Saved from the Snow by Santa

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“Fucking shitheads!” Stacy yelled at the phone as the person on the other end hung up.

She shivered in the cold, trying to figure out where everything had gone so wrong. It probably started when her asshole ex skipped out without paying for his share of the rent, or having taken care of the bills he was supposed to pay. That left her short on cash, which meant that when her car broke down, she wasn’t able to get it fixed. Which in turn left her trying to rely on public transportation to get halfway across the country in order to be home for the holidays. Having been strapped for cash before, she had done the trip this way multiple times since moving away from her parents for college. The worst part always was one specific transfer, which if you caught it wrong, left you sitting for hours in the middle of nowhere. Knowing this, she had made her plans with ample time to make it, preferring to get there an hour early and not miss it, then to need to wait half a day.

She had gotten off the previous bus perfectly on schedule, slightly cold, pulling her coat around herself as she watched the small snowflakes falling. Living in a warmer part of the country, her jacket was barely enough to keep her warm, with most of her warm clothing being by her parents for when she visited. She had gathered her things, and found a spot out of the wind where she could wait. And wait she did, watching, getting colder as the snowfall started to get heavier. When the next bus didn’t show up at the scheduled time, she assumed that it was running late due to the snow. After an hour, she called the bus company and was told the due to the weather, the bus was running late, but it was on it’s way. After another hour, at which point she was freezing, she called again. This time they told her that the line was cancelled due to the weather. When she asked what she was supposed to do, they said that they were sorry for any inconveniences and hung up.

After a few minutes, Stacy’s anger started to cool, and in it’s place came the anxiety. What could she do? Based on the way the weather looked, it was just going to keep getting colder, and she was likely to freeze to death, especially given the lack of appropriate clothing. And even if the cold didn’t get her, she had no food with her. She opened her suitcase to look through what she had brought to see if there was anything she could layer to try to get warmer. she pulled out t-shirts, pantyhose, leggings, socks, and a sweatshirt, setting them on top of her bag. She looked around desperately, even knowing that there was nothing nearby, hoping to find a place to change. Seeing nothing, and having no choice, she crouched on the bench of the small bus stop. Trying to move as quickly as she could, she took off her jacket and pulled the sweater that she was wearing over her head. The biting cold sent goosebumps across her ample chest and caused her nipples to harden even more against the black lace of her bra. She pulled on both t-shirts before replacing the sweater and then struggled into the sweatshirt, pulling the hood up, before shoving her hands back into the jacket.

Zipping up the jacket over the mound of clothing that she had just put on, Stacy realized that she probably should have started with her bottom half, as now her movements were inhibited by the tight layers of clothing. Sighing, she pulled the jacket back off and psyched herself up to move onto the next step. Still on the bench, she opened her boots at far as they would go, and undid her pants. Pulling them down, she got one leg out fine, but when she went to pull the other foot out of her boot, she overbalanced and fell backwards onto the bench. Wearing a thong to match her bra meant that her ass had no protection from the freezing cold and wet bench. She quickly scrambled to her hands and knees, with her effectively naked ass high in the air. She started to cry, but realized that she needed to move quickly. Gingerly she removed one sock at a time, replacing it with the pantyhose. She pulled on the leggings as well before replacing her pants, two pairs of socks, and then her boots. Finishing with that, she pulled back on her jacket, and then shoved her hands into another two socks each. She pulled another t-shirt over her head to use as a scarf. At this point she could barely move, but she was a bit warmer.

Stacy huddled on the bench for another hour, watching the snow fall, a feeling of despair washing over her. Eventually, she decided that just sitting and waiting to freeze was stupid. She got up, grabbed her bag, and started trudging through the snow, hoping she was going in the correct direction. Between the snow and the multiple layers, it was slow going. She couldn’t tell how much progress she was making and between the falling snow and what she was walking through, she could tell that her outer layers were starting to get wet. After what felt like forever, as it was starting to get dark, Stacy saw lights shining through the snow. With the first hints of hope, she felt bostancı escort a surge of energy and headed towards the lights with more speed than she had been moving with previously. As she approached, she heard the sound of an engine roaring, as the shape of a large pickup truck with a plow blade on the front appeared out of the snow, moving slowly. She hurried over, yelling and waving her arms. The driver must have noticed her, because the truck stopped. As she approached the drivers window cracked open and she heard a man’s voice call or from the inside.

