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As a professional photographer, I’ve spent years building my business, and my reputation. I’m known to be totally professional, and highly proficient in my job. Recently, I was approached by a long time customer who was looking for someone to take some special pictures. She seemed embarrassed to even ask, so I offered her a cup of coffee while we talked. She sipped at it until she was ready to speak, and even then, I could see the effort it took to say the words. She told me that she was looking for a photographer who could take ‘intimate portraits’, as she put it.

“By ‘intimate’, I’m assuming you’re leaning towards ‘erotic’?”

She colored brightly, but met my eyes and nodded. I sat back, somewhat surprised. Jan has been a customer of mine for almost twenty years, and I’ve taken pictures at every major function she’s ever had. I took her daughter’s wedding pictures, and was booked to do the same at her son’s wedding later in the year. What she was asking for threw for quite a loop. Jan never struck me as the type to even consider nude photos.

“I know it sounds awful, but I promised a friend I would ask you. She’s been looking for a photographer to do these photos for a while, but the only one she found wanted $20,000 to do it. I told her she’s nuts, but she really wants to do this.”

I sat back, considering the options. I did know a photographer who did erotic and nude photography, but he lived over a thousand miles away, and it would be quite an effort to get him in town. The thought occurred to me that I could do them myself, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go into that type of work. Jan must have sensed the internal debate I was having, because she leaned forward and took my hands in hers.

“I think you should do it. I know you’re professional, ethical and honest. You won’t overcharge her, and you’re the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. If you couldn’t make it work for her, no one can.”

“Let me ask you this, Jan. How much would your friend pay to do this?”

“I think she’s thinking somewhere along the lines of $5,000. Is that a fair price?”

I sat back, nodding. I usually only get $600-700 for a shoot, so making five grand in one shot would be a huge bump in the bank account. I’ve been considering adding video equipment to the studio, and the money would go a long way towards making that happen.

“I’ll consider it, Jan. Do I know who this person is? Have I taken shots of her before?”

Jan nodded.

“I’ll tell you who it is, but you have to promise not to tell her I told you. She doesn’t want the whole world to know she’s doing this.”

“Jan, you know I can keep a secret. Hell, I was the only one outside of your family who knew you were planning a surprise party for your husband. Tell me.”

She grinned.

“It’s my sister, Megan. She’s been thinking of this for a while now.”

Megan. Jan and Megan are twins. Jan spends hours every week at the gym, maintaining a spectacular body that she uses to full effect. Both girls are tall, and dark haired. That’s where the similarities end. Megan was a full figured woman. She was close to two hundred pounds, if not more, and she carried it pretty well. Nice, large breasts and a full, plump rear. I’ve seen her at different family events in a bathing suit, and I’ve always thought she was an attractive woman. If I hadn’t been friends with her family for so long, I might have made a play for her myself.

“Do you know why she wants to do this? Most women that have these kinds of shots done are planning on doing something specific with them. If she’s planning on going public as a nude model or anything like that…”

Jan shook her head.

“I think she’s planning on using them to seduce a guy she’s been in love with for a long time. I know him too, and I know he’s interested, but he’s never acted on it.”

“Do I know him?”

“That’s not really pertinent to the discussion at hand, is it?”

I grinned.

“No, but I am curious as to who she’s set her sights on.”

We laughed, and I checked my calendar to make sure I had some free time. We set a date, and Jan promised to make sure she didn’t chicken out at the last moment.

“I’m not too worried about that. I just want her to be comfortable. If she’s nervous, or scared, it will show in the pictures, and they’ll not be worth anything. Make sure she’s okay with this…”

“She is, but I’ll talk to her again.”

“You never did tell me who she’s doing this for…?”

Jan kissed my cheek, and left before I could say anything else. I started considering the lighting, and how best to pose her, and eventually, I realized I’d gotten myself aroused. I was eryaman escort picturing Megan naked, posed in all kinds of erotic ways, and I was finding myself becoming jealous of whoever it was she was doing this for. I shook my head, amused with myself, and went back to work.

A few days later, I was packing my gear to work a wedding when my office phone rang. It was Megan, asking if I was free this evening for her to come in and discuss the shoot.

“I am at your service, beautiful. Come on by whenever you’d like.”

I heard a giggle on the other end, then the office door opened, and Megan walked in. She was wearing a sundress that hugged every luscious curve, and a big smile.

“I was in the neighborhood, so I took a chance. You’re sure you don’t have other plans?”

“Once I get my portable equipment packed, I’m done for the night. I’m working a wedding tomorrow afternoon.”

I showed her the studio area, and explained how things would most likely go. I explained that this was my first non-standard shoot, which got a slight giggle out of her.

“Something funny, Megs?”

She blushed, but looked me in the eye.

“I’m sorry, it just struck me as funny to call what were talking about as non-standard. Such a delightfully polite way to describe taking pictures of a naked woman.”

Looking at it that way, I had to laugh myself. She just stood there and grinned, and something in her eyes suddenly told me exactly who the guy she was trying to impress was. I guess the realization must have shown on my face, as her grin got bigger.

“You finally figured it out, didn’t you?”

