Rear Window

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My fellow reader,

Let me tell you about the most incredible erogenous zone both men and women share.

It fuses your body with excitement, translating a simple sensory input into the prospect of pleasures to come: The view of body curve shaping layers of garment transformed into the place where you might linger your tongue on later. A scent that reawakens memories of the morning you woke up from a blissful night. Words that start a private movie picture inside your head with yourself as the protagonist.

The brain is such a…ah, c’mon, let’s stop over-theorizing this and come back to the interesting part about the words that fuel your fantasy.

** ========= **

“What have I done to deserve this?” Wanda complained to no one in particular but the world itself. She was slightly bent over the kitchen sink, opening a recently bought package of carrots to find each and every single one showing disgusting spots of mold. Sweat was dropping down from her chin into the sink, but not because of her efforts to prepare lunch. The day had turned out be the grande finale to an already blazing hot mid-summer week when the tar in the road grooves had turned into a black sticky mass around 9 am.

Frank, her husband, unpacking the early morning’s purchases, made a step from the fridge towards the sink. Leaning in he could not let the chance slip to feel up her sparsely clad butt cheeks. With concern in his voice, he asked, “What’s wrong? Cut yourself?”

Wanda grabbed the carrot package and pushed it under his nose. “Look at this. Shiny in the morning, spoiled at noon. I curse this whole damn waste-bin society.” Letting the package fall back into the sink, she sighed deeply. “Well, I guess that’s the sudden death of the carrot mango smoothie surprise.” She looked sideways at Frank quizzically. “But I’m sure you can live without, for once?”

“Fair lady, do not let this bagatelle set a wrinkle on your lovely face,” he gently caressed her cheek. “Your ignoble butler has foreseen the worst. In his humble manner he did not miss out to prepare for the most unlikely event of your highness’ failure.” Frank returned to the fridge and opened the door. His hand reappeared from the paradisiac chill with two blue glass bottles of beer. “Finest brew from the green valleys of…ah, who cares. And, wow, the bottles even match your eye color.”

Wanda snorted with laughter. “Dream on, drama queen. It’s rice wafers and a pair of lettuce leaves for the belly man.”

Frank tried to elongate his bulbous body as much as possible, stretching his arm up against the fridge. Inhaling as much of his tummy as possible, he asked, “Belly man? Who could that be? Think, think…” After a second of mocked up pondering, he slapped his forehead. “Oh, silly me, you’re talking about John from down the road? Why didn’t you let me know about our special guest for lunch?”

Wanda shook her head. “How could I dare to invite anyone, knowing you wouldn’t spare a breadcrumb for the birds?”

Turning to him with a bitter-sweet smile, she added. “By the way, the next time you nonchalantly refer to my ‘wrinkly face’, I’m gonna have a surprise for you.”

“Yeah? What would that be?”

“Believe it or not. I’m going to get you a nice six-pack.”

“Yeess, you really know how to treat your man.” Frank raised his hand anticipating a high five.

“…by properly handling this little bagatelle!” Wanda, featuring an angry face, pointed her index finger on her husband’s fifth month pregnant lookalike front side and poked deep into the masses again and again.

Frank screamed with laughter and raised his arms in surrender. “Mercy, have mercy on me.”

“Yeah, yeah, stop it. You’re such a lousy actor. No academy award for you, ever.” Packing up the moldy carrots Wanda, commanded him, “C’mon, time for action. Take the carrots to the composter, please.”

“Wanda, how many times do I have to go out there before you give that little fruit shop of horror a decent scolding? It reads ‘fresh vegetables’ on the package. There’s no label ‘best before last week’. You know what, wrap them up again. I’ll take it back and file a complaint. It’s for the good of everyone.”

“Frank, relax. You know it’s Luke working in the produce section. I don’t want to give him a hard time.”

“Luke? Who’s Luke?”

Wanda looked at him confused. “Luke! Caroline’s son!” She pointed out of the kitchen window to the rear of their garden. “Caroline, neighbor? Luke, son? Something’s ringing?” Her head turned to look outside towards their neighbors’ house. “Oh, forget about going to the supermarket. Luke is already home from work.”

“Ooh, that Luke.” Frank glanced out of the window to see a bare chested young man hanging clothes. “Would you like me to complain to him right here, right now?”

