Second Chances

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It had already been a long night for Casey and she was ready to get off her feet and go home. Unfortunately, the clock on the wall reminded her she still had 3 hours left on her shift. So, with a deep breath, she went about wiping down the bar and emptying the overflowed ashtrays. Casey had been working at the same bar for almost 8 years now. She had seen many people come and go, heard many sob stories, and had even played taxi cab on a few occasions.

But, one person always stuck out in her mind. His name was Billy Tanner, and he had, at one point, been the love of her life. Casey and Billy met one night when the bar was hosting a pool tournament. Billy won first place and walked out that night, not only with a trophy and $10,000 prize money, but with Casey on his arm, as well. They proceeded to have a very steamy, very violatile 4 year relationship, until one day, things just stopped being interesting.

The sex had become boring and the conversation redundant, and soon, Casey and Billy parted ways. It was on nights like this that Casey missed Billy, often wondering what had become of him. Had he accomplished his dream of becoming a world famous pool player? Or had he just settled into life, perhaps even marrying and having a couple children.

Just then, someone played their song. The song that Billy and Casey fucked to for the first time. Casey froze for a moment and scanned the bar, trying desperately to find the person who had just played J-13, also known as, Push, by Matchbox 20.

There was no luck in finding the person, everyone was either seated and drinking, or at the pool tables across the bar. Casey suddenly came face to face with the past, there was Billy, seated on the last bar stool, at the end of the bar.

“The person you’re looking for is right here, baby,” he said, giving a half cocky grin.

“Oh my God, Billy Tanner, I was just thinking about you,” she said, wide eyed and grinning, “What brings you round here after all this time?”

“Well, I’m competing in a pool tournament about 20 miles down the road and I thought I’d drop in here and see if I recognized anyone,” he answered, flicking his cigarette into the ashtray.

Casey felt like a nervous teenager. Words escaped her and her mouth was dry as a bone. Not to mention her heart was beating like a bass drum, she felt sure she would pass out any moment. Billy looked great, even more so then he did while they were a couple.

“Can I get you something?” she asked, barely able to speak without stuttering.

“Sure, baby, slide me down one of them beers,” he said, pushing the filter of his Marlboro into the stained glass ashtray.

Casey’s hands were shaking and her heart was still racing, but somehow, she managed to pour Billy’s beer into a mug and slide it down to him.

“So,” he said, “Have you replaced me yet?”

“I was wondering the same thing about you. I wondered if you had achieved your pool player dreams or had you just settled into marriage and fatherhood,” she said, walking down to the end of the bar.

“No, no marriage, no kids, not that I know of,” he said, grinning and sipping his Budweiser, “How bout you?”

“Well, definitely no marriage and no kids, not even a boyfriend, pretty sad huh?” she asked, wiping down the bar.

“Not sad at all, just means the door is wide open for me,” he said.

“Oh, is that right?” she asked, bostancı escort bayan grinning at him.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby, I always did regret losing you,” he answered.

Casey looked down at the bar, unsure of what her next words should be. She nervously wiped down the bar, wanting to say so much to Billy.

“It’s not gonna get much cleaner, baby,” he said, taking her hand and pulling the damp rag away, “What time do you get off?”

“Two, around two anyway,” she answered, looking into his dark brown eyes.

“Okay, I’ll be back then,” he said, “Be ready, Casey, we got some catching up to do.”

Two minutes later, he was gone. Casey took another long, deep breath and went to the back for a moment. She paced back and forth in the storage room, both nervous and happy that Billy had wandered back into her life.

The next few hours passed rather quickly, and true to his word, there was Billy, waiting for Casey to clock out.

“Goodnight, Ben!!” shouted Casey, “See you in three days.”

“Three days?” asked Billy.

“Yeah, I have the next three days off,” answered Casey, grabbing her purse and jacket.

“Okay with you if we go to my place?” he asked, as they walked to his truck.

“No, not at all,” she answered, grabbing a Marlboro from her jacket pocket.