“I think I might have, Megan. I think I might have.”

She smiled, and moved over to sit on a chair in the middle of the studio. I moved to grab a stool, and set it right in front of her. She looked me right in the eyes as I sat, and for the first time, I saw the fear of being rejected she must have been battling from the moment she walked in the door. I felt my own heart beating much faster than I could ever remember, and tried not to show my own feelings too much.

“I want you to know how hard this has been for me to do, Eric. I’ve been fighting my attraction to you for a long time, and had fully planned on fighting it for a lot longer. Jan was the one who figured it out first, and ever since she’s been pushing me to go for it. I’ve been scared to death, and when you actually brought a date to the Christmas party Jan threw last year, I almost died.”

“You know, I wondered why you were so cold and distant to me that night. Jan was even a little bit distant that night. I think I just figured you both were so busy with the party. I never even suspected anything else.”

“We know. That’s when Jan came up with this idea. I was scared to death to even consider talking about it with you, but she insisted. She convinced me that this would be the best way to discover if you did have any feelings for me at all.”

I nodded, and then a question popped into my head, and I just had to ask.

“So, what if I hadn’t figured things out yet? Would you have actually gone through with the pictures?”

She grinned, and nodded.

“That was my final desperate move. If you didn’t react to seeing me naked, at least I’d have some good pictures for my scrapbook.”

She laughed, and I had to join her.

“Just make sure that one doesn’t get left out when your mom comes over. I’d hate to imagine that little party.”

The look on Megan’s face was priceless as the thought occurred to her, and she blushed hard, her shoulders shaking as she laughed, sending delightful shivers down my spine. My own laughter faded as I took a long look at this woman in front of my in a whole new light. Before, I was thinking of ways to pose her, and get the most flattering and tasteful pictures of her. Now, I was seeing her moving under me in a rhythm completely unrelated to anything to do with the camera, and I liked what I was seeing.

“What’s on your mind, Eric? You’re a million miles away.”

I shook my head, trying to clear these thoughts from my head. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what was developing between us.

“I’m sorry, I was daydreaming…”

“You were seeing me naked, weren’t you?”

The expression on my face gave me away, and she laughed delightedly.

“I knew it! You were picturing me naked! Silly man, all you have to do is ask, and you can see me naked for real…”

All of a sudden, my pants felt too tight, and my mouth went dry. I saw the look of unbridled lust in Megan’s eyes, and suddenly realized I desperately wanted this woman. She stood suddenly, and melted into my arms. Our lips sincan escort met, and the years of unrequited lust took over. My hands slipped around her like they were meant to be there, and as we kissed, I caressed her back. She was wearing a flowery sundress with a wide open back, and I let my hands move up to the ties around her neck. I pulled on them, undoing the knot, and she sighed in my arms. She pulled at the bottom of my t-shirt, lifting it up over my head. As my head popped free, her dress dropped down, and I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time, unencumbered by clothing. She had pierced both of her nipples, a fact that I’d never realized.

Megan kissed her way down my neck and chest, her hands working at the fly of my jeans. She pulled me to my feet, and pushed my pants down, leaving me in nothing but my boxer briefs. She kissed her way lower, then started laughing. I started to get offended, but remembered that I’d been running short of clean underwear, and had put on a pair that had Bat-symbols all over them.

“I haven’t had time to do laundry lately, all right?”

She looked up at my face, grinning at my obvious embarrassment. Then her look turned to one of lust as she ran her tongue gently over the bulge I was making in my underwear. I moaned, and she slipped her hands beneath the waistband, and slipped them down, freeing my cock. She ran her tongue up the shaft once, then guided it right into her waiting mouth. I sat back on the stool, letting this incredible woman have her way with my body, knowing I’d get my chance with hers soon enough.

Megan sucked my throbbing cock with obvious enjoyment, bringing it right to the very edge of slipping out of her mouth, then slowly working her way back down my seven inch shaft. She teased my balls as she sucked, and all I could do was sit there and enjoy her efforts, and try not to let go too quickly. She must have sensed me holding back, as she suddenly sped up, forcing me right over the edge. I groaned, and before I could say a word, I shot a massive load of my seed right into her mouth. She choked briefly, then did what most women refuse to do, and swallowed it down. She worked my cock for every ounce of semen, and then licked my slowly deflating cock clean. Once I had control over my body again, I pulled her up and kissed her deeply, loving the fact that I could taste myself on her tongue.

I gently lowered her into the chair she was in earlier, and took hold of her large breasts. I found out later that she was a 38DD, but at the time, all I knew is that they were real, and spectacular. I guided each nipple to my mouth in turn, knowing they’d be more sensitive than normal because of the piercing in each. I gently flicked and suckled on them until she rewarded my efforts with a shuddering moan, and as her back arched in triumph, I lightly pinched each one between my fingers. She cried out, loving the feelings shooting through her body, and I continued to plant kisses on her body as I worked my way lower. I slipped my hands under her dress, and she lifted her hips to allow me to slide it off of her. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and pleasantly surprised to see that Megan was not the type to shave all of her pubic hair off. She had a neatly trimmed, but full bush, and I ran my tongue through it lovingly.