“No! Nooo!” she yelled. “You stay in! Look at that sweetheart! Bears a helping hand with the household for his mom. Learn from watching! Here, put those in the trash.” With that Wanda slammed the carrot package into Frank’s abdomen etimesgut escort which stirred a slight wobble. “You do know that he needs the job at the supermarket. Caroline is having some trouble, supporting his studies at the university. But, of course, you know, since you are her penny-pinching slavedriver boss, Mr. Potbelly.” Once again, her index finger found its way into his front. “When was the last time you gave her a pay raise?”

“That’s a trade secret.” Catching her killing glance, he offered, “Right next Monday?”

“Good boy. I’m so very proud of having such a cute, sensitive man at my side,” Wanda gave his cheek a firm pinch. “See, that didn’t give you a hard time, did it?”

“Nah,” Frank said, theatrically rubbing his cheek, “But speaking of giving a hard time. Are you definite about Luke?”

“Yeah. Why should I even consider?”

“Well, you know…,” Frank took a cucumber from one of the paper bags. “Back in the supermarket this morning, I saw you standing in the produce section…while Luke was stacking up oranges on the other end of the rack.”

“Really? Must have missed him.”

“Missed him? You were openly lusting on him for minutes. The expression on your face spoke volumes about giving him some really hard time. A miracle, you didn’t slip on your drool…”

“I was not…no, no…you were surely mistaken…That wasn’t me…Yeah, that’s it. You must have seen another woman looking like me. Ha, what a simple rational explanation! It really takes a woman to do the brain work.”

“A Wanda double? Are you fucking serious?” Frank blurted, laughing out loud. “C’mon, I would spot your unique hot ass in a million.”

“Woo-hoo, ‘hot ass’ he said. Can I have that written down and signed?”

“Sure,” Frank leaned in close to whisper into her ear, “in the small print of your testimony.”

Acting out naive and innocent, Wanda laid her hand on her cheeks and tweeted, “But, dear Sir, I’m positive there was this other lady. An exact copy of myself.”

Frank hold up the cucumber that was still in his hand. “What you can see here in my left hand, Your Honor, is prosecution exhibit A.” He turned his attention to an imaginative Grand Jury. “A green longish vegetable known to the common public as ‘cucumber’. As we will demonstrate in this trial, it was the accused who left the clearly visible dents in the vegetable’s originally firm surface.” He let the cucumber linger within her view. “She was unmistakably out of control of her higher body functions when she applied such an immense force on this garden fruit strangely shaped like enormous male genitalia.”

“Being on the smaller side, my dear General Attorney, aren’t we?” A sultry look was prominent on Wanda’s face when she teased him.

“Oh, behave! Your Honor, the accused willfully disregards this court’s honorableness. She has to be punished.” Changing to Wanda’s other side he mumbled in an oddly deep voice, “Permission granted. Punish her! Make it five slaps to the rear end, each side.” Banging the cucumber down like a judge’s hammer onto the kitchen counter, it broke midway. “Oops, there goes exhibit A.”

“Hey, that should have been my midnight treat,” Wanda complained.

Frank stepped behind her, faking calls from a made up audience. “Punish her! Punish her!”

He gave each butt cheek an initial rub before he slapped first left and then right, again and again, counting each slap. Wanda bit her lower lips, enjoying his attention to her reverse side. High pitched moans escaped between her lips with every hit.

“Oh, yes, yes, I confess. I’ve been such a naughty girl.” She stuck out her butt in an exaggerated pose, leaning over the kitchen sink, to clearly invite Frank to continue his sexy treatment.

“It seems you enjoyed yourself quite a lot, instead of humbly accepting your punishment,” Frank stated. When he ran a finger along the thin piece of cloth between her legs, he found it slightly damp. He stood up and leaned into her back. His lips closing in on her ear again, he whispered. “But we aren’t done yet. Since exhibit A failed so miserably, we have to hear about your wicked actions as witnessed from behind the magazine rack.”

“From behind the magazine rack? What did you do there? Devouring the silicon on display?” Wanda inquired suspiciously. Applying a slight sway to her breasts, she teased him further. “Didn’t your mommy tell you to always choose nature’s beauty?”

Not to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Frank countered, “Well, that’s to be dealt with in another trial. But, yes indeed, I can positively identify those two as exhibit B and C.” His hands reached around to her front and slid with a feather’s touch around the sides and underneath her boobs. Wanda closed her eyes and let herself drop to the sensation.

“Those two, Your Honor, were prominently on display in a more than loose shirt to the general public with the pure intent to raise public nuisance. I don’t dare to imagine what obscenities these glorious mounds must have sincan escort stirred in the poor boy’s mind.”

“Or in his trousers,” Wanda amended.

