Power Versus Submission Ch. 01: Denny

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Authors Note: This story is a continuation of my previous story called Balance of Power where a school social worker submits to a teenaged schoolgirl Bully getting in far deeper than she ever intended. While it has been written with the stand-alone reader in mind, your enjoyment of the following will most likely be enhanced if you read Balance of Power first. All characters in this are 18 or older.

As with a lot of stories this one is falling into a few different categories, I’ve placed this first chapter in lesbian as that is its main theme, a submissives love for her Mistress, but please note this is not a love story, it has elements of betrayal, bdsm and non-consent. The following chapter is almost entirely non-consensual and will be categorized as such. If this isn’t the type of story you are looking for then please move along to something that you might find more tangible with your own tastes.



I couldn’t help but smile from between the thighs of my Mistress. It was fast becoming my happy place, laid out flat on my back, while she sat her perfect young nude teenage body upon my chest, her perfectly smooth and shaven pussy glistening right before my very eyes. I simply could not believe my life had come to this, nor that I could ever feel this way about a schoolgirl half my age.

My name is Robin, I’m a 36 year old married woman with a teenage daughter. Having been bullied when I was a girl, I had fetishized that time of my life to try and deal with the trauma I went through and in order to live my fantasy, and as part of my employment as a guidance counsellor, I recently arranged to cross paths with a renowned and dangerous schoolgirl bully named Tahlia. And then a few weeks ago, in trying to turn that fantasy into reality, I made a clumsy attempt to submit to her and finished up little more than her blackmailed, threatened, terrified slave.

Some days I would actually refer to myself as a victim. But truth is my submission to her is as willing as it is forced. It’s true that I have been threatened in a way that brokers no chance of escape for me from her clutches. I must do as she says and follow her rules. But by the same token I have done nothing to challenge her yet either. There’s been no covert police operation. No private investigator employed on my behalf to thwart her blackmail and extortion over me. I’ve just been a meek submissive girl that goes to bed when she’s told, masturbates on command, never cums without authority and always seeks permission to do practically everything.

It sounds terrible and honestly most days it is. Especially when Tahlia calls out of the blue and wants me to do something. She cares nothing of my obligations toward my family or my job. In her view my only obligation is anything she wants. But it’s not my intention here to dwell on those negatives. Definitely not.

You see, out of everything that has happened, out of all the rules that Tahlia has put in place and stringently enforces, she also gave me the greatest gift of my entire life. Sure, my gift was an unintended consequence as it was me that was supposed to be the gift to her, but Tahlia’s decision to put me in the hands of her best friend, Denny, as my Mistress, is simply the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Denny is a genuine submissive. She is part of Tahlia’s gang of three. The third member is a genuinely scary teenaged Amazon who I know only as Flea. The three of them are best friends, have known each other for years and have each grown into their respective roles in the group.

Tahlia is the obvious leader. She is the type of person that people are automatically drawn to and follow, in my view as an experienced and successful student counsellor, Tahlia is easily the most potentially gifted Woman I have ever encountered. How I would love to turn her life around and lead her into a field where her talents would be of excellent use, perhaps in business or politics. But like a lot of our most intelligent she is destined to make a lot more money through her various criminal pursuits and is clever enough to stay ahead of the predators in that livelihood. One can only guess how she will manage not to come under further police scrutiny as her business pursuits escalate.

Flea is Tahlia’s enforcer in the gang. Don’t get me wrong, Tay is tough and doesn’t mind resorting to violence when necessary to get her own way. She is a true schoolgirl bully but she isn’t an enormous African woman who has been genetically blessed with height, speed and strength. Flea is beautiful too, in fact any of Tay’s gang could easily be cover models. But Flea’s game isn’t in looking pretty and attracting boys, she is one hundred percent pure intimidation.

She has a cold look in her eye that frightens the life out of me. She threatens and watches anyone that Tay makes an enemy of and has a penchant for sexually abusing white skinned Women like myself, and her fellow students. My daughter casino oyna is on her list of targets too, that’s if I don’t continue to do as I am told and conform to Tahlia’s rules. That is just one of the threats that keeps me subservient.

