Sail on, Sailor

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This story begins with an introduction and enlistment into the United States Navy. I boarded the bus in Bradenton, Florida that would take me to Tampa, Florida. From There I would receive my final physical and swearing in as a new member in armed services. My last night of freedom was a very short one. I got together with a few guys that I met previously and the plan was to go out and get drunk, get fucked, and anything that was possible before heading off to boot camp. I was one the very few who got really lucky that night. I picked up this honey named Carolyn from Fort Myers who was joining the army. We meet earlier on the bus to Tampa. Later that evening she asked if I would come up to her room and hang out. I said yes. Then she stated don’t expect anything to happen! Well, I didn’t think anything would possibly happen.

The female wing at the hotel that housed us was off limits. So I had to sneak and look before I made my way to her room avoiding the security guard on duty. I brought along a six pack of malt liquor for the evening. She open door wearing nothing but a long t-shirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing any panties or not. We started off with a little small talk and then we watched some television along with drinking a can or two of malt liquor. After about and hour or so, she asked if I would give her a massage? I said sure. When she removed her shirt and to my surprise she was not wearing any underwear. I had to contain myself. She asked if I would rub a little lower down her back. Who was I to say no! This went on for a few minutes when she asked if she could kiss me. Are you serious I asked? She said yes.

We started locking lips from the moment go. I proceeded to feel all over her and then I reached down and started rubbing her in the vagina area. From what I could feel she was wet and ready. I entered her with my index finger and She gave off a soft moan and whispered that she was ready to fuck! I hit the jackpot a piece of ass before boot camp. Carolyn had one sexy tight body. I slowly led her to the bed where I kissed her up and down. You could tell she ready to get busy. I slowly entered her sweet spot. She was a little tight at the start. After a few nice and slow strokes that pussy was ready for some real banging. After starting off in the missionary position, she mounted me and went wild. She was riding my dick like there was no tomorrow. Then we switched and I was hitting it doggy style. Not wanting her to have all the fun. I located a chair and her sit in my lap. She began moaning and groaning loud. I tried to keep her quiet but she wouldn’t let up. I was working that ass good.

She sucked my dick so good I blew my load. She continued to suck even after I came. We made love a few more times before I had to return to my room for morning bed check. I would have love to continue hitting it some more. I made it back to the room just in time before the security guard made his morning rounds. I didn’t get a wink of sleep and it showed on me. After I received my last physical and swearing in, I was on the bus and on my way to the airport for the flight to Chicago and navy boot camp.

I arrived at O’Hare airport on an early Wednesday evening. It was cold as hell. Leaving the warm tropical climate of Florida to the blistering cold of the Midwest was a great shock to the body. Our party of twenty soon to be sailors were escorted inside the airport where we were guided to the USO facility. There at the USO everyone was given coffee and doughnuts. Since I didn’t drink coffee; I settled for a coke. A navy petty officer signaled for all of us to Get ready and head back out the terminal where a navy blue bus awaited to drive us the eighty miles to the Great Lakes Naval Training Facility.

The one hour drive seems more like thirty minutes. Once our group stepped off the bus the screaming and cussing began. Several petty officers in their sharp creased uniforms screamed get the fuck off the bus and to line our sorry asses up in an orderly fashion. Move this way dickhead! screamed one white petty officer. Some of the guys in the group started to panic. I thought it was humorous. Why in the hell are you laughing ass wipe? The petty officer was referring to yours truly. I said nothing. That’s nothing sir, you shit for brains asshole. Straighten your black ass up and pretend to be a fucking sailor. While in boot camp we all had two names; either you were a dickhead or an ass wipe. Mine was dickhead!

After a brief indoc where everyone had to surrender any non navy issue paraphernalia such as knives, lighters, anything that was non navy issue. Next we marched to make our phone call home to inform our relatives bahçelievler escort we made it safe and sound. Another stop was the linen and locker issue along with filling out mounds of paperwork that carried on into the middle of the night. Finally we made it back to the barracks. I was bone tired and wanted to sleep. To all of our surprise about four thirty in the morning our company commanders came in screaming and yelling for us to wake up and get ready.

The first couple of weeks were spent receiving more medical and dental exams, getting fitted for uniforms, and more sitting around and waiting which I found out to be the navy way. I met some very interesting individuals during my time in boot camp. I talked to Cajuns from Louisiana and two Indians from North Dakota. There were some individuals who could barely read and write but somehow got into the military; those few individuals would soon be weeded out during the academic phase of boot camp.

All I had on my mind was pussy and getting a decent meal. I was very sexually active before I joined the military and now I had to go cold turkey. It was very hard. I refused to beat off. There is nothing exciting about my hands. I would suffer blue balls before I would spank my frank. Some of the guys managed to smuggle in some playboy books and charge up to four dollars to take a look at. Hell I should have thought of that idea. Time seem to go by pretty fast. There was always someplace to go and something to do. All of your time was planned out hour to hour.