As the couple drove off into the night, Casey’s butterflies returned, but this time, it was okay.

Miles and minutes later, Billy pulled into a long, dirt road driveway, that hosted a small, wooden cabin, surrounded by woods and nature.

“This is it, huh?” Casey asked, climbing out of the truck, “It’s nice, Billy, I like it.”

“I’m glad, baby, I like it too, I have my privacy and the outside world only bothers me when I want it to,” he answered, walking up onto the wrap around porch and unlocking the door.

Casey’s eyes widened as she stepped in. It was nothing like you’d expect a bachelor pad to look like. It was neat and tidy and, to her surprise, very nicely decorated. Much nicer then the apartment she called home.

“I’m gonna go get us some drinks, baby, make yourself comfortable,” said Billy, removing his leather jacket and disappearing into the kitchen.

Casey nodded her head, and she too, removed her jacket, slinging it over the black leather sofa. Her eyes scanned the room, the pictures, the decorations. There were plaques and trophies from various pool tournaments, all neatly displayed in a small, glass china cabinet. She wandered off to the left, finding the bathroom and the utility room, complete with washer and dryer.

Finally, she came upon the bedroom. Placed perfectly in the center of the room, was a huge, king sized bed, decorated with black sheets and plush black comforter. Matter of fact, most of the house, from what she had seen, had touches of black and deep gray. Casey looked over her shoulder, checking to see if Billy was coming yet, then playfully fell onto the huge bed, stretching out and easing into the warm, inviting comforter.

“Well, I see you’ve become acquainted with my bed,” said Billy, smiling and placing their drinks on a small, wooden night stand.

“I’m sorry,” she said, quickly sitting up, feeling very stupid and embarrassed.

“No need to apologize, Casey,” he said, “You and I are no strangers to being in bed together.”

Casey gave a half smile and ümraniye escort slid to the foot of the bed, right next to Billy.

“So, what is this catching up you mentioned earlier?” she asked.

“Well,” said Billy, taking her hand, “I miss you, Casey, that’s one of the reasons I came back. I can’t stop thinking about you and wondering what went wrong with us.”

“We just ran out of things to do and talk about, Billy, that’s about it,” she answered, nervously looking into his eyes.

“I can’t accept that it’s over,” he said, leaning closer to her.

“There’s no future in the past,” she whispered, coming dangerously close to his warm, soft lips.

“And history always repeats itself,” he whispered back, grazing her lips with his.

“Oh, Billy,” she moaned, pressing her lips to his, as they fell back onto the bed.

Billy and Casey lay there, kissing and pawing at each other passionately, both seemingly trying to overpower the other.

“Wait,” she said, quickly breaking the kiss, and pushing his body off hers, “If you missed me so damn much, where the fuck have you been the past three years? Huh?”

“Baby, I wanted to come back, many times, but, I don’t know, call it foolish pride, call it stupidity, I don’t know, I just couldn’t,” he answered breathlessly.

“So, what made you decide, after three years, to finally come back?” she asked.

“I told you, I’m playing in a pool tournament, not far from the bar you work at and I remember we spent many good times there. I wanted to go back and see if you were still there. And, as luck would have it, there you were, baby, that’s the truth,” he said, looking deep into her dark blue eyes.

“Why did you leave so easily, Billy?” she asked, lighting another cigarette.

“At that time, baby, we couldn’t get along to save our lives. Everyday was a fight, we weren’t going anywhere anymore. You didn’t seem interested in saving us. I thought you wanted me gone, so I ended it,” he answered.

“Oh I know all about how you ended it, Billy. I came home from shopping and you were gone. After four years of being together, you couldn’t even face me. You left me a note and you took off. Maybe it was over for you, but it wasn’t over for me!!!” she yelled, getting up from the bed.

“Damnit, it wasn’t over for me either, Casey, I told you, I thought you wanted me gone, baby,” he said, jumping up from the bed and grabbing her hard, pushing her back to his bedroom wall.

