Protect and Serve

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Black Supremacy

The whoop of the sirens make my stomach dip and my heart thuds heavy as I use my blinker, beginning to navigate over to the curb. What did I do? Tears that were held in check before now begin to fall freely. It’s the middle of the night, and no one else is on the road. Did I forget to signal? Was I speeding? I can’t remember what I’ve been doing, so lost in my own mind – I was driving to clear my head, but it hadn’t worked. I climbed from bed barely dressed to drive the ocean cliffs and try to calm myself, try to become sleepy. Now I shiver as I roll down the window before turning off the ignition – it is much too cold for my state of undress. I hope he doesn’t notice I am barefoot. Fuck.

“Ma’am. License and registration please.” The voice is deep and harsh, I turn away with the excuse of obeying. I dig through my glove box, easily finding my insurance and registration, and then it hits me. I didn’t bring anything, including my wallet. I feel the blood drain from my face, the tears well again. I am just so fucked. I duck my head and dry my cheeks, then straighten my spine and hold out the paperwork.

“I forgot my license. I’m so sorry, I know the number if you-“

“Step out of the car, Ma’am. Hands where I can see them.”

I am suddenly frozen, unsure of how to proceed. Dangling with uncertainty. Fuck. Fuck shit fuck. Move. I snap out of it, dropping the ignored scraps of paper and raising my hands in front of my face. I slowly move my left hand toward the door, bracing myself for any possibility, tension in my every muscle. The handle gives and I take what feels like forever to push it all the way open. Left foot, then pushing out with my right, fighting to stay balanced without using my hands. He shuts the door as I wobble out of the way. Finally I am standing, and I find myself facing the man who has ordered me before him.

He is beautiful. Or, that’s what my body immediately whispers. It is hard to say what might make a man beautiful, but he is stunning, cold and angles, firm and present. I feel like I am staring at a glacier – immovable, centuries old, brutally untouchable. My mouth is dry, my nipples are pebbled. The salty breeze suddenly feels like a caress and the hairs on my skin stand up to reach for more sensation.

“Turn around and place your hands on the roof.” I notice the bass rumble in his voice has an answering throb in my gut.

“Now.” Quieter, more threatening than if he’d shouted. I was still staring but now I flee, turning so abruptly I am glad to have the car to catch me. I absently give thanks that I washed it yesterday, as my hands rest on the damp but clean surface.

“Spread your legs. Wider.” I feel him step up behind me, he throws off such heat. How can someone so cool be so hot?

“Lean forward. More.” He finally reaches up and pushes between my shoulder blades until I find my cheek pressing against the cool glossy paint. My back tingles where his hand is firmly planted. My cunt begins to throb.

“I’m going to search you, not that you have much room to hide anything. Where the hell are you going without clothes on?” I rolled out of bed without putting anything on but a slinky robe – enough to be decent on the dash to and from my vehicle, but not stand up to scrutiny. I am hyper aware that my bare breasts are one false move away çankaya escort from parting the fabric and freeing themselves at my precarious angle.

“Nowhere.” It comes out as a whisper. I lick my lips and try again. “I was just driving, I wasn’t going anywhere.”

His hand lightens on my back. Does he trail his fingers over my sensitive skin on purpose? Am I imagining the energy I feel zipping from his palm? His hand slips to the side and runs over the shape of my waist, down my hip, pauses. I hear his boots on the gravel beneath us, as he shifts to stand between my feet. I am shivering harder now, despite no sense of being cold.

His other hand takes a matching hold on my hip, and then they are both moving upward, passing over my shoulders, running up my arms. Down down down the ticklish and sensitive insides, slowing to inspect the indent of my underarms, then passing lightly along the sides of my breasts to travel back down my sides. His boots creak as he crouches behind me, pads running along my outer thighs, then tracing the curve of my calves.

“Not even the sense to wear shoes.” I hear something other than disapproval, but can’t pin the emotion. Suddenly I am holding my breath as he passes his hands up the insides of my legs, in agony of anticipation as he comes to my thighs, but then a gush of air releases as grazes my ass and up my back. Am I disappointed?

The path of his exploration meets the nape of my neck and then fingers are pushing into my hair, inspecting my scalp, lightly tugging my head back. I contain a whimper. This, my body cries, more. I am barely able to contain my pleading. My head is released and it lolls to the side. His hands roughly pat down my front, collarbone, chest, efficiently judging the weight and shape of my engorged and throbbing breasts, tapping over my aching nipples, chasing my nerves down my abdomen, to where the riot of sensation seems to originate. I feel my breath sawing in and out and know it must be audible. His hands still low on my belly, thumbs coming to rest and wrap around my hips.

“Why were you crying?”

“I am lonely,” is out before I knew it was the answer. “I can’t sleep and I need…” I don’t know what the rest of the words are, because his hands are tugging of the sash of the robe and slipping inside to touch my flesh. Yes. Oh thank you God.

“I’m here now.” He pauses until I swallow and nod, acknowledging the truth of the matter. He is here and I am not lonely anymore, though I still need… what do I need? What do you need? I realize he has spoken when the refrain in my head continues.

“I need you to touch me. Make me come.” A second later he is sliding his hand under my silly panties and cupping my soft curls. His large and weathered palm presses against my mound as the digits reach further, completely covering my swollen lips. He is so still, and I am so close. My hips wriggle on their own accord and he immediately pulls his hand away.

Sharply, he growls. “No. I will give you what you need, but you cannot take what you want. Turn around.”

I pres myself upright and shake the hair out of my face before I turn. Again I am struck by his face and figure. His presence dominates the space, making my tall and lush form seem practically dainty in comparison. His gaze falls and I remember that I escort etlik am exposed to his eyes now, the robe covering only my arms and brushing my sides.

