Relationship Money

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I – or rather, we – have a great marriage. For four years, we’ve had an excellent relationship, great sex, and we love each other now more than ever. There’s lots of reasons for our success, but I like to think that one of them is my own little invention… something that Laurie dubbed “Relationship Money.”

When we first got married, money was tight. We were both just out of school with loans and entry-level jobs. Then, as now, I did make a little bit more than Laurie. I figured that we needed to remember to take some time out for us. And time outs cost money. So what I did was that I gave Laurie $20 every week (like I said, money was tight).

The first time, Laurie went nuts. She’s very proud of being independent and able to pull her own weight. That’s one reason that I love her so much. But then I explained that the money wasn’t for her. That money, I told her, was for us. She could use it to buy sexy lingerie to spice up the sex, or to go out to eat with me, or to get movie tickets. She still grumbled, but she accepted it on a trial basis. Needless to say, we both loved the way that it allowed us to go out and enjoy ourselves without feeling guilty. It was as if we were dating again. We went out every Friday night. We couldn’t always do much, but the point was that we kept the romance going. Eventually, we got raises, loans were paid off, and we came up with new ideas for the “relationship money” as Laurie so aptly named it when she first heard my idea. She started using it to pay me for doing chores or helping her out or giving her massages – whatever. Then I would have to use the money to take us out. Not that she doesn’t still use it to buy sexy clothes or to get a manicure. It helps that we’re now up to $100 a week – we both chip in. It’s become a game now – she finds inventive ways to get the money to me, and I find inventive ways to spend it on us.

But then, we got into a rut. It’s easier and easier to just stay home and forget that it takes time and effort to keep up a great relationship. The last thing we did with the relationship money was to buy a DVD. Although we do spend a lot of time curled up together watching movies… it’s not exactly what the money was meant to do. On the other hand, we’re busier at work than ever and time seems to just rush by us. Even the household chores are getting backed up. When I got home tonight, the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes. I didn’t even notice it as I got out of my work clothes and slid onto my easy chair to soak in some TV before I shuffled off to bed. Laurie came by, bags under her eyes from staying up late studying for her next certification exam after coming home from work. She kissed the top of my head (balding now – it must be stress from over-work) and asked me to do the dishes.

“There’s twenty dollars in it for you,” she said with a familiar twinkle in her tired eyes. Normally, I jump at these chances because the dishes are so fast and easy compared to the other chores. But this was not the night.

“Baby – I just can’t tonight. That asshole McDonald just put me on the Farris project on top of everything else I have to do. That’s why I came home so late. Can I take a rain check on it?”

“What happened to us?” Laurie asked. “We used to have so much energy… and the house was so clean. We haven’t even cooked in over a week.”

So we cuddled up together and bitched about work for a while. My hand, as usual when we cuddled, was resting on Laurie’s breast. They’re pretty small (A cup), but they’ve stayed nice and perky. Normally, feeling her up like that gives me a raging hard-on, but tonight, even my dick was tired. Laurie noticed the problem.

“Viagra time already, old man?” she joked. I managed a weak smile. She prodded at my crotch, grinding my hand into her breast with her free hand. The little guy jumped at her actions, but failed to get up to full mast.

“Normally, I can’t manage to keep that thing down. What’s wrong honey?” she asked.

“Darlin’ – we both know that this has not been the easiest month for us. I barely have enough energy to get up and go to work in the morning. I can’t even begin to find the energy to do you justice.”

“But we haven’t even made love in -” She stopped to think, silently counting on her fingers. She stopped and started again. “I can’t even remember.” I couldn’t either.

Her eyes gazed into mine. “We have to do something about this, Thad. This isn’t the way that we’re supposed to be.” I knew that she was right, but work is work, and there were bills to be paid. We wanted to buy a house soon and start a family.

We looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, Laurie’s face broke into a smile – the mischievous smile that I had come to love and dread.

“Call in sick tomorrow.”


“No buts,” she interrupted. “This is serious. I’m calling in sick too, and do you think I have any less to do at work than you do? We have to do something before we become like the Stevensons!”

