Sarah’s New Life Ch. 03

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This is an original story written by me. It has been revised and almost totally rewritten
from the first version titled “Sarah’s Revenge”. I hope you enjoy it as much if not more
than the previous version.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my new editor “LarryinSeattle”. Without
his input and insight this story never would have been re-written in its present form.


The soft, gentle rays of the morning sun filled the room and slowly warmed my body as I languished in bed. Dan had left shortly before the sun rose as had become our routine. He came to visit me at least twice a week and we spent the night in my bed. Last night we had been especially active and even now I could feel the dampness on the sheets and his cum pooling under my ass as it drained from my pussy. Yet, for some reason it didn’t seem to be enough any more … maybe it was because of the dream.

It came almost every night as soon as I fell asleep. It didn’t matter if Dan was there or not. In my dream, my lover’s face was just a vague shadow, but the body was that of a young Adonis. Hard, lean, and muscular, it would approach me from the doorway and without a word I would spread my legs revealing my wet, wanton womanhood to him. Not a word was ever spoken between us as he climbed onto the bed between my legs. His hands were firm but gentle as he caressed and touched me in all the right places until my body trembled. Only then did he lift my legs to his shoulders and place his hard cock against my lust enflamed pussy lips. The very thought of it made me shiver.

My dream lover’s cock wasn’t as long as Dan’s but it was so thick that I wasn’t able to wrap my hand around it. Slowly he would rub it across my pussy and clit as he lubed himself with my juices. Instinctively, I seemed to know exactly when he was ready for more and I would pull my legs up to my chest and roll back providing him with complete access to my throbbing slit. Then in one single thrust, he would enter me, burying himself in me, and stretching me like no man ever had. He would fuck me for hours without stopping and fill my pussy with load after load of his cum.

The last time had been different, though. When he was done and was sliding back into the shadows, he spoke one single, brief sentence “Now you’re going to have my baby.”

Just thinking about the dream sent me over the top and I shuddered as a small orgasm flowed over me. The dream had rekindled my desire so I closed my eyes and tried to recapture the feeling as I slid two fingers into my pussy, scooping out the remains of Dan’s cum from the night before. Spreading it over my womanhood, I rubbed it across my clit while my other hand lightly tugged on the jewelry chain attached to each of my hard, distended nipples. Since my divorce from Phillip, I had spent many long, enjoyable hours exploring my body and getting to know exactly what aroused and excited me. Gone was the boring, dutiful housewife to be replaced by the sexual woman I had willingly become. The feel of our combined slime against my clit instantly reignited my desires and I kicked the covers off as I slid both hands between my thighs. Spreading my nether lips with one hand, I slid three fingers inside myself.

“Mmmmmmm. Yesssssssss, that feels so good. Ohhhh, yessss, stud. That’s it. Do me. Do me with your big cock. I want to feel it all the way inside of me. Stretch me. Fuck me. Fill me with your cum so I can have your baby,” I sighed as my fingers plunged in and out faster and faster while a second, more powerful orgasm surged through me. “Ohhhh, yessss, yesssss, yeeeesssssss.”

Afterwards, I floated in the ecstasy of my orgasm, unaware that I was being watched until I heard something bump the door. Startled I sat up in bed and pulled my sheets up, “Hello? Who’s there?” I asked but didn’t hear any response.

I knew that Dan had left over an hour before which meant there were only two people left in the house; me and my step-son, Sam. My breathing quickened as the thought of him watching me masturbate sent a warm rush through my body. Nothing had ever been said about the night when he and his friend Matt had caught Dan and I in the living room fucking, but I had seen him staring at me several times, lust evident from the look on his face and the bulge in his pants.

The thought of teasing him filled my mind as I slowly got up from the bed and walked to my closet. I picked out a sheer white gown that appeared to hide everything but in actuality hid nothing and slipped it on. Then before leaving the room, I glanced in the mirror on the closet door. I liked what I saw.