Her fingers ran through my hair as I moved my tongue slowly towards her wet pussy, and she cried out when I finally made contact. Her lips were swollen and she was leaking moisture all over her thighs, so, as a gentleman, I did my best to clean her up. With my tongue, of course. Her juices tasted sweeter than any I’d ever had, and I lapped them up willingly. She groaned and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, squeezing my head between her thick thighs as I buried my tongue inside of her. I sucked her clit right into my mouth, and slipped my finger between her lips to tease her insides, and she cried out as she came again. Her legs slipped off my shoulders, and I could breath freely again, not that I really cared.

I spent a lot of time exploring her pussy with my tongue and fingers, bringing her to multiple orgasms, each stronger than the last. Finally, I heard her say the words I was waiting to hear.

“Please, fuck me. I need your cock in me, Eric. Fuck me…”

With an invitation like that, I wasn’t going to wait for a repeat. I aimed myself at the edges of her wet pussy, and slowly filled her with my hard cock. She completely ruined my plans to take it slowly and tease my way in by wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling me close. She used her legs to force me into a rhythm that she liked, batıkent escort and I let her use me as a tool, knowing we’d have many more chances to try new and exciting things.

She worked her way through another orgasm, and then she pushed me away. She reached down and grabbed my cock, kissing me hard as she did so.

“I want you to take me from behind. I want your hands on my hips, and your cock deep inside of me.”

She walked over to my desk and bent over it, spreading her legs for easier access. I wasted no time in granting her request, quickly slipping my stiff prick back up inside of her. She groaned heavily, and pushed back at me hungrily. I grabbed onto her hips, and gave her the hard fuck she was looking for. I slammed my cock home, and she cried out with every stroke, rubbing her clit as I moved. I could feel her body tensing up in response to the latest orgasm racking her body, and the sensations became too much for me. I moaned that I was about to come, and she pushed back harder.

“Don’t you dare pull out of me. I want to feel you come inside of me.”

Her wish was my command, with a final thrust, I shot my second load of the night for this incredible woman, and filled her wet pussy with my seed. When I was finished, my legs were so weak, all I could do was make my way around to my desk chair, and pour myself into it. Megan came around and sat on the desk next to me, pulling me into a tender embrace. We kissed again, both of us spent, for the moment.

“So, do you think you can come up with some ideas for this photo shoot, Eric?”

I laughed, an evil thought popping into my head.

“You said Jan put you up to this, right? She talked you into approaching me this way?”

She nodded, wondering where I was going with this.

“Then I know exactly how we’re going to do this. As much as I hate to say this, get dressed, beautiful. We’re going to my place, and I’m going to take some special pictures.”

“What kind of special pictures?”

“Do you remember that couch Jan had in her living room until a few months ago?”

“Yeah. She said she sold it to a friend.”

“She did. Me. We’re going to take a few provocative shots on that couch of you, all leading up to a very special picture.”

I told her what I had in mind, and she laughed, loving the idea. We got dressed, and Megan laughed at me again about the Batman underwear.

“At least I have some on, you shameless hussy!”

She grabbed my cock gently.

“I thought you liked me shameless.”

I grinned, and we finished dressing and went back to my place. I took the pictures, and we set up the photo album just the way we wanted it to be. Jan wasn’t going to see anything, but we wanted her to think she was. Megan spent the night with me, and we made love gently in my bed for the first time. The next morning, she left for home, and I finished the special pictures for the album. Megan came back that night, and by the end of the weekend, we were talking about her moving in with me permanently. Monday night, Jan and Megan had dinner, and Megan took the album with her.

I was working in my home studio when my phone rang.

“Hi, Jan. How are you?”

“You bastard! I can’t believe you did that to me? I thought we were friends!”

At one of Jan’s Christmas parties, I had inadvertently taken a picture of Jan and her husband in a not-so-innocent embrace, and that was the shot I put in the album. Jan was against the wall, her leg wrapped around her husband’s back, and he had a nice big handful of her ass. Nothing was showing, which is why I kept the shot, but I’d never planned on using it for anything. She knew I had the picture, but she also thought I’d never do anything with it.

“Well, considering how you maneuvered me into the photo shoot with your sister, I thought just a little payback was due.”

“Considering you spent the weekend sleeping with my sister, you should be thanking me.”

I laughed.

“Oh, believe me, I am thankful. That’s why I didn’t send it to your husband!”

Megan told me later that Jan had gone white, then bright red, considering that he had no idea the picture existed. Jan’s husband is a very shy, conservative man, and would be extremely embarrassed to know that picture existed. Which is why I would never have sent it to her husband, but as long as she thought I might, I had the upper hand.

Megan did move in with me, and we were married a short time later. I’m really an old-fashioned guy, and when she came home from a doctor’s appointment, and told me she was pregnant, I insisted on getting married. The doctor did the math, and the baby was almost definitely conceived in my studio, the first time Megan and I ever had sex. Megan and I are keeping a photo journal of the entire pregnancy, including a lot of private shots the kid will never see. There’s just something about a pregnant woman that gets me going…

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