The Stevensons lived sincan escort downstairs from us. They shouted at each other all the time. If they had relationship money, they must have spent it all on new dishes each week, the way they seemed to break them each night. It was a private joke between Laurie and I that we would never end up like them, hating each other’s guts, but not having the self-esteem to leave.

Anyway, I had lots of sick leave saved up and so did she. My projects would have to wait a day… there’s no stopping Laurie when she sets her mind on something. She got up and rooted around her purse. She came back and fanned out five twenties on the coffee table.

“This is yours,” she said. “I’m paying you the entire week’s money for mind-blowing sex. I mean seriously mind-blowing, can’t feel my knees, fall in love all over again sex.”

I had a rule that I would never use the relationship money (or any money, for that matter) to pay Laurie for sex. I just didn’t believe in it. It wasn’t what our relationship or our sex life was all about. I hesitated for a moment, thinking about that. But, then again, I was really turned on at the prospect of being paid money for sex. Yet it still seemed a little seedy – almost immoral. So I got up and pulled some twenties out of my wallet. Luckily, I’d been to the ATM that day. I fanned out my five twenties next to hers.

“No, I won’t take money for sex. But I will make you a bet. There’s $200 there on the table. First, I give you mind-blowing sex – then you give me the same. Whoever’s mind is blown the hardest gets to choose whether our savings becomes a house fund or a kid fund. And the $200 is the first deposit.” We had an ongoing argument over our future… she really wanted a house, and I really wanted kids. We were saving up money, but neither of us would bend on which way to go first. I was proposing that the winner would decide whether we had a kid or bought a house.

“Deal!” We shook hands. She insisted that we get a good night’s sleep. I think she was trying to get an edge on me – making me think about it all night, so that by morning, I’d shoot off fast and she’d win the bet. And if I wasn’t so tired, she might have even been right. I did get a chance to think about what I wanted to do to her. I knew all her weak spots by now, but this would have to be special – something that would stand out in her mind.


In the morning, we both called in sick after waking up late. Laurie was a smart-ass and told her work that she had to stay home to take care of me. I got her back in the shower, as I tickled her mercilessly. I also paid special attention to her crotch and her breasts. I told her that they needed to be especially clean for today’s activities. She squirted liquid soap at me. We were kidding around just like old times, and I realized how much I missed it.

We had a quiet breakfast as the anticipation became palpable between us. Our gazes locked often, sometimes sizing each other up to see what was in store for us, sometimes just thinking about how long it had been and how much we lusted after each other. Laurie insisted that we clean up the kitchen first. She says the mess distracts her, but I always wondered how she could see the kitchen through the bedroom’s closed door. After putting away the dishes, I led her by her hand to the couch.

I sat her down across from me and gazed into her blue eyes, which seemed to have fewer wrinkles than they did last night.

“I love you. I love you so much that words don’t even exist to explain it. The last eight years, since the very day I met you – November 8th – to the day you agreed to marry me – January 5th – to the day you did marry me – July 10th – to this very moment, have been the best, most remarkable years of my life. The chemistry and passion between us has made me feel so wonderful. You do so many things for me, take care of me, make me feel so loved. I wish I could do for you one tenth of what you do for me.” I could see her eyes watering up. Even though this was part of my plan to blow her mind (Laurie needed some buttering up to really get into sex), I meant every word. Before she could say anything, I covered her mouth with mine and gave her a gentle, loving kiss. The kind that is deep in emotion without being physically deep. When we disengaged, she opened her mouth to speak, but I just covered it with another gentle kiss, gathering her into my arms as I did it. Putting my finger under her chin, I gently led her up onto her feet. Kissing her again, I picked her up off of the ground and carried her into the bedroom, laying her down on the bed.

I told her how beautiful she was, mentioning all the little things that I love about her body. I told her how she turned me on, how sexy she was, how I felt so much love for her and wanted to share it with her. I could smell her excitement as I kissed her clothed body. Gently, so gently, I kissed her lips.

