Pussycat Becomes a Woman!

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There haven’t been many moments in my life that I can honestly say were as thrilling and exciting as the day I went out to the city on my 21st birthday. Everyone knows it’s tradition to go out on your 21st birthday and get really drunk and just go crazy. Unfortunately I’ve always been somewhat of a loner, so I didn’t have any friends to take me out. I didn’t want to make my mom feel bad for me, so I got dressed up in the sexiest outfit I could find.

My slender body could almost be described as fragile, with my milky white skin almost translucent over my bones. It’s a wonder that my small frame can hold up my supple large C cup breasts. My dark wavy hair falls dramatically over my pale shoulders, and perfectly accents my bright green eyes. My mom has always called me her little Pussycat, because of my gentle catlike features. On the day of my 21st birthday I decided to go with my Pussy nickname and really dress the part.

I put on a black leather corset top that my tits practically were spilling out of. I wore my shortest jean skirt, and decided that at least for today…I’d be someone different. I’d be bold and fun like all the Hollywood hotties I see on TV, so instead of wearing my usual shorts that I wore to be discreet underneath my skirt…I wore nothing.

My hairless pussy grew wet at the thought of my naughty decision. I reached my hand under my skirt and pet my virgin pussy before I slipped on my thigh high black patent leather boots and left my house. Since it was my 21st birthday I decided to go up to the city, and leave my little suburban town bars behind. I didn’t want to risk any chances of running into any people who might know me. Before I even pulled into the city, I knew I was in for a crazy day…and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I had planned on going to lunch at a famous restaurant and really indulge a little, so that way I’d have a full stomach to last through a night of drinking.

I finally found parking in a parking garage, and tipped the parking attendant in hopes he’d make sure my car was well taken care of. From the way his eyes stared at my ample cleavage and exposed thighs, I could tell he was enjoying the sight of me. I dropped my purse just so I could put on a little show of bending over to pick up my things, and give him a real good look at my tits. After I picked up what I thought was everything, he than crouched before me. “You missed something”, he said in a Hispanic accent. He picked up my forgotten chap stick, than he looked up at me, and than I realized exactly what he was looking at.

My legs were slightly parted, and from his angle, he could see my already wet pussy slit right in front of him. He was bent in position there for a while, just staring intensely, and I could feel myself getting hornier and wetter and the sensation of another person seeing me so exposed, especially in a public parking garage that anyone could walk in on at any moment. The parking attendant must of seen me growing more excited, casino oyna because he than grew more bold. He reached his tan skinned hand up and with the chap stick he rubbed the little plastic thing against my exposed clit.

I knew I should of gotten out of there, but something in me kept me locked in place. I wanted him to want me, and that alone made me stay. As he rubbed the plastic chap stick container against my clit, I felt my knees begin to weaken and my head grow cloudy with lust. I suddenly didn’t care that he was obviously about 20 years my senior, with greying hair and rough hands. I wanted…no needed him to fuck my pussy and finally make my mom’s little Pussycat a woman.

He than dropped the chap stick, and began rubbing my pussy with his large hard labored hands, and my knees could no longer support my dizzied body. I fell hard on my knees to the asphalt floor below me. At the same time, he moved his hands and just watched me fall. He than put his hands behind me, and helped me lay out completely on the parking garage floor.

Just than two men dressed in the same uniform as my Hispanic worker entered from the side opening and quickly ran to the spot where I was laying. “Is she okay?!?!” said the bald, 30 something white man who instantly kneeled next to me with a worried expression. The larger black man stayed standing and asked if he should go and call for help.

Before the two men could let their worry overwhelm them, the Hispanic parking attendant smiled wickedly at them and said, “This is no emergency. This young lady is just in need of some special physical attention.” Just than, the Hispanic one took his hands from under my head, and flipped up my skirt exposing my dripping wet pussy. I just lay still, suddenly afraid at the turn of events. I was ready to loose my virginity and fuck one man…but three all at once? Before I had a moment to think the larger black man kneeled in front of me and spread both of my legs further apart, all the while laughing.

“Esteban…look at her man…we will probably all get fired once the boss man gets a look at the surveillance cameras, but I don’t fucking care man, I need this pussy.” As my mind tried to wrap around the idea of cameras catching this, the large black man bent further down and began furiously eating out my pussy. Suddenly all thoughts left my head and were replaced with the bliss I was feeling. I’d only ever before played with my pussy by myself, and now I was feeling a tongue lick up my virgin juices and lips suck hard like a vacuum on my clit.

Instinctively I felt my knees bend, and my hips buck eagerly towards his fast moving tongue. I moved my hands to my tits, and freed them completely from the barely covering corset top. I began rubbing my nipples, when both the white and Hispanic man moved my hands to the side, and lowered their mouths onto each tit and began sucking and biting my nipples. There were so many sensations going on as I felt three sets of hands exploring my body all canlı casino over, and three mouths licking, sucking, and biting me in all the right places. I felt something building up inside of me when suddenly I exploded, or at least that’s what it felt like.