Frank looked shocked, but carried on his court room play, “But I’m sure, he will testify against the accused in time.”

Wanda put her hands above Frank’s and squeezed tight. A jolt of pleasure shot trough her breasts. Increasing the pressure, she started bumbling. “I’m sure, seeing this he would fail to stand the trial. Especially, when we go deeper into examination of the exhibits.” Wanda let her role slip for a moment, “Do them a little harder. Yes, like that.” Frank followed her request and fondled her bust with more intensity.

“What’s on your mind right now? Are you imagining it were his hands fondling your breasts?” He recognized the slightest nod of her head. His words infused her lust to a higher level. It was always such a turn on to share a fantasy.

“Would you have liked to swap places with the poor oranges he was manhandling?” Frank asked.

Wanda chuckled, “He was doing the oranges?”

A sly grin formed on Frank’s lips. “You bet. But maybe you didn’t notice. You looked quite distracted, trying to grab the most distant banana from the box. Gosh, you must have given him a full glorious view not just down your shirt but right down to your toes. Every time he put another pair of oranges onto the rack he became more desperate to give them a proper squeeze.” Frank accompanied his words by increasing the power of his kneading.

“Now and then, he even let his fingers linger on the oranges’ navel, circling around for moments. Let me demonstrate.” His fingers moved to her nipples poking through the delicate material of her shirt, rubbing, stroking and pinching them. “Do you think he was as excited as me to see you pushing out your treasures? What were doing then anyway? Some of your odd yoga stretches?”

“Well, I must have gotten myself a trapped nerve while reaching for the bananas. And whatever you gab about odd poses, the ‘Reversed Arch’ does wonders to my back. Wanna feel it?” Wanda leaned back and pushed Frank, who relished the mountain view that formed under her shirt for a second. The next moment, his focus was bound to keep both of them on their feet.

“Does wonders? I fully agree!” he said, raising his eyebrows sexily. “But I’m sure, Luke got himself another body part trapped.”

“Oh, I hope he was trapped tight between the oranges.” Wanda suggested, while she felt a body part of Frank becoming much more perceptible to her lower back.

“Sorry, dear, he was gentleman enough to keep his pants up.”

With pouted lips she insisted, “Wanda says, caught with his pants down in the oranges!” Her hand sneaked around her back and squeezed Frank’s arousal. “Hmm, trapped between a pair of ripe juicy globes. What a tight fit. Wouldn’t you enjoy that, too?”

Some moments of fondling each other had passed when Wanda found words to carry on, “Oh, yes, how much he enjoyed the oranges.” A low moan escaped her lips. “Did you ever notice the small jerks when you stand still in the supermarket?”

“It’s the trucks rolling by on the highway outside,” amateur scientist Frank explained happily.

“You can feel the buzz when you touch the shelves. Now, imagine those vibes being transmitted to the oranges, and other things, too. Shaking up and down, from top to base, on and on and…Oh.”

Wanda’s imagination had left the kitchen and was spinning around the young man in the neighbor’s garden. His fit chest plunged from her line of sight below the fence, but came up again shortly afterwards with another T-Shirt to be hung on the line. Her imaginary self passed a clothespin to Luke and traveled her hand down along his outstretched arm, marveling on the hidden muscles that worked underneath his skin. Standing in the midsummer’s blazing sun, sweat has formed on his skin. Her fingers could feel the dampness that layered the apricot peel his soft haired skin felt like to her.

Suddenly, Wanda’s mind was drawn back to the coolness of the kitchen. Unconscious to her, while her fantasy had taken a stroll outside, she found her hand stuck between her rear and Frank’s front, stroking up and down his hard meat.

“Still checking on the bananas’ quality?” Frank asked with a shaky voice. “Ouch!” A tight squeeze around his member made him jump.

“Oh, what a pity, it feels so hard to the touch. I think it’s not ripe, yet. Let’s give it some more time to mellow. By dinner time it shall make a fine dessert, wouldn’t you agree?” Wanda licked her lips seductively.

“Shouldn’t we consider lunch first. We’re slowly running out of options and I’m hungry,” Frank remarked. “Moldy carrots, broken cucumbers, unripe bananas. What’s next? Sour beer?”

Wanda made a pointed remark, “The only six-pack to be enjoyed today is the one out there!” Her eyes feasted some more on Luke’s glistening body.

“Ah, you’re so selfish today!” Frank teasingly kissed the tender spot on her neck slightly below her ears that escort etimesgut usually did magic to her arousal.