“Be mine for the rest of our lives?” I ankara escort asked her. Breathlessly, she nodded, her eyes bright with love. My heart melted, as it always does when she looks at me like that. I could tell by her indrawn breath that she noticed the answering emotion in my eyes. Kissing her neck, especially right below the ears where she’s especially sensitive, I continued my trek over her covered body. She was wearing a long t-shirt with nothing underneath… another ploy to get me going so that I wouldn’t be able to give her the soft, slow lovemaking that drives her wild. I could see her hard nipples pushing up the cloth. I kissed them gently before continuing on down. I let my hands run gently along her sides as I continued my trip, eventually stopping at the ankles. Then I went back up, this time, taking her shirt with me. She sat up slightly so that I could take it off of her and throw it into the corner. I pulled up the covers and slid her underneath them, joining her with another kiss. There, snug under the comforter, I held her to me. She tugged at my boxers, and I helped her take them off, and then I took off my own shirt. They joined hers in a heap at the corner. We let our warm bodies rub against each other as we continued kissing, my hands running up and down her back as her hand rubbed along my chest. I whispered sweet nothings in her ear – private things, special words that existed only between the two of us.

She melted into me, her body blazing with heat, as my lips and tongue made moist tracks across her torso. I studiously avoided all of her erogenous zones, concentrating instead on other sensitive areas, promising stimulation without delivering. I was hard and rubbing lightly against her thigh. Her hands had already left my chest and were now caressing it. She gently rubbed one hand up and down her chest, as she got in the spirit of the thing and started to get me going. Funny how I touched her body to get her aroused and she also touched her body to get me aroused. I gently pushed her onto her back, kissing her deeply. Her mouth opened under mine and our tongues began a slow tango. Her nails scratched across my back as the kiss became more and more intense. My dick was now between her legs lying somewhere between her lips. I pulled away from her mouth and gazed deep into her eyes as my hands explored her body. Nothing was off-limits now as I gently tweaked and teased her nipples, explored her wet lips, ran my fingers along her round rump. Her tongue snaked out, probing my ear in the way that makes my cock twitch with desire.

We moved as one now, my movements linked to her by some psychic connection. Our hips began to thrust gently, synchronized, each thrust putting closer to the ultimate oneness. My tongue wrapped around her right nipple and its aureole, so beautiful, pink and large against the milky white skin of her breast. One hand gripped her ass, guiding her thrusts against me, the other between her legs, parting them, begging for entry. Her legs came up, wrapping around my waist. My dick was up against her moist hole, ready to enter. Her crotch thrust more insistently, already slipping the head of my cock slightly into her. I came up for a kiss, and slid into her. I hadn’t planned on doing it so quickly, but I was no longer in total control of myself, having become one with her in more than just body. I moved slowly and gently within her, my eyes locked on hers. There were tears in her eyes. She would cry like that when she was very happy, and I still didn’t quite understand it. Her mouth was partly open, her breath hot upon my neck. She moved against me, perfectly matched to my movements, controlling the speed with her strong legs. Her hands gripped my shoulder blades straining to pull me closer. I resisted, my weight resting on my hands so that I didn’t crush her. Slowly, I lowered myself down, kissing her deeply, her mouth inviting my tongue in as her body had invited mine. I kissed her neck, my head now level with hers and our bodies gliding against each other on a layer of co-mingled sweat. Slowly the speed of our coupling increased. The smallest of moans escaped her mouth from time to time and I could feel the contractions of her vaginal walls as she fought against her orgasm. I could feel her clit grinding against my pubic hair, my cock buried inside of her to the hilt. Occasionally, the hard nub of her cervix would cross the tip of my dick. I possessed her as completely as anyone could.

The pace was very fast now and I was breathing heavily with the effort. She had already come once, her eyes rolling in ecstasy. I could feel the increased contractions of her pussy as she neared another climax. Now came the hard part. She was at best good for only two orgasms before she started getting sore. I had to come at about the same time, or else she would be upset about not taking care of me. For some reason it was very important to her that I come as well. In the end, it was her eyes that did it. As she came, she looked deep into etimegut escort mine, her green eyes blazing with desire and ecstasy. My dick twitched and began to spurt out come. Normally, I don’t have much of a load, but I couldn’t even remember the last time we had sex. All the saved up semen came spurting out for what seemed like a minute. We slumped down together, exhausted, my dick slowly easing out of her as it returned to its normal size.

