Our Dirty Little Secrets

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Well you should probably get to know my family and me before I begin this dirty little secret of ours. Well to start I’m Gavin Kimble I Just turned twenty-one and I have been away at college since the middle of August. I’m a six foot two and a half, muscular, and tan guy. I have dark hair, a slim inch waist, and weigh 200 pounds. To be blunt, my penis is about twelve inches long and the shaft is a little thinner than a coke can. The head is of course a little bit bigger around, and my shaft is covered in big ridged veins when it’s hard.

But I cant forget about the other members of my family – Kathryn, my older sister; Tina and Tanya, my younger identical twin sisters; Michelle, my other younger sister; John and Mary, our dad and mom; also my aunt Suzie Marks. I’ll start the descriptions with my parents and go from there.

Mary is 44 but doesn’t look a day over 28; she always gets mistaken as a sister not our mother. Without any plastic surgery, she has managed to keep large perky breasts -the only perky ones I’ve ever seen on a 40 year old that weren’t full of silicone and in a porn DVD along with a slim hour-glass figure with curvy hips. She’s a natural blonde, with a dark complexion and great ass, firm and round. She’s about an average height for a woman.

My dad, John, is 45 but is still good looking for a guy. He’s very tall and muscular like me but is only 6’1″ 180; we also share our tan and many other features like hair color and nose and stuff. I defiantly got the genes for my penis size from this man. His is 10 inches and just a bit skinnier and much smoother.

Suzie, my 46 year old aunt, resembles my mom but mostly shoulders up and because of that they share a skin tone, hair color and many facial features; although, Suzie is much taller almost six feet tall. She used to be a big time model after she went through college. She has smaller perky tits and very thin but she defiantly shares her ass with my mom and her legs are so long and sexy.

Kathryn, my 22 year old sister, has been going to college in So Cal. She has the dark hair of our father but with living in So Cal she has managed to get such a dark tan she almost could be mistaken as an Indian girl. Kathryn is as tall as her mom but boasts the figure of her aunt but with very large perky natural breast like mom. She also has the hottest body with a really skinny waist wide hips and long legs. She makes money for college as a model most of the time.

Tina and Tanya look exactly the same except for a small birth mark on Tanya’s left inner-thigh. They are 5’9″ and real skinny like their aunt with nice sized breasts. They are nineteen and are freshmen in college not too far away from home. They spend a lot of time at home on the beach and on the beach in general so they are very tan and blonde.

Michelle just turned eighteen and is in her senior year of high school. She’s kind of the odd ball of the family but is still very attractive. She’s 5’5″ but she’s a bigger girl, she’s got some huge tits which are a little saggy just because they are so heavy. She’s a lighter skinned brunette and just has a crazy sexual appetite; I think she told me a story about how she lost her virginity at fourteen.

Well excluding my aunt we all lived very openly till we went off to college. Baths and showers together, not a whole lot of clothing worn inside the house but nobody really was bothered by it. We always shared everything about our lives especially our sex lives and from early teens we knew if our parents’ door was closed they were having sex. When I was about fourteen we moved from a three bedroom apartment in a big city to a lone beach house on a little strip of land off the coast of South Carolina and rented a room to Suzie. That’s when Suzie joined our little click of nudity and sharing.

We all knew there a line where stuff went from a little weird to wrong, and we all knew that was right about where the mail box is – a mile away from our front door. We had no neighbors for three miles, the nearest store was about ten, and the high school is fifteen miles from the house. This all meant we could be even more free – skinny dipping and no clothes unless we had to go further than the mail box.

A little bit more family history, my mom and dad met in high school, and got married when my mom was a sophmore in college. Until about a year before Mom and Dad had Kathryn they were swingers. They mostly swung with my aunt Suzie and whoever her current boy friend was. At the beach house this practice started up again but Suzie rarely keep a boy friend long enough to bring him in on the secret.

You are all probably wondering what our families dirty little secret is, and now it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag. It was last summer break and the three of us that are away at college were coming home. At the time we were all single so we had no where else to go but hang out naked at the beach house all summer. The first day was normal once we all got back we stripped naked and unpacked. Hugs and kisses with the family since we hadn’t seen each other since winter break ended. We went skinny dipping and had a great dinner.