“What are you doing out in this weather. Get inside the truck before you freeze to death.”

She hurried around to the other side and excitedly opened the door, a blast of warm air hitting her in the face. She climbed into the car and slammed the door behind her, reveling in the warmth of the cabin.

“Now that you’re inside, do you want to tell me what you were thinking?” the driver asked.

Stacy looked over at her savior for the first time. He looked like a well built older man, with a long while beard, wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans.

“If he was wearing a red robe and driving a sleigh he could pass for Santa,” she thought to herself.

Realizing that she still hadn’t answered, she quickly began to tell her story.

“My ex ran out on me, owing me money, so I couldn’t get my car fixed. I was talking the bus home for the holiday, got off nearby, but the next bus never came. Eventually the company said that it wasn’t coming. I wasn’t dressed to be out in a snow storm, so I had to get undressed and redressed outside, and I fell over while doing it, freezing my ass. I eventually decided that walking was better than sitting and waiting to freeze, and then you saved me. I’m so glad that I came across you, I really thought that I was going to die out in the snow.”

She hadn’t meant to share as much as she did, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the words started to tumblr out.

“Well,” said the driver, “While I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, I’m glad I could help you out. It’s going to take us a bit to get where we are going, especially in this weather. Why don’t you relax a bit, now that you are safe.”


Stacy settled into the seat, enjoying the warmth, as the driver started up again. She had no idea who this person was, or where she was going, but at this point, anywhere out of the snow was better than the alternative. She pulled her hands out of her sock gives and held them in front of the hot air blowing from the vents. It wasn’t long before her many layers began to get too hot in the warmth of the truck.

“Do you mind if I take off my jacket?” she asked.

“Go for it. Get comfortable. Like I said, we have a bit of a drive.”

She unzipped her jacket and pulled her arms out.

Before she could decide what to do with it, the driver said, “Just toss it in the back. You can shove your bags there as well. No need to have them shoved at your feet.”

She twisted to put her things into the back seat. Still overheating, she pulled off her t-shirt scarf and sweatshirt. She debated what to do about her legs for a while, but the heat eventually got to her.

She pulled off her boots and the extra socks before saying, “This is a little weird, but do you mind if I take my pants off? They are still wet. I mean, I’m wearing leggings underneath, it’s not like I’m going to be naked.”

She suddenly blushed, feeling embarrassed. He chuckled in response.

“Go right ahead, take off whatever you need.”

Still blushing, Stacy undid her belt and went to pull them down. Given the tightness of the layers, she tried to be careful, but ended up pulling down everything at first, exposing her crotch before she managed to get her under layers back up. She got her pants down the rest of the way without further incident, putting them into the back with the rest of her stuff. After a moments debate, her sweater joined everything else, along with one of her t-shirts, which exposed her tight stomach and the bottom of her place bra when she pulled it off, and she finally settled comfortably into the seat. Now comfortable and safe from the weather, she quickly found herself exhausted and passing out. Falling asleep, she realized that she had never asked her savior his name.

“What’s your name,” she asked drowsily.

“Chris,” was the last thing she heard before falling asleep.

Stacy woke up some time later and found herself snuggled in a super comfortable bed, under a thick blanket. She luxuriated in the feeling of the silk sheets against her skin, before realizing that it meant that she was naked. She looked around the room, but didn’t see any of her things. What she saw was a nice, but fairly simple room, with a closet, dresser and mirror. She got out of bed, and looked to see if she could find something to wear. She looked to no avail, finding both the dresser and closet empty save for sheets. She grabbed one of ümraniye escort bayan the sheets and wrapped it around herself, and went to explore the rest of the house. She found a nice kitchen and living room, a bathroom, and another two rooms in the hall next to the room she had woken up in, which she assumed were other bedrooms. There was no sign of Chris, but there was a fire going in the living room, so she settled down on the couch in front of it, wrapped in her sheet. After about fifteen minutes, she heard a door open and the sound of boots being removed. A minute later, Chris appeared, shirtless, with a bundle of firewood in his hands. He placed it by the fireplace before noticing her.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” he said with a smile. “It’s nice to see you awake. I’m sorry that I wasn’t here when you woke up. I had just stepped out to the back to grab some more wood for the fire.”