There was a giant wet spot, and, as always, she had deftly maneuvered me right on top of it. But the heat of her lovely body was comforting despite the clammy coldness underneath my thighs. I finally popped out of her, taking some of my come with me. She shivered as it ran down her leg to create its own little wet spot, but she remained snuggled up against me, her nose nuzzling my Adam’s apple.

“I can’t feel my legs.”


“That was… amazing… phenomenal! ” I smiled with pleasure. Laurie did not have a sex drive like mine, although she did enjoy sex. But she was only into vanilla sex. Not that I minded. But to her, what I had just done was the best it could ever be, gentle, loving and full of emotion.

“Do I win?” I asked her.

“That depends… I have something very special for you,” she replied coyly.

We fell asleep there on the bed, wet spot and all.


When woke up, the afternoon sunlight was streaming in through the window. Laurie got up and closed the shades. She made me get up and we pulled off the sheets together, throwing them on the laundry pile.

“My, my,” she exclaimed, looking at the mess left on the mattress. We dried it up with some paper towels and then she put fresh sheets on the bed.

“Draw us a bath, hon,” she ordered. While I did that, she closed the door to the bedroom, only coming out a minute later, closing the door behind her.

“What’s in there?” I asked, curious.

“You’ll see.”

We sat in the tub together. She told me how wonderful the morning had been. Although I knew that she meant what she was saying, I also knew that she was playing to my vanity. She understood just how to stroke my ego to get me in the mood again. Even though I can last forever in the sack, I’m strictly a one-shooter. Once I’ve gone, it’s not that easy to get me going again. But one sure fire way to get me excited is to tell me how good I am. By the end of the bath, between getting an eyeful of her sexy body and an earful of the sexy talk, I was already getting hard. I wondered what she had in mind for me. As the bath water drained out of the tub, she insisted that we take a shower. I complained a bit, anxious to find out what she had in store, but, like I’ve said before, I don’t get to win many arguments with her. She made it up to me in the shower, letting me rub the soap over her body mercilessly. I loved to take showers with her and rub up against her soapy, slippery body, running my hands over her breasts and all over her crotch.

“Ooohh, yeah, baby, get me all clean for you,” she encouraged. God, I love it when she talks like that. In any case, by the time we got out of the shower, I was ready for action. She pulled me into the bedroom, where I dried her off with a towel and she did the same for me. On the dresser next to the bed, I saw that she had put some bottles out. The handy K-Y and some Body Shop scented massage oil. She lay down on her belly, her sumptuous rounded ass beckoning me to her. She looked at me over her shoulder, eyes dark and inviting.

“Get over here and give me a massage,” she cooed.

I’m a very tactile lover. I love to touch as much as I love to fuck. That’s why giving massages is such a turn on for me. Laurie knew just what to do. I grabbed the massage oil and rubbed some between my hands to warm it up. I started at her neck and worked my way down. Between the sex and the bath, her muscles were already relaxed. But this was my time to be selfish, so I massaged anyway, reveling in the soft feel of her skin and its wonderful creamy white color. She encouraged me, telling me how good it felt. My hard cock raged between her ass cheeks. Finally, I moved down and began on my favorite area to massage… her ass. There’s just something about sliding your hands across a slippery ass… I just love it. As usual, when I get to have my way with her ass, it was absolutely dripping in oil when I finally tired of my sport. My dick was so hard that it hurt. I wondered if this was my surprise. She looked back at me over her shoulder again, her eyes flashing.

“You remember that thing you wanted to do? The one I wouldn’t do?” That applied to a number of things. I’m a little more adventurous than she is.

“You know… the one where I would only do it if I got to do it to you first?” My eyes popped wide open. I really wanted to have anal sex with her, but she wouldn’t let me. Finally, she said that she would compromise. If I let her do my ass with a strap-on, I could do hers. No way, Jose! I have a rule about things up my ass. Nothing goes up there. I never asked her about anal sex again, conceding to her the point that I shouldn’t ask her for anything I wasn’t willing to do myself. I couldn’t believe what she was talking about.

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