me at the same time. I needn’t have bothered with the pulling. She came surging towards me as soon as I pushed back, her body eager for the fray.

Man, oh, man, she felt good. I could forget about the other women for a while, concentrating on this one, driving in hard and frequently, feeling her respond to my driving need.

It’s fun to be entertaining a willing woman. Or an unwilling one, come to think of it. I wasn’t sure which category Sandra was in. I didn’t let philosophical questions disturb me. My cock was in full cry and it needed me to pay attention to it. I banged it in hard, setting up a nice steady motion, feeling Sandra riding me comfortably.

Trouble is, comfort isn’t what you want your woman to feel. At least, not during moments like this. I banged her harder, driving her up out of her comfort zone, making her work hard to keep up with me. She was panting heavily, going, “Ah, ah, ah,” as I took her, her voice high pitched and eager.

When you’re having fun you don’t want to stop, but nature’s a bitch. So far and no farther, she rules, and those rules were coming into play. I wished Sandra luck and drove in hard for that final effort. I was going to come and if she wasn’t ready she was going to miss out. (So sue me. You can’t do it right every time.)

I ejaculated, holding myself hard inside her while I let loose, and the lawsuit fell by the way as she gave a scream and climaxed as well. I held myself in her, feeling my cock throbbing, feeling her shuddering against me.

I disengaged and was zipping up as I turned to face the women. Geez, I was glad my bike was there. Talk about a mixture of emotions on their faces. Amongst them they were amused, annoyed, confused and lustful. Not wanting to find myself expected to give encores I saluted them and departed. I didn’t run. An officer of the law does not run from women. I merely walked away quickly.

A point of law. I know it’s illegal for a non-policeman to pretend to be a policeman. But is it illegal for a real policeman to pretend to be a non-policeman who is pretending to be a policeman? An interesting dilemma.

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