My hips spasmed out of control as I felt ecstasy ooze out of every one of my pores. I looked down and saw liquid shooting from my pussy, and was so embarrassed, because in my loss of control I thought I’d begun to pee myself. “Look men, she’s a squirter!” said the black man excitedly. As soon as he got the sentence out he bent back over and clamped his mouth over my squirting pussy and sucked it all up. I thought I couldn’t feel anything as amazing as that when Esteban, the Hispanic one, stood up and unbuttoned his pants releasing his 10-inch long dick. “It’s time for me to fuck this little whores pussy”, he said.

My eyes grew wide at the thought of something that large fitting inside my virgin pussy. Instinctively my knees closed together as he got between them. “Oh no, you’re not getting shy on us now are you, you little slut?” As he said that he grabbed both of my knees and ripped them away from each other. I looked up at him in fear as he grew closer and began rubbing the head of his ten inch monster against my clit, and than lower towards my opening.

He began pushing forward into my pussy hole, and got the head of his cock in, when he finally realized what had gone unnoticed up until than. “Your a fucking virgin! Oh shit, you’re so fucking tight, you’re a fucking virgin!” He pushed deeper in and I felt a pain surge through my body. The white and black men were both playing with my tits and had by than released both of their cocks from their pants and were stroking themselves as they watched me about to get fucked. Esteban’s monstrous dick pushed further into me, until it reached the thin skinned hymen.

“I’m gonna take your fucking virginity little girl…Are you fucking ready! Look at me bitch! ARE YOU FUCKIN READY FOR THIS TEN INCH COCK TO TAKE YOUR VIRGINITY!” Esteban’s excitement grew to a lustful anger as he spat his excited words at me. I looked him directly in the eyes, but could only nod. As soon as I did, he pushed hard through the hymen wall and forced his way completely inside of my tight pussy.

I screamed out in pain as blood began to mix with the other juices dripping from my pussy. Without any concern to my pain, Esteban began thrusting harder and harder, and deeper and deeper into my stretching pussy. The pain began to subside, and was soon replaced with pleasure as I began to really enjoy the feeling of my pussy being completely filled up with a juicy ten inch cock. My scream of pain, was followed by moans of pleasure that escaped my lips…moans I’d only ever heard before in porns were coming out of my no longer virgin self. I opened my eyes and began looking at the two men next to me.

They were still rubbing my tits, but they were now really getting into stroking themselves kaçak casino as they watched Esteban fuck me so fiercely. The white man looked down and caught my eyes as I stared at his impressively thick 8 inch cock and he said, “Oh yeah, you like that baby? Here why don’t you take a taste of my dick you little bitch.” Just than he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up to his waiting rock-hard dick. I parted my lips and stung my tongue out to taste the tip of his penis. “Mmmmmmm….you like that don’t you…Ooooh yeah…Take my dick in you mouth…Take it!”

I opened my mouth further and he used both hands to hold my head up as he started fucking his dick in and out of my mouth. He ignored the choking sounds and just kept fucking my face. The black man was stroking his dick hard now, but he’d positioned himself over my naked breasts. Before I knew what was happening he closed his eyes and started moaning hard as I felt something warm and sticky splash all over my tits. I tried to get a look at what was happening past my dick sucking when I saw the black man had came all over my milky white tits.

Esteban was watching this, and for it must of gotten him even more excited because at the same time he began fucking my pussy more furiously than before. I bucked my hips up, and felt his heavy balls slapping hard against my ass, and soon realized I myself was at the brink of another orgasm. The tingling sensation began again as the white man suddenly shouted, “OH FUUUCK! I’M GONNA CUM! DRINK IT UP YOU LITTLE CUNT!”

Just than he jolted forward and held my head in place as he let loose his load into my ready mouth. I liked the taste…no I loved it. So I drank it up like he told me to. I began really sucking him, trying to milk out every last drop of his sweet and salty nectar, until he grew soft in my mouth. I felt my own orgasm really close to the brink as he let himself finally leave my lips, and I could really see Esteban fucking me.

I wrapped my legs around his body so I could really feel him go deeper into my pussy. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and felt myself ready to cum again. “I’m gonna’ cum!” Was that me…yes…but it was also Esteban. We were in sync and ready to cum at the same time. He began thrusting hard towards me as I felt myself begin to orgasm and spray my clear liquid all over us, while at the same time I felt his own hot liquid fill up my eager pussy. The intensity of the moment was almost too much to handle, when it finally began to spasm to a relieving end.

I let my legs release their grip from his body and just closed my eyes and smiled. Esteban pulled his softening cock out of my pussy and I heard it come out with a slurp as juices dripped seductively out of my freshly fucked pussy.

I purred in delight as I got up on all fours and stretched my body real Pussycat style. “Is that really all you fellas have got for me?” I purred sweetly. All three men looked at me excitedly, as the black man scooped me up and they all followed him into the closed off office. The last man in, Esteban, locked the door behind him just as I was placed on the desk. I spread my legs wide and meowed, “Happy Birrrrrthday to me-ow!”

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