I made it to graduation. After eight long weeks I was proud of myself. I still had another three months of additional training left to go before I headed out to the fleet. During one of my first excursions into Chicago, I met this young lady name Beverly. Beverly worked in one the grocery stores in the Sears Tower. I seen her earlier but was a little hesitant to make an approach. I let about two more weeks go by before I finally approached her. I thought she would be a little stuck up by I was surprised. She was about five feet even and weighed about one hundred pounds, pecan tan complexion and very good looking.

At first we were kind of shy toward one another but opened up after spending some time together. I met her folks and she showed me around the Westside of Chicago. One of my rare weekends off, I got a hotel room just to have a little peace and quiet to myself. I invited Beverly to join me. At first she declined but later surprised me by showing up. I quickly gave her a nice long kiss. We decided to go out to dinner and drive up to the Chicago shoreline. Beverly was something to look at a real arm trophy.

Finally we arrived back at the hotel a little after midnight. I asked her if she was going to spend the night instead of driving the hour back to Chicago. Beverly didn’t hesitate to say yes. After a night out it was time to wind down and go to bed. I stretched out across the bed while Beverly went into the bathroom. A few minutes passed by the bathroom door opened and she came out wearing nothing but a towel and smile. My mouth dropped! What are you going to do? I was up on her quickly. I took off her towel and damn she had one fine ass body, a nice and round tight butt and nice plump breasts to suck the hell out of.

Since she was small and compact, I picked her up and proceeded to hit that ass up against the wall, sitting in the chair, and finally on the bed. The pussy was very tight I could tell no one had been in it recently. She was okay in bed a little reserved but nothing out of the ordinary. She couldn’t give head all that well but what the fuck so to speak; the pussy was outstanding. Whenever we weren’t out in town; I was up in that ass. It was a nice weekend well spent.

The last few weeks of training seem to go by very fast. I got my orders finally. I was to report to the USS Mount Hood in Concord, California except the Mount Hood had just left on her initial six month around the world deployment. I was to catch a flight to Virginia and on to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean where I would join up with the ship. Until then, I received a two week leave courtesy of the navy. Prior to leaving Chicago, I hooked up with another honey name Leah through a mutual friend that I met in boot camp. I met Sabbaugh during training. We became fast friends. He was born and raised in Chicago. This one particular evening, Sabbaugh invited me to go with him to visit his girlfriend Sara and her parents that lived in nearby Lake Forest.

Sabbaugh’s girlfriend and her family welcomed me like a part of the family. After meeting and talking with Sabbaugh’s girlfriend balgat escort and family, I crashed out on the couch for a few hours. I awaken to the smell of pork chops coming from the kitchen. Sara’s mother laid out a spread for us. After a wonderful dinner and drinks, everyone gathered in the living room for a little chit chat. Sara noted that some of her friends would be coming over and due to arrive within two hours. Sara introduced me to Leah. Leah was a drop dead good looking Puerto Rican female. She had a body to die for. I could not help myself; I wanted to get with her.

She was very outgoing but a little cautious since this was our very first meeting. While Sabbaugh and Sara excused themselves, Leah and I remained there in the living room talking. Over the next two weeks we’d communicate over the phone getting to know one another better. Leah just turned eighteen and I was a well ripened twenty one who had been around the block and knew the game pretty well. Leah invited me to go with her to a friend’s party. The party fell on a Saturday the same day I had to pull guard duty. I hatched out a plan; once my duty was over, I would sneak off base and meet Leah at the train terminal and off to the party we go.

My duty watch was over at six in the evening. I managed to sneak off base and make the next train to Lake Forest. We arrived at the party around eight that night. There was nothing special happening at the time; just a few friends gathered around to enjoy nice music and good food. We made our way around room meeting and greeting everyone. Leah and I made off to our own little area in the house. I started kissing and rubbing across her butt slowly working my hands up her skirt. She had a nice fat soft ass. From what I could tell she was wearing a thong. Not in here she said while I was inching my hand further up her skirt. I suggested she ask her friend if we could use one of the rooms in the house while she is entertaining the guests no one is going to miss us. I don’t know about that. There is a hotel right down the road; how about there I asked? I couldn’t wait to tap that ass. Most Latino girls know how to fuck and satisfy a man. I knew that from previous experience. We finally made it to the hotel. Leah suggested that we take a nice long hot bath together. I was all with that. Leah went in to draw the water and prepare everything ready while I watched some television. She called me into the bathroom and all I could say was damn! She was wet, naked, and looking good. I damn near dove into the tub.

She knew how to work that body. I loved the way her big juicy butt bounced when I was hitting it from behind. Leah body was smooth, soft, and sexy. She did not have any blemishes or spots on that ass. Since I wasn’t wearing any protection; I proceed to unload all over her. After I recharged I was back in that pussy. It was wet, warm, and extra juicy. I thought I had died and gone onto heaven. We finally left the hotel a little after three in the morning. I had to sneak back onto the base before morning roll call. I slept with Sandra and Leah several more times before I left Chicago. My last day in Chicago, I fucked both Leah and one of her freaky girlfriends that I had met previously in the afternoon; and the topping to that desert, I managed to tap Sandra later that night after I recharged from my double delight. I made sure my dick was drained and satisfied before I left for my two week vacation home.