Tahlia controls Flea but they have a mutual respect and trust for each other that comes from a strong bond formed from childhood. Denny once told me that respect started with Tahlia being the only one to friend with Flea through her early school days and that they have always been close ever since. Amusingly though Flea is intimidated by her parents and is rarely allowed out after school or late at night. It’s a great source of mirth to both Denny and Tay that she is such a good girl at home but I dare anyone else to ever tease her about it like her two fellow gang members seem to get a kick out of!

On that first day I submitted to Tay, both her and Denny were at my place after school, where a lot of this started yet there was no sign of Flea. Turns out that she had to be home by 4pm, straight from school! Denny was in fits of laughter when she told me that.

Which brings me to my Mistress. Despite her genuinely submissive nature Denny is a key leader in the gang. Tahlia and Flea both treat her as equal, despite Denny’s fondness for serving them both sexually. She is just as aggressive and just as much of a bully as her two best friends yet still submits to Tahlia and adores her.

She told me they all became friends soon after the other two attacked her in the schoolgirl’s toilets the first year they started high school. She was meant to be a victim of the two young thugs who had started stealing kids’ lunch money but instead of being frightened and cowardly like other Girls were, Denny was brash and confident and convinced Tahlia with her genuinely friendly nature that they could be friends. I wasn’t surprised to hear it as Denny’s personality and good natured sense of fun could win anyone over!

Not to mention the later found skilled use of her tongue on the pussy of the gang’s leader. God knows what age that started at, I never asked! But the stumbling block would come in that Tay and Flea are both very much heterosexual whereas Denny is strictly homosexual. As a result neither of them would ever pleasure Denny which is why Tahlia chose to make me be a gift to her. As I said earlier it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

I have never felt so loved, so needed, so cared for as I do when Denny is around.

She makes me feel the most special person in the room all the time, certainly not in a way my husband David ever did or has, well not recently anyway, and in return I do everything I can to pleasure her and to make her life a joy so that every morning she can bounce out of bed happy in the knowledge that I am her submissive. I had never been in a d/s relationship before, in fact I had never even really heard of such a thing in real life, but my relationship with Denny had to be the most perfect example of two people attempting to make each other happy there ever was. Well that’s my view of it anyway. I do tend to forget in these moments that I am twice her age and just an average looking housewife but Denny still seems happy with me!

As my Mistress, Denny protects and guides me. As her submissive I do everything I can to please and assist in making the perfect life for her. I am not allowed to cum without Tahlia’s permission so the pleasure in serving Denny sexually for me is to keep learning and striving to give her the greatest orgasms I possibly can. And in return she helps me to stay within the bounds of my rules that Tahlia had set for me as well. Denny had taken me as a gift from Tahlia and set about moulding me into a similar type of submissive as her. She always said she saw me more as a little sister than a slave and she wanted to train me to be the perfect submissive so that when I next find someone to serve I would be ready.

Every day she provides me with inspiration for how life should be lived!

So, currently I am laying here flushed beneath Denny looking up between her thighs at the perfectly built naked schoolgirl perched upon my chest. It is so hot being under a naked sweaty body and it makes my jaw hurt and sometimes my tongue goes a little numb but it is still my favourite position in the World right now, little did I care anymore for my recently forgotten heterosexuality!

She smiled down at me, those cute little dimples in full bloom, herself also a little flushed from the orgasm I had just given her, and a cheeky look in her eye,

‘I think that was better than the last one you gave me sis!’

As an academic, a student counsellor, I tend to over analyse things. Right now I was trying to figure out if this is love that I was feeling for this teenage schoolgirl, or more simply an infatuation. I know for certain I have a blinding crush on her and she is the centre of my universe right now.

