Satisfying Mom’s Needs Ch. 03

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After dinner Mom, Grandpa and I sat on the sofa in the living room and watched some TV. Mom was in the middle and we were still wearing no clothes. Pretty soon Mom grabbed both our cocks and started to slowly jack us off. Now the cocks started to stiffen. Gramp put his right hand on Mom’s right breast. I followed him and put my left hand on Mom’s left breast and squeezed and rubbed her boob and the nipple which erected to it’s full half-inch length. I took the swollen nipple in my mouth and sucked which made Mom jerk and moan. Just then I noticed that Gramp put his lips on Mom’s other boob and put his right hand on Mom’s cunt rubbing the hair and the mound and then he put his middle finger between her cunt lips and as he touched her clit Mom jumped and moaned at the same time, “Oh Dad, I am so wet, now fuck me, I want to come with your cock in me.”

Gramp smiled and said, “yes baby, I’ll fuck you good.”

Mom got on her hands and knees giving Gramp her upturned open ass and cunt. That sight got Gramp even hotter and he wasted no time in lining up his rigid cock between Mom’s wet cuntlips and entered her with a slow but steady thrust. Mom was pushed forward as Gramp got inside her to the hilt and her mouth touched the tip of my cock, she opened her lips and took my cock deeply in her mouth. Now Gramp started deep in and out thrusting into Mom which moved her body back and forth so it looked like I was fucking her mouth. Gramp was using his hands on Mom’s waist to push and pull her cunt onto his erection while I was squeezing Mom’s jiggling breasts with both my hands.

Such vigorous two-ended fucking produced its inevitable result with all of us moaning and groaning.

Gramp hissed, “I am going to come soon, get ready to receive my hot cream in you baby”.

Mom could only thrust back with more force. I was not far myself, the deep rapid suction of Mom’s mouth on my painfully hard cock was rapidly bringing me to climax. As Gramp pulled Mom by her waist to his crotch and started to ejaculate his hot semen in her, my cock also erupted its cream in Mom’s mouth. She could just moan in a muffled voice as she swallowed my cock to my balls in a strong suction while her cunt muscles squeezed strongly on her Dad’s deeply embedded cock as it filled her cunt with cream.

Before we could disengage we heard the front door being opened and Dad walk in with a shocked look on his face.

But he soon regained his composure and said, ” Hi everybody, I see you are having a lot of fun.”

Gramp and I remained silent not knowing how to react.

Mom took her mouth off my cock and said smilingly, “Oh honey, you are home, come join the party.”

Dad smiled too and said, “I’d love to, let me get my clothes off.”

Dad dropped his clothes in a hurry, his cock was already hard and it was a good size. Mom moved and Gramp’s cock came out of her cunt with a plop. Before his semen could ooze out of Mom’s cunt, she sat back between the two of us and opened her thighs and Dad just walked upto her and shoved his erection into her with one strong thrust that made a slushy sound as Mom’s cunt was still full of Gramp’s cream. As he kept a steady deep thrusting going into Mom, Dad got hold of my slippery cock and commented, “you got a man-size cock son, I am sure your Mom will be very satisfied with that for a long time.

Mom said, “my Dad and son have fucked me so much my cunt was getting sore but in a nice way. Now with three cocks to fuck me I won’t need my dildos anymore”.

Dad thanked Gramp for czech experiment porno agreeing to help satisfy Mom but he was surprised that I was fucking Mom too. But he was happy about that.

Mom brought up a question that caught us by surprise. My sister Shoma was going to school in a town about 2 hours drive from home. She just graduated and will be coming home in a couple of days.

Dad said, “well Mintu and Gramp can go and pick her up while I spend some time with my wife.

Mom said, “Shoma has to be told what is going on here, prepare her while you are on your way back, otherwise it could be very awkward.”

Dad said, ” she has to be included in our group if she wants.”

We talked to Shoma the day before we had to pick her up so she would be all packed up. Next day Gramp and I took Gramp’s car to Shoma’s place. She was all set when we reached there. We greeted her warmly and I gave her ass a squeeze giving her a feel of my semi-hard cock. She smiled but gave me a quizzical look. I said, don’t worry, we’ll explain.

We started for home late afternoon. I was driving, Shoma was sitting beside me. Gramp was in the back relaxing.