No one would have guessed that I was 30 years old. Since my divorce I had changed almost everything about myself. Though still 5-foot 6-inches tall, I frequently wore high-heels even in the house to make myself look taller and to pull my leg and ass muscles tighter. I had let my hair grow until it hung now bareback studios porno to the middle of my back and was naturally highlighted from all the time I spent in the sun. I had purchased several pairs of colored contact lens but almost always wore the cat’s-eye green that seemed to flash when I was aroused. Running my hands down over my gown I marveled at the changes my body had gone through as well. Originally I had measured 35-28-34, but after months of working out I had changed that to a svelte 34-25-34. Then I had started the hormone therapy for my breasts. They had blossomed to an eye catching 36DD before I stopped and they had remained at a sizable 36D. I even got a ‘bikini wax’ to ensure that no stray pussy hairs stuck out on the occasions when I even bothered to wear panties. Yet one of the most striking changes had been my use of body jewelry.

Nicole, my friend and female lover, had introduced me to the various types of body jewelry during my first visit to her lingerie shop and I had been wearing it ever since. If Sam looked closely he would be able to see that today I was wearing a full set of chain jewelry starting with a golden necklace that separated into three different chains just above my cleavage. The right and left chains had loops on them which were attached to my nipples while the middle chain continued down over my stomach. There it attached to a second golden chain that wrapped around my waist with one last section of chain, topped with a golden ball, hanging down between my legs to nestle in the folds of my pussy.

After inspecting myself thoroughly, I exited my room and walked past Sam’s room. I stood there momentarily as I listened to the sound of his shower running. “Probably playing with himself,” I thought before heading for the kitchen.

I knew that Sam was well aware of the changes I had gone through since my divorce and had even commented about my newfound sexuality. Several times I had even overheard him and Matt talking about me and had heard Matt refer to me as a MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) though I wasn’t fully sure what it meant at the time.

Entering the kitchen, still dreaming about the morning’s events, I was surprised to see Matt sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. The surprise wasn’t that he was there, but the sudden notion that it might have been him and not Sam that had seen me earlier.

Looking up he stared at me and the sheer gown I was wearing. “Good Morning, Mrs. R.”

Laughing, nervously I replied, “Good Morning, Matt. I hadn’t realized you were here already this morning.”

“Yah, well, Dad was kind of noisy when he got home this morning and I couldn’t fall back to sleep after he left for work so I figured I’d come over early and see what Sam was up to today.”

Cautiously, I asked “And just how early did you get here?”

“Early enough to see exactly why my Dad spends so much time here,” Matt replied placing a heavy emphasis on the word ‘see’ as he stared directly into my eyes.

The image of Matt standing in the hallway, watching as I played with myself sent a shiver of excitement through my body almost as strong as when I thought it might have been Sam who was watching me. Smiling sensuously, I moved closer to him and asked, “And just exactly what was it that you saw, may I ask?”

Matt sat there silently looking at me, dressed only in my sheer gown. I could see in his eyes the memory or what he’d seen as he decided how to reply to my question but I didn’t have to wait as I saw his cock began to harden in his pants. “I saw the most beautiful, sensuous woman in the neighborhood laying on her bed totally naked playing with her fantastic tits and nipples as she pumped her fingers in and out of her hot, luscious pussy until she came. I even heard her ask her dream lover to make her pregnant as she started to cum.”

Aroused by Matt’s description of what he’d seen I whispered quietly for fear that Sam might hear, “You realize that what you did would get you in trouble with almost any other woman but me? But in your case it’s likely to get you just about anything you want.”

“Mmmmmm, I hope so.”

I couldn’t help but see how the bulge in the front of Matt’s pants had formed a tent, “And just what is it you’d like to get, may I ask?”

“Everything. I want everything that you’ve got to give.”

“I guess that means that you liked what you saw… and that you’d like to see more.”

Growing suddenly bolder by my comments, Matt stood and moved close enough that he could smell the faint aroma escaping my pussy as I grew more excited. Confidently, he put his hands on my hips and pulled me against him until he felt my nipples pressing against the front of his shirt. Whispering, he replied, “Hell, yes. But I don’t want to hide in the hallway like today. I want to be on the bed with you watching everything you do to yourself.”