Denny showed no intention of shifting from her canlı casino dominating position above me. Instead she stayed right where she was, her moist aroused pussy resting heavily on my chin, and leant over to grab her mobile phone. I heard the shutter clicking as she took a couple of photos of my face framed between her thighs. I instantly knew this was further blackmail material for Tahlia to hold over me. While Denny is my Mistress, she is Tahlia’s most loyal lieutenant and every instance of my sexual service to her was recorded and forwarded by text to Tahlia to add to her file.

Once she finished sending her texts, Denny leant forward slightly and bopped my nose playfully with her finger,

‘Imagine I accidentally sent this one to Carly instead?’

My heart leapt at the mention of my teenaged daughter. So far I had been able to keep her separated from my submission and blackmail but Tahlia took great delight in the fact that she could blow my cover at any time. It was highly unusual for Denny to mention anything about her though.

‘You know one day this could be Carly laying beneath me?’

Denny closed her eyes and casually swept her finger across the top of her pussy, moaning. I had come to trust Denny and this talk was frightening me now.

‘Let’s go again sis, forget about kissing and worshipping my pussy this time though, that last orgasm you gave me felt so nice, I think I would like another. But I’m in the mood for something a little rougher.’

Her phone beeped and she flicked it open to look at her message. She smiled at whatever the reply was, her cheeky dimples once again springing to life as she stroked her clit again this time right in front of my face.

‘You know sis I’m not a dominant right? Not even a switch. Well I don’t know what has got into me today but I just really feel like using you as my own personal dildo. My little masturbation toy.’

She masturbated and edged herself a little closer.

I started to tell her that she was frightening me and that, that I loved her . . .

But my lips had barely moved when she swiftly shifted forward and enveloped my face in her vagina, not only cutting off all manner of speech but most of the air I required to breathe as well. I felt my nose lodge inside her pussy as she kept thrusting forward bumping her clit against the bridge of my nose. The closer she got to orgasm, the more ferocious her thrusts. Not long after she started, it started to hurt, really hurt and I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t want it, my Mistress, my trusted lover was basically raping my face.

But you know what hurt most about what she did to me? It wasn’t anything physical, it wasn’t the talk of Carly being in my spot, it was the fact when she finally cum she really squirted hard.

I’d spent so many hours between her thighs being instructed by Denny as to what she enjoyed most about me licking her. Getting to know every little nook and cranny of that pretty teenage pussy and from what Denny had told me I was doing a really good job too. So why then had she never ever cum like this when I licked her?

I immediately doubted if I was pleasing her as much as she said I was. Denny told me once that it is normal for submissive personalities like us to worry about our tops and that as submissives we lacked the natural confidence of the people we serve. That the most important thing is always to trust the person we are serving is being honest with you. So once the afterglow of her orgasm had passed I would ask her what made her cum so hard.

Once she was ready Denny helped me up by the hand, like she always does, and led me through my house, both of us fully naked, away from my shower in the ensuite and to the same shower my daughter Carly always uses. It was another one of my rules to follow that Tahlia had set, whenever I serve my Mistress at home, it has to be in Carly’s room on Carly’s bed. Whenever we shower we have to use the same shower Carly does. It was a big deal to me the first few times Denny sat on my face to use me on my daughter’s bed but given there has hardly been a day we’ve not been together since we met, I’m pretty used to it now. And I have nearly always been able to change Carly’s sheets without question.

As I knelt on the bathroom floor while Denny set the water temperature to her liking for us both, I thought about what had just happened. About her second orgasm. About her mentioning Carly. It was troubling me and totally out of character for Denny to treat me like that. We had spent so much time together these past few weeks, I thought I knew her better than this.

She got into the shower first, as she always does, and I came in and knelt down behind her, as I had been taught. Denny used the shower initially for herself and I was expected to stay warm with whatever water splashed off her body while I knelt behind and bathed her from the soles of her feet all the way up her legs to her backside and then her pussy as she turned around to face me.

I kaçak casino looked up at her, that was also an instruction once, but I was in such awe of her these days that it was entirely natural for me to want to see her face as I knelt before her. Her pussy is waxed bare and her labia doesn’t protrude like a lot of girls (including my own) it was just so beautiful and unblemished and perfect. Whenever I teased her open with my fingers or tongue, it was like the most perfect flower in the world coming out to bloom.