As soon as we started, Shoma asked, ” what were you going to explain?” It was time she knew about the changed situation at home.

Grampa started to explain. “You know darling your Mom is a little highly sexed person and your father needed help in keeping her satisfied.

Shoma’s eyes became big in shock but she said, “go on, don’t keep me in suspense.”

Grampa then gave her all the details. She was in total disbelief.

She said, “let me get this straight. Nanu and Mintu, tomra dujone Maake chudeso eksaathe, aar Babao eshe tomader saathe mile Maake chudechhe!!(Grampa and Mintu, both of you fucked Mom together and Dad joined you in fucking her!!).

She was getting a little excited and moved her left hand on my crotch and felt my semi-hard cock and said, “let me see the cock that has gone inside Mom’s cunt.”She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. As she looked at it in fascination it grew in her hand.

She said, “oh boy, its so big, are all cocks like this? Gramp, is yours as big?” She didn’t wait for him to answer. She leaned back and unzipped Grampa’s pants and rubbed his cock too. She looked at that also with great interest. It was a little shorter than mine but thicker.

Gramp asked her, ” have you fucked anyone yet?”

She said, “no but I have done some foreplay and dry humping.”

Grampa smiled and said, “oh that’s great, now you have us who love you to show you the way.”

Now she started to jack both of us off. Gramp grabbed her both boobs with his hands and squeezed them. Shoma moaned her approval. She unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra to give Gramp better access to her tits. As her excitement grew Shoma bent forward towards my crotch and put her lips on the tip of my cock, making me shudder. Then she took the head in her mouth and sucked gently. I wanted to touch her cunt so I opened her pants zipper with my right hand, my fingers touched her warm panty-covered cunt that made her squirm. I then put my fingers under her panties and touched her fine pubic-hair covered slit, the lips of which were soft, warm and wet. Then my index finger touched her clit which made her thrust her crotch up. This caused my middle finger to enter her cunt just a little. She moaned and took the whole of my cock in her mouth.

Shoma was still jerking Gramp off and he was squeezing czech first porno video her breasts. But it was getting too hot. Grampa suggested that Shoma should fuck me first, giving her virginity to her big brother. I pulled the car over to the shoulder. We all pulled up our pants and changed positions. Grampa got in the driver’s seat while Shoma and I went to the backseat and promptly got rid of our pants and underwear. It was quite dark by now so nobody could see us. I wanted to eat Shoma’s cunt before I fuck her so she lay down with only her head on the armrest while I crouched on the floor with my head at the level of her crotch. I touched her mound with my tongue and then put my whole mouth on it. Shoma moaned. Now I put my tongue out and dragged it along her slit swallowing her juices and licking her now erect clit. Shoma thrust her pelvis at my mouth repeatedly as she had her first orgasm.

She opened her eyes and smiled, ” Mintu, eto bhalo laglo tomar mukher chaton, choda bujhi er cheyeo bhalo lagbe(your sucking felt so good , fucking must be even better).

Grampa was looking over his shoulders and said, “Shoma, eta tomar prothom chodon, ektu betha lagbe jokhon tomar hymenta fete jabe tai bolchhi tumi Mintur upor boshe chodo(this is your first fuck, there will be a little pain when your hymen breaks so its better if you sit on Mintu). That made sense. Shoma got up and I lay down in her place while she spread her thighs and aimed her cunt over my erect cock. While I held my cock straight Shoma opened her cunt lips with her fingers and slowly lowered her cunt over my cock. As it touched my cock an electric charge seemed to pass between our organs. I thrust up and the head was in but the hymen was now in the way.

Grampa realized the problem. He said to me, “Mintu hold her buttocks and push her down hard. That’s the only way her hymen will break.”

While Shoma looked at me with apprehension, I grabbed her by the buttocks and said to her, “ready baby?” She nodded and I pulled her down hard as I thrust my cock upward. There was just a moment of hesitation and then my cock broke through her hymen as she cried out in pain. But within a couple of seconds she smiled as my cock lay fully inserted in her newly opened cunt. The warmth inside was incredible and her cunt was so tight my cock felt as if it was being squeezed hard on all sides.

Grampa looked at us and smiled, ” see now its done, soon you’ll feel pleasure that you can’t even imagine.”