My eyelid flutter shut. My panties are so wet I doubt he has any trouble making out the intimate details of my pussy lips, I can feel his stare there now. My skin feels fevered and it is all I can do not to beg.

“Take them off.” My hands caress my sides and feel like lovers as I step out of the soaked underwear. I hold them in my hand, uncertain what to do with them. Throw them in the window? They are tugged away and I watch him stuff them in a back pocket. I wonder if they will soak through.

Suddenly I am being lifted, and my limbs contract instinctively, trying to gain purchase. As my legs wrap over his ass, I get a sense of hard muscle beneath them before I am deposited none-too-gracefully on the warm hood. The soft fabric of the robe is pinned under my bottom, and pulled off my shoulder to puddle at the elbows. I am braced on my arms, breast thrust toward the stars, thighs parted with my bare feet on the bumper. My core is pulsing and I tip my head back, reveling in the luxury of such openness. I hear the waves crashing below us, notice the quiet whisper of the air through the nearby plants. It feels like there is no one else on earth.

“You may not come until I say so. You won’t like it if I have to punish you.”

My chest throbs at the very suggestion. Who knew I was such a sucker for authority. He bends, runs his lips down my inner thigh until he is a breath away from my white heat. He exhales slowly through his open mouth and I whimper. He rubs his nose over my downy mound and I gasp. He places a kiss at the juncture of my leg and I swear I will pay him back. Then, I am devoured.

His mouth is everywhere, teeth scraping the petals, tongue lapping my clit, lips sucking the folds. He drives a finger into my hole and I rear off the car. I can barely contain my orgasm, but I want so much to please him.

“Please Sir, I can’t…”

“You can,” he mutters into my wet flesh. Two fingers saw into me now and his mouth claims every inch of my needy cunt. Juice drips down the crack of my ass and I can feel a damp circle forming on the cloth beneath me. I’m shaking, trying so hard to contain myself. It’s just so good, so much better than I can remember ever feeling, I need…

“Come, Love.”

I am set free. My body splinters into fragments of light, I burst from my shell and become one with the universe. My whole form goes limp, shuddering under his knowing seduction, twitching with the last throbs of pleasure. My eyes close and my breathing begins to slow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hear the metallic clicking of his belt, then the rasp of his zipper. I feel myself floating as he leans over me.

“Look at me.” I try to clear the lethargy and turn my head back towards him. His face is in shadow now, but I am moved as before. He holds my gaze for a moment, then captures my lips in a kiss that stirs my very soul. Teasing, seducing, laving, nipping, our mouths fuse in a dance as old as time. His shaft brushes between my legs, and I tip for him as he draws his hips back, letting the head drag over my clit and down, down, till… oh. Oh. Fuck, yes, I am coming again as he firmly ankara demetevler escort presses inside.

He thrusts twice until he is seated to the hilt in my messy cunt. He breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on mine. “You came.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not,” he fucks me into the car, hard and deep, rubbing inexorably against my clit each time, never letting up. I grind back, my next climax just out of reach. “What can I do to make it up to you?” I find my voice is confident and playful, so unexpected. I feel his grin. “I’m sure I’ll… think… of… something.” His movements slow until he is pulling all but the tip from my greedy slit, then driving through me. In the back of my mind I know I am bruising, but I can’t help reveling in the domination of my rag doll body.

“You’re close, but hold it till I say. Hold it.” His hands slip under my head and thread through my hair, pulling my scalp till my neck is forced open and my chin tips to the sky. “Hold it.” Gruff words against my ear, the lobe is laved and sucked before he trails down my throat. My body bows. His teeth scrap my skin.

“Now.” He bites as he finishes the word, holding the taught chord of muscle with his teeth like a stallion mounting a skittish mare and I convulse again under his mastery. Every nerve inflames and then smoulders, my bones feel like jello. I hear his grunts as he empties his molten load deep, roping over the entrance to my womb. My feet slip and I am held up only by his weight, pinning me to the cooling metal. His teeth have softened but he is still nibbling on my neck as though he wished for fangs to drain my body.

My eyes close. It will be dawn soon, and I will sleep like a baby. Did we make a baby? The thought shoots through me and my eyes spring open. I can feel the hot liquid leaking down my ass crack, and my eye close again. Maybe. I wont know for weeks, what will I do if his seed has been planted in me? In my heart a voice whispers, it is done. I sigh at the thought.

As if reading my mind, he lifts his head and catches my gaze.

“Mine.” I nod. He is my mate, I am his. He smiles grimly. “You need your sleep.” I nod again. He pulls back and the semen gushes out, my flesh contracting in a futile attempt to keep him. Standing, he brusquely tucks his softening cock back into the starchy pants and zips, refastening his belt. He holds out a hand and gently helps me to my feet, then tugs the shoulders of the robe back up, wrapping and tying me in. I feel the threat and promise in his movements as the sash tightens around my ribs, a tug after it is taut. My cunt weeps more down my legs.

“You will not wear panties again, and you will not use any birth control from now on.” My head dips in acknowledgement. My mind is racing, he has marked me, he is trying to knock me up. He guides me back to my door then stills me before I climb in. His hand runs over my stomach and he whispers in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you on all fours when your belly is too big to let me in. I can’t wait.” My knees almost give out as he presses a kiss to my cheek, then I’m being pushed into my seat.

“Buckle up. Drive safe. No more daydreaming.” I start the car mechanically. The drive is automatic, and as I pull into the driveway I notice the headlights that have followed me turning away. I sleepwalk to my bed, shuck the robe, climb beneath the covers nude. My hand parts the swollen and sticky folds. The desire to rub his load over my cunt is sharp, but I know better than to come without permission. I waited so long, but now I have finally been claimed.

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