Now sleeping arrangements in the house were Mary and John bostancı escort slept in the master bedroom in the main part of the house, Michelle sleeps in the single bedroom in the main house, Suzie sleeps where ever she feels like it – mostly with my parents in their bed though. Kathryn, Tina, Tanya, and I sleep in the guest portion of the house connected to the main house by a breeze way. There are two bedrooms there, they both only have full beds, and usually Tina and Tanya share one and Kathryn and I share the other, we have always been close.

All my life being around five beautiful naked women never really phased me, or stirred up any “special” emotions; although, this time I was having trouble not being stunned by the beauty surrounding me and it was almost impossible to keep myself from getting a massive erection. The weirdest thing was everyone even my siblings all seemed extremely horny this visit.

Now that night I went to sleep on the opposite side of the bed as Kathryn but when I woke up I was holding her in my arms with a massive boner poking her in the lower back. This wasn’t that odd of an experience it had happened before on cold nights, but the night before wasn’t especially cold and I hadn’t ever wanted to fuck her brains out before either. She wasn’t awake yet so I went to take a shower and go to breakfast.

When I got across to the main house everyone was up and food was just about ready. When I looked at my mother I noticed that she was wearing some clothes but they were lingerie so it wasn’t surprising to see the red satin waist clincher with thigh-high red stockings and six inch platform heels she that was wearing this morning.

Kathryn had put on a sheer black silk robe that was completely pointless it stops about an inch above her pussy and even closed it only covered half her nipples and u could see the rest of them through her robe anyway. As everyone was finishing breakfast – I could barely keep myself from going rock hard all meal – my mom said, “Kath, Gav, Tina, and Tanya we have something we all need to talk about.”

“What?” we all simultaneously replied.

“Well about two years ago we finally did something with the cellar.”

“The one that you have to enter though the back of your closet, right?” Tina asked.

“Yep. We decided to make a sex room for Mary, Suzie, and I,” Said Dad.

“You are all probably wondering why we’re telling you now,” Mom Started. “Well about a month after her 18th birthday Michelle was looking for something at the back of our closet and went to take a look. She found it and decided to check it out.”

“We went down about an hour later and she was masturbating all by herself,” Dad added, “That’s not what we built the room for; it’s for intercourse between two or more people.”

“It’s so great its a 20 foot by 30 foot room with the floor and two walls covered in padding, another wall as well as the ceiling are mirrors, there are tons of outfits for us girls, and about 30 different dildos and vibrators and other toys,” added Michelle.

“Don’t forget the stripped pole we just put in, the bondage stuff we have now, and all the lube and massage oil we just bought,” interjected Suzie.

“Now you are all welcome to go down there and do whatever you want,” said Mom. “If you want to invite some friends over to use it we have no problems just make sure they’re clean and that the girls are on the pill or something. Well now I and Michelle are off to have some fun.”

“Now if you want to check it out and watch us before you leap in none of us have a problem with you watching, masturbate to it if you want,” Dad chimed in. “Oh yeah, we also don’t have a problem where you want to do it but if you wanna fuck in a different room just clean up after yourselves.”

Mom and Michelle where on their way to our parents bedroom and it was pretty obvious where they where headed from there. Tina, Tanya, Kathryn, and I just sat there kind of surprised but at this point I didn’t think my raging boner was much of a problem. We sat there just stunned for about 5 minutes before I looked over to Kathryn and just said, “Wanna go see?” I could see the excitement in her eyes, but she reluctantly answered, “Sure, couldn’t hurt anything.” We started walking the kitchen and den to our parents’ bedroom to check out this new family “bonding” experience. I could tell Kathryn was nervous so I held her hand as we walked to the secret room. When we got there Mary and Michelle were on the floor in a scissors position with a huge double dildo sliding between Michelle’s trimmed but hairy young pink slit and Mary’s blonde landing strip right above her juicy snatch.

Kathryn and I sat down to watch them go at it. After getting all hot watching those two for a few minutes Kathryn put her hand on my knee. She slowly slide it up and started to fondle my nuts, and after a little bit she moved up to stroking my shaft. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” I asked. She didn’t even answer me she just leaned over and kissed my purple head. Then she licked from my balls to my head and then took it all down her throat. I couldn’t believe she could fit it so much in but it felt great. She just bobbed up and down my ümraniye escort bayan shaft for a while fondling my nuts. It was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten.