‘Denny,’ I started as I washed her pussy and in between her legs in exactly the way she had taught me.

She didn’t like me referring to her as ‘Mistress’ despite Tahlia calling her that whenever she referred to us. She said she isn’t a Mistress at all, just a submissive Girl with a little sis and I should call her Denny or Den like everyone else. She said we both knew our respective places in our relationship and felt it was unnecessary and made her feel awkward. So I continued,

‘It’s not like you to be so rough with me. Or to mention Carly. You know how terrified I am of her finding out about this. And of what Tahlia will do to her if I don’t obey my rules. You’ve always been so helpful in keeping me on Tay’s good side, on making sure I fulfil everything Tay wants of me. I trust you now completely as my dominant, as my big sister, as my keeper and teacher but I was so frightened by how you just used me.’

Denny smiled down at me and ruffled my hair like I was her pet puppy.

‘Don’t worry too much sis. It was just something Tay said when I texted her. She told me to do those things. Sent me some pictures of your little girl. She’s so cute Robbie. I bet you didn’t know that Tay has her under surveillance.’

My heart sank a little. While I had learned to trust and respect Denny, I knew that Tahlia was deceptive and unpredictable. To hear that she had been stalking Carly made my stomach ache.

‘You’re going to be mad at me for this but since you belong to me, since we’re always honest with each other, I should tell you sis, that second cum and you saw how I squirted, well I was looking at pictures of Carly the whole time. I was imagining it was her face I was riding down there. Tay told me to do it and I’m actually so glad she did!’

You know now with you down on your knees washing my pussy like this I think I would like to cum again just at the thought of it!’

I felt so betrayed!

I actually found myself making excuses for Denny. I loved her! And it was Tay’s idea! Maybe Denny didn’t want to hurt me? Maybe she was just following instructions from Tay the same way I would Denny. I looked back up at her. She was smiling down at me again, a little mischievous look in her eye, and those dimples displayed so prominently again as she smiled.

‘I don’t think I’ve made you wash me with your tongue yet sis. You’ve certainly never made me cum in the shower before. Why don’t you put the sponge down for me, and instead poke out that naughty tongue of yours. I want you to lick me this time.’

Denny grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me in toward her pussy.

‘Lick me while I tell you the rest of Tahlia’s plan for Carly. Listen carefully but I still want you to make me cum, so start off at my high arousal level.’

High arousal level was Denny’s way of teaching me how she liked to cum.

There are three main levels. Beginner. Which usually meant she was still pretty dry and I was expected to initiate foreplay to make her wet enough to start enjoying my tongue. That’s when the thigh kisses would come into play, as well as tickling the top of her butt cheeks, basic stuff which Denny enjoyed and started to rev her motor. Then intermediate. Thigh kisses still encouraged but not necessary, a lot of tongue worked into and around her pussy before coaxing out her little clit (and she did have a little one!) with like a suction type motion that Denny enjoyed before finger insertion and tongue concentrated only on her clit.

High arousal level simply meant that I was to concentrate on her clit with my tongue while I used two fingers to tickle her g spot. It’s a difficult position to get into from your knees because your head is in the way of your fingers so you have to contort your arm to try and get the right access inside her vagina and up in behind her clit. So while I pleasured her again, I listened with some trepidation as Denny set out Tahlia’s plans for my daughter.

‘The easiest part for you to deal with sis is that Tahlia wants me to meet her. And David. But she doesn’t care about David, only Carly. We are going to actually become friends. Of course you will play your part in helping bring us together but overall you will still just be the Mum and I will be a student that you have agreed to help tutor as per our current arrangement. You will also meet my Mum and Dad, Tahlia doesn’t want to arouse any suspicion but she wants us to be totally out in the open so we can spend as much time together as possible and I can be with Carly as much as I want. You will remain my property and must do as I say but we will have to be more discreet of course so no one can tell that you are actually my little sis.’

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