Stacy started at his well defined muscles and hairless chest.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Did you go out like that?”

Chris looked down at his bare chest.

“No, of course not. But since it’s usually just me, and I keep the house pretty warm, I tend to not wear much. I honestly forgot when I came back inside. I’ll go out a shirt back on.”

“Please don’t,” Stacy said quickly and then blushed, realizing what it had sounded like. “I mean, don’t put yourself out on my behalf. It’s not like you invited me over. Do whatever you would usually do as if I wasn’t here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Totally. Honestly, it’s not like I’m currently wearing much anyways.”

“Sorry about that, it must have been a shock. After hearing your story, I needed to check you for frostbite. I tried to wake you, but you were down deep. I did my best to be a gentleman, but I had to make sure you weren’t hurt. Your clothes were all wet, so I put them to be washed. They should be available soon.”

Stacy felt a strange warmth spreading through her body at the thought of Chris going over her body inch by inch.

“No need to apologise. I appreciate you taking care of me.”

“If you are really ok with it, then I will go get a bit more comfortable.”

Chris left and came back a few minutes later wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs.

“Can I get you anything to eat, it’s just about dinner time?” he asked heading to the kitchen.

“Sure,” she replied, staring at his muscled ass as he walked away.

“For an older guy, he is really hot,” she thought to herself.

Gathering her sheet around herself, she followed him into the kitchen, suddenly realizing that she was starving. She found Chris tying on an apron before lighting the stove.

“Have you lived here for a while?” she asked.

“My wife and I moved here a while back. She died a few years ago, and it’s just been me since.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. It must be pretty lonely out here all by yourself.”

“It’s ok. Like I said, is been a few years. I’ve gotten used to it. I have a few friends in the area, and I go into town pretty often, especially this time of year.”

“Why this time of year?”

“I volunteer as a Santa in schools, hospitals, and the like. I was actually on my way home when I found you.”

“That is so sweet.”

He set a plate of food before her, and another across the table for himself. He took off the apron before sitting down to eat. Stacy looked at the plate for a moment, trying to figure out how to eat while still staying covered by her sheet. She looked up at Chris who was bare chested, and clearly not bothered by it. She quickly came to the conclusion that her hunger was more important than her modesty, and he had already seen her naked any way. Taking a deep breath, she let the fall to her lap and started to eat. The food was surprisingly good, and she only looked up from her plate when she had polished off everything she had been served. When she finally wiped up the last bits with the last bit of bread, she looked to to find Chris watching her.

“I see you were hungry,” he said, causing her to blush. “Please don’t be embarrassed, it’s nice to cook for someone else sometimes. I just now realized that I should have offered you one of my shirts. Sorry about that. Would you like me to grab you one now?”

Stacy saw that he was making a point of not looking at her tits, even though she was sure that he had been staring at them moments earlier.

She blushed again and said, “I think that being an uninvited guest, it behoves me to follow the dress code that you have set, so I’m ok being topless, if it’s ok with you.”

“Usually I’m fully naked. I left underwear on for your sake. But you don’t need to feel pressured. Not that I mind of course. You do have beautiful breasts.”

Stacy now felt bad that he was going out of his way for her. She quickly stood up, leaving the sheet on the chair, and hurried over to the other side of the table.

“I meant what I said earlier. I feel bad enough that I’m imposing on kartal escort you. Please don’t let my being here make you uncomfortable. Do whatever it is that you normally would, and if it bothers me, I’ll deal with it.”