As she was bobbing up and down I slid my hand down her back to her crack, and I slid a finger between her engorged lips and soaked folds into her sweet hole. She was tight as hell but was moaning for another finger, so I slid two more fingers in that tight little cunt. She was moaning so hard I just had to eat that pussy. I laid her on her back pushed her legs wide open and I saw a sweet wet little clit that just had to get licked. I lapped up all her juice and started flicking at her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes of that I just stuck my tongue in her hole which pushed her right over the edge and she had a huge gushing orgasm all over my face. I just had to lick up all her juices before moving on to a good hard bang for her.

I started with a pretty general missionary for a while to get her nice and ready for something harder. I had her get on her knees and started to pound it from behind. After giving it to her from behind and pulling on her hair a little bit she decided she just had to impale herself on my big prick. Watching her bounce up and down my shaft and her big perky tits bouncing around was amazing. After gushing on my pole we decided to try a standing position. With her back against a mattress wall and her legs rapped around my waist I was pounding the shit out of her pussy. As I was pounding her against the wall making her scream in pleasure she asked me to be real rough and hard.

I carried her back to the wet spot on the floor where we started, laid her on her back, and pushed her knees up near her shoulders. So I started to fuck her really hard and fast getting her to have another big orgasm and as she did she kept screaming, “Harder! Rougher! Make me your bitch!” I flipped her on her stomach spread her legs and started to fuck her cunt from behind. I pinned her shoulders down and used the leverage I got from them to pump her harder. She couldn’t stop screaming and moaning and she had another orgasm. That pushed me to the brink I was about ready to cum. I flipped Kathryn on her back, straddled her, and began to titty fuck her. With every stroke she licked or kissed the head, and after not a whole lot of time I came all over her face tits and gave her a big mouth lode. She immediately swallowed it and the twins, Tina and Tanya, must have came down to watch us because they were immediately over licking my goo off of Kathryn.

I laid down in the middle of the room to just relax, and after about a minute or two mom started to ride my cock and Michelle straddled my face looking to get her sweet little cunt licked. Though what surprised me more than how tight my mother’s muff is that my sister’s pussy tasted of a hint of peaches which is why her nickname became Peaches.

Peaches couldn’t get enough sex I made her cum twice with my tongue before her and mom got off me and started to 69. Mom was on bottom and Peaches was on top, and as mom licked and played with Michelle’s snatch she also was fingering her ass. Since I was still rock hard I lubed up real good and slowly slid my sausage up Peaches ass. I had to start slow because her ass was super tight but it got to the perfect tightness real quick. I was able to give it to her good, slapping Mary in the face with my balls every thrust.

Besides the two really hott chicks underneath me, I was also getting off watching dad pound the shit out of Suzie on the couch and the other three girls had busted out a viberator a couple big dildos and a big black strap-on that Tanya was wearing. Suzie was riding dad they were being forceful but tender. They were making out and kissing each others chests and dad was sucking on her tits on occasion. Tanya was fucking Kathryn in a leap-frog position, and Tina was giving it to Tanya with a viberator in her pussy and she was doing herself with a crazy shaped multi-colored glass dildo.

It didn’t take Michelle too long to get mom moaning and Peaches had been letting out a lot of muffled screams. Watching everyone fucking and Peaches tight little ass and mom had started to fondle my balls I was ready to cum and I could tell peaches was defiantly a freak, so I just came in side her butt hole. After I finished going off I sat on the couch next to my dad who was now getting a blow job from Suzie. I watched my man juice drip out of Michelle’s ass, down her crack, and get lapped up by Mary.

They finished pretty quick and started to crawl towards dad and I. The other girls also finished and came over to us boys. Suzie, Tina, and Kathryn started to all suck John’s cock and Mary, Michelle, and Tanya all went after mine. I can’t even describe it the three of them were the best I was in pure ecstasy and just when I thought it couldn’t feel better the girls switched cocks and the other three were better. Dad and I came almost at the same time. I shot my lode into Suzie’s mouth and her blew his into mom’s mouth and all the girls started to make out and swap our jizz. We all just headed up to the master bedroom without a word. All of us partnered up — Me and Kathryn, Mom and Dad, Tina and Tanya, and kartal escort Michelle and Suzie — and just held each other under the covers while we fell asleep.