I was ready to head back home and hang with my boy’s. I was going to catch up on all the drinking and pussy that I missed while I was away in boot camp. I finally arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport. My flight would not be leaving for another three or more hours. So I decided to go over to the bar and grab a beer. While sitting there at the bar, an older white gentleman walked over and asked if I had just graduated from boot camp? I said yes. Then he replied I joined the navy back in 1955 and retired in 75. Let me buy you a drink son. I said from one sailor to another sure. One beer turned into seven. I was dead drunk; this old salt keep drinking until we boarded the plane. I finally touched down at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport. I haven’t seen home for over eight months. I grabbed my luggage and flagged down a taxi. I didn’t tell anyone that I was coming home I wanted it to be a surprised. It was going to feel good to sleep in my own bed and use the toilet without anyone watching you take care of business. The first order of the day was to call my steady girlfriend at the time Patricia. Patricia was from Venice, Florida the southern part of Sarasota County. I met her just before ankara escort I signed up for the navy. Patricia was a very nice young lady who came from a great family whom I loved and respected. My mother on the other hand did not like her saying was to pushy and confining whatever that meant. I guess that is a mother kind of thing?

I enjoyed the time I spent alone with Patricia. We made much love. My sexual appetite was well taken care of for the time being. Well, it was time to hook up with my running partners Wally and Anthony. Both were childhood friends from back in the old neighborhood. The first thing we decided to do was drive up to Bradenton and hangout awhile. Bradenton had all the honeys. I had my share of girls from Bradenton. This one in particular name was Sylvia. She was half black and Hispanic. This honey was so fine it should have been a crime for a woman to have it like that. I met at her at community college. We had the same English class at school. Anyway it was a couple of weeks before I said anything to her. Finally I asked to her lunch and she accepted. A few weeks went by and we started dating on a regular basis.

Up to that point all we did was kiss and hold hands. I wanted to get knee deep up in that ass but I had to be patient. Sylvia and I spent a lot of time on the beach in the evenings watching the sunset. Every now and then she would let my hands roam allover her. This one Saturday evening we stayed out to the beach past midnight. I suggested that we spread out a blanket and lie on the soft sand. She agreed which I was surprised. We got back into our kissing and sort. I could tell she was getting hot; hell I was already horny! I worked my hands down her thighs caressing them up and down. Out of the blue she reached down and started to rub down my pants and felt my hard on. What are we going to do I asked? She replied do you think? Shazam! I was going get into that ass…

I watched Sylvia as she slowly removed her clothes and my mouth dropped. I thought Leah had a body on her; but Sylvia: all I could say was Shitttt. My dick was damn near ready to bust through my pants. The first thing I did was suck on those big beautiful breasts of hers. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had her to lie on the table and mount me. Once I entered her; it didn’t take long for me to blow my load. The pussy was that damn good. After gaining back my composure. I went back to the business. I tried to fuck her from every available angle that was possible. We made love so much love on the gazebo; I was starting to shoot dust, my dick was drained bone dry and started to get a little sore.

There were other females that I was involved with during the time but those stories will continue later. The time for me to leave was vastly approaching. I said goodbye to the family as I boarded the plan for the flight to Virginia. I was scheduled to fly into Norfolk naval air station for a connecting flight to Diego Garcia located somewhere in the Indian Ocean. A delay at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport caused me to miss my original flight. After some last minute shuffling, I was able to catch another connector flight to Virginia. After all the adventure was over, I finally made it. Upon check in I was informed there wouldn’t be another flight to Diego Garcia for another week. I would be stranded there on the base. The Officer of the Day drove me to the barracks and from there I would be on my own.

I wasn’t familiar with the Norfolk area; I mainly stuck around the base. The majority of my time was spent at the gym and the library. I wasn’t in the mood to go club hopping whatsoever. While shopping at the PX I did meet this nice looking female name Linda whom I struck up a long conversation with. She was from Georgia stationed there on base. Linda wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with her over the weekend to show me around. The first thing I asked if she was married? Or did she have a boyfriend she said no. Linda wasn’t a bad looking female; medium build and pecan tanned. The body wasn’t that bad either.

Linda picked me up Friday right after work. She asked what I wanted to do. I said since this is your stomping grounds; you can decide the course of action that we take tonight. We had dinner and caught a late movie. Afterwards we drove out to the beach to do a little star gazing. Time went by pretty fast. Before we knew it; it was about four in the morning. I said let’s get going we have a long drive back to base. Who is going back to the base she stated. I said me! You can crash out over at my apartment. Okay, but I do need to get a change of clothes.

I crashed out on her living room couch. When I awaken, she had breakfast cooked, the whole nine yards. So what are we going to do today I asked? Let’s drive to North Carolina. What’s there? We could visit Kitty Hawk spend the day sightseeing and who knows what. I was surprised I didn’t make a passed at her.

To be continued…

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