She looked down at Chris, who was looking up at her face, visibly trying hard to avoid looking at the crotch that was in front of his face. He was unable to avoid looking at her c cup sized breasts or her large nipples, due to the angle.

“Please take off your underwear,” she begged. “I feel really bad.”

He shook his head slowly, his long white beard swaying back and forth along his chest. Not willing to be deterred, she pulled back his chair, intent on making sure he knew that she really meant it. It was only once she pulled the chair fully back did she realize that part of the reason that he hadn’t gotten up, was the obvious bulge in his underwear. She paused for a moment, but then realized that she was not going to let something as simple as an erection prevent this person, who not only probably saved her life, but also volunteered as Santa in schools and hospitals, be how they wanted to just because she was there. At this point, Chris had given up fighting, and stood up when the girl who was young enough to be his daughter pulled him to his feet. She dropped to her knees to pull down his underwear and doing so, suddenly found herself face to face with the most beautiful erection she had ever seen. It was long and thick, but not so much as to be scary. At this point, she had another revelation. She had no idea when Chris had last had sex, especially given that his wife had died years ago. Almost without thought she reached out and took hold of the hard cock that was in front of her face.

“Ok, I think that that is enough,” Chris said, putting his hand on her arm.

“Are you sure,” replied Stacy, suddenly feeling both mischievous and wanting to do something extra special for someone she thought deserved it.

She began to gently stroke his dick.

“If you don’t stop, then you might end up doing something you’ll regret, and I don’t want that to happen.”

She looked up at him, not stopping to stroke.

“I don’t plan on doing anything that I’ll regret.”

“Look, I appreciate what you are doing, but if you don’t stop soon, I don’t know how much control I’m going to have.”

Stacy noticed that even though he protested, he dropped his hand from her arm.

“So don’t worry about control,” she said and quickly bent her head down and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around, tasting the precum that had already begun leaking out. She didn’t stop stroking while she sucked, and was rewarded for her efforts by a groan of pleasure from Chris. She slid her hand down to the base of his shaft, and bobbed her head down, taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could. She brought her other hand up to caress his balls while she bobbed her head up and down. After less than a minute, she felt his balls begin to tighten, and quickly backed off until just the cock head was in her mouth. She jerked him quickly and was rewarded with blast after blast of hot cum, accompanied by sounds of pleasure from above. Drinking down the salty fluid, she kept pumping her hand up and down until the there was no more left. She sucked on the tip, getting out the last little bit of his seed. When she was sure she had gotten it all, she pulled her mouth off slowly, letting his dick go with a POP. She gave it a small kiss and sat back on her heels, looking up at him with a smile on her face.

“That was incredible,” Chris said, falling back into his chair. “But you really didn’t need to do that.”

Stacy grabbed his underwear from by his feet and stood up, her perky tits bouncing slightly. This time, Chris made no pretense of not looking.

“Of course I didn’t need to. I wanted to, to make up for making you feel uncomfortable in your own house. Where do these go?” she asked, holding up his underwear.

“Hamper in my room at the end of the hall. But you had nothing to make up for. You did nothing wrong.”

Stacy headed in the indicated direction.

“Nonsense,” she called over her shoulder while she put an extra day into her step. “Of course I did. And I still need to show my gratitude for you saving my life.”

When Stacy got back to the kitchen, Chris was washing dishes. She leaned up against the counter next to him, making sure that her tits were thrust forward in his line of sight. She asked him about his life, slowly but surely drawing him out of his shell. When he finished, they relocated to the couch in front of the fire to continue talking. Without thinking, she sat cross legged on the couch, only realizing that it put her pussy on full view when she saw his eyes drawn down to her lap. Going with it, she put her hand down, as if to protect her modesty, which caused Chris to guiltily pull his eyes away. His eyes quickly found their way back when instead she started gently playing with herself instead. She was surprised just how wet she already was. It didn’t take long before she saw that she was starting to get a physical rise out of him. She quickly scrambled over and sat in his lap, trapping his erection between his stomach and her thigh.

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