The next afternoon everyone but Michelle and I left for a vacation to New York City. I didn’t want to go because I wanted to catch up with my old school friend and baseball teammates. Peaches didn’t want to go because she wanted to have a couple awesome parties since everyone but her and the twins could buy alcohol. Our parents never had a problem with underage drinking; they did have one rule about it though: no drinking and driving. So everyone loved our parties, they could get drunk off their asses and stay the night.

After they others had left we opened a couple of beers and started to talk about the week ahead. We sort of started to talk about one of her sex fantasies, her getting gang banged. After a few hours of discussing how she would like to go about doing this and how she wants to get fucked. Her biggest hopes were to see how many guys she could fuck at once and to get covered in hot sticky cum. All this talk got us both a little hot and she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I knew that after my last visit she wouldn’t do anything without me I knew she was getting ready for a good time.

She came back to the den wearing a white blouse — tied right under her boobs — a red bra that was peaking out of her shirt, white thigh high nylon stockings with a guarder-belt, a really short red and green plaid skirt that barely covered her tight little snatch, and seven inch red high heels. She grabbed my hand and started to pull me toward the sex room so she could show me the stripper pole. She sat me down on the couch put on some music and started her show.

She did all the normal stripper moves but she was surprisingly nimble and graceful for being a bigger girl. During all her acrobatics I caught a big eyeful of her sweet cunt getting flossed by a red g-string. She started her tease by taking off her top and shaking her huge tits in my face. After a few more sexy moves on her pole off came the skirt and she began to give me a lap dance in her red bra, g-string, and heels. Grinding and rubbing her ass onto my already hard exposed pole I couldn’t help but pulling her close ripping off her bra and fondling those huge knockers. After a lot of making out and me fondling and sucking those tits she slid off my lap onto the floor and started to blow me. Compared to Suzie or Kathryn she was and amateur deep-throater but made up for that with other techniques like how she pumped my shaft with one hand fondled my nuts with the other while the whole time sucking, kissing, and licking my engorged head.

She stopped sucking me off, stood up, and sat on my lap; sliding her panties to the side and slipping my ram rod into her. Bouncing and grinding on me, those tits bounced up and down right in front of my eyes. She barely had started when she hopped off my cock grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to Mom and Dad’s bed. She hopped on the bed grabbed her ankles and screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me NOW! Fuck my hard!” I didn’t even answer I hopped on the bed with her grabbed her hips and shoved my twelve inch cock inside her. Pumping balls deep on every stroke, I ripped that pussy up hard and fast. “Yeah fuck me, just like that big boy,” she moaned. “You take that cock you little cum slut,” I said. “I’m all yours big papa, rip me apart.” “Oh yeah you are,” I shouted as I flipped her on her stomach and shoved it in her ass. I grabbed her wrists for leverage and pounded her brown eye. I pumped her ass hard making her scream into a pillow. After a few minutes of pounding her tight little ass-hole, I flipped her back, grabbed her by her hair, and said, “Open wide! Here comes my hot load.” I shot a big hot load of cum into her mouth she had to swallow one mouthful so I could finish squirting her. After finishing we both lied back and fell asleep from exhaustion.

Michelle got up earlier than me and made breakfast, and after we ate we made the calls to get a bunch of guys together to fuck the shit out of my sister in a gang-bang. By noon we had twelve guys on there way to our house for the fuck fest. Michelle and I decided since there will be 14 people fucking that we’ll do it in the den. Well at about quarter till four o’clock guys started to show up. The guys were: Mike, John, Sam, Andy, Jesse, Eric, Matt, Josh, Bill, Austin, Tony, and Connor. I had all the guys get naked and wait in the den for Michelle. Mike is an average white guy with a six inch penis. John is a tall athletic guy this very fat five and a half inch long penis. Sam is a kind of fat kid with a skinny seven inch-er but his balls are surprisingly small. Andy is a short little guy with and average build and a 6 inch cock. Jesse is black tall and athletic with an eight inch monster. Eric is from my high school baseball team; he’s white tall and has a seven inch cock. Matt and Josh are identical twins and Bill is their brother they are all around six feet tall, white guys, with 6 inch cocks but Bill’s is much wider than the other two. Austin’s a big, tall, black basketball player with an eleven inch long cock that is almost as fat as mine. Tony’s a shorter Italian guy with a cock that’s a little over nine inches and a sack that looks like her shoved a couple of plums in it. Connor’s the only one that isn’t my age, he’s Michelle’s, and he is a white dude with an Asian man’s penis, its only four inches long but Michelle says he can work it.

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