“I don’t want it to be over anymore,” he whispered, kissing her hard, pawing at the buttons on her shirt, ripping them like a wild animal.

Casey kissed him back just as hard, dropping her cigarette and stomping it into the carpet. As their tongues played tug of war, she slid her hand down his ultra tight jeans, forcefully grabbing his thick cock, the very cock that had sent her into another orbit, each and every time it fucked her.

“Oh God, Billy,” she groaned, as he bit and kissed her neck, ripping her shirt off her body and pulling her lacey bra up over her tits, exposing them to the cool air of the bedroom.

As Billy sucked and bit her nipples, Casey shoved his jeans open, ripping the button, sending it flying across the room. She slid his jeans down, just below his ass cheeks, allowing his fat cock to bounce free.

“I fucking need you,” he whispered, reaching down, beneath her skirt escort kartal and ripping her panties right off her body.

“I fucking need you too, Billy,” she groaned, as he lifted her, cupping her ass and slamming his fat cock deep into her almost virgin like pussy.

Casey had not been with another man since she and Billy broke up. So, as you can imagine, in three years time, a woman’s pussy has become tight as a virgin.

“Oh God,” he groaned, “Your cunt’s like a fucking rubber band baby, so goddamn tight.”

“Fuck me, Billy,” she groaned, throwing her head back and wrapping her legs around his naked hips.

Billy kissed her hard again and pulled her from the wall. With his cock still buried deep in her cunt, he walked them over to the bed, falling on top of her. He looked down, his mouth watering at the sexy sight of her huge tits and sexy brown nipples. His cock began to harden even further and he could no longer hold back. He pulled himself up to his knuckles, burying his hands into the bed and throwing Casey’s legs over his shoulders, and proceeded to bang the shit right out of her virgin pussy.

“OH FUCK!!” she screamed, reaching up and grabbing the large, wooden headboard, “Oh God, please don’t stop, Billy, please!!!”

“Fuck, you feel good,” he groaned into her ear, slightly biting and tugging it with his razor sharp teeth.

Billy reached up to the headboard too, gripping it tightly and letting Casey’s legs fall down beside him. The harder he gripped, the harder he pumped her sexy sloppy wet pussy. Every muscle flexed and small drops of sweat decorated his body and rained down on Casey, mixing with her own.

She locked her legs tightly around him, flipping him over, as if to say, I am in control now. With a wicked gleam in her eye and a devilish grin on her face, Casey took full control of the situation, quickly straddling Billy’s naked, sweaty body and teasingly kissing his wet cock tip with her sloppy, sticky pussy.

He placed his hands on her hips and slowly pushed her down, feeling his cock, once again, reclaim the pussy he had loved so much, for so long.

Their eyes locked and their bodies molded into one, as Casey slowly began pumping her pussy up and down Billy’s long, fat shaft. She arched her back and dug her cunt walls hard around his cock, using her muscles to suck and slurp every vein on his shaft.

He threw his head back and groaned, almost like an angry lion, forcefully pumping his hips upwards, fucking deep into Casey’s pussy. She locked her fingers with his and they spent the next hour, not only fucking, but reclaiming the love they both thought had long gone.

As the night wore on, and Billy and Casey both had each came several times, finally they lay there resting, holding onto each other, remembering once more what had drawn them together all those years before.

“I still love you, Casey,” whispered Billy, as she lay there, resting her head on his strong, hairy chest, “I wanna give us another try, baby.”

“I still love you, Billy,” she whispered back, “I’m willing to give us another shot.”

Billy closed his eyes and thanked God for giving him a second chance. A second chance at love, at lust and a second chance at having the woman he had always loved.

“I won’t fuck it up this time,” he promised, gently playing with her hair, “I won’t lose you again.”

“I love you,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

“I love you, baby,” he said, closing his eyes and holding her close.

The moral of this story? There may be no future in the past, but the past can and does repeat itself, and there’s always room for second chances.

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