Wanda wound herself free from his caresses and turned her head with a mocked face of innocence. “Can’t a lady wallow in the pleasure of her naughty daydreams?” Wanda asked rhetorically, while her right hand was idly caressing the top of her chest. “Well, you now may go on wetting my neck.”

“How gracious, madame. But care for what you wish,” Frank countered with a devilish grin, “you just might get it.” Frank leaned back into her to leave a wet trail from her collar bone upwards along her neck. When his tongue finished with a soppy circle in her ear, Wanda ducked her head down.

“Okay, okay, understood. More sensuously, if you don’t mind.” Wanda wiped her neck and ear dry along the shoulder of her shirt. Then, she returned her attention to the inspiring view outside, “So much eye candy!”

Frank planted soft kisses on the other side of her neck. He whispered sweet nothings into her demisted ear that caused a new wetness, but way down. “Did you wish he would have come over to you after his tête-à-tête with the oranges? Gravitated to you like iron to a magnet? To the forbidden fruit of his teenage dreams? A well tended peach. Exuberant with sweet, viscid nectar. Irresistible to any gourmet of fine taste.” A growl of lust vibrated deep within his throat, aroused from his own imagination.

“Would he make me shiver, like you just did?” Wanda begged to hear.

“Well, he would start out tentatively, ever so softly.” Frank collected her hair together in a pony tail and tenderly kissed along the now exposed nape of her neck. “But in time, he would become bolder.” His kisses became more intensive along the sides of her neck. “Lost in passion, his manners would be gone.” Her hairs still in his hands, he pulled her head back. He kissed, licked and smacked upwards her throat, then along her jawline, escalating into nips into her earlobe.

Sighs escaped her mouth while Frank enjoyed sending shivers through her. His fingers running over her cheek almost not touching her skin, but leaving an almost unbearable tension behind, that caused her body to shake in anticipation. “You can feel the breeze of his breathe while he catches a glimpse on a variety of melons he has never seen on sale,” his free hand slowly undoing her shirt’s top buttons. His trigger finger meandered down inside the half opened button tab till it stopped mid-breast. It went back up folding back the garment. The exposed skin glistened from runlets of sweat pearls that joined in the gorge splitting her bosom.

“You know he is not only a man of sight. You have seen him using all his senses when it comes to the wares he puts on display,” Frank continued to enliven her fantasy.

“He enjoys to inhale the ripe scent of the sweet fruits, when he feels unobserved,” his nostrils plowed through the strands of her hair, taking in her natural perfume.

“His fingers ever eager to grab a well grown good,” Frank’s spread fingers ran tightly up her arm, his fingernails slightly digging into her skin, “Now and then, you feel jealous, seeing the gentle touches he applies to the figs and the papayas.”

“Secretly you always wondered, if he’s also a man of taste…,” the dramatic pause was filled by a finger running over her lower lip bringing the salty flavor of a caught sweat drop to her tongue, “How would his tongue feel on your skin? Would his taste buds telltale him into which heavenly body crease his tongue had plunged into?” His tongue lapped over her collarbone with his chin exposing more of her shoulder from her shirt. The licks became more desperate. Nibbles and bites left marks on her skin.

Wanda leaned her head sideways to get rid of his ministrations, “Tell me more. About him. What he’s about to do to me,” she tried to persuade him, calling for a pause to her overstimulated nerves.

“Oh, my, my, what a naughty girl we are? Is that what you really desire? Full frontal action?” Frank asked seductively.

“Well…,” she replied dreamily.

“Sorry, to disappoint you, my dear, but I’ve received a very clear impression that Luke is quite a coy boy. Not the fast-forward guy, but following detours to Mount Pleasure.” Avoiding any primary erogenous zone, Frank’s hands caressed her sides; now and then swirling around her belly button. A few minutes of bypassing any to pleasurable body part, Wanda became anxious to be felt up more, “He can’t be that shy, can he?” Her hand found Frank’s and started to direct it further south.

Resisting her urges, Frank sneaked his hand away and countered, “Well, he is still an apprentice. Maybe all he needs are some proper instructions on costumer satisfaction?”

“What a lovely idea,” her eyes shimmered with lust. “Why don’t we start right away, Luke?” She closed her eyes and made herself comfortable leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“To make a happy client, first you need to bond.” Once again her hand found Frank’s. “Then start socializing. A ‘good morning, Ma’am’ and some respectful body contact will attract the shopper’s attention.” She moved their hands in unison up to her shoulder and feather-lightly stroked down her upper arm which caused goosebumps on her skin.

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