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I’m dreaming of butterflies. They flit around my head, drifting along my cheek to my neck and down over my collarbone until they’re swooping along my body with soundless grace. I’m overwhelmed by a rainbow of wings and pretty, pretty things and my heart rate increases as they continue to swarm closer and closer and soon I feel panicky and a bit desperate.

Then the hot, hot pulse of pleasure wakes me with a jolt, and the butterflies vanish in a rush of slick heat. I pant, a low moan chasing away sleep as your tongue strokes me, your hand twitching inside me as you finger fuck me. My knees come together instinctively but it doesn’t slow you down at all and soon I’m shuddering and melting as you bring me over, my hands fisted in the sheets.

I loosen my legs from around your head, my hands moving down to tangle in your hair as my body continues to twitch and shiver underneath you. You’re holding me in place with an arm over my hips, your cheek resting on the inside of my now limp leg, a smug look on your face. I frown down at you, not because I’m mad, but because I feel I should and you wipe the frown away with a subtle adjustment of your fingers still inside me, a quick flick of your tongue on my swollen flesh and I can’t help but purr in response.

I’m smiling at you a bit foolishly as you rise up over me, mouth glistening from my wet, wet arousal, and the look in your eyes reignites the ache between my legs. You move up between my splayed thighs, rubbing your hard cock against my wet entrance and I writhe against you, my hands on you, urging you closer. You have a way of making me crazy, anticipation being your weapon of choice and something deep inside me always clenches at that predatory escort sincan look you get. I like it, I won’t bother trying to lie.

You lick a line from my collarbone up my neck, rubbing your entire body against mine and I wrap my legs around your thighs and try to pull you into me. You laugh, shaking your head at me as you disentangle yourself from my clutching arms and legs. You manage to snag my wrists with one hand, pushing my arms up over my head until my back arches and I’m inadvertently offering my breasts to you. You lick my nipples then blow on them until I shiver, only to warm them again with your lips and tongue.

I buck my hips, pull against your hand holding my wrists, press my breasts into your mouth, moans of frustration falling from my lips as you slowly drive me mad with it. I know what you’re waiting for, know you’ll wait until you get it before giving me what I want and it excites me even more knowing that you know I’ll give in, that you’ll easily flame me to the point of desperation.


You pull back, your eyes burning me up as you stare down at me. Watching. Waiting. You smile knowingly then bend over me and I’m cursing as you lick my nipples and press your groin into me. Curse some more as you move closer and sink your teeth into me just where you know I like it the most. You ease back again, your voice a soft caress as you ask, “Please what?”

I swallow, wet my lips, whisper, “Please fuck me…fuck, fuck, fuck me…”

You give me that sexily triumphant look and the pull of lust that jolts at my center has me yanking my arms free and I’m practically sobbing an endless string of begging, please, please, please, fuck, fuck, fuck. ankara escort I feel you moving away from me and I squeeze my eyes shut, my hands pulling and grabbing at you, but then you’re kissing me, hard, your tongue stabbing between my lips just as you shove inside me in one slick stroke. I moan into your mouth, pleasure rolling over me from my quivering pussy to the taste of me on your lips. I eat at you, my lips and teeth and tongue feeding with you until I lose my breath completely and have to pull away, gasping with it.

I hook my legs around your thighs, locking you into me as I rock my hips and we fuck each other slowly, purposefully, each thrust drawing the pleasure closer and closer. You’re pressing into me, letting me ride you from below, and I can’t take my eyes off your face and the raw, naked pleasure in your eyes. It’s one of those little things that just does it for me and I’m whimpering and begging all over again.

I untangle my legs from yours, my arms drawing you closer even as I push you away and then I surge forward, rolling us over until I’m straddling you, my hips rocking as I take you in deep and slow. I lean forward until my hands are braced on either side of your head and I kiss you, hard, my tongue sliding against yours as I rise and fall on you.

I sit up, brace my hands behind me on your legs and roll my hips, giving you a better view. I already feel you shaking beneath me, and the wild look in your eyes makes me want to fuck you harder, faster. I consider finishing you off quickly, briefly think about the sounds you’ll make, of the tightening and release of you inside me, but the feel of your hands squeezing my hips makes me reconsider and all I can think about etimesgut escort bayan is making you want it more. Of making it even better.

I smirk down at you, wiggling around until I get my feet beneath me. Your eyes light, your lips quirking knowingly as your hands move to my waist. I slowly start to spin around and my breath catches at the change in motion. It’s not sexy or smooth or even close to graceful, but I can hear your ragged breathing behind me, feel your hands and eyes on my ass as I start to ride you, slowly, purposefully, each roll of my hips drawing the pleasure closer and closer.

I’m pressing down onto you, letting you fuck me from below and I can’t take my eyes off the image of us in the mirror on the far wall, tangled, wrapped, messy. I watch our reflection, your cock stroking in and out of me, my swollen lips and panting breath, shaking breasts and writhing body and the sight brings an almost paralyzing, choking pleasure.

I start to fall forward, but you sit up behind me, catching me as your knees bend up under mine and spread my legs even wider. I reach a hand back and you suck my fingers into your mouth, wetting them for me, I slide my slick fingers down, down, down to where we’re joined, wetting them even more along the base of your driving cock before swirling up to my swollen clit.

I shiver at the contact, my head falling back against your shoulder and you wrap an arm around me, holding me steady as you thrust up inside me in short, hard bursts, and I’m writhing on top of you, touching myself. I hear your breath catch, your guttural cursing, feel your teeth on my neck and the liquid heat between my legs as you spasm inside me and it topples me over so I’m sobbing and cursing.

You fall back in a heap, and I just manage to stay almost upright, your twitching cock still buried inside me. I smile at my disheveled reflection, incredibly pleased with myself and the mess we’ve made.

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