After a couple of minutes of staying still I asked Shoma if she was OK?

She smiled shyly and said, “yes its feeling good now, seems like a baseball bat is in my cunt”. She then raised herself slowly until my cock was almost out of her but then she slowly lowered herself until her cunt lips touched my pubic hair. I started to thrust up in rhythm with her up and down motion. The newness of the experience and her tight grip on my cock made both of us very hot.

Shoma started to moan, “Aahh, Aahh, feels so good, oh fuck me Mintu, fuck me hard.” She was really moving now. I was holding her breasts and her nipples which were erect. She bent over me so that I could kiss her on the mouth and also suck her tits. Soon my semen boiled over. I held her buttocks down hard and filled her cunt with my boiling semen which put her over the top and she cried out her orgasm. Her cunt muscles were squeezing my cock so strongly I thought I’d come again. Shoma just collapsed on my chest.

Grampa said, “well done czech game porno you two, now take this white hankie and when you separate wipe her cunt and your cock of your juices and her virgin blood and you can keep it as a memento”. We both smiled at Grampa’s suggestion but thought it was a good idea. I kissed Shoma again on her lips and slowly pulled her off my cock. I pushed her on her back and placed the hankie on her cunt to soak up all the oozing blood stained juices. After about 5 minutes I wiped my virgin blood stained cock with the hankie and saved it. We just lay there hugging each other, our organs touching in contentment.

In half an hour Grampa pulled the car into a rest area. I zipped up my pants and moved to the driver’s seat while Grampa got in the back with Shoma who was still lying on the seat with her buttocks thrust in the direction of Grampa. She was covered with her shirt and was napping. I started the car and got on the highway again. It would take about an hour to reach home. Grampa sat quietly for a while but then he lifted the shirt covering Shoma’s ass. He looked at the smooth white and curvy buttocks and specially at the crack of her cunt that was visible between her buttocks.

I could see the scene through my rear view mirror which I adjusted to see the backseat. Grampa put his right index finger at the cunt lips which still looked wet from our earlier fuck. He pushed his finger through the lips and wet his finger in her cunt. Shoma shook and thrust her hips backward. Grampa now removed his finger and put his tongue on her slit and licked it slowly.

Shoma was stirring, getting hot, she woke up and said sleepily, “Oh Grampa, I want to suck your cock too.” So they moved around a bit so that Grampa was now lying on his back with his thighs open while Shoma lay on top of him with her crotch right on top of his face. He sucked up her whole cunt with his mouth and then took out his tongue and licked along her slit and then licked her now erect clit with his tongue and then his lips. This was having a tremendous effect on Shoma and she increased her sucking on Grampa’s stiff prick. I could see her cunt was pouring her juices on Gramps’s mouth.

She was pushing her cunt hard on his mouth as if fucking his face and then she came, “aaahh, oohhh, oh Grampa I am coming!”

After she remained still for a minute, Shoma said, “fuck me now Grampa. I want that hard meat in me right now.” She just lifted her crotch from Grampa’s face, turned around, lined up her cunt on top of Grampa’s erection and guided it to her wet and open cunt and pushed down. Grampa thrust up at the touch of her cunt on his cock and entered her halfway. She pressed down more and took the cock deeper until their pubic hair meshed together. Grampa pulled her face towards him and kissed her hard while at the same time he grabbed her tits in both hands and squeezed them. Shoma was so hot she started to fuck Grampa’s cock slowly but soon increased her tempo.

Grampa was groaning from his thick cock being in Shoma’s extremely tight cunt and that slippery sleeve rubbing his cock in exquisite pleasure. Such hot fuck can only have one happy ending. Within seconds both of them were moaning loudly and then Shoma’s cunt was being flooded with hot cream from Grampa’s insanely excited rod and her cream overflowed onto his cock.

Shoma and Grampa rested with his cock still fully inserted in her flooded cunt, her boobs on his chest and Grampa kissing her on the lips and her face. After a while Grampa lifted Shoma off his now limp cock and put a corner of the same hankie to catch the ooze from her open cunt. I was surprised that a little bit of her hymenal blood was still in the mixture of their juices. After their organs were cleaned they both put on their underwear and pants and sat up properly as I was pulling the car in our driveway.

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