Suddenly I wondered if Matt couldn’t be my dream lover and I found myself grabbing his czech amatör porno hand and moving it to my breast. “I think that and more can be arranged.” Then realizing that I could no longer hear the shower running from Sam’s room, I gave the front of Matt’s pants a squeeze before stepping back and purring seductively, “Be back here at noon, baby, and we’ll see what happens.”

Sam entered the kitchen a few moments later to find Matt and I sitting at the table talking and eating breakfast. I could tell he had noticed the outfit I was wearing by the look in his eye but he didn’t say a thing as he walked up to me and leaned over to give me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Good Morning, Sarah.”

“Good Morning yourself. Look what I found sitting in the kitchen when I got up this morning,” I replied laughingly.

“Hey, Matt. What’s up?”

“Nothing really. I figured I’d come over and see if you had any plans for this morning. I have some stuff to do this afternoon,” he said giving me a quick look. “But figured we could go to the beach and check out the babes.”

Catching the glance Matt gave me, Sam decided to go along with things and see what happened. “Sure. I don’t have anything planned for the day. Maybe I’ll stay at the beach afterwards and catch some rays if that’s OK with you, Sarah?”

I had been daydreaming about the possibilities for the afternoon with Matt and was taken by surprise by Sam’s question. “That should be OK,” I stammered. “I’m just going to be hanging around the house cleaning and such today anyway.” And then I left the room afraid that Sam might catch on to what I had planned with Matt. I was hardly out of the room when I heard Sam and stopped to listen.

“Okay, what’s going on between you and my step-mom?”

“What are you talking about? All she and I were doing was sitting here and talking.”

“Bullshit!! I’ve gotten real used to the scent of her hot pussy since her and your dad started messing around and right now it’s so strong in this room I can almost taste it.”

The look in Sam’s eyes told Matt that there was no way he was going to get out of the room without telling his friend everything.

“Okay, okay. I got here early and was walking towards your room when I heard a moan coming from her room. The door was opened a crack so I looked in and saw her fingering herself. Shit, my cock got so hard it hurt. I stayed until I saw her cum and then started to leave but I bumped the door and she heard me. When she came out to the kitchen she seemed surprised to see me and man-oh-man was I surprised to see the way she was dressed. She asked me how long I had been here and if I had heard or seen anything. When I told her that I had seen her playing with herself, she didn’t get mad, instead she started flirting with me. Now she wants me to come back here this afternoon for a private show or something.”

Sam sat silently for a moment before replying, “You know, ever since the divorce she’s been dressing like that and acting like such a slut. Shit, she comes out in the hallway sometimes with nothing on but a towel or, like today, she’ll wear something that lets her tits hang out for everyone to see. I’ve even caught sight of the jewelry she’s started wearing on her tits. It drives me nuts to see her like that. Sometimes I wish I could screw the shit out of her.”

“So what’s stopping you?”

“What are you talking about? She’s my step-mom.”

“Listen fool. Your step-mom didn’t know I was here this morning when she got dressed in that gown, so who do you think she was trying to impress? And if she’s walking around the house half-naked all the time who do you think she’s trying to show off for? My dad says that your step-mom has become quite a slut since the divorce. Maybe you should take a try at her. You never know what might happen.”

Sam sat and thought for awhile before answering. “Maybe your right. Maybe I should take a try. In fact, maybe I should try this afternoon… when you’re here. Here’s what we’ll do… “

Quietly, I left my hiding spot and slipped down the hallway to my bedroom. When they left the house a few moments later, I was stretched across the bed wondering what they were up to. Sam had been right about me being turned-on. My pussy juices had begun to drip from between my nether lips when I heard the boys talking and hadn’t stopped.

In the safety of my room, I let my imagination run wild with what I hoped would happen when Matt returned. Instinctively, my hands began to trace delicate patterns across my body for the second time that day and I thought of the large dildo that I kept in my bedside drawer, but decided that the possibility of having Matt’s cock buried deep inside of me was a much better idea.

Reluctantly, I got up from the bed, and stripped and remade it before I entered the shower to prepare for the afternoon’s event. Slowly, sensuously, I washed myself, almost bringing myself to another orgasm from the feel of the water on my czech bitch porno hypersensitive skin. Checking the hair surrounding my cleft, I took a razor and carefully trimmed the excess hairs that had grown around it since my last waxing. When I was done, I got out of the shower and dried off before I walked into the hallway. I stood there hoping that the boys may have returned and would see me standing. When I didn’t hear anything, I took the towel and threw it over my shoulder as I headed directly toward my closet and tried to decide what to wear. For an instant, I considered waiting for Matt just as I was. After all he had already seen my nude, but I realized that he probably wouldn’t be able to control himself this first time and I had plans for the two of them that would take the better part of the afternoon.

Carefully, I chose the clothes I was going to wear and laid them out on the bed. When I was finished, I looked at my selections and smiled. A sheer, black top that could be tied in the front and a short, tan skirt lay to one side and next to them lay my underclothing, including a black ½ bra with a matching pair of crotchless panties, a black garter belt, nude hose, and black 3-inch high-heels. Mentally, I imagined what I’d look like in them and realized that the jewelry I was wearing wouldn’t fit the image I was trying to convey so I took off my chains and replaced them with two simple non-piecing nipple rings.

As I dressed, I thought about Matt. He had seen his father and I that night in the living room and knew that we continued to spend nights together every chance we got. Surely, he and Sam had talked about the changes that I had gone through. He might even have heard about what a slut I had become but today would be different. Today, rather than being a slut, I was going to be a seductress and teach Matt everything that a woman wants a man to know about making love and satisfying her. Finishing by tying my top so the knot was under my breasts while exposing my cleavage, I left my room and did some minor chores around the house while I waited for Matt to return.

At precisely noon, Matt slipped through the back door of the house. I was bent over the kitchen counter looking for him and didn’t hear him enter.

Silently, he slipped up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist as he whispered, “Looking for anyone in particular?”

Startled by his presence, I jumped as I felt his arms encircle my waist. I only struggled for a moment before I looked back over my shoulder at him. “Damn it. You scared the shit out of me!!!”

“I’m sorry. You just looked so sexy standing there bent over like that. I just wanted to get close to you.”

“Well, that may work with young girls but if you ever hope to enjoy the company of a woman, I guarantee there are better ways of getting close to them without scaring them!” I hissed as I turned to stare at him.

“I’m sorry, Sarah. I’ve been thinking of you all morning and I just wanted to feel your body against mine.”

Smitten by the sincere tone in his voice, I reached for Matt’s hands and pulled him closer to me until his hands were wrapped behind my back. Matt was a few inches tall than I was even with my high-heels so I had to look up at him as I replied sensuously, “I’m glad that you want to feel my body against yours, Matt, but women don’t like to be scared like that. A woman wants a man who is sensitive and gentle, but at the same time in command of the situation. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Matt pulled me closer until he could feel my breasts pushing against his chest and his cock pressing against the front of my skirt. “You mean like this?”

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss. That’s perfect.”

Then, he leaned down and brought his lips toward me. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes as we shared our first kiss. Slow, gentle, lingering, I drifted in the feel of it. Matt slid his hands down to fondle my ass and pull me even closer.

Feeling his cock pressing me, sent fireworks of desire through my body. Without even thinking about it I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around Matt, pulling him tighter against me as I began to rub against him in a primal dance that could only mean one thing.

Sliding his hand around to support my leg, Matt followed the cleft of my ass through the opening in my panties and directly to my aroused womanhood. My pussy lips were already puffy and swollen and my juices were flowing as Matt probed the opening with his finger.

I shuddered when I broke the kiss and leaned against Matt’s shoulder as I felt his fingers glide across my slick lips. “Ohhhhhhh, so good, baby, that feels so good. Please don’t stop. I want to feel your fingers in me just like that. Slip your fingers inside me and help me cum, Matt.”

Standing there, he slid first one, and then a second finger into me. “Does this feel good Sarah? Is this what you wanted?” he whispered into my ear.

My only response was to start moving up and down on Matt’s fingers. Slowly at first until I developed a rhythm and then faster and faster I impaled myself on Matt’s fingers while rubbing against his aroused cock.

“Ahhhhhh, Shitttt, Sarah. You’re getting me so turned on. I’m going to cum soon,” Matt groaned as he thrust himself against me.

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